Unlimited Power - The Arcane Path

by Ex-Soldier Lv 99

Original ONGOING Action Drama Fantasy Sci-fi Cyberpunk Dungeon GameLit High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Post Apocalyptic Strategy Strong Lead Supernatural War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
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                A college student was returning home after studying abroad for several years when the end of the world happened. A dragon appeared out of nowhere and attacked the plane he was in, thanks to an incredible amount of luck and his quick-thinking, he managed to survive the plane crash only to get stuck on a tropical island.

                A weird system took over the world and brought monsters to Earth. While nations collapsed and the world as a whole was being destroyed by ridiculous monsters, Leon was stuck in a godforsaken island with no chances of being rescued. What will happen to him? How will the world change while he is away? Will he even manage to return?

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Ex-Soldier Lv 99

Ex-Soldier Lv 99

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It's okay for a fast read through, but more than that...

Reviewed at: Chapter 42

So this story has its good points and its bad points. Its good points are shared with quite a few stories on this site, same with its bad points. If you have experience reading quite a few stories on this site, you know exactly what is coming.


Story (Saying this first as its the easiest to explain):

Basis of the story is MC survives disaster from a huge monster, finds himself lost (this time on an island 800 miles from mainland Asia). By himself he figures out how to use magic, level up said magic. Figure out how to use magic to get back. Once he finds others, he finds out just OP he truly is.

There really isn't much more to say than that. Same as quite a few others, and so far (chapter 40) there hasn't been anything special happen.



This is always the hardest part of a review for me to explain because there are so many different factors encompassed in this one score. But I will make it easy why I choose only 3.5 stars.

It is so goddamn fast paced. So many things happen that doesn't get explained how the character comes to that decision or why he hasn't tired other things. While that might seem like a character issue (which it is), but it is very much an issue with the style of this story.

Damn near nothing gets explain except for the broad stroke issues that happen.

The MC's first hurdle is his entire body was basically broken. With the system he is able to recover. The first half of the recover is explained well, but the last half where a normal person would be forced to take their time to recover (superhuman or not) is not explained. He just starts running like he didn't just have both his legs broken not even 5 minutes prier.

Though he breaks nearly everything again, if not as bad, but there is no explanation as to how he recovered the second time. Because why show the same action twice to show the difference between the MC of chapter 1 to then.

Fast pace is good for this kind of story. But it is too fast in my opinion.

I could go on, but I will stop there. Onto Grammar!



The grammar is actually pretty good. There isn't many if any misspelled words and you can see that he actually uses a spell checker. Though that doesn't stop him changing to past/present in his paragraphs. While maybe not constant, it is there if you look for it. Making it a jarring read if you take your time to read it.

Which as I said at the beginning, this is not the kind of story you take your time on. Skim it, feel happy that the numbers are going up and don't think past that.



The worst part of this story, hands down. And based on the comments of the chapters, I am just shocked that I haven't seen this issue being brought up.

If I needed to put this in only a few words, it would be: The MC is just so stupid.

His words and actions are just so unrelatable that I can't figure them out.

You get stranded on an island, hundreds of miles away from anything. There is a magic system that makes you stronger, perfect. I should be able to make a raft pretty easily with super strength, right? No.

The MC's first thought was I need to become fast enough to run over water for 800 miles straight. Nothing past that. That becomes the MC's one goal until he learns magic, and even past that. Run on water for 800 miles.

Then the goal becomes build a boat from earth magic because the sharks we AND the MC don't know about the sharks that are too strong for a wooden boat. There is no explanation as to why he changes his mind about the running over water thing. It just happens.

Besides that, though, an MC doesn't have to make or break the story. There are plenty of ways side characters can push a story along for the better. If there were any that is.

When the MC first makes contact with a person for the first time, it is a large group of people. But only one gets screen time, explained via leader/only one that speaks English. Five chapters later, and he is still the only other character that gets more than a couple of off handed lines. And that other character that got those couple lines of mention, was only one person. No others.

Unless something crazy comes up, you can tell that this is the kind of story where only the MC is going to get enough character development. And even then, it won't be much considering how little multiple years of solitude trapped on an island surrounded by monsters changed him.

