A Maiden's Frozen Heart

by Vera Anne Wolf

Original ONGOING Drama Fantasy Psychological Tragedy Female Lead Grimdark Magic Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Ruling Class Secret Identity
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

What if you knew the future? But what if that future was not yours?

Sixteen-year-old Lady Maura is the unwanted “half-blood” of an impoverished noble family in Lafeara. More than anything in the world, Maura just wants to survive, but the number of secrets she carries threaten her life at every turn. For one, her real name is Carina, and she’s not originally from this world.

Carina was reborn in Lafeara with a frozen heart that makes her immune to physical pain while granting her the power of ice magic. To survive, she must use Maura’s memories to protect herself from the Turnbell family, hunt down the assassin named Ghost, and change her future.

But all her plans begin to unravel when Carina is forced to use her magic to kill.

Now a priest and his witch hunter are on her trail. And as more bodies pile up and the future continues to change beyond her control, Carina can only pray that her identity as a witch remains a secret.

After all, they still burn witches in Lafeara.

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Vera Anne Wolf

Vera Anne Wolf

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: A Malicious Betrayal ago
Chapter 1: The Masks of Society ago
Chapter 2: Run Rabbit Run ago
Chapter 3: Less Than Human ago
Chapter 4: The Stench of Gossip ago
Chapter 5: A Manor of Malice ago
Chapter 6: The Taste of Poverty ago
Chapter 7: The Stain of Misfortune ago
Chapter 8: A Brush of Deception ago
Chapter 9: A Taste for Poison ago
Chapter 10: A Touch of Cruelty ago
Chapter 11: The Shadows of Lovers ago
Chapter 12: The Poison of Royalty ago
Chapter 13: The Scorpion of Vetrayna ago
Chapter 14: History Cautions Ambition ago
Chapter 15: Foxes hunt the Rabbit ago
Chapter 16: A Battle of Queens ago
Chapter 17: A Dash of Violence ago
Chapter 18: A Skulk of Beasts ago
Chapter 19: Deal with a Ghoul ago
Chapter 20: Dance with the Devil ago
Chapter 21: A Merciless Dawn ago
Chapter 22: Trail of a Witch ago
Chapter 23: The Winds of Change ago
Chapter 24: A Blindfold of Pride ago
Chapter 25: The Weight of Prejudice ago
Chapter 26: A Theater of Cruelty ago
Chapter 27: The Justice of Beasts ago
Chapter 28: The Value of Virtue ago
Chapter 29: A Nest of Secrets ago
Chapter 30: The Game of Nobility ago
Chapter 31: A Prison of Hope ago
Chapter 32: A Den of Wolves ago
Chapter 33: The Thorns of Nobility ago
Chapter 34: Pride of the Fallen ago
Chapter 35: Shadow of the Scorpion ago
Chapter 36: The Cost of Loyalty ago
Chapter 37: The Weight of Poverty ago
Chapter 38: A Touch of Divinity ago
Chapter 39: Shadow of the Crown ago
Chapter 40: The Bonds of Family ago
Chapter 41: A Test of Grace ago
Chapter 42: A Dance of Courage ago
Chapter 43: A Twist of Fate ago
Chapter 44: The Priest’s Witch Hunter ago
Chapter 45: A Test of Knowledge ago
Chapter 46: A Blade of Justice ago
Chapter 47: An Examination of Truth ago
Chapter 48: A Gift of Friendship ago
Chapter 49: The Lies of Faith ago
Chapter 50: The Taste of Magic ago
Chapter 51: A History of Witches ago
Chapter 52: The Scent of Suspicion ago
Chapter 53: Wolves in the Garden ago
Chapter 54: The Queen of Wolves ago
Chapter 55: The Corruption of Paradise ago
Chapter 56: The Winds of Sorrow ago
Chapter 57: The Final Challenge Begins ago
Chapter 58: A Banquet of Wolves ago
Chapter 59: A Gala of Discord ago
Chapter 60: A Glimmer of Magic ago
Chapter 61: The Fortune of Fools ago
Chapter 62: The Claws of Guilt ago
Chapter 63: Weight of the Dead ago
Chapter 64: The Chill of Death ago
Chapter 65: A Garden of Secrets ago
Chapter 66: A Test of Loyalty ago
Chapter 67: Chosen by the Scorpion ago
Chapter 68: An Oath of Loyalty ago
Chapter 69: A Mother's Love ago
Chapter 70: The Treachery of History ago
Chapter 71: The Color of Desire ago
Chapter 72: The Shackles of Pride ago
Chapter 73: The Shadow of Grief ago
Chapter 74: The Solace of Friendship ago
Chapter 75: Scent of a Witch ago
Chapter 76: Secrets of a Lady ago
Chapter 77: A Matter of Trust ago

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Kraze Kode
  • Overall Score
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A survivor's story of a girl reincarnated into another body with knowledge of future events that will happen with the original. For those familiar, you would notice that it is basically a reincarnated as [insert character type] in a novel. BUT in all honesty, I cannot sum it up in those words, God no I can't. This story is SO MUCH MORE!

