Against humanity’s hopes, neither leaving Earth nor expanding through the galaxy could change our nature. As mankind expanded throughout the stars, so too did our problems. Struggles which will haunt humanity until the unforgiving galaxy finally claims the last human life.

Almost four hundred years have passed since the downfall of the Solar Commonwealth, our first and last joint interstellar government. Mankind has broken apart into dozens of subspecies, hundreds of religions, and tens of thousands of nations. The Solar Federation and the Confederation of Mankind never ceased their struggle to become the Commonwealth’s true successor. The Long War continues ever on. All while numerous outside forces threaten the survival of them both.

Now, however, something unpredictable has happened in one of the forgotten corners of Human Space. A man from another era has received a mission. Will he merely become a footnote in history? Or perhaps he is the herald of the end of the stalemate and the conclusion of the Long War?


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What a treat, a real shame it's only got 200 pages of content right now but I had not expected to see a story this good on royalroad... well... ever, if I'm being honest. I'd obediently and completely given up on it after wading through the piles of garbage.

Yet lo and behold, here we have a real A class work flying way under the radar, and my only issue with it is that I NEED MORE!

Some might recognize the author from his earlier story, The Infinity Project, which while I also quite liked, I also thought it had quite a few downsides. But these have for the most part been fixed here.

The grammar is impeccable, I practically never give a 5 star grammar score, but look at me doing it here.

The story is leagues ahead of most of what you'll find on this site just the fact that there's clearly an overarching plot, and this whole story is actually going somewhere, is enough to put it that far ahead of stories that most of the time are just a premise with ad-lib writing.

The characters are also very decent; although he doesn't really explore the personalities too much in depth (which is fine, I usually hate it when authors drag their characters through cheesetown), you can see quite distinct personalities between each of them, save perhaps for the protagonist himself who seems like your typical blank slate protagonist.

The premise is great, isekai via time travel, our protagonist gets launched hundreds of years into the future to a much changed universe, with threats ranging from nazi empires to eldritch space horrors.

Everything is great, I'm excited, and I can't wait to see more. Enter my problems with the story though.

Although it's handled much more elegantly than in his aforementioned former work, there's a bit much exposition going on here between the chapters, now for the most part he's managed to avoid the exposition dump format, but it's like every other conversation will tell you something new about the world, and well, besides how much this all drags down the pacing of the story... It's also gotten to the point where it's a bit of an information overload, I feel like the story expects a bit too much of it's reader's memory capacity :/

The exposition as far as I can tell is well handled, I haven't had my immersion in the story broken more than once or twice maybe through all I've read, but there's just TOO MUCH of it. It's a bit like the author is trying to tell the reader all the key points about his worldbuilding (which seems to be of the quite detailed kind), as fast as he can while simultaneously trying to progress the story, but not only does this significantly slow progression (since you know, all that text for exposition is, quite a lot of text for exposition), it's also just too much up front information. For instance I feel that for this early part of the story we're stlil at, I really don't think that the reader needs to know the ins and outs of faction politics to the extent that we now do, we could have learnt it more slowly through a more show and less tell kind of way through maybe 20 or 30 more chapters as events and small tidbits would make it all clearer to us over time, instead of having all of that information rammed into our skulls at a barely sustainable rate up front. It also doesn't help that there are just too many characters and too many character names to remember.

So that's one of my issues.

My other issue is that it's a multiple lead character story. I just don't like these, now the execution of this multiple lead character story is quite stellar, and all the POV switches have felt quite all right to me, I mean all the lead characters are actually within roughly a square kilometer of one another most of the time (e.g. on the same space ship) and no matter which character we're viewing the story from, the plot is always progressing (even if quite slowly due to all the aforementioned exposition).  It also doesn't help that we have to know the names of all the characters that all the multiple lead characters know which makes the problem with too many names just THAT MUCH bigger. But my main problem with the multiple lead character format is that the most exciting thing to me at this time in the story is the protagonist, how he's handling these changes, how his skills as a member of the spacefaring elite are coming along, and how this or that event affects him, either by how other's interact with him differently or just how it weighs on his soul.

