Solomon's Crucible

by jacobk

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

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On the day the System came to Earth, Solomon Gragg had to cut off his own hand. Then things got rough.

The arrival of the System disabled all modern technology in an instant. It exposed humanity to alien life forms for the first time. Society will never be the same after we discovered just how little we knew about the true inner workings of the universe.

Solomon just wants to kill all the invaders trying to take what’s his.

This is a litrpg story. Chapters will be between 1000 and 1200 words each. This story updates six days a week at 1700 EST. 

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. A Beautiful Day ago
2. A Helpful Tutorial ago
3. An Intuitive System Interface ago
4. A Straightforward Escape ago
5. A Brief Journey ago
6. A New Friend ago
7. An Informative Conversation ago
8. A Completed Tutorial ago
9. A Chosen Path ago
10. A Shopping Trip ago
11. A Warm Welcome ago
12. An Exciting Workout ago
13. A Short Flight ago
14. A Stuck Landing ago
15. A Woodland Stroll ago
16. A Completed Circuit ago
17. A Brief Respite ago
18. A Bit of Monkey Business ago
19. An Aggressive Negotiation ago
20. A New Challenge ago
21. A Simple Plan ago
22. A Leap of Faith ago
23. A Fall to Earth ago
24. A Just Reward ago
25. A Fresh Experience ago
26. A Rolling Stone ago
27. A Quick Match ago
28. A Middling Fuse ago
29. A Fair Wager ago
30. A Decisive Battle ago
31. A Just Reward ago
32. A Frank Conversation ago
33. A Kind Word and ago
34. A Test Run ago
35. A Moment of Silence ago
36. A Cunning Plan ago
37. An Audible ago
38. A Confrontation ago
39. An Explosive Counterpoint ago
40. A Moment of Triumph ago
41. A Deep Breath ago
42. A Quick Talk ago
43. A Conclusion ago
44. A Broader Perspective ago
45. A Partnership ago
46. A Goal ago
47. A Lovely View ago
48. A Founding ago
49. The Journey Begins ago
50. The Party Forms ago
51. The First Contact (1) ago
52. The First Contact (2) ago
53. The First Contact (3) ago
54. The First Contact (4) ago
55. The Open Road ago
56. The Rest Stop (1) ago
57. The Rest Stop (2) ago
58. The Rest Stop (3) ago
59. The Rest Stop (4) ago
60. The Home Front (1) ago
61. The Home Front (2) ago
62. The Home Front (3) ago
63. The Entrance Exam (1) ago
64. The Entrance Exam (2) ago
65. The Survey Course ago
66. The Mandatory Lesson ago
67. The Group Discussion ago
68. The Extra Credit Assignment ago
69. The Evaluation (1) ago
70. The Evaluation (2) ago
71. The Extracurriculars (1) ago
72. The Extracurriculars (2) ago
73. The Extracurriculars (3) ago
74. The Exit Survey (1) ago
75. The Exit Survey (2) ago
76. The Aftermath ago
77. The Community (1) ago
78. The Community (2) ago
79. The Community (3) ago
80. The New Dungeon (1) ago
81. The New Dungeon (2) ago
82. The New Dungeon (3) ago
83. The New Dungeon (4) ago
84. The Adjustment Period ago
85. The Aerial Menace ago
86. The Aerial Menace (2) ago
87. The Aerial Menace (3) ago
88. Land, Air, and Sea ago
89. The Big Game (1) ago
90. The Big Game (2) ago
91. The New Perspective ago
92. The Distant Thunder ago
93. The Storm Arrives ago
94. The Unlawful Entry ago
95. The Prison ago
96. The Climb ago
97. The Breakout ago
98. The Descent ago
99. The Getaway ago
100. The Shot ago
101. The Chaser ago

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Heart of Cultivation is phenomenal. This is not so great.

Reviewed at: 36. A Cunning Plan

Boring plot. Boring MC. Boring experience.

As much as I LOVE heart of cultivation that is also written by Jacobk (seriously, check it out), I can't say the same for this lit rpg. Skill grinding and upgrading is meaningless when there is no plot and when I have no investment in the characters. Oh wow, his improvised weapons master has been raised to level 4, and he has also been awarded 9 grid points after killing some boars! The level of story telling is on par with playing in the starting zones of World of Warcraft and just reading the combat log. 

