Last Flight of the Raven

by Joelni

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy LitRPG Male Lead Reincarnation Strategy Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

„Some people live lives with narrative weight. A story woven into the possibilities of everything they do or say. A princess in a golden cage. A baker swept away by circumstance. A father challenged, a mother desperate or a son lost. Twice – Born are those who lived a life of narrative weight and died a death worth telling. Just to do it all over again, for the gods enjoy a good story as much as everyone else. And they want more. Always more.“   - Dio, the Mad King

Rather than being thrown to his death by the hands of the demons of the Wyld, eternal foes of his empire, a young man takes his last free choice. The choice to die defiant of the wishes of his enemies, to die on his own accord and to jump.

His last desperate act of freedom catches the eye of the gods and so he is reborn as a Twice-Born of the Wanderer, his patron a boundless spirit of freedom. A second life to survive the hell he had jumped down into. A second life to carve a new path to freedom from the depths and darkness. A path to freedom for the lost, forsaken and shackled. A second life for himself in a world he doesnt know anymore. For the Wyld has won and the old ways are gone.  

He enters the dark tunnels with nothing but a faint hope and the powers of the Twice-Born: to manipulate the class system and tailor to his needs what he thought was destiny. 

Light on the LitRPG elements. Book 2 will feature heavy kingdom building. 

I am not a native speaker and try to learn and improve. Please correct me when I'm wrong!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1 - Death and Rebirth ago
2 - The Crucible (1/2) ago
2 - The Crucible (2/2) ago
3 - Expansion ago
4 - Old Grudges (1/2) ago
4 - Old Grudges (2/2) ago
5 - Murder of Vengeance ago
6 - Zero ago
7 - The Silent City ago
8 - Freedom ago
9 - Fireside Chat ago
10 - Housekeeping ago
11 - Why? ago
12 - Fire Laws ago
13 - A Vow of Peace ago
14 - Prey ago
15 - Bear Witness ago
16 - Nightmare Hunting ago
17 - The White Beast ago
18 - Thousand Teeth ago
19 - Three Fists ago
20 - The Fulcrum ago
21 - Deals with the Devils ago
22 - Silk Trade ago
23 - Three of Clubs ago
24 - Apex Predators ago
25 - The Chosen ago
26 - Wandering The Wyld ago
27 - The Mad King ago
28 - If Trees Could Talk ago
29 - The Shaman And The Alienist ago
30 - Trust Issues ago
31 - Decisions ago
32 - Seasons ago
33 - Autumn Rules ago
34 - Broken Lands ago
35 - The Ghost Of The Mountain ago
36 - Less Talking More Murder ago
37 - Shipwrecks ago
38 - Death Or Freedom ago
39 - Two Hours To Midnight ago
40 - Midnight ago
41 - Wounded Pride ago
42 - A Bloody Day ago
43 - The Council ago
Just A Poll ago
44 - Final Preparations ago
45 - Mountain Walk ago
46 - Avalanche ago
47 - The Bridge ago
48 - Unchallenged ago
49 - Shadows and Fire ago
50 - Eye of the Storm ago
51 - Mayhem ago
52 - A Death Well Spent ago
53 - Epilogue / end of book one ago
Map! ago
2.1 - A New Day ago
2.2 Calm Waves ago
2.3 Simue ago
2.4 - Sleepless Nights ago
2.5 - Moves ago
2.6 - Selling Secrets ago
2.7 - A Good Reason ago
2.8 - Divine Right Of Kings ago
2.9 - Brave The Darkness ago
2.10 - First Prize ago

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Fantasy version of "The Crow", except...better?

Reviewed at: 48 - Unchallenged

This is a straight up fantasy story, with only the barest hint of litrpg. That hint comes from the main character being able to use "essence" to modify his body or to invest it into learning skills.

I'm a card carrying litrpg fan, but an argument could be made that this story would benefit from less quantification of abilities; something about a godling imbuing his body with mystic magic juice and getting "Improved Constitution" just seems odd to me.

I like a lot of things in this story, but I'm having a hard time articulating all of them. Just gonna ramble out some bullet points of my feelings.

  • I like the gods of the story, and I like the Twice-Born mechanic of giving individuals with narrative significance who resonate with that god's ideals power. It seems like a fairly reasonable way to kick off the MCs rebirth, compared to some stories where a god will intervene for the shallowist of reasons simply because the plot demands it.
  • I like the world building, it seems to have some serious depth. There's a lot of history behind every new setting the MC wanders through, they never seem like they poofed into existence solely for the protagonists benefit (or detriment). Each spot seems to have it's own actors with their own goals, and it's kind of neat to see an MC who's either irrelevant to their plans or an unwitting accomplice, while the Raven still pursues his own goals.
  • I'm sort of half and half on the formal tone of the story, on the one hand sometimes I feel like it's corny, on the other it does lend to reading from the perspective of a deposed prince of a dead people. I alternate between noticing it for positive or negative reasons, as it sometimes seems authentic and sometimes seems phony.
  • I don't really now what the cost of using the essence is, pretty early in the story he rebuilds his body from essence alone, but after that it seems relegated to just being a currency he can spend to but the litrpg aspects of the story. He's become a demigod, and it seems like he'll eventually encapsulate some sort of concept as he grows in power, but as of right now his toolbox is sort of lacking. 
  • Related to above, this is a dude from the middle ages, he doesn't have any "gamer instincts" like you'd expect from an isekai protagonist. He doesn't look for exploits between stats or try to min/max, it's a lot more organic, which is part of the reason I feel like buying skills and stat boosts is a detraction.
  • The plot is well defined, driven by outside forces, the MCs internal motivations, and the changing nature of his newly immortal existence.
  • The mind scape magic bazaar is shockingly well done, it's usually something I actively hate.
  • Rich and varied side characters, who are a product of that deep world building, and thus are not dependent on their relationship to the MC for their characterization.

