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As a child, Erind Hartwell already knew that she was not normal, having absolute lack of empathy for other people. A self-proclaimed, well mannered girl, Erind set Rules for herself to live like a normal person until somebody bothers her.

Erind's peaceful charade of normalcy continued as she starts the second semester of her first year of law school. Unfortunately, she witnessed the suicide of a suspected Adumbrae, a human who surrendered their body to malevolent higher-dimensional beings. Dragged into the battle between Adumbraes and Corebrings, superhumans protecting our world, and all sorts of people in between, Erind was not happy at all. 

With newly acquired powers, she should have started her hero's journey. But the fate of the world was not something she cared about. The world bothered her.

And anyone who bothered her should pay with their lives. 

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Cover commisioned from Cristian AC

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Atypical story worth trying out!

Reviewed at: 1.17

I say atypical in contrast with the common type of story here, and it is very easy to miss or dismiss this story because of that. I am writing this review for that very reason The author says he(she?) has finished the introduction arc at chapter 17 and I believe this is enough material for a review.

To summarize, Erind, the protagonist, is a psychopath but she never calls herself that. There are alien beings crossing into our world and possessing people turning them into monsters. A group of superhumans are fighting against them. Our protagonist gained powers and she is thrust into the fight of monsters and superhumans.

Now, you may think that that sounds like other stories. However, this is essentially only a background of the story. It starts off small and gradually more and more elements and story threads are added. The author has already setup a few mysteries and story threads and I am excited for the upcoming chapters. I do enjoy the pacing of the story including the escalation of the situation. There are twists and turns that I did not expect.

The world building is top notch. It is very subtle with controlled infodumps. Erind is a law student and it is a nice touch that there were discussions how the laws have changed given the situation in this alternative history of earth. Small hints of worldbuilding here and there adds to the story like enrolling in school or applying for a job requires some test to make sure you’re not turning into a monster. The avoidance of infodumps is a big plus for me.

The first-person point of view for the protagonist is the correct choice in my opinion as it gives us a front seat on how the protagonist thinks. I am not a psychologist or claim to have know-how in that field so take this with a grain of salt, but I think the author does a very good depiction of psychopathy in written form.

The writing is simple, clear, and easy to understand, with an occasional flourish that doesn’t detract from the flow of reading.

There are also third-person pov chapters from the perspective of side characters (3 so far). The author utilizes them very well in revealing other sides of the story but somehow also adds to the mystery of everything else.

For grammar, there is barely anything to complain about. Above average for the site that is for sure. Very rare typo/grammar error which the author fixes when you point it out. Nothing major that pulled me out of the story. 

It is also good writing to be able to make people like a psychopath protagonist. Usually, the way to make people root for the psychopath is make it a revenge story or an underdog story. That is not the case here. There is no situation that creates sympathy for the protagonist (be it revenge or an underdog situation). She is carrying her likeability with the strength of her charismatic voice alone, a trait of psychopaths. It’s amusing that the usual traits that make people like psychopaths are utilized here to make the reader side with the protagonist even if we can clearly see she is a psychopath.

While the main character is good, I have to commend the handling of the side characters. We are all too familiar with side characters who are basically mere plot devices to move the story forward and prop up the main character. It is very different here and that’s why I’m praising it. The side characters have a life of their own even before the main character came into their life. When the author released a third-person pov chapter of a side character I did not have high hopes for it because side characters are usually bungled, but I was surprised that the interactions of the side characters could have been a chapter from a different book. The three side character chapters also have small differences in writing style and voice that sets them apart from each other and gives more life to the different pov characters.

If you want to try something other than the usual menu of litrpg/reincarnation/power fantasy stories, I do suggest trying out this story.

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One of the best written psychopaths I've seen

Reviewed at: 2.1

I tend to shy away from stories that advertise a "psychopathic" or "sociopathic" protagonist because they have a tendency to be done in very pop-psychology edgy tones. This, is probably one of the best I've seen, and the fact that it's firmly settled in the background of Erind's thoughts makes it exceedingly smooth to read. She doesn't repeatedly tell the reader that she's a psychopath, her thought trains simply encompass the necessity of acting like a normal person, while considering abnormal alternatives. My personal favorites are the minor manipulations to nudge people in the direction that results in the best outcome for her. Not because she wants anything from them, but because it creates a more tenable situation going forward. Declining a date because it would grant the initiative to the other party, accepting the invitation to walk her to the train because then he would have no option on arrival but to leave, or push to go to her apartment, which would be easier to firmly decline. It's these moments that reveal a far better understanding of what this character needs to be compelling than most authors that attempt to write one.

Outside of the characters, the world is satisfyingly robust as well. An alternate history that diverged during WWII, there are superhumans and monstrous beings that 'infect' humans, but the average population rarely interacts with either. Information is shared via legal cases, standard procedures after certain events, and conversations or musing thoughts. At no point is exposition simply dumped into a chapter to get the reader up to speed. A further benefit is that the characters operate solely off of the information they have, and respond imperfectly like regular people. The bad acting by the 'gang' as well as Big Marcy's choices add a real sense that they're normal people playing at things that they don't fully understand. Which, let's face it, powers won't ever make people suddenly competent at everything they do. The protagonist's thoughts also mirror this as she gets caught up in a situation well beyond her daily life and races to square what she knows verse what she's seen so far.

Lastly, the plot is delightfully twisty. Perspectives are limited to the information that they have access to, so there's a genuine sense of mysteries unraveling as each perspective is written, and there hasn't been any bleedover where one perspective knows or suspects something that they shouldn't be aware of. No decisions are made that guide characters in the direction that the author clearly wants them to go, rather, the story flows in the direction that makes the most sense.

Overall, this is an exceptionally well-written story, and I greatly look forward to seeing as it grows and develops.

