Sage started to look for the wolf in the jungle cautiously he doesn't want to attract attention other beasts in the jungle his goal was to find the wolf after searching the jungle for a while he didn't find the wolf but he did find a boar with the height similar to the lion he has seen in the zoo with thick skin and have a unique racial skill call charge when he uses it his speed will double and this is not good for Sage body so if he wants to improve his skill and experience he needs to take some risks.

Sage hid in a bush waiting then he started remembering the movement of the basic fist technique and the first step is to use qi inside his body and concentrate them on his fist so it will increase his power he got his qi on his fists and he jumped and did a sneak attack on the boar and got a direct hit on his stomach, and the boar flew and crash on the tree.

he didn't expect his power will be this powerful after cultivating for one-day boar was at least 100kg but the boar wasn't dead he looked at Sage with bloodthirsty eyes and use his racial special skill charge directly at Sage if this hit him he will be seriously injured.

So he uses the basic movement technique that came with basic fist technique concentrate qi on his legs he dodged the boar again hit on his head and started doing the same pattern dodge and attack Sage skill started to improve he could use qi better and more effectively he could use less qi and do more damage than before and his fighting sense started to increase fear decrease and excitement increase after doing that for a half-hour Sage qi was at its limit he has some bruises on his body but boar was looking worst he was cover whole with blood as if he was going to die at any moment Sage didn't hesitate and use all his remaining power to increase his speed when boar reached Sage he uses all the left power in his hand and attacked the boar bam sound came.

The whole boar flew again and crashed into the tree and this time he didn't stand up again Sage didn't relax he checked the boar and make sure he was really dead if he sells him he could make 3 silver easily but he didn't have strength nor time to waste so he ran opposite side many beasts will come soon so he ran for a while found a river checked the surroundings there was nothing there it was safe he finds a place and sat down to relax and started meditation recover power soon as possible, and go out to practice again.

After resting meditation and eating it took more than 3hour sun was still bright so he guesses there are still 5 hours left before sunset he needs to find a wolf and because of the cream he brought from the market and his own cultivation his bruises and scratches heald and he is feeling he is in perfect state.

Sage started to look in the jungle after looking inside the jungle he found many beasts some of them were very weak and some were too strong they can kill him without him knowing it so Sage left the places and marked them on the map where strong beast we're
he will come and look for them, in the future practices after looking for a while he finally found an azure wolf pack there was a dozen wolf.

Why do they call Azura wolf?
Because they have an affinity with the wind they can shoot wind blade, of course, they are not too much overpowered because this azure wolf bloodline is not strong enough.

After Sage followed them finally found one of the wolves was going toward the pound rest of the wolves we're looking for prey Sage prey was already locked he didn't hide like he did the last time with the boar this time he has the confidence in fighting with him.

Sage stepped forward the azure wolf sensed him and look into his eyes like he finally found prey and Sage have the similar thought as him he finally found is prey azure wolf doesn't have thick skin like the boar he fought with before but they have greater agility and attack power.

Sage decided to make the first move he flashed from where he was and appeared in front of the azure wolf and used his fist to punch his neck but azure wolf Dodged and he used his claw to attack Sage his claw was sharp as steel knife so Sage put both his hands in front try to stop his attack he was smacked he had a wound on his hand's blood started to drip Sage looked at the azure wolf and he knew this is not the time to think much just attack and he again uses his fist with the movement techniques.

A new round of fight began between two sage fearlessly started to fight with the azure wolf, he hit Sage and Sage hit him back with his boxing because of fighting in the life and death situation Sage techniques started to show more and more improvement finally both were reaching their limit azure wolf started to brewing his wind blade lucky for Sage he also reaches the mastery, of basic fist technique now he can use the move mighty fist.

We both were ready with our last move Sage collected all his qi inside him gathered on his left fist and azure wolf also jumped and attacked him with wind blade Sage also launch mighty fist big fist form in the air and crashed into the azure wolf he was dead and the ground has holes where we fought Sage has reached his limit so he didn't waste his time he took the fangs of the azure wolf and ran from there if the wolf pack come looking for him he will be their snack so he ran from there find a safe tree rested there for a long time sun was already setting.

It was not a good idea to stay in the jungle for any longer so he started to walk toward the town after reaching the town he didn't go to the adventure guild but directly to the inn.


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