A guy reincarnated as a sloth and is too lazy to be a protagonist

by Mr.FluffyMuffins

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Hey, so do you also love a Story about people getting isekai’d into another world into a body of a monster that can evolve?

Yea, sucks that most of them are either Harems (honestly, at first I was like "weird flex but okay", but now every fucking story that looks like it could go somewhere just throws the MC a new love interest every 3 chapters or so), or idiots that trust the first human they see to not kill them.

Also, is it just me, or do most of them evolve into a human-ish Form way too fast? I mean what is the point of a monster MC if the guy is practically just an overpowered human?


Well, after like about 3 years I am kinda running out of good stories, so I'm gonna try to make one myself. It's probably gonna be pretty bad to be honest, but it has no harem so it is already better than 3/4 of novels out there. And I haven't even started yet!

But to be serious now: The story is about a pretty lazy guy who reincarnates as a sloth....I haven't really planned more for now... well, good luck to me I guess. Also I am not sure if I want this to have blue screens yet... I mean they look pretty neat but personally I'm kind of sick of them.

PS: If you wondered, no I am not the person that took the photo of a sloth with sunglasses...god, that dude must be living the Life...

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Truly quite dreadful. Narrative style is annoying, character is unpleasant but not in an entertaining way. The humor doesn't land.

Caravan Antagonist

Too lazy, I'll do it properly tomorrow

Reviewed at: Bitchin' Life

Too lazy to review anything. Maybe I'll come back in a few hours or something. Just let me sleep. I dont know. I'm counting words till I reach 50 for a review. Or even better, sleep. Just read it or something. You might enjoy it or you may not, too lazy to pick any from both of them really.


This is not the story I want, but the story I deserve

Reviewed at: Fated friends.

Wasn't expecting anything when I started.

But now ? I want sloths. Big, black, hard ... Sloths. Everywhere.

Its a pretty good parody.  What really got me was the xania ring. Keep up the good work .


Pius Isaksson

Funniest forty(40) minutes I had all year. And that is not a fact, but it is still funny

Seems Like a great Story so far, although a bit sad at times (Rip Jimmy and little snake) it is still good 

Will still continue to follow how it goes



So, you aren’t sold by the intro yet?

Reviewed at: The pains of growing up

This book is exactly how it advertises itself, and for once, that is good. (Minor spoilers ahead)

The story is about a man, who got hit by the almighty truck-kun,, and got reïncarnated. So far: normal run of the mill story.

Our beautiful protagonist however, is lazy as f*ck. And becomes a sloth. Literally. He transforms into a sloth and does nothing all day.

”So why is this a good story, if nothing happens?” You ask.

Well let me tell you: the way this novel is written changes everything. It is written as if a narrator narrates everything, and yes, we learn that the mc also hears the narrator. Then there is a snarky system, a perfect satire on most other systems. And last but not least: short chapter.

While the last one may seem to be detrimental, rather than helpfull, it makes everything work. Chapters in which barely anything happens suddenly have the same amount of progression per sentence (if that is something) as most other books. It makes sure that the writing style does not become obnoxious and it allows the author to keep writing, and you to keep reading, without getting a migraine.

Of course this writing style isn’t for everyone, but I encourage you to read the first two chapters nontheless. They are short, so you will barely lose time at all. Trust me when I say that you’ll be sold after reading those two. 

Oh, and before you go: the grammer is impeccable, or at least to good for me to notice errors. The story so far is as advertised and said earlier, so if it takes a turn for the worse, I’ll update the review. But I don’t think that is going to be necessary...

So, do go on, and read this novel written by my good sir Mr.FluffyMuffins. 

Blind Snot Dragon

I don't even need to read this to know if is going to be absolute gold and even if it's not the man deserves a cookie for what he is trying to do here. If the story makes me laugh as hard as the description then I will be greatly pleased!


thanks for the great comedy it really makes me laugh 


Probably would have been better with Harems...

Reviewed at: Protecting Royality

For all that I agree with the assessment that Harems are usually bad at least they add social interaction. This story is doing pretty much the opposite. We do have a lazy and somewhat sociopathic protagonist who goes around fucking things up and murdering people, while being assisted by a system and a sarcastic narrator. The MC discusses/argues with them all the time.

I guess this was supposed to be funny, but the MC's personality is just a turndown and the narration feels more annoying than funny. Overall not my cup of tea.