  • Overall Score

Mediocre to start but then goes downhill

Reviewed at: Chapter 42

The first arc is pretty time-skippy.  He's on a tropical island grinding for five years.  He fights stuff, goes insane, and most of the grind is passed over in a series of time-skips that can last years.  That's alright, if you like gamer stories for the grind-strategy, for the meta.  Though even there it's a bit sub-par, since he forgets about a lot of useful skills he's unlocked (leaving them at lvl 1 or at low levels the entire time). 


The problem is that the post-grind stage is not that great.  He goes to Japan and ends up doing a bunch of dumb stuff that somehow managed not to bite him.  The info-dump is implausible, the characters dull. 


Overall, not worth the time. 

  • Overall Score

Promising Start - Failed Potential

Reviewed at: Chapter 76

I can't tell if the Author is not a native English speaker or if he/she is young. Whichever it is, kudos to you for keeping up with it. Unfortunately, your release pace is WAY too fast based on all the grammatical errors.

The story starts off with an interesting if shallow premise. It seems like a good fit for a nice enjoyable read, however it begins to tank fast and hard as soon as other characters are introduced. The MC's interpersonal relationships are very poorly explained and the dialogue is painful.

if you are looking for a decent read, I recommend this up to the MC's escape. However, I would advise pretending the MC is killed by a dragon or something before reaching shore and save yourself the agony of watching the story fall apart from there.

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  1. Its mediocre at best. 


On the upside the author is banging out one chapter after another chapter so respect due where it is due, 




Dialogue and general sentence structure is pretty bad/boring/repetitive. But everybody learns at some point and I find these things to be of little importance as long as the story itself is “good”, if you feel me. 


The reason i really, really struggle to enjoy this novel is that almost everyone besides the Mc are absolute morons apparently. In relative terms. In objective terms Mc is a Moron as well. 


Sooooo System arrival yadayada, Mc is stuck on island alone and manages to learn (magic) skills. 4 years he works to develop his build/plan to be able to leave his island in order to find his family. Logic is not really part of the Mcs thinking at this point already, or at least the actions of Mc seem completely lunatic.


Spoiler: Spoiler


The entire novel is a cocktail of mediocre litrpg mechanics, obvious forced plots and nonsensical actions by Mc and Scs , cringe tropes and generally boring non-action action scenes. 


The author could in theory sell the exact same story packaged with a little more care and love and it could be a great story ( or at least okay ) 


If this is just an writing experiment then I guess I can understand not wanting to invest the time to really develop plot and characters but at the same time you are already investing a lot of time into creating this, why not just take the 2 extra steps to make it actually worth even if it’s just a throwaway project. 

  • Overall Score
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Interesting concept, but poor execution

Reviewed at: Chapter 72

MC starts off in a plane crash caused by a dragon.  Ok, great launch right into the world's setting. 


Unfortunately, there is next to no character development, the plot is basically outlined, but not fleshed out, if that makes any sense.  Scenes and events that could fill pages and chapters are barely given a sentence or a page or two in passing.

Worst for me, though, is the poor sentence construction and missing or misused words.  I get that a lot of writers on this site share this flaw, but as someone that's read literally thousands of professionally edited books, it's jarring to be reading and have so many broken sentences in a single page, each pulling me out of the story as I stumble across them.

The author is aware of this issue but just says they don't like proofreading ... for myself, I'd prefer they put out better edited content, if they are able, even if it means lower quantity.

If you enjoy the story, enjoy it.  But there are plenty of other stories out there with good grammar, syntax, spelling, etc.

I hate writing negative reviews, as I know I would hate reading a harsh review of my own works, but glossing over the problems isn't going to help the author improve. 

  • Overall Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Below mediocre and a waste of time.

Reviewed at: Chapter 45

Okay having given this story a full day of my time I can say with certainty that its disappointing.

First of its completely lacking in literally everything that makes a LitRPG story a LitRPG story. There are no classes, no achievements, no quest. The system is boring with no flavor text or anything else creative.

