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I was sent back in time to fulfill my wish of living peacefully. I returned to the day it all started; the day the humans first entered the tower of hope. I was the chosen one; the only human with the knowledge of the upcoming events. And yet, I chose a different path. I am tired have no intention of joining the frontline. I earned my retirement and shall live peacefully in the cities as a healer. But first, I need to get through this tutorial and shall squeeze out all the benefits I can from the zeroth floor.

[Also, first time writing in first person]

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2nd Anniversary
Word Count (15)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1- A fresh start (1) ago
Chapter 2- A fresh start (2) ago
Chapter 3- A fresh start (3) ago
Chapter 4- A fresh start (4) ago
Chapter 5- Tasks (1) ago
Chapter 6- Tasks (2) ago
Chapter 7- Tasks (3) ago
Chapter 8- Tasks (4) ago
Chapter 9- Tasks (5) ago
Chapter 10- Tasks (6) ago
Chapter 11- A short break ago
Chapter 12- The Grand Canyon (1) ago
Chapter 13- The Grand Canyon (2) ago
Chapter 14- The Grand Canyon (3) ago
Chapter 15- The Grand Canyon (4) ago
Chapter 16- The Grand Canyon (5) ago
Chapter 17- The Grand Canyon (6) ago
Chapter 18- The Tombs of Nazlock (1) ago
Chapter 19- The Tombs of Nazlock (2) ago
Chapter 20- The Tombs of Nazlock (3) ago
Chapter 21- The Tombs of Nazlock (4) ago
Chapter 22- The Tombs of Nazlock (5) ago
Chapter 23- The struggle for power (1) ago
Chapter 24- The struggle for power (2) ago
Chapter 25- The struggle for power (3) ago
Chapter 26- The struggle for power (4) ago
Chapter 27- The struggle for power (5) ago
[Not a Chapter] ago
Chapter 28- The struggle for power (6) ago
Chapter 29- A disappointing fight ago
Chapter 30- Rainfall (1) ago
Chapter 31- Rainfall (2) ago
Chapter 32- Rainfall (3) ago
Chapter 33- Rainfall (4) ago
Chapter 34- Rainfall (5) ago
Chapter 35- Rainfall (6) ago
Chapter 36- Conflict (1) ago
Chapter 37- Conflict (2) ago
Chapter 38- Conflict (3) ago
Chapter 39- Conflict (4) ago
Chapter 40- Conflict (5) ago
Chapter 41- Conflict (6) ago
Chapter 42- Conflict (7) ago
Chapter 43- Conflict (8) ago
Chapter 44- Conflict (9) ago
Chapter 45- Judge Asynth (1) ago
Chapter 46- Judge Asynth (2) ago
Chapter 47- Judge Asynth (3) ago
Chapter 48- Tussock (1) ago
Chapter 49- Tussock (2) ago
Chapter 50- Tussock (3) ago
Chapter 51- The Healing Temple (1) ago
Chapter 52- The Healing Temple (2) ago
Chapter 53- The Healing Temple (3) ago
Chapter 54- The Healing Temple (4) ago
Chapter 55- The Healing Temple (5) ago
Chapter 56- The Harsh Reality (1) ago

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  • Overall Score

I enjoy a good travel in time to the beginning of an apocalypse story. The struggles time displaced characters have to go through and the foreknowledge they have to guide them, all good stuff.  This story though... a war weary veteran who wants an easy life, unique premise. Instead of making things easier for himself and everyone caught up in this apocalyse, he just becomes a major a**hole.  Its not even anti-heroism, its not even heroism either, just a**holism. The dude becomes unlikeable as an MC. 

Ben Hartsock
  • Overall Score

A cliche story told clunkily

Reviewed at: Chapter 31- Rainfall (2)

When I see a story on the 2nd or 3rd page of popularity, I compare it to other stories that share the same page-space. I compared this to stories like "The Gilded Hero" and "Seaborn" this just doesn't hold up.

