Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past

by ViridianPrime

Fan Fiction HIATUS Fantasy Magic Male Lead Reincarnation School Life Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Thirteen years after leaving Hogwarts, Harry Potter finally destroys the last Horcrux and obliterates Voldemort, ending his reign of terror.

Too bad everyone Harry cares about is dead now.

A chance discovery sends... part of... Harry back into the past. No matter that Voldemort will be alive again - Harry is determined that this time, things will be different!

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Carl Antuar
  • Overall Score

A great example of how to write a re-do fic

Reviewed at: Chapter One

This is an older story, using many tropes before they became cliched, and it hasn't been completed (yet! I live in hope!). But I still keep rereading it, because it's so worthwhile.

Peggy Sue fics can be fun, but if not carefully written, they can easily result in a boring invincible hero, or an unconvincing stupid one. This story, however, gets it right. The effects of Harry's foreknowledge are handled well, with his changes creating small and large ripples, and outside forces pushing back against what he's trying to achieve to continue making his life difficult. He's not just watching his life repeat; he's living it differently.

Furthermore, the focus of the story is not on Harry using his adult duelling skills to hunt Death Eaters (which could easily devolve into more Boring Invincible Hero material); instead, he's all about building up his friends and preparing them. As such, his foreknowledge takes the form of making sure he builds up Neville's confidence, and supports Hermione in her studies, and lets Ron see just how great it is to have a close-knit family - and, of course, includes Ginny in his circle of friends from the start. It's always a heart-warming read for me.

Nunya Bidness
  • Overall Score

What the hell is wrong with the trending page?

Reviewed at: Chapter One

Why the hell has a book with only a single chapter, and no updates for months, on the trending page to begin with?  Let alone, able to stay there for over a month?

Fix your shit already, RR!

  • Overall Score

Thank you for continuing this here after so long

Reviewed at: Chapter One

 This has been a long time coming after all the hoops you jumped through with FF.net hopefully we see this story reposted here and even continued with a few of your patreon stories finding a place to stay on the site. Thank you and good luck.

Marco Gnos
  • Overall Score

This is "The great One"

Reviewed at: Chapter One


Fantastic story so far. I really hope there is more coming.