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"Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Dean Eventhal, student council chair of his university, earned his place through wit and charisma alone, making up for his abysmal stats in a world which discriminates between humans and hominids—those who can use magic and gain stats, and those who can't do both.

As the new government failed to fulfil its promise to make things better for her weaker citizens, a disenfranchised Dean grew weary of his own inability to make a change.  

However, he would soon unlock an ability which flipped the very concept of strong and weak, setting him on a bloody path to undo the lies purported by the ruling party, and later—the rest of the world. 

Note: This story borrows heavily from the style of translated Japanese light novels.

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Dick Benetton

Dick Benetton

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Fists and Words ago
Chapter 2: Inferno Hammer ago
Chapter 3: A Warrior's Respect ago
Chapter 4: Silly Mistakes ago
Chapter 5: The Balance of the World ago
Chapter 6: Still Smiling ago
Chapter 7: Irony ago
Chapter 8: Death's Door ago
Chapter 9: Axe and Chain ago
Chapter 10: The Night Two Hearts Stopped Beating ago
Chapter 11: The Body ago
Chapter 12: A Cold Proposition ago
Chapter 13: Dirty Business ago
Chapter 14: Stronger Than Me ago
Chapter 15: Fatal Lies ago
Chapter 16: Evaporation ago
Chapter 17: Honesty is the Best Policy ago
Chapter 18: The Truth That Destroyed a World ago
Chapter 19: The Value of a Life ago
Chapter 20: Venomheart (Part I) ago
Chapter 21: Venomheart (Part II) ago
Chapter 22: The Birth of a New King ago
Chapter 23: Siblings ago
Chapter 24: Relics from the Past ago
Chapter 25: Moving In ago
Chapter 26: Interview ago
Chapter 27: Red Breeze ago
Chapter 28: The Battle of the Two Brawlers ago
Chapter 29: High School Drama ago
Chapter 30: Off-ice ago
Chapter 31: Special Task Force ago
Chapter 32: A New Lead ago
Chapter 33: A Murderer's First Day in School ago
Chapter 34: Self(less) Introduction ago
Chapter 35: Raichsen Combat Team ago
Chapter 36: The Real Bully ago
Chapter 37: To Lay Down One's Life ago
Chapter 38: Mended Bonds ago
Chapter 39: Lunch Meeting ago
Chapter 40: Stay on the Ball ago
Chapter 41: Best Friends or Parasites ago
Chapter 42: When You Can't Stand Watching TV ago
Chapter 43: An Assassin Problem ago
Chapter 44: 1% Magic ago
Chapter 45: 99% Considerate ago
Chapter 46: Mass of Living Flesh ago
Chapter 47: The Small Sorcerer and the Thickset Tank ago
Chapter 48: Frozen in Fire and Fear ago
Chapter 49: Connecting the Dots ago
Chapter 50: Her Little Bother ago
Chapter 51: Routines and Reflections ago
Chapter 52: An Alien ago
Chapter 53: Toilet Trouble ago
Chapter 54: A Bad Day ago
Chapter 55: Monster Safari (Part I) ago
Chapter 56: Monster Safari (Part II) ago
Chapter 57: Monster Safari (Part III) ago
Chapter 58: Monster Safari (Part IV) ago
Chapter 59: Monster Safari (Part V) ago
Chapter 60: Monster Safari (Part VI) ago
Chapter 61: Here Lies the Truth ago
Chapter 62: Retreat/Reboot ago
Chapter 63: Crisis Management ago
Chapter 64: Heaven and Hell ago
Chapter 65: A Delightful Bloodbath ago
Chapter 66: The Quest ago
Chapter 67: The Living Dungeon (Part I) + An Announcement from the Author ago
Chapter 68: The Living Dungeon (Part II) ago
Chapter 69: The Living Dungeon (Part III) ago
Chapter 70: The Living Dungeon (Part IV) ago
Chapter 71: The Living Dungeon (Part V) ago
Chapter 72: The Living Dungeon (Part VI) ago

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What happens when someone who's considered less than a NPC in a society where personal power is everything gets the means to disturb the status quo?


I love this story. The worldbuilding is great and very non intrusive, not disturbing the flow of the story at all. The MC is smart and very pragmatic which is always great to see. I mean nobody likes know-it-alls with improbable intelligence and plot armor, but the idiots who bumble through the plot are no better either. This story easily avoids both of those extremes and gives us a very human (heh) MC with believable skills and plans. I always enjoy villainous protagonists that don't feel like another generic Darth Evilus and actually have some thought put into their character. Luckily, this extends to the rest of the cast as well - the characters are fleshed out through their interactions with the world and each other and feel like real people instead of a mashup of cliches.


