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"Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Dissatisfied with the government, a university student takes advantage of his newfound power to replace the ruling party with his own.

Friendship doesn't exist here—only schemes and shaky alliances.

Chapters are uploaded daily, hope you enjoy reading!

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Dick Benetton

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Where do I even begin? This story is really good so far (as of Chapter 18). With characters that act realistically in the context of a world that takes systematic racial discrimination and prejudice onto an entirely different level. How the dialogue of the characters feel so real—raw even. How a person responds to the ulimate betrayal. How a husband reacts to the news of losing his wife. The megalomania the discriminated feel when they finally achieve a seemingly indomitable level of power.

Though at this point, not much is told about things worldbuilding-wise (relatively speaking), everything has been drip-fed at moderate manner. Contrary to most stories in this site, things aren't just dropped through buckets-load of exposition. Here, it comes natural. It flows around the conversations of the characters. How they interact with one-another. How they respond to certain stimuli.

Check it out, it's really good.