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"Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Dean Eventhal, student council chair of his university, earned his place through wit and charisma alone, making up for his abysmal stats in a world which discriminates between humans and hominids—those who can use magic and gain stats, and those who can't do both.

As the new government failed to fulfil its promise to make things better for her weaker citizens, a disenfranchised Dean grew weary of his own inability to make a change.  

However, he would soon unlock an ability which flipped the very concept of strong and weak, setting him on a bloody path to undo the lies purported by the ruling party, and later—the rest of the world. 

Note: This story borrows heavily from the style of translated Japanese light novels.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Fists and Words ago
Chapter 2: Inferno Hammer ago
Chapter 3: A Warrior's Respect ago
Chapter 4: Silly Mistakes ago
Chapter 5: The Balance of the World ago
Chapter 6: Still Smiling ago
Chapter 7: Irony ago
Chapter 8: Death's Door ago
Chapter 9: Axe and Chain ago
Chapter 10: The Night Two Hearts Stopped Beating ago
Chapter 11: The Body ago
Chapter 12: A Cold Proposition ago
Chapter 13: Dirty Business ago
Chapter 14: Stronger Than Me ago
Chapter 15: Fatal Lies ago
Chapter 16: Evaporation ago
Chapter 17: Honesty is the Best Policy ago
Chapter 18: The Truth That Destroyed a World ago
Chapter 19: The Value of a Life ago
Chapter 20: Venomheart (Part I) ago
Chapter 21: Venomheart (Part II) ago
Chapter 22: The Birth of a New King ago
Chapter 23: Siblings ago
Chapter 24: Relics from the Past ago
Chapter 25: Moving In ago
Chapter 26: Interview ago
Chapter 27: Red Breeze ago
Chapter 28: The Battle of the Two Brawlers ago
Chapter 29: High School Drama ago
Chapter 30: Off-ice ago
Chapter 31: Special Task Force ago
Chapter 32: A New Lead ago
Chapter 33: A Murderer's First Day in School ago
Chapter 34: Self(less) Introduction ago
Chapter 35: Raichsen Combat Team ago
Chapter 36: The Real Bully ago
Chapter 37: To Lay Down One's Life ago
Chapter 38: Mended Bonds ago
Chapter 39: Lunch Meeting ago
Chapter 40: Stay on the Ball ago
Chapter 41: Best Friends or Parasites ago
Chapter 42: When You Can't Stand Watching TV ago
Chapter 43: An Assassin Problem ago
Chapter 44: 1% Magic ago
Chapter 45: 99% Considerate ago
Chapter 46: Mass of Living Flesh ago
Chapter 47: The Small Sorcerer and the Thickset Tank ago
Chapter 48: Frozen in Fire and Fear ago
Chapter 49: Connecting the Dots ago
Chapter 50: Her Little Bother ago
Chapter 51: Routines and Reflections ago
Chapter 52: An Alien ago
Chapter 53: Toilet Trouble ago
Chapter 54: A Bad Day ago
Chapter 55: Monster Safari (Part I) ago
Chapter 56: Monster Safari (Part II) ago
Chapter 57: Monster Safari (Part III) ago
Chapter 58: Monster Safari (Part IV) ago
Chapter 59: Monster Safari (Part V) ago
Chapter 60: Monster Safari (Part VI) ago
Chapter 61: Here Lies the Truth ago
Chapter 62: Retreat/Reboot ago
Chapter 63: Crisis Management ago
Chapter 64: Heaven and Hell ago
Chapter 65: A Delightful Bloodbath ago
Chapter 66: The Quest ago
Chapter 67: The Living Dungeon (Part I) + An Announcement from the Author ago
Chapter 68: The Living Dungeon (Part II) ago
Chapter 69: The Living Dungeon (Part III) ago
Chapter 70: The Living Dungeon (Part IV) ago
Chapter 71: The Living Dungeon (Part V) ago
Chapter 72: The Living Dungeon (Part VI) ago

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I've read a good psychopath MC story before, Reverend Insanity, for a couple of hundred chapters.  I stopped this story here "World Reset" at chapter 13 because MC is an edgelord and everything he does is incredibly stupid.  The weird thing is that it all seemed good before he got his power.

Edit: The action scenes are cool so I guess there's that.

Edit 2: Ok, this review is the top review now and I should already have made this edit but whatever. I want to say that I didn't write all this just to bash this story, I don't want to see authors fail and I just want them to understand what has put me off and help them to maybe apply improvements to their story.

I believe all the issues I have with this novel would be fixed if we were informed more about why the character needed to act like that or if we read about him realizing he made errors of judgment to then improve on them. It's in a large part his motivations that just really need to be clarified, because he seemed to be doing things confidently but very randomly with no care for repercussions and after doing all that, he didn't think back about how these actions were stupid.

