As Leon had suspected, the Ice Pillar wasn’t enough to kill the golems… even though he was using the amulet, he obtained after killing the Ancient Frozen Dire Wolf. He could smash the majority of their bodies, but unless he destroys all its body, the monster could regenerate. The earth Leon spattered everywhere with his attacks returned to the beast… Leon had no choice but to use the Ice Pillar again.

“Oh, well… if I level up Ice Pillar a few times, it should be enough.”

Leon would have to spend a lot of coins to buy more mana potions, but he was more worried about the time instead of the coins… Regardless, the golems’ cores were quite big. So whenever a cart became empty after using all its bottles, Leon would send the worker and the cores he obtained back to the entrance. Since Ren was the one responsible for selling that, he also had to return.

According to Ren, golems could cause earthquakes, shot earth projectiles, and make spikes of earth fall from the ceiling. All of those were too dangerous, so Leon concentrated on killing them before they could do any of that.

Much like slimes, golem were weird creatures. Their bodies were thick and round, they didn’t have heads, but their cores that could be found in the top of their trunk worked as eyes. Since they were made of the earth, their bodies were slow, but fortunately, since their bodies were made of earth instead of rock, they weren’t that sturdy.

While Leon was using the mana potions, he noticed something; the workers were avoiding his eyes. It didn’t look like they were plotting something… they were just scared of the guy who could kill those monsters at a fearsome speed.

“The fate of those who have power…”

Leon obtained the power to return to his home, but other humans beings were fearing that same power… even though Leon never did anything to be feared by other humans. Thanks to that, Leon started to wonder how his parents and little sister would look at him now. Fours years of isolation changed him, his mindset changed, but in essence, he was still the same person, his goals never changed…

While Leon was thinking about that kind of thing, time passed. Eventually, Ren started to send the workers back to the dungeon with more bottles of mana. Things could have gone smoothly if Leon had let Ren find a map for him… to avoid troublesome developments, he had to lose time.

“I guess I really changed… back then, I wouldn’t worry so much about every single thing.”

Although it was only obvious that he would change since the world changed, Leon wanted to live his carefree days where he only had to worry about college and part-time jobs. Those days would never return, but it wasn’t a crime to miss those days.

In the end, Leon spent three days to find the crystal. He had to make a few pauses since the workers had a hard time finding him in the middle of the dungeon and because they also needed to rest.

The golem, which was the boss of the dungeon, didn’t look much different than the regular golems. However, unlike the ordinary ones, which were yellow-brown since it was the natural color of the gound of that region, the boss looked like a slime… which was semi-translucent.

“I don’t like this…”

Leon gave the order to the workers return to the entrance of the dungeon, while he was not looking it seemed that they marked the path, Ren probably gave that order. Regardless, Leon started to think while checking the mana potions the workers left.

“A golem made of water… no, it is a golem that can have the body of any element. If it is an evolved version of a regular golem, it must have that kind of skill.”

Without a body made of rigid earth, the creature probably could move freely. Things would become dangerous if the creature gets a little too close, so Leon had to find a way to kill it while avoiding a direct confrontation.

After thinking for a while, Leon decided to do the same thing that happened in the trolls’ dungeon. Using Earth Manipulation, he decreased the size of the corridor that leads to the end of the dungeon until the corridor became the size of a finger.

“If I make this on the other dungeons, won’t it solve the problem of the monsters?”

Although that much was true, hunting monsters became a part of the human’s life in those four years. They had to hunt to obtain resources and occasionally obtain items and tomes. However, Megalodons came from underwater dungeons, so Leon would never be able to seal all dungeons. Unless the survivors don’t use dungeons, they would never obtain the power and resources to survive attacks of monsters like dragons.

While Leon was thinking about that, the monster finally noticed what he had done. The creature tried to open a path by attacking the walls, but the monster had a hard time trying to make a path through dozen of meters of the sturdy earth, which made the dungeon walls. Eventually, the creature tried to move using the hole Leon left behind, but eventually gave up because Leon started to fill the hole with cold water.

The monster became a fire golem, but while keeping the size to fit in that small hole, the flames didn’t have the power to evaporate the cold water. Eventually, the monster lost the battle and was forced to retreat to the end of the dungeon. Little by little, the weather inside that section of the dungeon became colder until it started to freeze. The creature tried to resist, by increasing the heat of its body, but soon lost the battle because Leon had more magic power and a lot of options to use.

There was a chance that the crystal would recognize that action as an attack, but Leon didn’t worry about it. Even if several of those golems appear, they would appear in the middle of the ice and freeze to death.


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