The House Witch

by Delemhach

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance High Fantasy Magic Male Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

A mysterious new cook has arrived for the King of Daxaria's household. With his strange appearance and guarded personality, many members of the staff, and even some of the nobility, are curious about him. However, with the rumors of a war on the horizon, and the Queen pregnant with her second child, there isn’t time to worry about an eccentric stranger. Besides, how important could he be?

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1st Anniversary
Word Count (14)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Fin ago
Chapter 2: Mandatory Helpers ago
Chapter 3: Causing A Fuss ago
Chapter 4: Cat and Mouse ago
Chapter 5: Keep Your Distance ago
Chapter 6: Witches and Mages ago
Chapter 7: A Royal Visit ago
Chapter 8: Something's Fishy ago
Chapter 9: Ruffling a Few Feathers ago
Chapter 10: Lord Piereva ago
Chapter 11: A Blast From The Past ago
Chapter 12: Blooming of Beltane ago
Chapter 13: The King's Illness ago
Chapter 14: Stressful Times ago
Chapter 15: Daxaria's Chief of Military ago
Chapter 16: Sorting Life Out ago
Chapter 17: Sunday Woes ago
Chapter 18: Uh Oh ago
Chapter 19: Every Cat Has Its Day ago
Chapter 20: When Witches Lose Their Wits ago
Chapter 21: Kraken's Duties ago
Chapter 22: Sharing Surprises ago
Chapter 23: Condolences ago
Chapter 24: Three Little Drunks ago
Chapter 25: Enemy Eyes ago
Chapter 26: The Walls Have Ears ago
Chapter 27: A Real Day Dampener ago
Chapter 28: Just A Drop ago
Chapter 29: Better Days Were Had ago
Chapter 30: Feel The Burn ago
Chapter 31: Facing Facts ago
Chapter 32: Stating The Obvious ago
Chapter 33: A Dimmed Afterglow ago
Chapter 34: Turn Around ago
Chapter 35: Finishing Touches ago
Chapter 36: Trial and Error ago
Chapter 37: The Good, The Bad, The Fluffy ago
Chapter 38: Thorns and Roses ago
Chapter 39: Batter Up ago
Chapter 40: Stewing Storms ago
Chapter 41: Growing Pains ago
Chapter 42: Strolling Through Strife ago
Chapter 43: A Friendly Face ago
Chapter 44: Man of Mystery ago
Chapter 45: Everything and Nothing ago
Chapter 46: Old But Gold ago
Chapter 47: Mother Dearest ago
Chapter 48: The Kamikaze Cook ago

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Superbly written, interesting story, likable characters, just overall well done. Fantastic.


The story and characters work for me. The writing is sometimes meh but unless you're critical of the style then you'll probably gloss over it. You'll notice in the first chapter and how it starts (funny world building sentences but still odd not to start with a character) so you'll know if it's your cup of hot chocolate.


Haven't felt the need to leave a reveiw in a while but this was such a pleasant unexpected surprise that i felt as if it required one.

A welcome change from the litrpg action focused novels I normally read.

It's a well written slice of life that, while it could use some slight editing to make it slightly easier to read, has an extraordinary amount of potential and a few gems of characters that leave you wanting to know more about them.

The author tackles various potentially touchy subjects in a well done and thought out manner letting them flow naturally in the story. 

The 'redemption' arc for certain characters has made me go from almost genuinely despising them to now thinking that they seem like decent human beings and it's done in a beleiveable manner.

Overall an engrossing read that was a brilliant change of pace and could be shaping up to be one of the greats on the site if it carries on in this fashion.


I haven't had such laugh since reading Terry Pratcht's Discworld series.


Well Written, Well Crafted, and Well Said.

Reviewed at: Chapter 28: Just A Drop

An excellent and very well written story. The author has created a believable world and though we've not gotten far into it yet, has done an excellent job of explaining it without large dumps of information. (Which many stories on RR and other similar sites fall prey to.)

All of the characters are well written and their personalities are stable (where applicable) and believable. The interactions between them help to explain not only the characters themselves but the world around them and it's history.

The systems of magic are relatively well defined and interesting. I will say again that we're not far into the story yet, so not having all the details is to be expected.

The politics aren't overwhelming but are still interesting. The King and his family make for engaging characters and the (love?) interest fits into their circle very well.

I would say that this story is worth reading and I would encourage everyone that reads this review to at the very least mark it as a read later.


So good I almost wish I hadn't read it.

Reviewed at: Chapter 28: Just A Drop

Title of my review is purposefully misleading. This story is absolutely phenomenal, I've been reading all kinds of stories throughout my life and it is now very rare for one to truly hold my interest. This one has. 

The characterization and inter character actions is flawlessly done, making the reader able to relate with every single character. I found myself able to be invested in characters that were barely even mentioned!! Just beautifully done. 

The grammar is very well done, I didn't notice any issues although I would probably have to read through a second time to find any. To my enjoyment, I was simply so caught up in the story that grammar didn't matter!

The story pace--typically this is probably the easiest point to mess up as an author and I have to say that the pace is moving along perfectly. The chapter length and setup is paced just right so that you can read a chapter and it gives you that feeling of excitement for the next one but also content at where you're at. 

To end my review I'll expand a little on my title/first point. I absolutely LOVE this story, I had teetered on the brink of reading it for a week or so and then I finally did and I'm so happy I did but also wished I'd waited longer because I NEED MORE CONTENT!!! PLEASE READ THIS STORY!!


Everything about this is damn good. The only thing that stops it being perfect is the pacing at the start is a little jarring, get through the first few chapters and it is entirely worth the journey however. Seriously if your looking for something that's good but not in the mood for hack and slash this is amazingly well done.


It's just a lovely and heart warming story so far.
I have hugged myself thrice so far whilst reading.

Toby Ziegler

Characters drive this story. The new chef has a secret, and his methods of food production are almost comically difficult to hide. The supporting cast are given just enough time in the spotlight to get a sense they are real people with real hang-ups and real motivations.

The main players are interesting and full of complex flaws and motivations. Along with bits of humor and drama, it makes for one entertaining chapter followed by another.

The magical system and character motivations interact to produce a story I will gladly continue reading. If you are in need of a reading experience similar to a good cup of hot cocoa, you need look no further.


It's a fairly well-executed romance novel, with the twist of being from the perspective of the gruff, misanthropic brooding male love interest instead of the wounded generic woman with trust issues learning to love again.

I mean, if you read that as a bit mocking over how stock the plot and characters are you read it correctly, but I'm also sincere about it being well executed and the twist largely holds up because of how cartoonishly, hilariously misanthropic generic brooding male #35 actually is and how it's portrayed as a genuine flaw more often than a sexy flaw that can be fixed by the love of a good woman.

The story does sometimes overshoot the mark on what characters can actually get away with and be easily redeemed/forgiven and occasionally misses entirely on what's a cute foible versus a creepy/horrifying/rapey behavior (coughmindcontrolcough), but, y'know, welcome to romance novels, they are what they are.