The story starts with the mc leaving with the express goal of finding a peaceful life free from fighting, and within two chapters he's the foremost hunter in the entire town. Some of this is explained by him avoiding debt, but a peaceful life it is not. This is half-explained in a throwaway line, but needs clarification.

Characters in this are less characters and more just dots along a line of how reasonable they are. I couldn't pick out a single one of the reasonable characters from another, save for the mc, who is made out to be the most reasonable. The same goes for hyper unreasonable characters. Characters have no individuality, and this makes their development either non-existent or lackluster.

The grammar is close enough to good that it being so clunky hurts more than if it was just out-and-out bad because it sits on that border of my brain where the annoyance is almost matched by the enjoyment.

Now, you must be thinking that if the characters are bland, the story's just a cliche frankenstein of tropes that have been done better, and the grammar is bleh, surely the action is good? Or the fantasy elements are well done?

Not really.

The action is so bland and uninteresting that I often find myself glossing over it, looking for any form of intelligent or interesting fighting. 

The fantasy elements are barebones. We've gotten hints about "Trees" and "Forbidden Elements" and other regular tripe. None of it has been used to interesting effect or to illicit any real change in characters.

Tl;dr - Not good enough to be worth dedicating much time to a read, not bad enough to laugh at, a story about as interesting as the shades of brown found in various piles of dirt.

  • Overall Score

Slow Pacing, Asshole MC

Reviewed at: Chapter 38- Conflict (3)

This story is about a peggy sue protagonist in a tower of god scenario. But instead of using the Peggy Sue powers to finally win, he decides to retire and live a peaceful life as a healer.

Interesting enough premise you'd think. What kind of shenanigans he could wreak in that sort of position without getting involved in the fights at the frontline. The problem is we already learn in the second chapter he has literally no impact at all. That's why he got peggy sued in the first place.

Fine enough, you'd think. This might be interesting anyways. Let's see what sort of shenanigans he might get up to. But that's where the real problems of the story begin. Taking up a healer power when you've got the personality of a murderous asshole mercenary who thinks altruism is for pussies and diplomacy is something other people do seems somewhat unwise. As of the current chapter I think he's spent like 99% of his heals on himself.

Then there's the other problem. The story just doesn't seem to progress at all. He just keeps grinding in the tutorial level, antagonising all the people around him and feeling superior about his knowledge advantage. To be honest either of this story's flaws would be bearable without the other.

If it didn't progress much, but the protagonist was at least likeable that'd be okay enough. If the protagonist was a raging asshole, but the story went to places that'd also be fine. But this way I just can't care about this.

  • Overall Score

I feel like I have read this before....If you are bored then maybe read this

Reviewed at: Chapter 2- A fresh start (2)

It's not a very original book concept and the author does not put his own twist on the genre. I find the authors writing to be cringy and basic. there is a allowing of telling and hardly any showing the MC has made couple of dumb decsions and its on early in the book... I didn't notice and spelling but the writing was so poor that having decent grammar and spelling didn't redeem the poor writing

  • Overall Score

Had to drop it. It started out really nice. The MC seemed rational, thoughtful, and hard working. Within the premise of the story his actions were things that it was easy to imagine someone doing, they made sense. That has since fallen by the wayside, and he's shifting to irrational behavior and a world class IQ drop to further the story, mostly one major thing that literally nobody would do in his situation, he did. Whatever comes after, i don't want to read it, because it's already going off the rails. Not just that one major thing, that was just the final straw.

The world is pretty good. The magic system is what I'd consider low to mid strength magic. No spells flying everywhere all the time dropping suns on people or anything. Variety of races and room for plenty more.

I don't want to say too much. The story is still in an early phase, with a big change coming in the foreseeable future when things start to take off. This is still...I guess you could consider it entry level gearing up and development of sufficient combat ability to not be complete noobs. When that is done it will move to a different and more varied area. So can't say a lot without overly spoiling.

