Parallel (A Virtual Gamer's Story)

by Renoe_K

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Sci-fi Cyberpunk Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Strong Lead Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

VRMMORPG/Mecha Hybrid.. In the year 2014, an invention called the Nesla Coils, capable of producing free electrical energy plummets the economies of many countries and nearly sends the earth into World War III. However, two inventions: The Virtual Drives and Mobile Suits which use these coils as power sources placate the powers into an uneasy alliance. Mato Suzuki, a 17 year old professional gamer is 'invited' to participate in an event, whose ramifications unbeknownst to him are world-changing.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
The King's Ballad ago
Chapter 1: It Begins ago
Chapter 2: Exposition, Expostion ago
Chapter 3: A Whole New World ago
Chapter 4: Rats and Thieves ago
Chapter 5: Welcome to Kerta ago
Chapter 6: Bows & Arrows ago
Chapter 7: Jade Yuhi ago
Chapter 8: Uncovering Secrets ago
Chapter 9: Hunting for Noobs ago
Chapter 10: Fladnag The Mad ago
Chapter 11: Tough Kills ago
Chapter 12: The Cub -_- ago
Chapter 13: Encounter Under Moonlight ago
Chapter 14: Syel Rifatora ago
Chapter 15: Cigars, Books & Paintings ago
Chapter 16: Evil Pays ago
Chapter 17: Kashi or Cashy? ago
Chapter 18: The Suit Makes The Man ago
Chapter 19: Leila the Hunter ago
Chapter 20: Kill That Spriggan ago
Chapter 21: Swindlers, Senseis & Blondies ago
Chapter 22: Blood vs Sword ago
Chapter 23: Mission Impossible ago
Chapter 24: Exile ago
Chapter 25: Of Ghosts & Beasts ago
Chapter 26: Darkness ago
Chapter 27: Elemental Justice ago
Chapter 28: Murder 101 ago
Chapter 29: The Circle ago
Chapter 30: Bonds ago
Chapter 31: Leaving Ranad ago
Chapter 32: Lew Creek ago
Chapter 33: Froggers ago
Chapter 34: Stalkers ago
Chapter 35: Song of Death & Deceit ago
Chapter 36: Raise a Toast ago
Chapter 37: Twin Works ago
Chapter 38: Dinner Party ago
Chapter 39: The Class (Season Finale) ago
Vol.2 Interim ago
Chapter 1: Hopeful... ago
Chapter 2: Pre-Battle ago
Chapter 3: Pre-Battle (Part 2) ago
Chapter 4: Offline ago
Chapter 5: Battle for Riven (Part 1) ago
Chapter 6: Battle for Riven (Part 2) ago
Chapter 7: Battle for Riven (Part 3) ago
Chapter 8: Proud Kings ago
Chapter 9: Battle for Riven (Conclusion) ago
Chapter 10: Dreadful Exposition ago
Chapter 11: He's Dark, He's Black ago
Chapter 12: Future Plans ago
Chapter 13: Purpose ago
Chapter 14: Self Reflect ago
Chapter 15: Merriheim ago
Chapter 16: Secret in the Canyon ago
Chapter 17: Suvron's Lair ago
Chapter 18: The Name, Suvron ago
Chapter 19: Women Of Power ago
Chapter 20: Families ago
Chapter 21: Desert Song ago
Chapter 22: Chaotic Dungeon ago
Chapter 23: Belrug ago
Chapter 24: Negotiations Succesful ago
Chapter 25: Rebirth (Part 1) ago
Chapter 26: Rebirth (Part 2) ago
Chapter 27: Rebirth (Conclusion) ago
Chapter 28: Bridge ago
Chapter 29: Expansion ago
CHapter 30: The Rider ago
Chapter 31: An Enchanting Tale ago
Chapter 32: Dirge of the Emperor ago
Chapter 33: Fate (Part 1) ago
Chapter 34: Fate (Part 2) ago
Chapter 35: Fate (Conclusion) ago
Chapter 36: Time-Out ago
Chapter 37: Gamble ago
Chapter 38: Remember Her Name ago
Chapter 39: Memories of You ago
Chapter 40: Extinction ago
Chapter 41: Gladiators ago
Chapter 42: Mall Day ago
Chapter 43: Season Finale ago
Parallel Vol. 3 ago
Chapter 1: Flaming Judges ago
Chapter 2: Deep Within ago
Chapter 3: Perdition Pit ago
Chapter 4: Confrontation ago
Chapter 5: The Arena ago
Chapter 6: Audience with the King ago
Chapter 7: Plans Awry ago
Chapter 8: Shifting Priorities ago
Chapter 9: Council of Six ago
Chapter 10: Assassin's Creed ago
Chapter 11: Alliance ago
Chapter 12: Resolute ago
Chapter 13: Gentleman's Revenge ago
Chapter 14: Kill Them All ago
Chapter 15: To Review a Maggot ago
Chapter 16: Bloodline ago
Chapter 17: Scion of Blood ago
Chapter 18: Glass Buildings ago
Chapter 19: United Villain Conference ago
Chapter 20: Aygor's Hammer ago
Chapter 21: Awaken from the Dream ago
Chapter 22: Kashi's Wish (Definitely an Artifact) ago
Chapter 23: Long Live... ago
Chapter 24: The World Reacts ago
Chapter 25: The World Reacts (2) ago
Chapter 26: Serisis (1) ago
Chapter 27: Serisis (2) ago
Chapter 28: Chu Ling's Bomb ago
Chapter 29: Who Run the World ago
Chapter 30: Dwarven City ago
Chapter 31: Crazy... ago
Chapter 32: Tryouts ago
Chapter 33: Inside ago
Chapter 34: Upgrade ago
Chapter 35: Set Sail to Jerxas ago
Chapter 37: Return of the Red Mage ago
Chapter 38: War Assembly ago
Chapter 39: To Remember ago
Chapter 40: The Art of the Forge ago
Chapter 41: Prelude to War ago
Chapter 42: Prelude to War (A Merchant's Battle) ago
Chapter 43: My Revolution (1) ago
Chapter 44: My Revolution (2) ago
Chapter 45: My Revolution (3) ago
Chapter 46: We Will Survive ago
Chapter 47: Black Shines Brightest Under the Sun ago
Chapter 48: Domination ago
Chapter 49: Arrogance of the Strong ago
Chapter 50: Weakness and Power ago
Chapter 51: Foundation Building ago
Chapter 52: New Dimension ago
Chapter 53: Rosen's Guilds ago
Chapter 54: Alternate Interview ago
Chapter 55: Nerf that F**ker! ago
Chapter 56: To be a Guild Leader ago
Chapter 57: Guild Meeting ago
Chapter 58: Guild Meeting Pt. 2 ago
Chapter 59: The Hopeful Maggots (Season Finale) ago
Parallel Vol. 4 ago
Prologue ago
Chapter 1: Fantasia 4 ago
Chapter 2: HELL ago
Chapter 3: The Virus ago
Chapter 4: First Blood ago
Chapter 5: Live ago
Chapter 6: Where Men Gather ago
Chapter 7: The Flow ago
Chapter 8: Archery Princess ago
Chapter 9: Get to Work ago
Chapter 10: Unification ago
Chapter 11: The Definition of Unity ago
Chapter 12: Hektor's Resolve ago
Chapter 13: The Bank ago
Chapter 14: Fall of the Daeben ago
Chapter 15: A Fan Meeting ago
Chapter 16.1: Eggs ago
Chapter 16.2: Chaotic Eggs ago
Chapter 16.3: World Tree ago
17.1: Order in Chaos ago
Chapter 17.2: Chaos in Order ago