What I call stupid may not be stupid anymore if we were explained more about why he has no choice to do it or simply have him make retroactions on his stupid actions. I edited what I said in the spoilers below to explain better what I believe was wrong so that any potential reader and the author can see if my remarks matter to them.

(TO THE AUTHOR: If you ever decide to make some changes to the chapters I have read (no matter if it's what I propose or what you think fit best) in your story, contact me and I will modify my review)

Spoiler: Spoiler




The character we follow for the first couple of chapters is interesting, seems to have a personality and interacts well with the setting. The character we follow after he obtains the ability to beat anyone in a fight is none of those things. His motivations are poorly thought out, his methods are absurdly hamfisted and he turns into a power with little character instead of a character with little power 


World Reset is an RPG-esq story set in a modern setting following the exploits of on of the best written "anti-heros" out there.


Style: 5/5

The story is written very well, the story is FULL of world building that makes the world feel more real with every chapter.

It's never too alien or too normal, it's a great mix.

The magic system is expanisve but no confusing.


Story: 5/5

(More or less spoiler free): The mc uses a new ability to acive his rigtious goals!

(Spoiler full): 

Spoiler: Spoiler


Grammar: 5/5

Everythin's good, not sure where to put this so I'll leave it here, occasionaly first-person thoughts are show without quotes, it's never confusing since they are their own paragraphs, but it's worth mentioning.


Character: 5/5

Alright, so, without going into any spoilers, as of chapter 23, the best character and absolutely best-girl of the series is 

Spoiler: Spoiler

 But that aside, the characters are really likable, it's only hinted at so far with a certain bar scene, but it looks like this might be one of those stories where we cheer for both sides of the fight, heart-break expected.

The mc, a few people left comments saying they found it hard to emphatise with him, but I for one get his logic, he was looked down on his entire life and when gifted with an ability that moved him up the rank he broke free from his underdog mentality.

I think this is not only a realistic but also a fun-to-read view on his character.


In conclustion, as long as you're not afraid of gore I think you should absolutely give this story a shot, it's fun, pretty fast-paced and very funny at times.


Magic, Politics, and a Tonne of Cigarettes

Reviewed at: Chapter 9: Axe and Chain

World Reset is a pretty great romp, and with an interesting GameLit system in a fantasy metropolitan world with no shortage of political intrigue, it certainly is a treat to read. Though there's the occasional grammatical error, and having two characters both named Dean in the early chapters was a little bit confusing (I legit thought that Dean and D-Max were the same person for longer than I care to admit), this story is most definitely a diamond in the rough on RoyalRoad, and I highly recommend it to anybody who's thinking giving it a read. The style is beautiful, the game mechanics are unique, and the story itself keeps you guessing. 

Also, I admire a dude who can crack open a beer with his teeth, so there's that lol. 


UPDATED EVEN MORE CHAPTERS LATER: JUST READ IT. READ IT. I SWEAR YOU WON'T REGRET IT. Oh, and disregard that statement about the characters not being extraordinary. And with my increased sample size I can say that the style only gets confusing once. Really, since I first reviewed this story, I've added a total of like 2 whole stars onto the subcategories simply because it keeps on getting better. So, all that being said, READ IT NOW. DO IT. 

First, let me start by saying that this story doesn't have incredible prose. The premise is semi-unique, but it's not as if it's never been done before. The writing style even gets confusing at times, and while the characters are good, they're not anything extraordinary. 

Despite all this, I found myself inexplicably drawn to this story. I was only supposed to read up to chapter 8 or so, but I ended up reading another 5 just because I couldn't stop myself. 

The author has the ability to grab onto the reader's attention and never let go. The MC's ruthless actions and scheming mind are captivating, and the action is amazing. If I had to sum it up in a phrase, I would have to say "The epitome of RR litrpg". Because, while nothing about it is necessarily perfect, this story makes you forget about all its flaws and just keep reading. 

I even had to reread some chapters to give my grammar score, because I was too invested in the story to pay attention to it on my first read. I won't even bother breaking down the categories in this review, because it will make the story seem worse than it actually is.

Really, if you're on this site, chances are you'll love this story. I'm almost positive that as soon as this story hits a month old, it'll be at the top of trending. So go read it now. This is truly an example of how something can be much, much greater than the sum of its parts. 


I've decided to leave this review because I'm pissed. Not because the story is bad. Far from it. Because some of the comments in the comment section causes me to lose brain cells. This is an action filled story with a psychopathic MC does right. Suspense is amazing. So many of the commenters have no idea how to READ. I saw several comments nitpicking supposed "problems". Those are plot points. I even read one questioning the difference between the two types of people in the story (humans and hominids) when the ANSWER IS LITERALLY IN THE VERY FIRST LINE.