So, what went wrong? Why is this a 2/5 experience and not a 5/5 like heart of cultivation? Well, there are no developed side characters after 150 pages. Let me repeat that: zero. This right here crippled the character development of the MC because the little interactions--the quiet moments between characters-- are usually the most impactful for worldbuilding and character development.

Heart of Cultibation includes a cast of interesting and nuanced characters, which is why I'm so surprised on how this turned out. In the end, this story falls into practically every pitfall the average lit rpg contains. No plot. Poorly writtenly characters; well, just character.


The system he never wanted.

Reviewed at: 14. A Stuck Landing

Definitely the most disruptive system I have seen to date, and a believable reaction to it.  My suspension of disbelief remained strong, nor did I ever think that the protagonist was acting in a stupid manner given the limited information available.  


Vladimir Bachurin

Large chunks of boring and some good stuff

Reviewed at: 101. The Chaser

First of all, I don't like litrpg. Only tried this one because i really liked Jacobk's old fanfiction.

So, in the beginning, I predictably did not enjoy it. The protagonist farms mobs in the dungeon for a while, and I just don't care. Yeah, he could die for real, but come on, it's still farming mobs. I don't wat to read about it. That's why the story score is low. 

However, it really picks up when the protag gets to civilization and starts murdering people. That is great. 

When he rolled into that occupied college campus and started blasting, I loved it. No mercy to the xenos scum and their human collaborators. And then his sister chops off a collaborator's arm with an armband and impales it on a pike as a warning to the others. Absolutely loved it!


But then the author decides to insert another dungeon crawl. 

The chapter length didn't bother me when catching up, but reading it as it was being posted sucked. 

Overall, if the chapters were longer and all the pointless grind was cut out, this could be really good. But as it is, I enjoyed it only by skimming through paragraphs and entire chapters when there was nothing going on. 

Grammar is good, nothing more to say about it. 



I love when Main Characters have to work for stuff. The grid system is an interesting choice of System. I do want Solomon to become an absolute monster eventually but I want him to have to earn. Also I hope he doesn't become one of those misandrist MCs who hates everyone for no reason.


I really enjoyed it at first but it lost me after the introduction. 

Overwhelming Minority

Interesting, but not enough to keep reading.

Reviewed at: 39. An Explosive Counterpoint

I really like the Author's other works, but this is not great. The new Gamers system, while unique, is slightly confusing and not original enough to be interesting. The main character is boring, and the shopkeeper has barely any personality. There ares no other characters. This is mainly carried by the tech development and prose, but both aren't enough to get me to continue reading.


Decent start, good technical choices.

Reviewed at: 11. A Warm Welcome

Well written if somewhat standard beginning, decent pace so far, though we need to see how well that keeps when more characters are introduced - there are a number of stumbling blocks at that point.

It's doing what more stories should do - have stats that actually are picked for the story you want to tell, rather than being generically ripped off of old tRPGs, and decisions like 'hp isn't your actual health' gets rid of weird edge cases. And not so edge cases.


Overall the weakest of your stories Jabock but still a rather interesting one all the same, I very much look forward to the world building you'll do when Solomon interacts with the rest of Humanity again.


His growth has been interesting to see and well written as always, with the biggest weakness being how generic everything feels.  Compared to all your other stories this one feels the most similar to other stories in the same genre.  Still I have faith that it will feel much more original in the future.


(As of Chapter 20) Nothing Really New Compared To Other Stories

Reviewed at: 20. A New Challenge

Giving this story 4 stars. Mainly, it is a bit boring to me. I can't put words to why it is, but doesn't seem to draw me into the story. Maybe it needs to be fleshed out or going into details more. I guess you could say it needs more personality. It's almost too straightforward with the character's actions; robotic? 

Blind Snot Dragon

Standard Litrpg reminiscent of "Old Man's Adventure"

Reviewed at: 36. A Cunning Plan

It's a tad on the grindy side of litrpg but that's to be expected when the mc is by themself. Here's to hoping there are more characters introduced soon!