Overall, it's a great read and I have no doubt that if this level of quality keeps up, it will head straight to the top.


Where do I even begin? This story is really good so far (as of Chapter 18). With characters that act realistically in the context of a world that takes systematic racial discrimination and prejudice onto an entirely different level. How the dialogue of the characters feel so real—raw even. How a person responds to the ulimate betrayal. How a husband reacts to the news of losing his wife. The megalomania the discriminated feel when they finally achieve a seemingly indomitable level of power.

Though at this point, not much is told about things worldbuilding-wise (relatively speaking), everything has been drip-fed at moderate manner. Contrary to most stories in this site, things aren't just dropped through buckets-load of exposition. Here, it comes natural. It flows around the conversations of the characters. How they interact with one-another. How they respond to certain stimuli.

Check it out, it's really good.


I wish more action novels were like this one

Reviewed at: Chapter 10: The Night Two Hearts Stopped Beating


I like the author's fast paced action, but with enough of a breather to allow world building. Which is nicely done mostly through dialogue and as the MC analyzes an action scene. It felt natural and interesting. My only issue is with the sudden changes of perspective. I did feel a bit lost a couple times because of it. Nothing major, as the scene was the same, I quickly regained my figurative footing.



Very few typos. Prose flows quite well. I felt it was very well done.



It's the usual school setting with hints of SoL that we are tired of seeing, BUT, and it is quite a big BUT. The MC is not the bottom feeder, bullied and pitiful character we usually see in this settings. There is a very important underlying political scheme surrounding his very social existence. The elements of the university blend well with the political landscape of the world surrounding it. And quite a landscape that is. Instability and chaos reign abound, the perfect environment for interesting things to happen!



The MC is a survivor and, as any good survivor, has great adapting skills. He is aware of his position on the ranks and does well by sticking to his guns. The little the author has shown of the side characters was enough for me to see there was more to them than a simple two dimensional existence. The LI especially, on the few moments she was shown, she felt, humanly genuine.


This story got me reading through the chapters without realizing how far I was going. One moment I was at one chapter, next time I knew, I was six chapters ahead. Admittedly, I am a sucker for MCs who know what the fuck they want and don't mess around. But also the novel's fast pace without huge info dumps was what really made this possible.

Totally recommend!

Unintelligent Donkey

Like a roller coaster, fast paced, non-stop fun!

Reviewed at: Chapter 45: 99% Considerate

Style 4.5/5 - Pretty standard 3rd person POV, switching focus between the two main characters, Dean and D-max. The RPG elements in it were easy to follow and very well implemented by the author. A small issue I had however was that the voice was slightly passive, I’d really love to see a more active tone, especially during tense action moments.
Story + Characters 5/5 - I love the characters, their reactions feel very real given the context of what is currently happening. The unfair moments caused by the world’s corruption that causes the characters to react was really beautifully written and even I got really emotional ಥ_ಥ. The pace was really fast and it did not slow down, I was literally dragged along for a ride and am waiting for updates
Grammar 4.5/5 - There were a few typos, but it did not affect my reading experience too much. I've been told my grammar sense is a bit wonky so I'm not going to judge anyone else's grammar too much (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)👌
Overall 5/5 - I love it! The author balances action and story really well. If you want to be dragged along for a ride like I was, please give this novel a read!


Straightforward, yet distinct story.

Reviewed at: Chapter 12: A Cold Proposition

This review is subject to change as I read more.


I gave the story a perfect 4/5 because everything I've read so far shows that the author has strong promise as a writer, but they just need to get out of their comfort zone more and reach for the sky so to speak. Hopefully the drive to get a 5 motivates them enough to take my suggestions to heart. 

Anyway, on to the positives. This review will only talk about the good things, because the story is worth your time if you're into anime styled stories. 

The plot is pretty direct and easy to follow along with. It revolves around the MC, Dean, as he realizes his special powers after a random encounter with a woman called Venomheart.


Dean is initially a pathetically powerless person with no special abilities that once had a dream like Martin Luther King (check out my soundcloud) but found it quickly crushed by the grimness that is reality. With no power to change anything and no drive to even bother anymore, Dean pretty much just gave up and went along with the flow.


That is until he discovers he is much stronger than he thought he'd be, but his abilities also have severe limitations. Truth be told, his ability and how it works is what really pulled me into the story and made me read past where I initially planned to stop to do this review. To be guaranteed to win against anyone stronger than you but also guaranteed to die against anyone weaker than you requires very careful thinking and approaches to things. 

