Villager Three

Villager Three

by Kruos

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Kira Hawthorne was just another teenage girl until the day a 'god' told the world their 'realm' was getting assimilated, since they lost some War no one on Earth even knew about.

A System is installed on the whim of a very old and capricious god. Kira immediately gets trapped in a pocket dimension, and emerges to find a once familiar world turned foreign... And very hostile.

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Has issues nailing down the tone

Reviewed at: #15: Remembrance

Solid concept for a comedy story with the occasional hard left turn into black comedy, for the most part.

Then, abruptly, the author's attention wanders, or the coffee runs out or something, and for a chapter we're inundated with chapters that are blacker than pitch, played for hard melodrama, and perfectly spherical because that's the only way to create a shape that's 100% EDGE.

By no means a deal breaker (note the four stars) but there needs to be a bit of examination of what the author is actually going for to hammer this into something really great.

Or not, I guess. There's room for casual projects that people write just to vent ideas and the intro seems to imply this is one of them. Either way, be VERY strongly warned that any review using the word 'lighthearted' or the phrase 'balm for the soul' was posted pretty early in the story (like 5-6 chapters in, probably).


Medicine for the Soul

Reviewed at: Enrollment

Let's not beat around the bush on this one. (I worry the bush might hit back.) This story is good. I've needed a story like this for a bit now. So far it's been funny, cute, light-hearted, and plain good for the soul. 

I skipped by this story quite a few times before I gave it a chance. I've tried to read a few stories with similar settings in the past. Magic has been introduced to the word! There's a 'system' now. What will people do? Until now, the stuff I've read in the genre has only disappointed me. I generally only managed to get through a few chapters because I just ended up bored. Maybe I just haven't stumbled on a good one until now, but in these stories, the characters haven't interested me, the settings felt like generic boring versions of our world with not a lot going on except a magical 'system' thrown in, and the writing just wasn't the greatest. 

I suppose part of that is intentional. There's a bit of an audience for stories about boring characters with dull boring lives who somehow become interesting/awesome when magic gets thrown into the world. But that's not for me. It's not that hard to write interesting modern fiction imo, but these stories don't often care about that part, instead just focusing on the magic/system/litrpg aspect. I enjoy the gamelit genre, but personally, I need more to a story than well-thought-out bluescreens and talk of how the MC is gonna increase their stats. (And please gods, no more 'lone wolf' characters who basically never interact with other characters.) A problem I encountered with my most recent attempt at reading one of these stories was one that plenty of other stories fall into as well: telling rather than showing. 

This story does none of this. It skips over the three-chapter-long examination of the status screen and the clumsy (and generally boring) learning how to fight and use skills and such. I've seen all that before, far too many times now, and the story is tons better for leaving that sort of thing out. In fact, the story cuts out a lot of the needless filler that so many stories of the genre fall prey to. It gets right to the meat of things (the actual story, for instance.) You can tell the author has put thought into what is important to put in the story and what bits can be left out. (I wish I could say the same about my reviews! =p) This leaves the story to be quite well polished, not loitering on needless info or filler, and giving a smooth enjoyable experience leaving me only wanting more and more. 

Thus far, I've loved the characters of this story. They all have struggles they're dealing with. The main character, Kira, is cute, not because she is described as cute or because other characters say she is cute, but because of the things she does and the ways she interacts with people. There have been a few sad and serious moments already as of chapter 7, but mostly things have been light-hearted and have me more prone to chuckling than anything else. The author lets us in on quite a bit of information that Kira doesn't know, and we can tell she's going to land in quite a bit of trouble in the future. Or as one character put it: "This is gonna get messy." 

The setting itself has ended up surprisingly very different from most stories in the genre. I really didn't expect it, but it was a very welcome surprise. I won't spoil how. You'll have to find out yourself. As of the seventh chapter, the plot is still coming together. We have an idea of who some of the antagonists might be, or at least who they're associated with, but whatever grand moves they're making is happening in the background. I'm eager to find out how things progress. 

Do I need to say anything else here? I certainly don't think so. Give this story a try, even if you're like me and haven't liked similar stories. You'll just have to trust me that this one is different. As I said in the title, this story has really been medicine for the soul for me, and I really can't wait for more. 

(Also, if you end up liking this, check out Kruos's other story Villainous. I read that one first and enjoyed it as well.) 


Lighthearted fun, with occasional seriousness

Reviewed at: Remembrance

You know the anime story where the MC is a OP, silly, lovable goof with about two brain cells? But with friends who helps her along and she makes everything work out somehow? This is it in writing form and you'll either like it or not.