  • Overall Score

Its pretty nice change of pace compared to other novels here , and im a sucker for novels where MC doesnt get baggage of followers that are there for convinient filler conversations and from what i have seen there is very little info dumps which is a +

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Pretty darn great so far, a real page-turner

Reviewed at: 1.17

Reviewed at end of first arc:

What happens when a functioning apathetic psychopath with Machiavellian tendencies gets her world turned upside down with the sudden appearance of superpowers, alien entities and mutants?

You get this story, and it's pretty darn great so far. 

The main character Erind is written very well. The author did a great job at describing her personality, or rather the lack of one. Every action she makes is explained by her thought process and the 'rules' she must follow. 

The side characters are great too with fairly realistic personalities and their own desires. Can't say that however with the antagonists so far, not having as much depth as the others.

There's quite a bit of worldbuilding that takes part in an alternate universe that involves Nazis, aliens, secret organizations and superpowers. The info-dumpy chapters were not a bore to read through, as they were made interesting through the use of being a part of the MC's manipulative schemes. 

The main theme of this story is being the wolf among sheep, and follows that faithfully so far. 

The grammar/spelling is perfect, no errors that I've seen so far, formatting in general is easy to read. 

Yeah, I'd highly recommend this story.

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Consuming, quite literally...

Reviewed at: 2.1

When I opened up the first chapter of REND, it grabbed me by the throat and dragged me all the way to the last available chapter by the end of the day. And I loved it.

REND's greatest strength is without a doubt the unique and compelling voice of its main character and narrator, Erind. You see, Erind is extremely fucked up in the head, in the most mannerly and pleasant way possible. A straight-up psychopath condensed into the form of a somewhat cute and nerdy girl, her internal monologue had me rolling on the floor laughing. The discontinuity between her external and internal reactions to things are, to me, the true brilliance of this story. Of course, the dash of fast-paced supernatural action also helps to keep things lively. I don't know exactly where this train is going, but I'm quite happy riding in the backseat.

Keep it up, Temple!

  • Overall Score

right side of hell

Reviewed at: 2.1

I like it so far, we have a good kind of different mc with interesting thoughts, a world with intersting powers thus alot of potential and an author who seems to have future plans for the story. The mc has really badass power tho, im not into this undercover thing the mc is doing currently but i guess its logical that she cant go around saying she has some weird powers.

I hope to see more in the future :)

  • Overall Score

Super good story

Reviewed at: 2.1

Interesting premise, unique, and super cool all around. Can be a little bit cringy at times but it's pretty easily glossed over. Writings super good to, only found like 2 typos in my entire binge read that stood out to me so thats great.

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Maybe the next 'Worm'

Reviewed at: 2.1

I'd like to compare this novel to wildbows 'Worm'. My main reason for that is most likely because of the chapter numbers and the interludes. 

We have the MC who set her own set of rules, which she dictates her life according to. Here already a similarity with 'Worm' the MC thinks different than most people, Rends MC has a lack of empathy though she does see the world as it is. Kind of difficult to describe her.

Well let's start with the story, I like it a lot especially because of the MC but also the rest of the world is very nice with big worldbuilding. We got aliens and we also got 'superheroes' each with some powers and in between is the government. There is also a secret team with artificial superpowers. Wow there are a LOT of similarities with 'Worm' what is different is that the MC is special, she has a different kind of superpower as I see it. Well the story is a bit confusing on that point.

Anyway the style is nice and similar to wildbow with the release date, the world and maybe also the characters. That means it is good.

The grammar is almost flawless.

The characters... seem like more than they are presented as. Here I would like to mention Deen she seems like the average free-spirited nice girl, but in the later chapters she doesn't only immediately accept a deal but also talks about her lifepath and the MCs strange character a lot. The other characters, seem ok I guess other than the MC I didn't see anyone special. Though the spike girls motive for attacking is pretty questionable.

All in all a pretty great story if this continues as it is I am certain top 50 won't be that far off.

  • Overall Score

Nope. Just nope.

Reviewed at: 2.3

Did a pretty in depth review but the site decided to ignore it, so screw the positives and let's go to the negatives. 

Your characters are not humans. The protagonist is the most sane of all. 

Her "friend" might as well be an alien for how she reacts to two traumatic events in short succesion, and decides to throw her life away to be an insane vigilante.

The Whore (that is the actual name of Barb) is a psychotic bitch made by 99% feelings and she lost the remaining 1% somwhere.

Going to hunt and kill 2 girls, 2 students of law in a goddamn MALL'S PARKING LOT with no explanation given? Sure, hell you will get backup. No matter that you are part of a group that LITERALLY lives or dies on anonimity, and an emotional hothead like you would have been executed 10 times for being a walking liability.

No. Nononono. Your very rational friends will help you, clean up your messes ( killing ANOTHER 2 innocents in the process), and then proceed to basically crack internal jokes about it instead of burying you.

Everyone in this story is a pod-person. Something alien that tries to approximate a human being but fails to hit the target.

They are ALL unrepenting monsters that think themselves on the side of good. 

For how much you tried to make the protagonist look like a "psychopath", she's the most sane of them ALL.

I never advocated for a rewrite (mostly because usually it's not worth it), but in this case I think I should.

World building, flow, grammar. Excellent. Characters? They are parodies of human beings. 

  • Overall Score

Was expecting more than this

Reviewed at: 2.2

The premise had me expecting some kind of badass sociopath female MC with no superpowers.
What we get is a sociopath MC that is part of the super-power setting and will eat people that annoy her. Yes, eat them.
The setting is original for people like me that don't read superhero novels.
No spelling issues that i can remember.
Wasn't a good fit for me but it might work for you so i recommend trying it out.