The Calamity of a Reborn Witch

by Vera Anne Wolf

Original ONGOING Drama Fantasy Psychological Tragedy Female Lead Grimdark High Fantasy Magic Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Ruling Class Secret Identity Strategy Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

**WARNING: The following story contains DARK, TRAUMATIZING elements that may not be appropriate for young viewers or those who struggle from traumatizing events. I am including this warning because a lot of people bail out around chapter 20 and slap this story with a low star rating just because of this. If you're not good with mature content, regardless of your age, this story is not for you. You have been warned. Please stop punishing the writer and this story for being what it is. It's nowhere near as bad as GOT but it has dark shit. Again, you have been WARNED. Plenty of other less dark webnovels to safely read. **

**Additional Warning: A minimal amount of LGBT content is included in this story. There is no TAG for this so I'm including it here. If that makes you uncomfortable, go ahead and give it a pass. **

Previously titled: A Maiden's Frozen Heart.

What if you knew the future? But what if that future was not yours?

Sixteen-year-old Lady Maura is the unwanted “half-blood” of an impoverished noble family in Lafeara. More than anything in the world, Maura just wants to survive, but the number of secrets she carries threaten her life at every turn. For one, her real name is Carina, and she’s not originally from this world.

Carina was reborn in Lafeara with a frozen heart that makes her immune to physical pain while granting her the power of ice magic. To survive, she must use Maura’s memories to protect herself from the Turnbell family, hunt down the assassin named Ghost, and change her future.

But all her plans begin to unravel when Carina is forced to use her magic to kill.

Now a priest and his witch hunter are on her trail. And as more bodies pile up and the future continues to change beyond her control, Carina can only pray that her identity as a witch remains a secret.

After all, they still burn witches in Lafeara.

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Vera Anne Wolf

Vera Anne Wolf

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: The End of the Beginning ago
Story Art Work: CoRW - Book 1 & Book 2 (to come) ago
Chapter 1: The Masks of Society ago
Chapter 2: Run Rabbit Run ago
Chapter 3: Less Than Human ago
Chapter 4: The Stench of Gossip ago
Chapter 5: A Manor of Malice ago
Chapter 6: The Taste of Poverty ago
Chapter 7: The Stain of Misfortune ago
Chapter 8: A Brush of Deception ago
Chapter 9: A Taste for Poison ago
Chapter 10: A Touch of Cruelty ago
Chapter 11: The Shadows of Lovers ago
Chapter 12: The Poison of Royalty ago
Chapter 13: The Scorpion of Vetrayna ago
Chapter 14: History Cautions Ambition ago
Chapter 15: Foxes hunt the Rabbit ago
Chapter 16: A Battle of Queens ago
Chapter 17: A Dash of Violence ago
Chapter 18: A Skulk of Beasts ago
Chapter 19: Deal with a Ghoul ago
Chapter 20: Dance with the Devil ago
Chapter 21: A Merciless Dawn ago
Chapter 22: Trail of a Witch ago
Chapter 23: The Winds of Change ago
Chapter 24: A Blindfold of Pride ago
Chapter 25: The Weight of Prejudice ago
Chapter 26: A Theater of Cruelty ago
Chapter 27: The Justice of Beasts ago
Chapter 28: The Value of Virtue ago
Chapter 29: A Nest of Secrets ago
Chapter 30: The Game of Nobility ago
Chapter 31: A Prison of Hope ago
Chapter 32: A Den of Wolves ago
Chapter 33: The Thorns of Nobility ago
Chapter 34: Pride of the Fallen ago
Chapter 35: Shadow of the Scorpion ago
Chapter 36: The Cost of Loyalty ago
Chapter 37: The Weight of Poverty ago
Chapter 38: A Touch of Divinity ago
Chapter 39: Shadow of the Crown ago
Chapter 40: The Bonds of Family ago
Chapter 41: A Test of Grace ago
Chapter 42: A Dance of Courage ago
Chapter 43: A Twist of Fate ago
Chapter 44: The Priest’s Witch Hunter ago
Chapter 45: A Test of Knowledge ago
Chapter 46: A Blade of Justice ago
Chapter 47: An Examination of Truth ago
Chapter 48: A Gift of Friendship ago
Chapter 49: The Lies of Faith ago
Chapter 50: The Taste of Magic ago
Chapter 51: A History of Witches ago
Chapter 52: The Scent of Suspicion ago
Chapter 53: Wolves in the Garden ago
Chapter 54: The Queen of Wolves ago
Chapter 55: The Corruption of Paradise ago
Chapter 56: The Winds of Sorrow ago
Chapter 57: The Final Challenge Begins ago
Chapter 58: A Banquet of Wolves ago
Chapter 59: A Gala of Discord ago
Chapter 60: A Glimmer of Magic ago
Chapter 61: The Fortune of Fools ago
Chapter 62: The Claws of Guilt ago
Chapter 63: Weight of the Dead ago
Chapter 64: The Chill of Death ago
Chapter 65: A Garden of Secrets ago
Chapter 66: A Test of Loyalty ago
Chapter 67: Chosen by the Scorpion ago
Chapter 68: An Oath of Loyalty ago
Chapter 69: A Mother's Love ago
Chapter 70: The Treachery of History ago
Chapter 71: The Color of Desire ago
Chapter 72: The Shackles of Pride ago
Chapter 73: The Shadow of Grief ago
Chapter 74: The Solace of Friendship ago
Chapter 75: Scent of a Witch ago
Chapter 76: Secrets of a Lady ago
Chapter 77: A Matter of Trust ago
Chapter 78: The Color of Betrayal ago
Chapter 79: A Shadow of Deception ago
Chapter 80: A Brotherhood of Sorrow ago
Chapter 81: A Vendetta of Power ago
Chapter 82: A Clash of Wills ago
Chapter 83: A Lover's Cursed Fate ago
Chapter 84: A Broken Family Affair ago
Chapter 85: An Unholy Reckoning ago
Chapter 86: A Baptism of Fire ago
Chapter 87: A Pure-Blood Devil ago
Chapter 88: A Spark of Chaos ago
Chapter 89: A Trail of Destruction ago
Chapter 90: A Twist of Malice ago
Chapter 91: A Storm of Crows ago
Chapter 92: A Sanctuary of Sin ago
Chapter 93: A Feast of Crows ago
Chapter 94: The Rot of Power ago
Chapter 95: A Crown of Vengeance ago
Chapter 96: An Official Death Notice ago
Chapter 97: The Absence of Grief ago
Chapter 98: A Twist of Fate ago
Chapter 99: A Crown of Crows ago
Chapter 100: A Specter of Betrayal ago
Chapter 101: A Treacherous Path Forward ago
Chapter 102: The Beginning of the End { Part 1 } ago
Chapter 103: The Beginning of the End { Part 2 } ago
Epilogue: The Pope of Zarus ago

