by Kruos

Original ONGOING Adventure Drama Fantasy Female Lead High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Secret Identity Strong Lead

Being born a slave is unquestionably one of the most monstrous situations a person can find themselves in. Being reborn into the body and memories of a child slave abused and killed by her peers is something one step further.

Thrust into an alien world with magic and science bound together and maintaining the social hierarchies of aristocracy, Li Mei had one more go at life, a brilliant shining opportunity.

Burdened by a lifetime and a half of experience with the worst kinds of people, filled with an overwhelming desire for freedom, and granted a generous user interface, Li Mei will not just wreak havoc upon her murderers.

They will call her ‘villainous’, but they can’t comprehend her drive to take vengeance one step further than was even wrought upon her.

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Eldritch Shenanigan

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Tl;dr, good enough to give a chance even if it sounds like you wouldn't be interested.

While there are no rare ingredients his is quite a finely cooked meal! The summary summarizes it well, but makes it sound more banal than it is. Summaries are hard though.

Evil-for-evil murderchild tries to survive a bad dad while solving mysteries and gaining power.  She gets nasty, but only against those that deserve it. Harsh justice- thus the Villainous name.

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I followed this over from AO3 and I haven't been disappointed yet. The pacing is good and there's a nice mix of mysteries to keep the plot going. Li Mei (MC) is snarky and relatable, you can't help but root for her.

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Reviewed at: #11: Formal Education

The Style.

Omniscient third person narration. Well propagated by the author..

The Story.

This book is simply entertaining. The story about Li Mei who was thrust into an alien world with magic and science bound together and maintaining the social hierarchies of aristocracy,  where she began wrecking havoc. This is very gripping and one chapter leads the other! The readers won't be able to wait for the next one to come out. The story is really gripping and everything is really clear in regards to the very elaborate plot. Great world building.

The characters.

The characters introduction is really well made and doesn't take too much time so the reader is immidiately involved into the events. Really consistent characters who never do something against their real nature. They are well defined, though could be better.

The grammar.

Great quality.

Highly recommended.

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A fantastic new LitRPG/Isekai combo that I found enjoyable to read, even though I'm still very new to those genres myself. Things are set up well, explained as it goes along. The formatting is perfect and brings another layer to the story.

No grammar errors, great protagonist, good story-flow. Faved and followed and will continued to read :)

Old Toby
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 Im not one to write long (or wel built) reviews, so ill keepmit simple.

I enjoyed it and if you like competent (not OP atm) MC's you should definitely give it a whirl :)


sleepy fleece
  • Overall Score

There are many OP stories with silly and shallow characters, however there is one thing that disdinguish them from this novel -- they don't try to pretend that they offer more than a simple comedy.

Here you have MC, who is just amazing in everything she touches: without any background (at least shown) she knows how to mix reagents to produce some toxic vapors (or whatever), she never fails a single quest, however many "starts" they might have, she is as smart as all Nobel winners combined and as powerful as all Olympic athlets smashed into one gory mess of something, it is no wonder she can easily dismember any corpse just by reading a few sentences about them in the Interface.

All other characters exist just to showcase how amazing she is: even one of the most powerful beings in the whole world didn't notice that she was hiding under his table in just a few centimeters from his legs.

Even her "troubled" story exists just to allow her without any remorse and disgust whatsoever to start killing (and dismembering) humans to left and right. Well, they have this plakes under their heads, showing that they are enemies, so what's all the fuss anyway?

All risky attempts in fights (which always could have been tried beforehand, but never were) always pay off and are always successful.

If MC wants something -- she would be given it right away, either from her Interface, or, in the worst case, she would need to drop some **misconceptions** she had about herself and about how actually powerful she actually is.


Again, all those things do not necessarily mean that the story is bad. However, when the story tries to be "dark and serious", they do.

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Much better than I imagined!

Reviewed at: Hired Help

While Villager three is quite good, this is on a whole other level. With more chapters and a better world (in my opinion) than villager three. I like this author now, though emotional struggle seems to be a recurring theme in the authors works.

I have found no problems with grammar, though I am sure I missed some. The style is rather good, with slow but steady worldbuilding, the time-skips are too large though. The story is going forward, introducing new characters, and locations. The characters... there isn't much to say about them, because I am still at rather early chapters. Some do seem a bit lacking I think. As they, seem a bit to simple? Doesn't matter much to me though.

So I like it, while the exp store isn't really shown it is a fine cheat. What I dislike, is that where I am, where faust takes her to the academy, the MC, after a WHOLE year still hasn't seen, or checked all her belongings, I mean. Come on, that does seem a bit unrealistic doesn't it. Such a thing may happen if the MC is a total airhead, and just does train, eat, sleep and repeat without thinking even a little about the past. But as is told in the story she should be more clever with her Wis and Int stats, right? These are just my 5 cents to the story.

  • Overall Score

Recommend reading the first chapter to see if you like it

Reviewed at: Debt

Overall the story is decent if you just want something to pass the time, but I had a really big issue with the random exposition dumps. If you read the first chapter you'll get a sense for what I mean, where in the middle of figuring out where she is and trying to figure out what will happen to her after waking up in this void, she just decides to think about her morals and philosophies as a person for 7 paragraphs. I thought that maybe it would be because she remembers that she died, and is wondering how her life decisions have led her to be where she is in the afterlife, but that's not the case at all--it was just a random exposition dump about the character's philosophies in the middle of a survival situation where she's trying to figure out how she got there. In addition to this, the story can't go 3 lines without mentioning that she's clever and humble, and again, if you just read through the first chapter then you'll be able to see for yourself.

The grammar is pretty solid, where there are definitely issues every once in a while (ex. "Whenever he visited the estate - which was infrequently - she..." where infrequently should be infrequent, or using "has" instead of "have" or vice versa, like "they has") but it's rare and can definitely be skipped over while reading.

My recommendation is to just read the first chapter and see what you think of it, given how all of the problems show up right from the start, so you'll be able to see whether the random exposition dumps or constant "I'm humble and smart" (that was taken verbatim) bother you.

  • Overall Score

TL;DR: It's a litRPG variation on chinese reincarnation novels, slightly deranged protagonist included. That said this variation crosses too far into the OP territory so that the wish fullfillment can take place with mere pretense of struggle. If the story/characters/worldbuilding wasn't so well done my score would be lower.

And it's the poorly disguised wish fullfilment again. Villager three is OP wish fullfilment too, but done in much more tastefull way. That, combined with author's obvious ability to write great characters and dialogues/interactions makes for a compelling whole.

This story, on the other hand lacks that tasteful subdued tone and is pretty much on the nose with everything. Reincarnation? With a system noone else has! Do you need the MC to be able to navigate everywhere easily? Give her a minimap on top of memories of her past. Need her to prioritize certain things but don't want to rationalize it too much? Give her a quest system as an afterthought! Want to power up easily and lazily? Shop where you buy stuff with EXP points! The archive I'll rather only mention. The MC herself lacks Kira's vulnerable cuteness combined with better worldbuilding and is instead the uber geek strong villed sociopath on her path to a bloody revenge, chinese assasin one against the world style.

This is what Unfathomable senior could have been with a really good author, but polished turd is still a turd. It was interesting to see how far can even a premise I don't personaly like at all be taken with skilled enough writing.

  • Overall Score

Cool concept, some issues.

Reviewed at: Run

Fun, but hard to get into. The protagonist is written in a weird way, where it is hard to enjoy reading about her. The mystery plot is exciting, but the zero to hero plotline is done in an unsatisfying way.

I found it frustrating to read to be honest, and my main issue was with the MC and the progression.