Probably add a bunch more eventually, I really like this story and look forward to watching it grow.

  • Overall Score

Started three days ago and already finished all 41 chapters.

Initially I wasn't sure where the story would lead but soon there was a dense story with many minor and major plots, characters and mysteries. Great read if you are Into fantasy.

Created this account just to be notified about new chapters and to leave this Review.

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Incredible story. 


Vivid imagination and world-building capture protagonist's journey of redefining oneself in the face of extinction. Strong emotions, fantastic imagery, wit, humor, place this story in a league of its own on this site.


And to those that give out 4 stars for, in their words, "amazing" stories in general on this site, like some sort of enlightened, impartial, reviewer as if that helps: This may come as a shock to you, but the days where 4 out of 5 stars meant "amazing" are long gone, and anything less than 5 stars HURTS authors/vendors/whoever, and resisting will do no good. Sorry. I wish it were different, I was the same way for a long time, giving 3 stars for "good", 4 for "amazing", and rarely if ever "5" for perfect. But I was hurting people because of my own stubbornness. 


When was the last time you even LOOKED at something with 4 stars on amazon?

  • Overall Score

This story at first glance seems like your typical edgy teen kinda story but if you actually read it it has a good plot and a amazing story so for  

Mia Dendragon
  • Overall Score
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If you're a fan of fantasy and adventure, you will like this story. Well imagined story with strong and details world building. Every lines written brought you into the fantasy world the author had in mind.
There are slight spelling mistakes, but it doesn't affect much. Some paragraphs are too long to read, I suggest the author to shorten it a bit. Their content are interesting but most reader tend to skim through long sentences.

The MC might have his own flaws and internal struggles, but that what make his character interesting.

Its an interesting and promising story you don't want to miss! 

  • Overall Score

Litrpg as written by someone, who probably reads 19th century English poetry for fun. Well, so do I.

Thank you Garrdor, for your review gave me the impulse to read this one. 

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Great Novel! Keep it up, Author!!

Reviewed at: 2.1 - A New Day

This is one of the best novels i have read on RR. Its a fantasy in a 'real' world. It portrays struggles, happiness etc. We are able to go through and undertand how the MC makes decisions, how his decisions affect the world around. The author has given hope for a full on fantasy series. There are characters taking actual leadership and being burdened by it. Chaarcters who feel.

Characters: There is a certain depth to all the characters. Even a minor ones seem like persons, their own aspirations, dreams and style of talking. The MC has his own flaws and specialities, as do other characters.

Style: Adventurous fantasy in the traditional sense. Litrpg makes it a little modern, prose is of actual quality, much like classics. There was a mix of language, some mix of formal with informal in the earlier chapters, but that was quickly sorted out. Slow build up.

Story: Well defined plot, moves forward in ample speed. The different parts are well thought about and very convinvingly described and it lets your imaginatio soar. The world wasnt made for the mC, but rather the MC lives there. Beautifully conveyed. There is tragedy, humour and real emotions. You can feel the kinship through the pages.

Grammar: Can improve, spelling errors, formatting problems - punctuation problems etc

Jacksonion Democracy
  • Overall Score

Pretty good story that falls under a sort of Apoctalyptic Fantasy story where the world has gone to $hit and MC is falling out of the frying pan into the fire time and time again. Grammar is good with a few typos (at times some questionable punctuation but nothing that would disrupt your reading). Characters are quite new in terms of powers and tropes, and they all are slowly being fleshed out and while sometimes you may not agree with MC's choice or stance on something you can pretty easily see the reasoning behind it (and if not there is generally a explanation that helps clear the air). There is a very slow build up with lots of introductions but so far it hasn't become too much and it seems to be showing a lot of potential arcs and story points that look like they will be a joy to read (ex: kingdom (re)building, talking with his ancestors, building his personal skills and abilities, exploring his new "species", etc).

Very much recommend giving this story a try.

  • Overall Score

This is genuinely one of the most well written stories i have read on this site so far, i feel really invested in the main character so far and the story manages to convey his desperation and emotions very well. 10/10 would recommend. Grammar is immaculate as well, the only thing i could take issue with is the walls of text. That isn't really that big of an issue for me though since the story flows really well.

  • Overall Score

 just wow. I started reading this story because it was trending and I don't regret it.
I especially appreciate that the MC is a young adult and not a teenager full of hormones and only thinking of girls.
The story is tragic because we follow the course of the last survivor of a fort resuscitated by a god and finding himself in hostile territory that every minute gained is a real battle.
Basically we find ourselves in a fantasy world with a system but the latter is not at all intrusive. The characters for the most part feel quite alive.
I can understand why this ended up on the trends.