There is a great cast of characters that you would love and hate, sometimes both at the same time. The pacing is something I find is one of its strongest parts as the story just GRABS you by the Sleeve and drags you into its beautiful and complex world full of interesting characters. 

Lots of political intrigue mixed in with just enough mystery and drama and I found myself HOOKED by the end unable to put it down. If you like a standard genre done beautifully (Which I wonder how can you NOT love that) then you will LOVE this one. 

There are so many ways the story itself can turn out and there is a lot of connection to the past of the original which I love was not just combined into our character and that she did not just instantly abandon who she is. She is referred with her original name by the narrator and I love that the Original's past affects her but is not considered as her own past. 

The story itself is quite complex and I cannot truly express its beauty without spoiling and even then there is a lot I would miss and I would feel ashamed to do such injustice to the author. So, in the end, I would Like to say; Just read it, give it a try till even if just the 1st chapter, I can positively bet that you will get Hooked and will not be able to put it down till the lastest chapter out. 

For the extremely stubborn here are some points (some people like points so here I go!) 

  • Fast Updates like very fast. 
  • Top 20 Best Rated on RR content level
  • Great Grammer and Editing 
  • Very Well Paced
  • Just Give it a Try, like come on man (or woman). 
  • I rarely give all 5 and the 4 and a half in style is because I could not find anything else to cut.

A Gem of a Story I wish I had found sooner.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

The Style.

This is omniscient third person narration style. The question is if the author execute it well. And the answer is yes. The author is able to portray the emotional expression, thoughts and perspectives of the different characters at the same time without affecting the flow of the story. And the scenes are a written delight.

The Story.

Right from the story line in the synopsis, readers are already captivated, so they want to know more.

The story is about a young girl called Carina, who died and was reborn in another girl's body in another world. Now, some readers tend to mix this up a lot. This is transmigration isekai (into a different body in a different world), not reincarnation. Reincarnation is a different thing entirely. That said,  this story brings back the memory of the inhumane condition women are put through in the ancient times. But luckily for us, our protagonist female lead has some special powers to help her through. Beautiful story.

The grammar.

The grammar is excellent. Nothing much to say.

The character.

The characters are well defined. Although the attention is mainly on the MC's development, other characters too are well written and well fitted to their roles.

Great piece of writing.     

  • Overall Score
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  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Strong FL- political intrigue, magic, slow burn romance = sold

Reviewed at: Chapter 76: Secrets of a Lady

Went into this novel skeptical af. I usually pride myself in sorting through the coal to find and thrive on dimaonds, and in sites with original fiction or not, its really hard to just stumble across some. Honestly with the girl title and the cover art, I was thinking it was another cliche magical girl, cliche cringe romance as bad as twilight or Evermore but boy was I not expecting this.

Author has a talent for writing. She clearly plans ahead as there are times where you wonder if her descion was correct only to find that every bit of her writing has purpose else where in the novel. There is foreshadowing, more showing than telling and the romance is perfect. Its slow burn, it isnt rushed, there isnt anything cringey, or forced. its amazing. The plotical aspect was done well, though I wish to see more. There isnt any slapback Young Master How Dare bs. When mc gets served, she really gets served cold, but she makes to plan and prepare her steps like a chess move 30 steps in advance, and with a little bit of luck she is able to suceed.

With equal aspects of suspense, mystery and thriller this is a reincarnation novel done right.  Highly reccomend, praise the ice witch


to author; lmaooo yea i can def read ur dms. anyways imagine my anger when I typed u a paragraph this morning only to b unable to send it. in any case read His fair assassin series. Please reccomend me ebooks like urs?

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

The first chapter of the story is worth thousands more words than what it has. It starts off mundane and tame, then savagely grabs you and spirals you downward into a pit of dark and mature themes that eventually tosses the MC Carina into a new world. It captivated me with the epitome of "0-100". 

Style: Omniscient third-person styled story telling, which I'm glad for. I typically dislike reading 1st person narratives because I don't want to self insert, but watch the MC's life from beyond if that makes sense.


