Congratulations! You have learned the skill: Fire Wall.

Cost: 15 mana

You obtained 01 status points.

Congratulations! You have learned the skill: Wind Wall.

Cost: 15 mana

You obtained 01 status points.

Congratulations! You have learned the skill: Water Wall.

Cost: 15 mana

You obtained 01 status points.

Congratulations! You have learned the skill: Ice Wall.

Cost: 15 mana

You obtained 01 status points.

Although Leon was pretty sure that he could learn spells like Magma Wall, Thunder Wall, even Steel Wall in a week or two, he didn’t feel like it. After learning those four spells, he went to sleep, but when he woke up the next day, Leon felt something he had felt many times before on the other island. First, his body was sluggish, he didn’t feel like doing anything. Leon was thinking too much about useless things, things that would never help him in any way.

“This is a waste of time... even if practice my skills day in and day out without sleeping, the harvesters are on this planet to become stronger. Considering that they can fight against hundreds of enemies, they are becoming stronger much faster than I am.”

Although Leon didn’t want to move all that much, he forced himself to do the first thing he does every day, harvest blue angel leaves and turn them into dust, and then added water to create the mana liquid. At least, he managed to use the liquid to practice Haste. It was a good idea to run or exercise his body while that skill was active and while he was recovering his mana without much effort. But Leon felt that only that was enough... since Haste also increases his perception of time, perhaps he would get rid of that depression faster.

However, different from the times Leon stayed in that state for several days on the island, this time, he recovered before Darya woke up. It was thanks to the fact that he knew that his family and friends were alive. He did everything to increase their chances of survival in case something happens, and the ring he gave them would also make them stronger every day. So, Leon didn’t have to waste too much time doubting his efforts.

“I need to make two of those rings for Darya and I... instead of killing them, I will have to use Seal... easier said than done. I don’t have attacks that can stop them without risking killing those monsters, and there isn’t even a guarantee that I will obtain those effects from Kraken or ancient whales...”

After a long sigh, an answer to that question appeared in Leon’s head: Summon Zombie. Leon was aware that the situation he received that spell was dubious, but he knew he only would be able to weaken another monster and keep it busy, using a zombie. In the end, Leon would use a skill that would make his life much easier in obtaining another item that would make things even easier for him. Something like that couldn’t really be something good for him in the long run... without finding an answer by himself, Leon waited to hear Darya’s opinion.

“So, you can create items that can let us recover and increase our mana without having to meditate?” Darya asked. “I’m all for it, now that I’m free to do whatever I want, I don’t want to spend my time sitting and without using my head.”

“I didn’t ask that...” Leon sighed. “I’m worried because using those kinds of skills and items may prejudice us later. Although I can create magic items, I don’t want to rely too much on external factors always to help me. I’m pretty sure those factors will put me in problems in the future.”

“You worry too much about the strangest things...” Darya frowned. “Do you plan to use those skills and items to slack off? As long as you keep working hard, I don’t think you will have such problems.”

In the end, Leon could only nod. But he wondered if things could be so simple... It was hard to admit, but Leon knew he wasn’t smart, but he knew that he tends to be overly suspicious of everything.

“... I guess a monster like Kraken could work as a good watchdog. If a harvester appears, I’m pretty sure a monster like that can buy us a few seconds.”

Leon hesitated for a while, but in the end, he transformed a Kraken he had just killed into a zombie. He also checked its status to confirm how strong the creature had become.

Zombie Kraken

Health: 18000/18000

Mana: 12000/12000

Stamina: 6000/6000

Active Skills: Water Cyclone Lv 150, Suction Lv 90, Dark Ink Lv 80

Passive Skills: Swim Lv 80

“The skill leveled up two times, and that was why the monster’s health, mana, and stamina increased by twenty percent. Still... the creature lost its ability to absorb water attacks.”

It was a pretty impressive growth, didn’t create more than one. Leon wanted coins, but it was better to keep working hard directly to earn them.

“I guess with this, we can explore the ocean and see the underwater dungeons,” Darya said. “It is awe-inspiring that you have a skill like that. Even with all our technology, we didn’t manage to find many underwater dungeons.”

“That is true, but I think that an ancient zombie whale would be more useful in that regard,” Leon said.

“Why?” Darya frowned.

“Because the creature can store more air inside its mouth,” Leon answered.

“Do you want to travel inside their mouths?” Darya frowned again. “I would rather use a Mana Barrier instead of exploring the ocean inside a monster’s mouth. Besides, how would we find the dungeons inside the monsters? We wouldn’t see anything.”

Although her reasons were pesky, Darya’s reasoning was sound. So, they would have to risk themselves a little more to explore the underwater dungeons. Leon was quite excited to explore the ocean, but also a little worried because he didn’t know if Kraken and ancient whales were the bosses... if those creatures had a stronger version of themselves inside the dungeons... things would get really messy.


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