That coupled with Dean's inherent mental issues (I think he's sociopathic but that might just be flavorful) pulls you into watching him play a dangerous game with everything he once thought was true.


We quickly realize that Dean is not a hero; that hero bone died in him a while ago. He is in fact a pretty villanous person and I doubt he wants redemption after all the shit he's been through. He's also pretty funny when it comes to crude humor which has actually made me chuckle a time or to.


Fight scenes are pretty well done, and the overall World Exposition is pretty well told to you without being beaten in the head by it. I just again, suggest that the author get a little more descriptive with their writing so it sells the world better. 

Side characters are pretty distinct from each other and for the most part easily remembered, largely due to their unique appearances from each other and the author's more in depth descriptions compared to the world itself or the fight scenes.


Overall, while not perfect and while the prose is pretty straightforward, the story is actually very interesting once you read a couple of chapters or so. Dean is an interesting MC, and coupled with his unique ability makes him the selling point of the story. 

A nobody with a twisted mind is granted power to change the world, but not for the better anymore? Sounds pretty interesting to me. I'll keep reading. Keep it up.

George Haufman

Something about the intro paragraph to the story grips my attention. I must say that the premise is really promising as well. Overall I have no problems at all with the story. Sure there are some grammar and style hiccups, but that will all be fixed with practice. You have a fun story on your hands here, please keep writing! 

BTI Penner

The world-building is strong with this story. So many gamelit novels a stuck in a medieval fantasy setting. This story takes the genre into a modern setting and more original direction. I'm not huge on OP main characters, but Dean was interesting enough for me to want to come along with his journey.

Madison Paige

Overall, this is a great superhero-like story with all the fun stats and abilities of video games. The main character quickly turns into something you wouldn't expect, and it changes the plot for the better. World Reset is filled with great kills, great villains, and great motives. 

Style. Without diving too deeply into video games, the author uses a more traditional way of writing to tell their story while coupling it with video game stats, players, skills, and abilities. Who knew the two paired as well as a bottle of good wine and cheese? I sure didn't, but World Reset does an amazing job at proving it.

Story. Without giving too much away, the story turns in a direction that one normally wouldn't expect. Corruption runs rampant, and with a few chaotic front runners, it's hard not to have fun with everything that's going on. I love the twists. I love the turns. And I love the thought put into the world.

Grammar. I found a few typos, but for the most part the story was squeaky clean.

Character. While you may think you know your main character within the first few chapters of the story, you'll soon realize that you are dead wrong. Much like Dick Benetton says, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Even the main character isn't safe from such a thing... The villains in the story are well written and disgustingly believable. Between Skin Eater and Venomheart, can you really pick a favorite?

So, if you decide to read this story you would be making a great decision. This isn't for the faint of heart... which makes it all the more fun.


Starting this story, I don't have a clear idea on how it will gonna be 9considering the lack of info in the sypnosis). But later on, I realized it. It's goddarn interesting. First is the introduction of the protagonist Dean. At first, he's just your interesting character that is weak right from the start but spoiler alert...

Spoiler: Spoiler

 at first, I thought that maybe, he'll work his way to the top through hardwork but nah, the sypnosis will give you the hint, friendship isn't here...you know, it won't go like your typical story with 'friendship, hardwork and victory' motto. But that is what makes this story interesting.

Style & Grammar: 4.4/5

Just saw some minor issues in the third person narrative and grammar but it has good chronology

Story: 5/5

The story is appealing and entertaining. A fun read for me

Character: 5/5

The characters are appealing and interesting especially the main character. How the author shows his development is something you will look forward to and how he will interact to new and former characters.

Overall, I rate it 4.5/5

I really recommend it if you like villain lead and following his story on how he'll change the world.



A well developed LitRPG

Reviewed at: Chapter 15: Fatal Lies

This author really puts passion into his craft, and it shows.

With a site so infatuated with litRPG, I know this story is going to continue to see growth and this author will have a passionate fanbase at their side. That being said, don't take this story as any ordinary litRPG.

The errors are few to none throughout the story, which is why I couldn't possibly markdown any of the subcategories. I feel the author has chosen their words carefully and tried to make sure this draft was as close to picture-perfect as possible for their audience. It shows.

This story makes me want to step into this world and explore just as the protagonist does. 
The type of narration really brings the entire piece together, allowing room for the reader to feel the emotions this author expertly crafts, piecing this puzzle of a world into one picture. 

The characters have their own voices, personalities, and reactions throughout the story, most specifically Dean Eventhal--which, by the way, I love that name. The primary protagonist is a character I enjoyed following, and the author's style, tone, and lack of errors made it all that much easier to read on.

All in all, you won't want to leave this world as soon as you've entered it!