The pacing is excellent, and the exposition is delivered in modesty. If I wanted to find something that bothered me, I'd likely have to search for it with high attention to detail. 

I'm not about to kill my enjoyment for that. 5/5.


Story: A woman reincarnated into a different world with superpowers. Typical prose, but delivered differently on such a level that it stands out prominently from any other Isekai I've read. (I get asked to do a lot of reviews for isekai, and I don't even like isekai usually. However, I enjoyed reading this one because it felt more original and creative). 

It's clear the author put a lot of care into her world and doesn't rely on tropes or gimmicks to carry the plot. Nor does she throw in unnecessary darkness and edge for shock value. All of the scenes of less than savory nature (such as Ivy's whipping) are tastefully done and believable. Well executed.

Grammar: 5/5. This should be automatic. I don't recall a single error that wasn't fixed before I even clicked read. 

Characters: I'm a firm believer that characters carry a plot. It doesn't matter how good the plot might be, if the characters are boring or one dimensional, the story sucks.

That isn't an issue here. What we have here, is a dysfunctional band of misfit, pompous jackasses that Carina has to deal with in order to survive, and it's well executed. It tells you a lot about how woman were treated in the old days. There's also a lot of shit talking (Lincoln's tongue is 🔥) and it's tastefully done as well. The characters will entice you. 

Overall, highly recommend this story to those with a taste for originality. 


  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Hard to bookmark and set down

Reviewed at: Chapter 62: The Claws of Guilt

This is one of the best novels I've read on Royal Road in a while.  Without getting into spoilers, it's an Isekai where the MC is stuck as a minor/discriminated against noble in a world where the laws and customs stymie her at every turn.  That said, her extreme competence (dare I call her socially/politically OP?) carry her through.

The pacing on this book is close to perfect.  It takes things slow while still raising enough questions to keep the reader guessing.  Only after I'd read about 50 or so chapters did I realize that not a a whole lot of time had passed, but I didn't care in the slightest.  The plots/dilemmas in that short time kept me enthralled.

As a note, there are multiple POVS.  They work very well, don't worry about it too much.  Every character gets devleoped.  The chapters are also fairly short, but there are a ton of them them and if you're not careful you'll fall into the trap I did.  Reading it until 4:30 a.m. when you need to get things done early the next day.

The pacing and flow are top notch.  I've seen one or two meh turns of phrase in something like 350 pages.  This is borderline published quality.

I don't think I've seen any errors.  It looks like the author corrected some previously, but I didn't notice anything.

Story Score
A perfect mix of world building, characterization, introducing mysteries and giving those mysteries payoff.  The early chapters leave plenty of breadcrumbs making you wonder WHY things happened.  The middle chapters answer those questions and then ask more questions, all while building the world.  The only slight quibble I have is that the world's magic system has begun to feel a bit like an afterthought, but around the time I first thought that, the author introduced a new peril for the MC based off of it.

In short, it's VERY good.

The characterization is good.  The MC is competent and rational (without being a sociopath too!).  Each POV is well fleshed out and intriguing in its own way.  One thing I enjoy is that the 'bad' characters are SO bad.  Absolutely rotten people.  Watching them squirm as they earn and the suffer from their comeuppance is a VERY good time.

If you don't mind tension/stakes created from something other than leveling/combat, read this.  Like, immediately.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

This story is fantastically written, with characters I care about, a prologue that immediately ties into the story(always a plus) and a plot that is at once visible and mysterious. You know some of the MC's machinations, but not all, and as more are revealed you come to discover just how clever she is.

The story so far is an easy 5/5. Same for the style. Characters are all wonderfully distinct, so there's another easy 5/5.

Seriously, my only complaint is the need for minor, minor grammatical edits here and there. Like maybe three spots so far. If that.

This will be on trending in one month, mark my words. This is good.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

The prologue and first 8 chapters of this series are incredibly well-edited.  Not just for grammar but style, prose and flow of narration.  It reads amazingly well.  So, clicking on that prologue isn't much of a risk is it?  You will quickly find yourself through a bunch of chapters in no time.
Style: 5, Grammar: 5.

Unfortunately at the time of writing this, I'm only 8 chapters in so I can't tell how complex the characters will end up being, but each side character has consistent actions and are at the least interesting with clear motivations.  The only character you spend much time with is Carina, who is shown to be capable and also at times aggressive, moving the plot forward by her agency rather than letting things happen to her.  
Character: 5

The story moves forward at a decent pace.  It is engaging from the prologue and skips over what I consider to be the boring part of the isekai genre, which is the start (come on, like that hasn't been covered 100 times on this site already)  the only minor issue I had was from the prologue to chapter 1 is a bit jarring.
Story: 5

Disclaimer: This review was part of a review exchange.

