The Chronicle of a Witch

by Mystle Lord

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Dungeon Female Lead High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Secret Identity Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

It is a story about a young girl that abruptly transmigrated into the body of another young girl (at least in appearance) in another world filled with Magic. She notices that she becomes a Dungeon Master and for a thousand years... she lives a lazy life. However, one day, she lost all of her power and she is kicked out of her Dungeon! And the world's changed that video games level and classes governed the power system of the new world! What will she do as a weak and fragile girl? Will she get her power back? How will she survive in the harsh world?


Author's note:

I will update daily if possible and each chapter is around 2,000 words.

Gores, Sexual Contents, and Traumatising Contents are limited and I try my best not to write them. However, for the progress of the story, I can't help but write some of them in the latter part of the story. However, don't expect them too much ^_^

English is not my native language, so there might be grammatical errors (maybe a lot), but I'll try to fix them, so constructive critiques will be appreciated (^_^)

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Mystle Lord

Mystle Lord

Word Count (X)
3rd Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 The Dungeon Master ago
Chapter 2 Welcome to the World of Acrodia? ago
Chapter 3 New Life in Newbie Village ago
Chapter 4 How to interact with Players ago
Chapter 5 There Are too many Perverts in this World! ago
Chapter 6 A Handshake Event? ago
Chapter 7 I'm being kidnapped ago
Chapter 8 Rhino-Bear ago
Chapter 9 Clearing Name and a Sparring ago
Chapter 10 Negotiation and Tournament ago
Chapter 11 Bullying? ago
Chapter 12 Watching the Tournament ago
Chapter 13 A Battle and Mochi ago
Chapter 14 Mochi Armor? ago
Chapter 15 A Strategy Meeting and Having Fun ago
Chapter 16 Rhino-Bear's Raid ago
Chapter 17 Slimerin Vs Rhino-Bear ago
Chapter 18 Going to Acropolis ago
Chapter 19 The Entrance Examination ago
Chapter 20 Registration ago
Chapter 21 Spelunking ago
Chapter 22 Dungeon Core ago
Chapter 23 Slave Market and a Request ago
Chapter 24 The Adventure Guild and Making Potions Again ago
Chapter 25 It is School Time! ago
Chapter 26 Learning About the Past a Little ago
Chapter 27 Tactical Retreat from the Library! ago
Chapter 28 Rumors and an Attack ago
Chapter 29 Moving to the Dorm and a New Plan ago
Chapter 30 Faye ago
Chapter 31 New Armor? ago
Chapter 32 Hiding and a Glib Tongue ago
Chapter 33 Anti-Thievery Function and New Potion ago
Chapter 34 Potions and Intruders ago
Chapter 35 A-Rank Adventurer Vs Earth Slime ago
Chapter 36 The Aftermath and Buying Slaves ago
Chapter 37 A letter from Briana ago
Chapter 38 Watching a Fight and Watching a Drama ago
Chapter 39 The Alchemist Guild and a Night in the Dungeon ago
Chapter 40 Goddess of Magic ago
Chapter 41 Rie and Getting Porters ago
Chapter 42 Rest Area and Bad News ago
Chapter 43 Dungeon of Goblins ago
Chapter 44 Adventurers Strategy Meeting ago
Chapter 45 A Powerful Ally? ago
Chapter 46 A Feast in the Bashura ago
Chapter 47 Under the Full Moon ago
Chapter 48 Getting Sick and A Dream ago
Chapter 49 Found Out? ago
Chapter 50 An Unexpected Attack ago
Chapter 51 The Real Unexpected Attack ago
Chapter 52 A Skirmish and Kidnapping ago

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A confusing attempt at an anime-style story

Reviewed at: Chapter 3 New Life in Newbie Village

Well the dialog and prose is light novel or anime style. The first chapter alone has the MC discribing things as "troublesome" three times. So that's fun to read. But not the biggest problem.

The biggest problem is that nothing is explained or makes sense. The main character appeared in this world and controls her 100 floor dungeon. How, you may ask? No idea. She just does. It's mentioned several times she changes the layout, at least one slime is friendly to her, and she can drive a "hero" capable of killing a dragon literally insane with one of her traps.

How does any of this happen? No idea. It just does. If I were to read a passage saying, "And then she changed her dungeon's floor into magma as the party entered." with zero explanation or follow up, it would fit right in. It's all stream of consciousness nonsense.

I could tolerate three chapters. Good luck.

Sylvan Arevalo
  • Overall Score

The double isekai + the kind, overpowered, female MC allows a relaxing and refreshing perspective of many of the tropes which draw me to rr.

The story jokes that the MC emobdies PG rated Sloth rather than the more typical R rated sins. dunno how much sloth actually fits: more like the mc is just really scared of leaving her comfort zone. 

  • Overall Score

I categorize the novels I read in many ways. This one is in the pile "made me laugh out loud at 3am, then almost choked to death by mistake because I was too loud".