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Warning This fiction contains:
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  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

It is a weapon, raised and trained for one purpose: war. Instead, it ends up broken long before the battle, losing what little meaning its life may have held. But that might just mean this weapon has a chance to choose its own fate.

How should a broken weapon that knows nothing and can do nothing, live in a world of humans?

A few notes:

This story uses a hard magic system and is set in a somewhat realistic middle ages time period.

Tagged profanity and sexual content just in case they come up later.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1: Sadness ago
Chapter 2: Wash ago
Chapter 3: Terror ago
Chapter 4: River ago
Chapter 5: Despair ago
Chapter 6: Fever ago
Chapter 7: Guard Life ago
Chapter 8: Soup ago
Chapter 9: Sleep ago
Chapter 10: Love and Hate ago
Chapter 11: Stables ago
Chapter 12: Fun ago
Chapter 13: Shopping ago
Chapter 14: Talk ago
Chapter 15: Curiosity ago
Chapter 16: Orphanage ago
Chapter 17: Goodbye ago
Chapter 18: First Day ago
Chapter 19: Faint ago
Chapter 20: Gathering ago
Chapter 21: Improvise ago
Chapter 22: Shanaday ago
Chapter 23: Meeting ago
Chapter 24: Friends ago
Chapter 25: Class ago
Chapter 26: The First Gods ago
Chapter 27: Tamaran ago
Chapter 28: Hobin ago
Chapter 29: Bread ago
Chapter 30: Blurry ago
Chapter 31: Pull ago
Chapter 32: Rostor ago
Chapter 33 - Money ago
Chapter 34 - Blacksmith ago
Chapter 35: Northwest ago
Chapter 36: Discovery ago
Chapter 37: Escape ago
Chapter 38: Garrison ago
Chapter 39: Promise ago
Chapter 40: The Last Gods ago
Chapter 41: Writing ago
Chapter 42: Refinery ago
Chapter 43: Too Much ago
Chapter 44: Shocking ago
Chapter 45: Study ago
Chapter 46: Story Time ago
Chapter 47: Connection ago
Chapter 48: Monster ago
Chapter 49: Poison ago
Chapter 50: Robes ago
Chapter 51: Holiday ago
Chapter 52: Energy ago
Chapter 53: Weird Parity ago
Chapter 54: Clothing ago
Chapter 55: Bow ago
Chapter 56: Dark ago
Chapter 57: Inside ago
Chapter 58: Following ago
Chapter 59: Rechit ago
Chapter 60: A Day to Shop ago
Chapter 61: Glass ago
Chapter 62: Power ago
Chapter 63: Bucket ago
Chapter 64: Vision ago
Chapter 65: Ooh! ago
Chapter 66: Premonitions and Mana ago
Chapter 67: Last Day ago
Chapter 68: Everything ago
Chapter 69: The Facility ago
Chapter 70: Mysteries ago
Chapter 71: The Ceremony ago
Chapter 72: Quiet ago
Chapter 73: Problems ago
Chapter 74: The Battle ago
Chapter 75: Rescue ago
Chapter 76: How to Live ago
Chapter 77: Appointed Day ago
Chapter 78: Return ago
Chapter 79: Gathering ago
Chapter 80: Doctor ago
Chapter 81: Hard Work ago
Chapter 82: Real Work ago
Chapter 83: Details, Details ago
Chapter 84: Weird ago
Chapter 85: Older ago
Chapter 86: Checkup ago
Chapter 87: Conflict ago
Chapter 88: Meeting ago
Chapter 89: Contract ago
Chapter 90: Her ago
Chapter 91: Calm ago
Chapter 92: Metal ago
Chapter 93: Connecting Clues ago
Chapter 94: Bath ago
Chapter 95: Self-Esteem ago
Chapter 96: Claire ago

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  • Overall Score

A take on 'a human weapon gets away from it's handlers', but unlike a book like Super Minion, this one's not overpowered.  Not even slightly.

Everything is new, scary, hard, and painful. Our protagonist is at an extreme disadvantage most of the time, and is really no better armored than a small child.  The author writes despair and grief in bold strokes across this story.  They feel relatable, and in some cases familiar.

This story has real potential, right now it's a story about watching the world bully and abuse a child.  I hope this child has a chance to grow up and get stronger.

30 chapters in, I'm still reading.  The author pulls no punches.

Updated at 75 Chapters:

Still a compelling take on a weak protagonist facing impossible odds.  Some chapters feel a bit jagged, but given the viewpoint that seems consistent overall.  Still following this novel with great interest - there is huge potential.


  • Overall Score

This is another one of those top tier novels that are overlooked because they're posted at the wrong place, and yet the author doesn't really have a choice because all other options have considerably less audience and/or interactions. At least this one fits the web novel format unlike Act of Androkles, the most professionally written web novel I've read on this website that had barely any readers at all because it is far better in the paperback format; a book where the readers can read continuously without worrying about being interrupted.

Very, very good writing from the first PoV where the slow burn actually benefits the storytelling. Many authors' attempt at slow burn drops flat due to various reasons, but this one works extremely well because every chapter where the protagonist doesn't suffer or hit the inevitable wall of sadness almost feels like a victory. You don't want to see her get hurt, and yet she will be, and she will survive even if she has to lose a part of herself and regrow something tougher even she isn't sure is what she wanted, all in pursuit for the elusive hope of a slightly better tomorrow.