I don't, but don't mind me, plenty of people here will tell you it's the best thing written.


Good start, gets melodramatic

Reviewed at: #18: Schemes

Pretty good story initially but after the first eight or so chapters everything slows down to overly dramatic dialogue. Feels like the author is trying to set the stage but getting too bogged down in the minutia, making the dialogue come across as "clunky". The way the author just slaps on a traumatic backstory onto the main character was not done well; currently everything just screams melodrama right now.


Another author we need to shackle to the writing desk.

Reviewed at: Repression

Binged all night. 

I'll let other reviewers do the detailed advanced thing.

I  ̶w̶a̶n̶t̶  need more.


A great fantasy feel good read (with logic bombs)

Reviewed at: #22: Council

"Villager three" is about a rock, thrown around by the forces of the elements. The MC is a passive one, not proactively seeking out danger and adventure. Those things come to her, instead. Yet, the elements don't grind this rock down, but let it grow powerful.

(Note that I try to grade stories objectively, using 5 stars reserved for just the very best stories. A 3.5 stars is still a good, solid reading recommendation on my scale.)

Now, the story style is great. Good character introductions, good starting points, just solid storystelling all around. There is action, drama, deceptions, and mostly not too much of each before the next feel-good moment. And the grammar fits as well.

The story characters however are a bit worrying. The MC who was introduced as a happy-go-lucky girl released into a fantasy video game worls full of anthros... ...really has some issues. The author really points it out with capital Tragic Sad Backstory, even. So, instead of the heroine with a thousand faces, an everyday girl tbat could be anyone, we learn about her Ugly Past later on, and it let me stop reading for a long while.

The World (which has to carry the story) is in itself grounded and rounded... But a bit too much. Economists shouldn't read the story, because everyone has a personal "supermarket inventory" with which you can trade ingrediences/resources for refined food, equipment and consumer electronics. I also have trouble picking up the political landscape of Kira's new world which... 200'000 years in the future. That is, frankly, bollocks. I voiced a comment on it in ch.6 or 7 - even 5000 years would raise my eyebrows enough already. The reader has to accept that a God installed a gaming software on Earth, and never got bored with that game. Amazing! And also, Kira got access to her favorite content/series/fiction which was miraculously continued after the system was installed, despite the world beimg in turmoil. These are par for the course, but don't impact the story premise much.



Outside of such logic bombs, the actual story is mostly lighthearted and a great read.

Fai Bani

Story is Sadly Swamped and goes on a Snails pace

Reviewed at: #29: Variant


This Novel Starts with a realy good Premise and the World Building is also realy great.

A lot of drama in the beginning and it is 10 chapers slice of life only and that Dampens the Story a lot.

If the Story goes for 500 chaps + then this would be fine but 1 chap a Month?

Someone got a good Idea and then Botched it up and swamped the Story in die Mud , stuff is just NOT happening .

I am 400 Pages in about 120k words and 2 weeks just happend in a System fic about training,Friends and Getting Stronger .


Academy arc + Faceslapping = Nope

Reviewed at: Training Zone

This was frustrating. It's like fool's gold. The visuals are great, but it's disappointing inside. The author is great at designing the world and the characters, and describing them. Everything is very beautiful and creative, but the storyline and the character interactions let it down.

Spoiler: Spoiler

All in all, up to where I read, recommended for the worldbuilding and character designs (5 star dragonoid archmage, btw)... and a tepid response for everything else.


Lighthearted romp that can't decide where to go

Reviewed at: #44: Setting the Arena

Too slow paced.  The story has a "Slice of Life" tag, but really it needs a "Slice of slice of life" tag.  The pacing has become arduous, where one of the chapters was literally just breakfast.

This degree of pacing does not pair well with "LitRPG" in my opinion, especially when the character doesn't have any litRPG elements dedicated to the off shoot slice of life activities like making breakfast.


At this point, the story is mostly A Ragtag Group of Kids Have to Learn to Work Together to Defeat the Rich Kids in a School Wide Competition. While Political Stuff Happens in the Background. With some decent litrpg elements, and a MC whose main power is pointing out the blind spots of others. That makes for a story that I'd like to read.

However, I don't think that's what the author entirely wants to write. Not sure how to put this, so I'll just say people with significant trauma in their lives can end up repeating things over and over. The MC had been repeating things for an extraordinarily long time, and finally stopped, by her own actions. And now the world around her has completely changed, and she's trying to deal with that. The best such stories are inspiring; the not so great ones not so much.