After going to the inn Sage took a bath clean himself up tend to the wound after wearing clothes he directly goes to the restaurant he ate after eating for a while his mind starting to calm down he directly goes to his room started cultivation sit in the lotus position.

After cultivating for 5 hours he opens his eyes starting to feel his energy increased if this goes on he will be able to broke through 2-Star bronze level in 2 months.

After that Sage started to remember all the moves he used in the fight against the azure wolf remembering all the experience he had in that fight.

Sage skill level also increases as he thought his talent is not bad he can master the basic fist skill in a day this takes humans years of practice, of course, it was not all due to his talent but also because of fate knowledge gift, it helps Sage to comprehend better than a normal human he started to cultivation really late but still because of the technique he can cultivate faster than others if this goes on he can reach legend in 15 years.

Of course, he will just be a legend of the human race his quality will be far worse than people in another human. The human race still own this much land and hold its ground, not because of quality but the quantity human with good talent and resources can reach legend at the age of 100 this is why human has more legends than any other race.

After the sunrise, he stopped cultivating and go take a bath after cultivating impurities inside the body will come out and that is really gross so he took bath after cultivating every time after a bath he repeats the same routine goes to a restaurant eat hear if there is any news about elf and adventure guild action and go hunting and sell the thing to the guild.

After doing the same routine for 10 days Sage power has a scary jump he can now kill an azure wolf without getting much of an injury, not like he was on the first day.
he can even take 2 azure wolf at the same time now today while he was eating, he heard the news about the adventure guild finally going to take action against the elf in the afternoon adventure guild will post the request who wants to join the expedition, this was the chance for him

Sage hurriedly directly go to the adventure guild and register for the expedition he didn't go to the jungle today but wander around in the market look for the thing to buy that he might need he bought many things and this drained his capital he only left with 2 gold coin left but it doesn't matter as long as he can get elf bloodline money is just for mortal anyway hehe.

Sage go to the inn started cultivating again with his physical power and his mental power was also improving after he did cultivate for a while then rest and started to focus on his new agility skill phantom steps it will not only increase his speed but also stealth footsteps this is must need skill he needs on the battlefield to stay alive if you can't fight you can run.

He was practising for the past 5 days have some small accomplishment he wants to master the steps fully so he started practice in his mind first then in practice, after practice, he will start to find the problems than he corrects all error in his mind and starts the process again because of having a stronger mental power it will be easier to understand complicated things, of course, you can't only improve the mental power you need to have a strong physique and soul everything go hand in hand everything needs to be well balanced.

After he took a little break directly go to the adventure guild they are going to make the announcement when they are going to start the expedition, he walked in the adventure guildhall he got used to it he came here many times he found a seat and sat down suddenly a blondie came to sit front of me Sage didn't mind he was just waiting for the announcement.

Suddenly blondie looked at Sage and said " I have seen you many times in this past week with your level 1-bronze star strength you can kill an azure wolf that is never heard in this town.

Sage looked at him and replied coldly "If you never heard of something that doesn't mean it does not exist.

He looked at Sage with a wide smile on his face said
" Nice answer I like you more I am Larry.

Sage replied "sorry I am not interested in guys, you're going to make some lucky guy happy someday.

larry mouth twitched " bastard I am also not into guys I like girls all kind of girls.

Sage had the same expression " I am sorry don't worry I believe you.

Larry calmed down a little after hearing Sage his anger was already on his head Sage didn't mean to make him angry after a little silence he calmed down and asked " I am not interested in guys I want you to join my party for the expedition against the elf want to join.

Sage doesn't want to involve with anyone but after thinking a little it's not bad to join a party he could have extra protection if something goes sideways he can just have to count on them to become cannon fodder for him.

after a brief silence, Sage replied " Ok I will join.
as his voice fell a man with big muscle black hair walked to the stage every one fell silent he was the guild leader of this guild with the strength of gold rank.

He looked at everyone then said " Thank you for coming today as you all know elf has come out from their territory and attacked our adventurer who was hunting in the jungle now it's time to pay back in two days we will assemble and teach them to not to mess with adventurers.

Everyone in the hall was cheering clapping and after that everyone falls into the party mode drinking talking Sage stand up walked towards the door he looked at Larry and said "let's meet on the expedition date and my name is sage.

Sage said this without looking back walked out of the door.

author note=Hey guys thank you for reading this chapter, please tell me how you like it or not I will write a new chapter every day your thoughts are the motivation.


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