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Ravy Ravinsky

Really love the story. Do not let the troll get to you.

Loveable characters (and hateable ones)

Good worldbuilding

Good grammar/writing


A reincarnated isekai story with no usual lovey-dovey plot? I'M IN!

Reviewed at: Chapter 11: The Shadows of Lovers

I have read many novels where a female protagonist is either reincarnated or time travelled to another world in the body of another person who might either be mistreated, unloved and abandoned. Mostly, such stories are followed by the protagonist trying to improve her living standards and then attracting a bunch of love interests, friends and followers. Almost all such stories were just light hearted romance novels, of course, there are many with great story plots with not just a romance plot in it.

And so, finding such a rare gem among the reincarnated genre novels such as this one where from the start, it was so intense, full of mystery, interesting plot twist and also a very unique way of the protagonist dying in her previous life. I mean, just imagine yourself lying in wait of your death under the sharp blade, waiting for your organs to get dug out helplessly. Just the thought of it brings you enough chills to freeze you, right? Just this was enough to hook me in. The writing style of the author is very good and easy to follow up with the whole scene occurring inside the story. The vast use of vocabulary and close to no grammar mistakes just acted like a cherry on top which made reading the story easier and did well in maintaining the reader's interest into it. The characters inside the story are realistic and evokes the emotions of us readers through their actions. 

Although I'm not very good at judging, I can still tell that this story is a rare gem that all the fans of reincarnated stories must read. A very well written story, I give the author a 1000 likes! Added into favourites. 


This is the story of a woman who transmigrated to the body of a girl in a fantasy world. You may think this is just one of them, right? I dare say no. I've only read up to chapter 6 but I can't deny the tension. 


Close to perfect. I can't remember anything that pulled me out of the story.


Carina was already likeable from the prologue. She was gentle, caring and... badass. After she transmigrated we didn't see what happened to her memories yet, but that'll obviously be discussed in later chapters. Her family - Lincoln, Sohya - behave like a typical spoiled brats ganging up on their half-blood sister. The mother, Helena, was cold. Even the few times she seems nice were just a facade because she wants to marry her to someone. There was a solid backstory that may even be considered too much for the story when there are only three chapters. I enjoyed it and it definitely didn't distract from the story. Josiah, the husband, didn't make an appearance yet but he has been mentioned several times. I would like to see how he will treat Maura (damnit, as if I don't already know).


Done well. The pacing was better than I can give it credit for. Sentences flow well and everything is just easy to understand. 