Vowron Prime
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Not Your Typical Reincarnation Story

Reviewed at: Chapter 16: A Battle of Queens

When you think Reincarnation, especially on RR, you think power fantasy, leveling, blue boxes, and monsters. This story replaces those tropes with medieval magic, political intrigue, secret identities, and thick, juicy plot, and the execution is masterful to boot!

We start with a car accident, but even there we have a shocking twist(that I won't spoil), which sends us into our fantasy world where Carina's memories meld with the downtrodden daughter of a down-on-their-luck noble family. The author does a phenomenal job at developing the protagonist while also crafting truly despicable, hateable antagonists. Dramatic emotions abound.


At chapter 16, this story is already going places. The author does a great job of maintaining tension in every scene, making this story quite the binge-able read. Coupled with the rich universe and worldbuilding, the plot moves at a brisk pace. At this point, events are building up for what promises to be very exciting upcoming events.


Excellent. I only caught occasional typos here and there, but this is among the best writing on this site. It is always a joy to read a story from someone with a mastery of the language.


This is where I have the biggest issues, though admittedly they are still quite minor. Exposition abounds, and while exposition can be used to more-efficiently deliver information, I feel that the narration often falls into the "show don't tell" trap. Dramatic tension that has been beautifully built up is then lost in several paragraphs of explanations of various histories and names that don't have immediate relevance to the scene at hand. I feel like many of these passages could be dropped, postponed, or be shown via character actions, instead of told by narration. Still, there are times when the detailed exposition does pull it off, so this is more a matter of fine-tuning the existing prose rather than a major overhaul.


Another strong point of this story - perhaps the strongest. Carina is an awesome protagonist. Not your usual lead, she shows a great capacity for strategic thinking, economic planning, investing, and knows how to play the game when it comes to medieval politics and nobility. And the antagonists? Wow. I want to see them all die horrible deaths, such is my hatred for them. To be able to elicit such a strong emotional response from a reader is truly an accomplishment. In fact, even the side characters have real depth, and not one feels two-dimensional in any way. Easily 5/5 stars here.

Coming into this, prior to reading the synopsis, I thought it would be some kind of romance by the title and cover.  What I got was a beautifully-written medieval fantasy story about political intrigue, magic powers, secret identities, and more. Well worth your time to read, this fiction crosses genres to create something truly special.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I don't believe any review I write can do this story the justice it deserves.

It is extraordinarily well written, carefully crafted and encaptures the heart and soul. The near pristine grammar and exceptional style make for an amazingly smooth read, and once I started reading... 5 hours later, I found myself still reading. I had to force myself to quit to sleep, otherwise I might find myself reading well past my current 3 a.m. stopping point.

I just wish I had more stars to give.

Ariana Vivoni
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I really wish I had this book as a hard-cover edition to put in my library. Usually, I like to make separate comments on story, characters etc. but this time I think that there is nothing much to say. This work left me speechless. I believe this is the most beautiful implementation of the English language I have read on Royal Road until now. The prose is not flowery and over the top. Every word has its place, meaning, and function. A handful of carefully chosen words evokes feelings and images better than lengthy descriptions. There is a small chase scene at the beginning of the story that I loved. The pacing was perfect and one could feel the tension. I could breathe with the character, run with her feet, and my heart was beating together with hers. The whole work just pulls you in and does not let you go for chapters and chapters.

But this work has not only an interesting main lead but also a nice assortment of villains that one just loves to hate. It is true that this is not the first work that includes tense family relationships but the author manages to take these archetypes and give them a life of their own. Honestly, there was a moment where I wanted to rain the wrath of God over one particular family member.

Another thing I like is the new take on the transmigration/re-birth story, hence the title of this review. And although at moments I had a bit difficulty of understanding whether we see a memory or a premonition-memory that has been averted and turned into an alternate history, I really liked the concept as a whole. This might sound a bit confusing to you, dear future readers, but it is mainly due to my lack of ability to explain the situation better without spoiling everything. All I can say is – just go, read, and see for yourself.

At the point in the novel I’ve currently reached (Chapter 9), I can’t predict any future developments. But I can very confidently say this. The story made me want to continue reading and exploring the world together with the main character. It was a beautiful start and I intend to keep going. So, to any potential readers – give this work a try and you, like me, will be kidnapped in the world of Lafeara where schemes and political strives collide with magic and mystery.