Freedom in the New World

by Alch3my

Fan Fiction ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Strong Lead Supernatural Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Follow the story of James, his life, death, and rebirth into the world of overlord. What happens when an american with knowledge of the story of overlord, gets to the new world? You will have to find out. Please forgive me i'm still starting out in being a writer i hope you enjoy the story.


Before anything else if you are easily offended, dislike easter eggs, or aren't willing to give an aspiring writter a chance, turn back now. If you have read this or failed to read it, I will not be held liable if your feelings are hurt, you have been warned.

If you cannot be bothered to leave a comment and try to help me improve the story, please don't rate my story. 

I don't own the cover image, i just wanted something to help sell the image i'm trying to create.

Due to lack of monetary support, new chapters will be added once a week for the time being. No more and maybe less. 

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The plot is just way to contrieved (in the technical sense) - (non spoiler) you really need better ways to have him reach these, power ups etc. It's not a terrible read, but it's not great either. I don't get the feeling that the main arc of the story was planned in advance and it kind of feels like the auther came up with random ideas and forced the story to make them happen as it came to him.

I'll try to keep it constructive.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Summary, the MC has plot armor so thick it could stop a nuke and is so lucky he would run a casino out of business in a single night. 

As a big fan of overlord I do want you to succeed in this story, but the plot is a mess and will probably need a full rewrite once the story is planned out in full.

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Solid OC/SI with great character building and solid pacing

Reviewed at: Q/A, Reader feedback

Love this story so far. The spacing is spot on and the character building is solid. Love how the character is progressing naturally. This story also features some of the best grammar of a SI/OC that I've seen recently. 

gavin linville
  • Overall Score

Keep up your good work but Enclave stuff plz and grammerly.

Mister J.A
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Just reviewing to give some popularity to the novel

Reviewed at: Miniboss

Just reviewing to give some popularity to the novel. It has a good start but it's not enough to give a comprehensive review yet. It also got an amazing grammar.

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giving it a 5/5 because i feel like this Fic its underrated.

Ether way its far from perfect. 

the pacing feels slow, and there is sometimes chapters where there is 3 lines of dialogue. whitch makes me wish for more characters since the NPC's cant talk (yet)

Also that "minecraft simulator" mini arc felt just out of place. 


on the other side of the coin, well its entertaining enough so i read all the chapters, and its well written in terms of vocabullary and grammar.

so if you are looking to kill some time give it a try.

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It's not perfect, but..

Reviewed at: Intermission

 It's not perfect but it is highly enjoyable in a wish fulfilment kind of way. 

The style is not as unique as some of the best here on Rr but it is improving as the story goes.

The story is a fanfiction done in a highly enjoyable way.

Grammar is fine, the minor mistakes and misspellings are forgivable. 

Characters are also improving as the story progresses. 


I'm not a great reviewer I know but I want this story to be noticed more and encourage the author to continue honing his craft 😊😊😊