The House Witch

by Delemhach

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance High Fantasy Magic Male Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

A mysterious new cook has arrived for the King of Daxaria's household. With his strange appearance and guarded personality, many members of the staff, and even some of the nobility, are curious about him. However, with the rumors of a war on the horizon, and the Queen pregnant with her second child, there isn’t time to worry about an eccentric stranger. Besides, how important could he be?

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1st Anniversary
Word Count (14)
Toplist #10
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Fin ago
Chapter 2: Mandatory Helpers ago
Chapter 3: Causing A Fuss ago
Chapter 4: Cat and Mouse ago
Chapter 5: Keep Your Distance ago
Chapter 6: Witches and Mages ago
Chapter 7: A Royal Visit ago
Chapter 8: Something's Fishy ago
Chapter 9: Ruffling a Few Feathers ago
Chapter 10: Lord Piereva ago
Chapter 11: A Blast From The Past ago
Chapter 12: Blooming of Beltane ago
Chapter 13: The King's Illness ago
Chapter 14: Stressful Times ago
Chapter 15: Daxaria's Chief of Military ago
Chapter 16: Sorting Life Out ago
Chapter 17: Sunday Woes ago
Chapter 18: Uh Oh ago
Chapter 19: Every Cat Has Its Day ago
Chapter 20: When Witches Lose Their Wits ago
Chapter 21: Kraken's Duties ago
Chapter 22: Sharing Surprises ago
Chapter 23: Condolences ago
Chapter 24: Three Little Drunks ago
Chapter 25: Enemy Eyes ago
Chapter 26: The Walls Have Ears ago
Chapter 27: A Real Day Dampener ago
Chapter 28: Just A Drop ago
Chapter 29: Better Days Were Had ago
Chapter 30: Feel The Burn ago
Chapter 31: Facing Facts ago
Chapter 32: Stating The Obvious ago
Chapter 33: A Dimmed Afterglow ago
Chapter 34: Turn Around ago
Chapter 35: Finishing Touches ago
Chapter 36: Trial and Error ago
Chapter 37: The Good, The Bad, The Fluffy ago
Chapter 38: Thorns and Roses ago
Chapter 39: Batter Up ago
Chapter 40: Stewing Storms ago
Chapter 41: Growing Pains ago
Chapter 42: Strolling Through Strife ago

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Yes, it's a good story.

It's wholesome.



chapter after chapter of characters radically changing their world view to fit modern values after a day or two of honest empathy, put me off this story.

Seems preachy.

Maybe I just see so many real people in my life that dogmatically double down in the face of the arguments the mc uses that I cant suspend my disbelief. Makes his every sweeping empathetic success embittering.

Thanks to the author for the great recipes, I enjoyed meeting your cat's namesake.


I'm loving this story so much. I havn'et come across a story that explores the greatness of food, it's always alchemy or blacksmithing yet food is what's used everyday and most important. Looking forward to more!


It has a good primise with a unique story, but it just feels like it is missing something thats really important , something that would put everything together and make it a better story, not exactly sure how to explain it. 

I can only give it a 3.5 with how it is at this point in time. 


You won't find many grammar mistakes if any, the story itself is incredible, and I found myself actually laughing out loud and legitimately wanting to cry at places... AND ITS ONLY AT CHAPTER TWENTY!

needless to say, I'm very excited for the rest of this book if the author so chooses to continue. Also I love kraken.


Okay story, weird use of whom, MC saves everyone with modern morals

Reviewed at: Chapter 14: Stressful Times

1) Whom

>The door opened to reveal none other than Lady Annika Jenoure- whom was exactly the person he had been about to summon.

This should either be:

… who was the person

… whom he wanted to summon

I’m fairly sure the author got that wrong more than once per chapter so far. More annoying than I thought it would be.


2) MC with modern values

As of chapter 14 I’m unsure if the MC is supposed to be someone from a modern western country reincarnated in fantasy-land or whether he is supposed to have gotten his modern values and morals somewhere else.

 In any case, the MC is extremely confident in his modern-day understanding of "justice" and such values. The way the MC takes it for granted that the purpose of "punishment" is to mend the harm of the injured party and how casually he interacts with everyone from peasants to nobility feels a bit incongruous with the fantasy world at the moment.

