by Warhawx

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Gender Bender Martial Arts
Well, I am in this slightly odd situation…

You see, I'm a reincarnated person, born into a world that looks a bit like something right out of an old kung-fu movie, with people wearing Chinese dresses and doing things like running in the air.

Here… Things get odd. My memory from my last life is a bit faulty, with some very important points missing, yet others strangely clear. For one, I at least am sure I was a man in my previous life, but I can't remember my name, face or the name where I lived, but I can still remember things like school, the face of my friends and so on.

Now, I am Lia, daughter of a blacksmith and a gorgeous woman who kept a secret from us before suddenly disappearing. Reborn on the wrong gender, with the dream of being a blacksmith, a missing mother and stuck as an aide, I'll need to survive whatever this world can throw at me.

I hope I can do that with so many hungry eyes on me…

What? Being cute is really hard work!


Tagged mature for POSSIBLE future content.

A try at something new for me, hope i can get this moving for a long time. Wish me luck! ^^

Title still tentative... Might change later.
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Den's and Cygnas Cult Cookie Giver

5th Anniversary
Word Count (16)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1st Chapter - Almost a prologue ago
2nd chapter - A normal happy family...? ago
3rd Chapter - Daughter... Of lovebirds ago
4th Chapter - Mother's dilemma ago
5th Chapter - Looking on the bright side ago
6th Chapter - Foul-mouthed good girl ago
7th Chapter - Getting a job ago
8th Chapter - Sealed skills ago
9th Chapter - An aide's job ago
10th Chapter - Hot blood ago
11th Chapter - Limitations ago
12th Chapter - Cleansing the soul ago
13th Chapter - Small is better ago
14th Chapter - Too breezy! ago
15th Chapter - Etiquette ago
16th Chapter - The cutie and the retard ago
17th Chapter - Abnormalities ago
18th chapter - Xin's request ago
19th Chapter - A parent's request ago
20th Chapter - Lies and Gossips for dummies ago
21st Chapter - Speech analysis ago
22th Chapter - Seen through ago
23th Chapter - Noble's Friend ago
24th chapter - Kid's play ago
Warhawx's X-mas X-Over X-pecial (Part 3/3) ago
25th Chapter - A secret request ago
26th Chapter - Talk in the park ago
27th Chapter - Break-in ago
28th Chapter - Heavy Burden ago
29th chapter - Doubts ago
30th Chapter - Foggy mind ago
31st Chapter - Destiny ago
31.5th Chapter - Meeting the demon ago
32nd Chapter - A noble's morning ago
33rd Chapter - Regret Ticket ago
34th Chapter - Gone shopping ago
35th Chapter - Present situation ago
36th Chapter - Graduation ago

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I normally don’t like gender bender  but this is pretty interesting so far.  On the other hand it is still early and plenty of time for the author to screw it up.  To add to my review, it’s been pretty good and funny.  I just wish the author would write faster.

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Well written but where is it going?

It is one of the best written stories on RR however you have to many forshadowing events that are un resolved for way too long. It's almost like you are trying to write four different mechanics yet only are able to write one. For instance: what is going on with the mother? There has been no clues or pov changes to describe why she left and what is going on with her now. And the MC seems to totally forget about her which irritates me. Then there is the whole reincarnation game the gods are playing. It feels like it was just thrown in there. And lastly this story seems to be more of a daily life or there would be more progress in the last 30 chapters. Actually i wouldn't mind reading a daily life story and feel you should edit out all these random forshadowing events that have not progressed or throw in some progress on them and do a time skip to where she can progress the story. It is dragging too long with only writing about how the main character is cute or that she works hard. I hope you make a decision soon i am starting to get disappointed in this story. Thanks for the story, hope you don't feel like i dissed you. Looking forward to what you do next. 

  • Overall Score

This story has the setting of a Xia Xia, but the tone of a western fantasy. It is too early to really tell how good the story will be, but so far the setting is cleanly written, and it is a pleasure to read.

The reason I am compelled to review this and give it a high rating is that I really appreciate how Warhawx flirts with and then subverts common RR tropes.

I also must say it is nice reading one of these types of stories where most characters nice, as opposed to being incredible jerks.

Moist Nugget
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Style: I'm not much of a critic so I'll leave it as 'pretty good'

Grammar: 9/10, there might be a few mistakes here and there, but overall it's got solid grammar.

Story: The story is 10/10 as a slice of life, but there's one thing that's bothering the shit out of me. The author titled this story "Spiritsmith" but I'm on chapter 35 and it doesn't seem like we're even close to seeing the protagonist smithing.

Character: Because the author hasn't been focusing on a lot of plot, the characters are developed well so it gets a 5/5.

  • Overall Score

What can I say? This now is one of my bookmark fiction. Grammar is very good, the character is good to me. A spoil little girl with a funny side of her. Can't wait to see till she learn smithing. I want mooooooooore.. 

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When Warhawks beats Warhawks

I can't actually find words to say how great I find this story, even though the plot has yet to to reveal itself (last chapters seems to bit btw :D) the flow is actually smooth, the path is slow yet it is not a problem it's going well with the story. We get to have a deeper understanding of most of the characters instead of rushing blindly into action which is great! 


It is a read I recommend; even though the author seem to be slightly busy making cakes instead of posting sometimes :D 


Style (5/5) : As I said the read is smooth and enjoyable, I actually long for those chapters so maximum it is! 


Story: (4/5) : As far as I love this fiction, the story had yet to reveal at least part of its plot after almost 30 chapters (-1), which will hopefully disapear once the story is advanced enough!) 


Grammar: (5/5) Maximum, if there is a problem with your grammar it is not up to me judge it anyway (I can't see it if there is :s ) 


Characters (5/5):: I have been curious of the gender bender at a time but very soon found it borish in the generic stories. Which is actually pretty well done in this story: Yes the gender bender is there, yes it somehow upset the life of the character but luckily its not the center of the story, more like a wild running gag which may appear in time of need. 

Weirdos appart (wait without the weirdos who's left in this story actually? ) the characters are well defined, have their own characteristic and personals behaviours, well I feel like most of them are well made, so I don't have anything to add. (On second thought; her daddy employees do not count they are not humans :p) 


And so it is a global 4.5 because this story is great, have an awesome potential for the future plots and stuff and I don't have anything to complain about this story; 5 being for mind blowing stories but I might change it later on! 


Ps: the title is about the author, which happen to be one several dudes in one body holding several stories on RRL, so cake Warhawks (spiritsmith) has done better than cookie warhawks (Inasnia Online, which is coincidentally his top rated story :D). Personal opinion though ;)

  • Overall Score


Its not painful to read...

Buuuut i really can't make sense of the synopsis and what this is supposed to lead to.

  • Overall Score

This shows some promise.  As of this review, I am at chapter 6, and I look forward  to more.

  • Overall Score

Slowly paced but interesting

The story is getting interesting slowly, when i mean slowly, i mean in a good way; not rushing. The characters are well defined , bit and pieces  to be done here and there, but overall it’s ok. There are some fun parts to it, and  of course the gender bender thing ( I don’t know why some people hate gender bender stories? You should read The New journey of an old soul if you are in that category). 

The grammar is good, not many mistakes that i have noticed. As the author has said that he is doing this the first time,so  we can’t really see where the story will go as in what’s the main goal of the MC except finding her mother. Well even without that it’s definitely worth the read.


  • Overall Score

The story flows really well and is a smooth read. Suggest this book for everyone.