Jesus Christ, ya'll need to learn how to read. Maybe then we can finally have good stories like this on trending instead of boring shit. The fight scenes in this story are amongst the best I've ever read. And based on what I see in the coming chapters, it seems to get even more crazy. Read it, but be warned on the comment section.

P.S. to the author, seriously consider blocking/removing/locking the comments or the comment section entirely. 


A great LitRPG in a world with stats and dueling, but also a modern backdrop that's often not seen in the genre. Well written, interesting characters. The politics is a nice touch, I can't wait to see what happens next.

Ariana Vivoni

If you start reading this work with the assumption it is another generic LitRPG with a weak protagonist forced by the circumstances to fight for his life, who ends up conquering the world through a cheat… you are WRONG. While it possesses all the generic set-ups of a LitRPG, this story surprises with character complexity and a very bad-boy protagonist, who does not mind getting his hands dirty to achieve his goals. If you like sugary stories with an underdog protagonist who is simply a morally uptight victim of an evil plot/accident/sudden reincarnation, this is not for you. But if you want to experience a deep moral dilemma after each page, if you enjoy a setting with complex politics and deeply flawed society and a disillusioned strong lead who knows clearly what he wants and what he is ready to sacrifice to get it, jump in! For me, this work is a philosophical essay on the morality of being human, disguised as an action-packed LitRPG.


It is a smooth and easy read. The author masterfully uses sarcasm, irony, and dark humor, which gives this work a very specific and enjoyable flair even in the darker moments. The well-placed cliffhangers keep the reader curious and yearning for more. In addition to all that, the rich vocabulary makes it a read to enjoy.


No noticeable problems there. I want to call it superb, but who am I to judge here.


As already mentioned, this is a new take on the classical LitRPG. We are spared the usual worn-out transmigration/summoning/captured in a VR-game trope. The author slowly reveals his world to the reader, so every chapter brings new insight. The conflicts described are relevant and make one reflect on them even outside of the story’s setting. The injustice and discrimination in the world make it easy to root for the MC, yet the very human and emotional portrayal of the “antagonists”, in combination with some morally ambiguous decisions by the protagonist, makes one feel pleasantly undecisive as to which side to take. All the LitRPG moments in the work serve more as supporting information to the main story and merge with it organically without being distracting.

The only minuscule problem I have, and this is absolutely a personal preference, is the plethora of supporting characters introduced in the first 20 chapters. Their number, at least in my case, makes it difficult to build an emotional connection. I would have liked a bit more interaction between them and the MC, especially for the people that are supposed to have some deeper involvement in the MCs life. I am sure that this will get better as the story progresses, knowing how meticulous the author is. Since the whole story is like one big, exciting puzzle, it is to be expected that every one of the many pieces will find its place.


As of the current chapter (chapter 21), there is hardly anyone else worthy of discussion other than the MC and Venomheart. The MC is well developed, quirky, and feels very tangible and real. His moral dilemmas (or sometimes the lack of such) are nicely conveyed trough his inner thoughts. His characterization by the supporting cast adds further nuances and layers to his personality. I have high expectations for Venomheart, since she is starting to develop as an interesting character – full of mystery and some sort of strange, violent appeal. As for the others, knowing the author’s abilities, they will surely get the chance to shine in later chapters.


What happens when someone who's considered less than a NPC in a society where personal power is everything gets the means to disturb the status quo?


I love this story. The worldbuilding is great and very non intrusive, not disturbing the flow of the story at all. The MC is smart and very pragmatic which is always great to see. I mean nobody likes know-it-alls with improbable intelligence and plot armor, but the idiots who bumble through the plot are no better either. This story easily avoids both of those extremes and gives us a very human (heh) MC with believable skills and plans. I always enjoy villainous protagonists that don't feel like another generic Darth Evilus and actually have some thought put into their character. Luckily, this extends to the rest of the cast as well - the characters are fleshed out through their interactions with the world and each other and feel like real people instead of a mashup of cliches.


Overall, it's a great read and I have no doubt that if this level of quality keeps up, it will head straight to the top.


Where do I even begin? This story is really good so far (as of Chapter 18). With characters that act realistically in the context of a world that takes systematic racial discrimination and prejudice onto an entirely different level. How the dialogue of the characters feel so real—raw even. How a person responds to the ulimate betrayal. How a husband reacts to the news of losing his wife. The megalomania the discriminated feel when they finally achieve a seemingly indomitable level of power.

Though at this point, not much is told about things worldbuilding-wise (relatively speaking), everything has been drip-fed at moderate manner. Contrary to most stories in this site, things aren't just dropped through buckets-load of exposition. Here, it comes natural. It flows around the conversations of the characters. How they interact with one-another. How they respond to certain stimuli.

Check it out, it's really good.