It screams "Look at me, I’m the MC and I know better than you!" This impression is not helped by doing things like giving the pregnant Queen orders not to drink alcohol despite that apparently not being common knowledge in the kingdom. Even if it was common knowledge, he is just a cook. How can he order the royalty around, at most it should be a strong recommendation or something like that.


Exactly as advertised, and fantastic.

Reviewed at: Chapter 15: Daxaria's Chief of Military

Exactly as advertised, and fantastic. 

That's all I really wanted to write, but its a romance focused around a magic cook as he interacts with a loveable royal family and their court and servants. He's not macking on the queen, the king and queen are happily married, and most of the main characters have a refreshingly earned moral high ground. There are some more serious themes below the surface, but for the most part it's just delightful campy fun. I don't really enjoy romances, but it's a story like a marvelous farmer: out standing in it's field.

I'm taking a half star off cuz I'm not sure if the food is geographically/historically accurate (I'm not sure if cantaloupes existed close to sauerkraut, physically or in point in time). Its mostly a penalty for my own ignorance, but if I don't find something to complain about I'm pretty sure my head will explode.


i have binged this story in like a day and now it has become one of my favorities so far. Writing is very good and while I was reading I didn't find any points that can break your immersion here. Characters are very well developed and feel alive. The selling point for me here is the uniqueness of our MC as a "house witch". 


Fantastic Heartwarming Story

Reviewed at: Chapter 23: Condolences

I don't like to leave reviews because who cares about my opinion but when I reread this story for the third time in a week I felt like I should.

This story is just great it makes me smile and laugh all the time. The description of the food makes me salivate. The romance is well done not overly focuses on but the way the story is told makes you really root for the characters coming together. 

All the background and side characters are well described and suit there purposes. The villainous/bad guys are believable as a-holes and not over the top. 

While it is getting into serious territory now so far it's been refreshingly heartwarming and light. Though the brief combat scenes done are well written and hopefully will continue to be so, I hope the series continues to be as it is and they stay few. I'm more interested in the MC expanding his magic in kitchen then him being any kind of war witch.

The few grammar and spelling errors are easy to ignore and if the author gets an editor will probably disappear. 

Overall one of my favorite stories on this site. Cannot wait until it's ready for book form and wish I could help this author put it out faster.


Stumpled on this gem while searching for a good story on RR and boy I am impressed so far! I only hope that you (author) continue this way because so far (ch. 20) I am mightily impressed!


Chicken soup for the soul

Reviewed at: Chapter 23: Condolences

I love the concept of this story. It encapsulates so much of the wonder and curiosity that inevitably draws a reader in to a fantasy story. Delemhach has masterfully dodged many pitfalls common to this genre while painting a world that draws you in like a worn armchair.

Note - This review may contain minor spoilers through the current chapter as of this review.


The story is written in a light, playful tone that sets the mood for the reader. We feel the warmth of success and the drive that Fin feels towards creating a home and promoting the ideals of family. At times when the mood swings dark and dreary, the contrast with the normally light tone creates a poignant image for readers. The joy and pain is crafted to be meaningful as part of a larger world rather than simply driving a plot point for the next story arc.


Not much to say here. Very well written with minimal errors and nothing that breaks the flow of the story. Delemhach is looking for an editor at the moment and I look forward to seeing any developments.


One of the driving factors behind the plot of the story is the aspect of Fin's magic that requires him to promote and develop a home in order to explore his abilities. It is my opinion that this is a masterful stroke of writing as it helps the plot avoid many of the pitfalls common to fantasy books in this genre. Fin's abilities are strong yet limited by his location. This focuses the story on a specific place and group of people and narrows the focus of the writing without calling into question the character's motivation for staying.

If I have one complaint about the story, it is that the castle and surrounding area feel small and rural for the level of importance they supposedly hold for such a large kingdom.


The intense focus that the limited location creates on the castle and the people within it has allowed the author to craft an incredibly authentic and lifelike cast of characters. Not a single character feels shallow, emotionless, or lacking in depth. I love when an author writes properly motivated characters as the reader. It stimulates the imagination to ponder what the characters may do at any moment.

I look forward to the next chapter!