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'Plagiarized LMS' on RoyalRoad? ......seriously, guys?

Story-wise, it’s quite entertaining. I feel similarity with LMS and any other LNs, but only at the beginning, because the plot changed after vol 2 or so. I found some grammar mistakes (the author tends to misplace “you are” and “your”), and sometimes the sentence is quite hard to grasp. The character development is too slow, though it’s not that I hate it. You should stop adding that ‘secretive’ aura for every single chara. And maybe you might stop pouring too much of your raw idea on the story; just save it somewhere else (like that hairdresser class and many other ideas that left abandoned(?) and never mentioned again).

tl;dr, there are a lot of aspects that can be improved, but overall I enjoy reading it to the latest chapter ?


***NOT for the author***

For those who give negative review because it looks  like LMS, why the hell are you on RoyalRoad? It’s RoyalRoad, Cygnassdammit. Did you even use your brain when you said that? And moreover, did you even read till the latest chapter, or did you stop in the middle? Did you write that review because you trully feel so, or was it because you’re the type that “wow there’s no negative review, maybe I should write one?”

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This is not LMS (or plagiarism)

I mostly decided to write this because a lot of people call this novel plagiarism of Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. It is not, even if it had more similarities it wouldn't be plagiarism. Please do not accuse novels of plagiarism unless they actually do it because plagiarism is very serious.


On to the actual review:


First, I rate the grammar and even if there were mistakes, they were not glaring and did not ruin my immersion. As such, they do not seem to detract much form the read.


The plot was quite nice, especially since there are two main plots in the story. One is in the VM and the other in reality. I find both more interesting than the plots of MC needs money. The two main stories worj well with the characters  and give some idea of direction both in the VR and reality.


The characters I found especially interesting. Whether it be Suzuki, Kashi, Razznik or the side characters, they all have unique personalities. Suzuki and Kashi are especially interesting because of how the MC is set up. I won't elaborate this because spoilers. However, it is truly a unique and fun idea for a VR novel.


Lastly, for my low style score. There are some serious similarities to LMS and I really dislike them.

I'll take about the two I hate after a giant spoiler warning.



Now then. The two things that I almost stopped reading at, the MC's class and a quest he got. The quest he got was to make a statue of a god (that sounds familiar). The class is an artist class about painting and the very first skill is identical to the litter sister of LMS's MC. Just because of those two points, I almost stopped reading this.

