Tools of Slaughter: Story of a Human

by Vacant ART

Original ONGOING Contemporary Drama Sci-fi Tragedy Female Lead Low Fantasy Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Reincarnation Secret Identity Strong Lead

In a world filled with war and horror, she was a tool of slaughter. 

She fought her way emotionlessly through the war for her masters' commands. 

But it isn't until they die that she realizes how much the people she killed meant to her. 


People say that being immortal would be an incredible dream come true, but they are liars. 

Immortality is a nightmare. 

People also say that they would rather have no feelings than to feel hurt.

But she would rather feel something than to feel nothing at all; especially when people who care about her die right in front of her, under her own hands. 

She would do anything to become human.

To live, to feel, to die. 

To be in control of her own fate.

Even if it means losing everything.


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