But we get absolutely none of that, we're now roughly three months into the story at the 13 chapters I've read, and there have been quite many major events for the guy, but everytime such an event happens the POV immediately switches and we don't get to hear anything about the ensuing drama until weeks or months later he's in the thick of it again. Which is a huge missed opportunity for character development, of the character that probably should be developing the most (stupid blank slate protagonists).

It's almost gotten to the point where I'm wondering why he's even here, I mean is he here for any other reason than to set up that interesting premise of getting chucked hundreds of years into the future? because most of the story is not even from his perspective, most of the story is not even about him, and at the start reading about where his story would go seemed the most exciting part to me. Honestly if I'd noticed the multiple lead characters tag before I started reading I probably never would have started.

That all said though, I am glad I did start reading this, because I do stand by my earlier statements that this story is damn good and I can't wait to read more of it,, because aside from these two major issues I mentioned, everything else just seems borderline perfect to me. It's got thrills, mystery, intrigue, action, a bit of horror, and all that other good stuff. And it gets extra brownie points for being so well liked by someone who generally hates multiple lead character stories.


Learning with the Main Character

Reviewed at: 006: Awakening

I really like this convention, when the main character of the story is finding himself in the middle of the events without knowing anything or recognising reality in which he happened to be. Mirrond isn't an unknown author to me - like Palpatine I watched his career with great interest. Same briliant, intelligent sense of humour, interesting characters who seems to be like alive and real and greatly driven story full of emotions of protagonist.

What is almost a trademark of Mirrond is astonishing vocabulary and outstanding grammar - shapeshifting of words and phrases is very intelligent and conscious - no word is unnecessary and dull - yet the language is far from simple. 

And the characters here are far beyonf traditional archetypes of heroes in sci-fi literature, which is a great advantage for the story!

What more can i say... I am eager to write more when I consume the whole story, which is right now like a tasty and fat piece of shishkebab. And I am really hungry for a good read.

Keep it up my man!


If you look for a harem story or a system story, this is not the one for you. There might (or might not) be a romance in it, but its mainly a very good (and fun) si-fi read with some "power" implements on the level of starwars - not the typical "magic" in space that seems to pop up here and there.

A space opera, with a not so commonly described future setting. Quite fantastic. Has great world building. Not much of the common cliché's. Definitly worth to read.

I wont go in the details of the story, but it has pretty much everything that starwars has too. Multiple races, space battles, melee fights, epic world building.

The epic world building is quite good implemented as "lore" desciptions in the beginning of the chapters, wich lessens info dump or creats stocky dialogs between characters. You know, those anoying ones who are only there to give you some background info that the characters either should have or people would not talk about if not in an apropiate setting.

Clear plus point, the autor works very hard on "blowing live" into his characters. Who dosnt hate those 2d add on characters who you woudnt care about if they stood in flames right in front of you? This story? Clearly well done. Bigger pluls point? At least for me is the humor that made me more then once laugh out loud.

Id decided against my normal policy of only giving 4 stars to not lower the storys rating. I mean seriously, why does this story have so few followers? Its a great read, so give it a try even if you're not in this kind of genre, i dont think you'll regret it. :)

Imperator of Benera

Now that we are getting somewhere, it is safe to say that the quality has remained quite good. Mirrond is a great wordsmith and is very knowledgeable about various topics that he weaves seamlessly into his work. 

This isn't a power fantasy where the main character seemingly succeeds at everything he does. We are getting to know the characters and the factions immediately surrounding our cast.

The worldbuilding is excellent. There isn't anymore to say than that. Very different from the utopian or dystopian pictures commonly portrayed where everything is either good or bad.

The characters and factions aren't afraid to conflict with each other based on their values or perceptions and criticisms from one to the other are quite common. As one would expect from a group of rookies.

I don't believe in perfection so I won't say its perfect, there are definitely things that are issues like how secrets don't seem to be a thing on the ship. Though, that may be explained soon. All in all, its good work that is seriously underrated on Royal road.


Catgirl With Machine Gun in Space!

Reviewed at: 008: Boarding

Great writing, interesting setting and concept so far. Also, Chp. 8: Catgirl with Machine Gun in Space!!!  Now to the nitpicking: MC is just going along with everything and doesn't have a lot of complexity yet. It's only chp 8 so I attribute this to shock and getting caught up in the pace of events more than anything. Eventually it will become an issue if he has no motivations of his own. I really enjoy the setting and magic system so far, and I'm excited to see where this goes! 