Spoiler End


All in all I recommend this novel. The MC is interesting and the story makes the VR actually have some impact. The MC is dense but still much less so than some novels. Frankly, I found this a fun and interesting read with an in-depth plot and even fleshed out side characters.

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A really good story, but maybe the first part should be reworked

It’s a pretty good story overall, wouldn’t have been suprised if it was a LN made professionnally. The characters and the plot are very good in general, but the MC has it a too easy most of the time IMO. The OPness is a bit too much maybe.


Appart from that, I don’t really like the beginning of the story, a bit too LMS-like to my taste, but after that first part it improve considerably, so it’s still fun to read.


The grammar in general is very good in the second part, but sometimes it feel like you forgot to come back to PR your stuff, especially at the beginning of the story. the only annoying part is maybe the alternate spelling for races. Dark Elf, Delf, Daeben… And thats just for the dark elves, there’s the high and the wood ones too. I would recommend to drop the -formal/classic/ancient tongue spelling- *Daeben* and to use the contracted form like *Delf* only with the MC, because it’s too confusing.


The charaters are well developped and distinc from each others, it’s really great.  


Overall I would strongly recommend to read it, but if you start it and find it distateful for having too muh LMS stuff, please try to read further, because it improve a lot after that part.

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What's with all the LMS hype and bashing?

I am now at chapter 25 and enjoyed it so far. It could a bit more engaging for me, but the characters are somehow lacking. But I guess that's the almost typical Japanese light novel style. The MC is not really likable for me, as he is whiny, dense and a slightly psycho, but behaves suddenly brave, arrogant or intelligent. That does not always add up logically. The murder psycho kind off antagonist on the other hand gets suddenly meek and well behaved.

Because of this it is not a real page turner for me. I don't like permanently character POV changes anyway...



The story itself is interesting with quite a few nice backround ideas. All the bashing about being like LMS doesn't make much sense. There are of course similarities, but it's far away from being a carbon copy. I assume that those guys did not read many chapters and were just browsing through and have seen words like "moonlight", "sculpting" or "painting". Preconceived ideas are not a fair judge for a review.

Ark could be considered to be a lot more like LMS, and both are really not at the peak of fantasy writing, still very entertaining.



You should read for youself and either leave it or stay with it. There is no need to think to much in this story and the grammar is decent, even though I had to reread some sentences.

  • Overall Score

bad scores for plagiarism on a FF site ... really now guys ?

I’m still reading ( around ch18 ) and this definitly is very close from LMS at least for now , but nevertheless I enjoy it and don’t see why it should be shot down because of ” plagiarism ” when the whole point of the ” new ” RR was to host fanfictions , which are in essence a kind of plagiarism. I will change this to a more detailed review ( and add the advanced stars ! ) once I get to the latest chapter and gather the motivation for it , but until then this definitly deserves a little star boost to counter the half stars of the douchbags LMS fans ( mind you , only the douchbags ones ) that cannot accept your re-use of it’s components 

  • Overall Score

Doesnt matter whether Original or not, its entertaining as hell!

I loved the story as it kept me engaged for most parts. Story on occasion drums up the excitement only to find Kashi roaming around with no fear. Taiga character is amazingly underutilized after a dramatic entrance. That being said, the female parts however do play a bigger part albeit unorganized & haphazardly. 



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As a FANFICTION based off LMS it’s well writen, instead of the generic underdog story its a strong teen battleing his inner demons to find his “humanity” once agian. All while trying to keep his past demons in check to discover more about himself, while inevitably attaining the strength he once had and hold his place in the game with only 1 LIfe.

The story has a suggested harem but no real romance which I feel is lacking and a few minor grammar mistakes here and there. while the world history has been partially explained i feel a bit more on how the world works could help the understanding of the story, though finding things out as the MC does is interesting in itself. Character develpoment is slow compared to the story progress but understandable due to the story circumstances as new situations show up to allow us to understand the little secerets each character has while keeping us guessing with a bit of mystery on how they will progress.

All in all, a good story written by an amateur author. 

  • Overall Score

One of the best written stories in here. Very promising plot, even if it IS a little bit too close to LMS. I do not believe this constitutes plagiarism, all VR novels share a lot. 

I love the story, love the wirting, will keep on reading. :).


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The Story is Extremely Interesting, The Plot, Characters, Writing style, Grammar, everything is up to the mark. I really love this story, There is just  some mistakes you make with the names so be careful of those, Omitting that small prob, this story is just so exciting. Hope there were more chapters~Anyone looki8ng for an interesting story, this is your stop. Don't listen to the  ranting of plagiarism( Its a bunch of Balonies xD)

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I have not completely read thru all of the chapter as of yet but there’s one thing that i know for sure: There is no Suzuki Mato; This dude here is just a body full of knowledge and madness. And that, is why the story is so addicting. That is why the MC and the Players were correlational connected. Yet, they aren’t the same one. And no, I don’t think that Mato-kun have spit personality. More like Alternative Ego.