A novel you don't want to give any advice at all for fear of tainting the author's perspective is always a good one, especially when it's over 1000 pages long. You practically never see anything at this length that isn't on hiatus, abandoned or terrible, so I'm going to treasure it like the protagonist cherishes the few happy memories she had made in her life.

P.S. The synopsis could use a bit of touch-up though. It feels a bit too short and almost separate from the novel itself; as if I was reading the synopsis of a different story.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Read it now! (Please)

Reviewed at: Chapter 18: First Day

Great great great - please read!

Style : Great. Somehow manages to describe scenes almost seamlessly. 

Story: Compelling and human. A *little* on the slow side, but that may just be me being picky. The pace is really good for the style of story.

Grammar: Almost perfect. Nuff said.

Character: Human and sympathetic. The process of discovery is rational and logical, human in the best ways. End of book one confuddles somewhat, but it is minimal.

Conclusion; T.L.;D.R. : This is wonderful - keep up the good work. Somewhat in style of 'The Loyal Ones'; dark, but more moments of happiness. Please read!

  • Overall Score

I cannot handle the feels trip this story takes me on. Ever cried while reading something, but don't want to stop?

Well, I have. This story has beautiful pain. Read it.

  • Overall Score

The world and character building is slow and meticulous, but after passing somewhere around chapter 8, I became fully invested in this story, and can't wait to see where it will go.

  • Overall Score

Interesting, but tiring.

Reviewed at: Chapter 90: Her

Interesting take on a cliche 'raised as a weapon without emotion' type of story, well execute though it starts slowly and then slows even more. It's a bit weird, beceause even though the MC is only 7 years she speaks and acts as if she was a few years older, so do other character that are her age. The author is painfuly verbose, there's just too much text, after some time it was tiring to read. 
Overall I'd recommend it if you don't mind very slow stories, without much happening. 

But there is one thing that baffles me, as if walls upon walls of text weren't enough, at some point the author decides that we need to learn more about the world. Through painful infodumps. And I truly mean painful, it takes some balls to write, what, around 100+ pages of infodumps about gods and how their names are being used to name months and days. I can't believe the author has an editor, because if they had, the editor would strangle them the moment they saw it.

  • Overall Score

Fantastic little day to day story of a child.

I'd say if you liked The Wandering Inn, how you could relate emotionally to the characters, if you liked to shed a tear as they did and smile when they did, if you liked the day to day story and so on, you will probably love this one.


  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Slow slice of life story. Not for everyone, but good

Reviewed at: Chapter 61: Glass

This is a great piece of fiction. It may not be for everyone though.


The world is dark. Not necessarily for everyone, but it certainly is from our protagonists perspective. If i should quantify grimness of it, i would give it 7/10. It is pretty bad, but there is goodness in there too.


The story is written like a diary. Almost every day is described. That makes it (especially in the beginning) very slow reading.


If you expect big twists and turns, unending kill or be killed type of scenes, you won't find them here. On the other hand there is plenty of day to day struggle to survive. Finding food, healing from injuries, trying not to be recognised... etc. There are life and death conflicts, but they are not (yet) priority.


This world and people, who live in it, are increadibly lifelike. Every action has consequence and sometimes not a good one. 


I think this fictions greatest strength and simultainiously weakness is in its increadibly slow writting. It makes conflicts later on much more meaningfull, but you have to read through a lot first to even get to them.


This is a solid piece of fantasy. It moves slowly, but its impact is only bigger later on.

  • Overall Score

Initially a brutal read, that grows into a great story

Reviewed at: Chapter 81: Hard Work

The first thing you should know about this story, is that the first 40-ish chapters are painful. Happy moments are few and far between and the apathetic cruelty of the world is on full display, while our endearing weapon is treated with either disdain, fear, or condescension. That said, the moments of warmth shine all that much brighter for them and place a foundation that makes it almost impossible not to cheer for her as good things slowly line up bit by bit. Having reached the extent of current content, I can't wait for more to appear.

The setting is a relatively medieval time period with strict class separations and a seemingly constant war going on in the background. I will say that the pacing is relatively slow, with explosive bursts of action making their occasional appearance, but this is very much not a power fantasy. The magic system is slowly expanded as the MC experiments with it, and a great deal of time is spent empirically figuring out what exactly she can do with it. That said, things begin to pick up pace around chapter 40, as well as the protagonist's life and sense of self gradually moving forwards.

Overall, while the first couple dozen chapters are grim reads, it's hard not to get attached to the clever and excited little girl that's suffered so much that living in a medieval orphanage is an incredible improvement. Occasional moments of badassery aside, her character is so polite and curious that I can't help but be enthused whenever she pulls in a new helpful friend, slowly building up a base that will help her find her way forward. I can't help but recommend it, even accounting for the amount of suffering it kicks off with. Definitely look forward to seeing where the rest of the story goes.

  • Overall Score

Slow burn goodness that pics up a bit around chap. 39! Read it!

Reviewed at: Chapter 41: Writing

This story is interesting enough and its' quality is good enough for me, a reader that dislikes slow burn style stories, to really enjoy it. Not often do I read a story that is as emotionally cathartic as this one...kinda reminds me of the "hanging scene" from 'Red Rising'. (check amazon for Red Rising, first 2 of 5 books are first class) There are 3-4 chapters that I skimmed part of but it did not really cause me any trouble with the immersion. (I'm up to chapter 42) Thank you Tiger!