As I said in the title, a dark family drama. I don't really know if there will be more as the story continues but that doesn't really matter. A lot of readers like a family drama and besides any plot can be made into gold. It's just the execution that matters. 

And you still wonder why I give it 5/5.

Thanks for the chapters.





This is actually a proper novel. This is not your usual reincarnation: 'it was disgusting to lie in my nappies and really hard to take my first steps' stuff but it starts where her story gets interesting and the tension keeps being ramped up.  

I want to know what this is doing on Royal Road and not being published, but it reminds me that I should probably read less slice of life. It is 5*+ story and JUST WOW.

I really don't want the heroine to die again, mind.


Overall: The author knows what it is doing, this story is quite good. I recommend reading. A great option if you like the drama genre 


Grammar: I did not found gramatical errors in this fiction but im no also a expert. In this category i would like instead to talk about a correlated matter that usually matters more to me: text format. In this fiction text format is really good, there is hardly a textwall and the disposition of the writing makes for a easy reading. You can understand what is going on, who is talking, who is listening. It is a text that you can read to relax.


Style: 3rd person narration. It is well done. Most of the chapter are done in this structure: something is going to happen, something happens, end of the scene. It makes the reading easy and the things happening easy to follow. This structure also highlights the skill of the author in describing because when the narrator is describing an action, it uses the enviroment and the description itself to convey the context and this enriches a lot the history. It makes the reading more enjoyable, the scenes are more "meatier".The structure also makes the POV transitions natural and well marked not disrupting the "flow" of the reading.


Story: This story is a drama with heavy use of psychological and political elements. Most of the action is in Carina trying to navigate this world in the body of Maura a 16-years old that is a half-blood from an impoverished noble family. From this point on, the premisses conects with the plot and each event connects to the other. Nothing really stays "loose" even if the plot points may take a while to deliver, they deliver. 


Character: The cast consist of no more than 10 well developed characters at a given time. So you dont really need to keep writen notes of who is who. When a developed character ceases to be relevant to the plot he is given closure. Minor characters are fleshed out using archetypes, so you know them quickly and in a short space.


A thrilling isekai tale of magic and intrigue

Reviewed at: Chapter 101: A Treacherous Path Forward

First of all: this story is far from what I normally use to read, but I still used every free minute to devour the chapters without a break - a testament to the awesome writing skills of this author!

I try not to include any spoilers :-)

The start of the book already had me hooked, the characters had me stay, and the worldbuilding/ plot kept me glued to the screen.

The Isekai part itself has already an interesting difference to other examples of the genre, which is only showing later in the book but makes this part really unique as far as I know. But the most amazing part of the book is the well thought-through intrigues and exceptional world-building that keeps you wanting to read more while also rewarding you in perfect pacing. Neither boring nor frustrating (like many bestseller books), this balance needs a real talent for writing, and I pull off my hat before the author for this! 


The style is optimal for the setting and story - good clarity and nice flow. The pacing, as already stated, is perfect.


Grammar Score:

Nothing found that would disturb the reading flow. Simple typos have mostly been edited already by the time I finished this - if there are any left that I missed, they will surely be edited later.


As the story is focusing on intrigue and the buildup of the MCs second life with foresight, there is a lot of very careful worldbuilding to do, and the author executed that part flawlessly. There are a lot of plot twists that might shock you, but also sweet and funny scenes that let you breathe - again in a very good balance!



All important characters feel alive and relatable - the antagonists as well as the MC and positive side-characters. There are no shallow people in here, and you can really build up a bond to the characters to cry and laugh with them.


Awesome work and a definite recommendation from me: 5 Stars!


A Maiden't Frozen Heart is a fantasy, isekai story.


Style - 4/5,

The story is written well, characters like "❦" are nicely to highlight the chapter name or "❆" for breaks in the text. 

The story moves at a steady pace which is easy to keep up with.


Grammar - 5/5,

Not much to say, but y'know... the grammar is good.


Story - 4/5,

Thus far the story seems really interesting, I'd like a little more focus on world-building myself, but I only read up to chapter five so far, so it's reasonable to think there will be more said about the world!


Character - 4.5/5,

Ok, like I said, I only read up to chapter five, but, it may be my nack for anti-heres speaking, but I kind of like Lincoln, I mean, he is undeniably a dick, but he's displayed so many emotions, he feels like the real, 3D character, as oppose to the likable (albeit not all that unique) good samaritan the MC is.

My one-man Lincoln fanclub aside, the characters (while not necessarily likable in most cases) are well written and not out-right hatable. 

I'd mooking forwarwd to seeing more commoners and how they compare to the stuck-up nobles.