The pacing is ridiculous after 4yrs of grinding he was able to wipe out 100 megalodons yet no one else could even properly utilize magic? Really? That's just insulting to the entire human race. It wasnt even hard proven by the fact that he taught Ken how to so it in 5 minutes and literally everyone would've followed the same path he did to discovering it. 

But all of this could be forgiven no this stories most egregious sin is that it's boring. There's no antagonist or any sense of urgency at all in the entire thing. There is no humor. No likeable or even hateable characters. 

One positive I can give it though is how quickly he updates so I'll keep following just for that. Maybe come back later to see if its improved.

Dakie Salamander
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Childlish, at best mediocre novel created by someone who has idea, but read too much of fastprinted chinese/koreans novels...

Style: Zero. Nada. No style at all. Simple english expressing simplistic thoughts.

Grammar: Syntax is not good, grammar seems to be corrected by MSOffice/LibreOffice autocorrection. But still needs a lot of proofreading and correction.

Story: System took over Earth, dungeons and monsters starts appearing on world, almost everything collapses, humas are blinded by power, "bigbrain" MC is only one who (after 4 years) was able to comprehend how to use magic and awes everyone with that.

Characters: Superintelligent yet completely dumb and inefficient MC surrounded by complete morons without hinge of intelligence, Emperor of the Japan meets him without precautions even though he knows MC can murder hundreds of monsters (which he needs to use atleast 30 soldiers to just injure one of said monsters). People are just NPCs from badly written chinese RPG.

System: Doesn't make sense, nothing is explained, numerical sense is nowhere to be found. What does it matter if he has 100 or 1000 strenght? How do you compare it to average person? (in this case grown male in his twenties).

It's terribly written novel. There is no depth to story or characters. MC is on wimp, dumb side surviving only with some strange plot-armor, which is that everyone else is dumber that himself.

  • Overall Score

Great Premise but needs editing

Reviewed at: Chapter 69

Review after 69 chapters when I abandoned the story even 91 chapters were written.

While a decent premise, there are several areas that I believe should be worked upon. 

Editing - a second look at the grammar and spelling would improve the story tremendously. There are several instances where I couldn't puzzle out what I was reading due to multiple improper word choices or typos. Having a second set of eyes go over this would help greatly  

Characters - while mostly told from the perspective of the MC the are occasional alternate viewpoints  These are used well to reinforce the storyline. However the MC makes several questionable choices. Being smart enough to tell when people may be lying to him because he insulted their boss but refusing a gift from a Japanese emperor in front of his court?  It seems like the author got caught up in his own cleverness to the detriment of the story.  

System- while the magic system isn't bad, it was inconsistent in terms of awarding skills and the growth of the skills came across as a cheat sheet version rather than a consistent system. Also While the MC does work hard to earn his success, it isn't credible, given how progresses, that no one else is close to his level. 

The author has created a decent world and certainly put out regular and prolific updates, but there is an inconsistent distribution of power, inconsistent application of the characters interactions win others, and really does need to be edited for publication.  

Less publishing and more siting would see this story have a much higher rating.

 This is my first attempt at a review and I welcome any feedback. 

The Magic Kiwi
  • Overall Score
The grammar errors make this jarring and hard to read.

The MC is unreliable and makes bizarre jumps of logic.

i don't know why this is on the from page

Jack Blank
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Not my fave, but I like it

Reviewed at: Chapter 80

First things first, props for these chapters. Thanks for the fuckin meal.

But now I gotta be firm. Firstly, your characters are dry. They do not feel alive. They feel archetypical and while there are certainly plenty of elements at play that make them FEEL as if they should be alive, everyone is neatly folded into sections. People are messy, they make mistakes, and there's no... There's no suspense to it because it feels like everything has gone Leon's way in regards to relating to other people.

People don't like him? Nyeh, who gives a shit? Not the viewer because he rarely interacts. 

Diversify your interactions my friend.


Furthermore, your structure could use a little work. It's passable but then again, so is grass to the human palette.

 All in all, I like the story, but your execution needs some work. Pacing, sentance structure, relatable, and versatility of interaction.

Leon has had it easy street. There's no dramatic flair, and contrary to popular belief, a little personal flair goes a long way.

All in all, shit is edible, but definitely not great. Not the best work, but you've got a reader in me.