Pretty bummed. Started off so nice. Oh well.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

The concept isn't particularly original, but it's a decent read. The protagonist isn't very likable, and I do have the urge to yell at him to get over himself and get people organized. The premise is pretty darn grim if you look at it. It seems that (at least) 15 year old kids have to go through the fight to survive and without any adult help. Goodness knows what happened to the younger ones.

All in all, humanity would probably have been better off if they had just been enslaved by the invading aliens mentioned in the prologue. In the original timeline there were apparently just 50,000 left out of 7 billion.

The inscrutable aliens are really inscrutable in this one. Their plan for creating a new world:

1. Make giant 'tower' ala Tower of God and other similar stories.

2. Entice, or trick, new races to enter it.

3. ???

4. Profit.

  • Overall Score
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Nothing wrong with a selfish protagonist.

Reviewed at: Chapter 43- Conflict (8)

Originally I was going to rate the story a little lower but the number of 'selfish MC BOO!' reviews pissed me off. There is nothing wrong with a selfish protagonist, especially when you have a rough idea of the future. I'm sure almost everyone on this website lives in a capitalism driven nation, selfish is the way of life.

The author establishes his protagonist is a selfish individual within the first two chapters. He gets the much-coveted time reset trope but instead of using it to become all-powerful, he wants to get over the tutorial phase and use it to set up a healing shop/business in a city. That's a great concept and I'd love to read about a dude getting rich using healing magic and using that to conquer the tower instead of fighting his way to the top. We have enough of the latter. 

Author, you're doing a good job of writing a selfish and very real protagonist instead of the boring do-gooder Mary Sues, good job.

The reason I wanted to rate this story lower is because of how a supposedly practical protagonist suddenly turned stupid.

Spoiler: Spoiler

I'd advise the author to go back and retcon the aforementioned issue as it will piss enough readers off to drop the story.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Adventures of a Humorless Psychopathic Extorionist

Reviewed at: Chapter 50- Tussock (3)

You know something has gone horribly wrong when you find yourself lost halfway through a chapter while fantasizing about the Protagonist's demise.

You can excuse a lot when it comes to a good, interesting story. Spelling errors, 'creative' grammar, plot-holes, overly done tropes, excessive exposition. This story manages to largely avoid all of those pitfalls. Yet dives head-first, with hands tented forwards into the greatest death-knell of a story; An Utterly Unlikable Protagonist.

The author claims to not be writing a Villain, but rather a traumatized, desensitized hero who is purposefully looking to avoid the call to adventure. The quintessential Reluctant (Anti)Hero. Yet even tarnished heroes should occasionally shine through, if only to tease the audience with their buried potential for greatness.

Instead. Our protagonist has zealously attacked every potential moment of grace with an overdose of cynicism, every opportunity of charity with deathbed extortionism and every moment of greater-man mercy with petty, exhibitionist murder.

Indeed! Our protagonist is so far from any heroic archetype that he is one puppy kick away from earning the title of an Hermaphroditic Villain. That is to say, having the dubious distinction of possessing a sharp, pointy member and having female genitalia of Australian origin.

His only saving grace may be the fact that he is no doubt blessed upon blessed by the narrative gods. Because if he wants to climb his redemption arc and earn the audience's accolades. He's going to need a bloody miracle.

Okay. Maybe that is a bit harsh. There ARE people who enjoy this story. I've seen them. Really!

They are in the comments section, cheering on the impending deaths of the ignorant yet innocent masses, congratulating our Protagonist for pulling one over on those doomed rubes. Whilst no doubt furiously masturbating.


  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

When I first came to read this I expected a light hearted story. Not only is the discription misleading, this story also contains rape, makes light of it, and does not have any tags that is needed to show this was what I was getting into.

I dont like suprises when it comes to these. Especially when I expected going into this read that this would be lighthearted, I feel very much betrayed. I am dropping this as this is not the story I came to read in the first place.

Author update your description, update your tags, because both are misleading.

  • Overall Score

Nice story.  Keep it up, and please do not be influenced by negative comments.  Hoping for your next Chapter.  Thanks.