Lets go straight to the point. I like the informative bits at the beginning of each chapter, they provide us with deeper understanding of the world that MC found himself in.  There are many stories which make the mistake of focusing on main character, while ignoring side characters and the world.  There this mistake was not commited which is very nice. I like the fact that characters arent completely flat.  The captain is sometimes a bit annoying with his strange antics, but i guess you cant remain normal while traveling through the void.  Also having a main character that isnt stupid, is decisive and can make good use of his own abilities is another plus of this story. 

My review was kinda messy but i dont really care that much about form.  Thanks for the story. I reccomend it. Read it


Wild adventures in space!

Reviewed at: 020: Skirmish

Okay, this is certainly an odd sci-fi story, in many aspects, though fun at that!

The premise alone is unique, person from 21st century somehow ends up like 800 years later, on a spaceship, and of course, much has changed during that timeperiod, like Humanity expanded among the stars, even if that process wasnt exactly peaceful, and due to past events, is now totally fractured between many different factions, all the while outside factions threaten humanity as a whole.


This story does have a quite various cast of characters with the crew of Echo, and more specificially the members of Team eight. Like Christopher is the only 'normal' character in this story, all the rest are weirdoes by our standerds, and likely even by the general standards in that age.

And Christopher is a person totally out of his element at first, being suddenly thrown in the far future, for some mysterious goal, he literally has no purpose of his own at first, but slowly gains one, as he gets to know the crew better and becomes an actual crewmember.

I like just how varied the crew is overall, they are certainly an odd bunch managing to work together somehow, which i guess can be attributed to Captain Keller, who is also weird just like the rest!

Characters here are realistically written in my opinion, even with all their weird quirks, which dont get exaggerated at all.


Theres honestly massive worldbuilding here, with lots of information about the galaxy, the history of humanity in space, technology and other things, which is partly expanded on more in the pre chapter notes, which give some interesting background information on the setting. Though at times i felt like it was a bit much, since i wasnt interested at all in the politics of those minor nations that arent revalent in the larger picture.

Another interesting thing is, that at times, names may seem like real weird, which hit me also, until a couple chapters later it was explained why those things were named that, so basically weird stuff happaned in the future!


Grammar is overall perfect, so i dont have any complaints with it. Maybe that for some chapters there could be small improvements, but im sure that more discerning readers than me will find those, and those problems with grammar, if they are even there, dont even hinder the reading experience.


Well, i got my problems with the style, its overall fine to read, excellent even. Makes for a smooth read generally, but then at times, it becomes confusing at what is actually happening, and the rather frequent POV switches arent helping with that at all. Im honestly lost at whats happening at certain moments, though it generally is over fast and slows down.


Also i have to repeat Cestarians opinion that the MC feels like he is totally out of place, which is quite true given what happened to him, but its more than that, it doenst feel like he has an actual purpose here so far, even with things hinting to it like the mysterious Entity, or his powers, he is more overshadowed by the other crewmembers, who are insane in their own right. Though the story is already moving to making the MC play more of a role, but as things are, that certainly seems to be something far off, and i dont mind it that much, as long as it is well done.

Though, i dont feel like my review does the story any justice honestly, but still wanted to get one out for this story.

So yeah, this story is recommended for those interested in reading sci-fi or just a story set in the future with all kinds of crazyiness. So go for it then!

I Don't Bite...

Yeah, that’s a gladiator reference, but that statement does sum up my experience. I tend to lean more towards the fantasy crowd rather than sci-fi, but the story gripped me and kept a hold of me till the latest chapter...

Other reviews mostly explored the technical things already, so I won’t go too much into detail by regurgitating the same thing, but here are the few things I noticed...

Style: This is where my biggest problem with the story lies. While the narration is nice and flows really well with the story, some of the narrative choices still left me wanting. Especially in the earlier chapters(that’s not to say it doesn’t persist until now, although much less noticeable), exposition-heavy narration and dialogue were fairly regular...

The transition between POV and dialogue also had some issues with different character’s thoughts written in the same paragraph with another character’s narration. Those bits forced me to halt my reading to figure out who was thinking and who was speaking, although the time it took was minuscule, any stop in the flow of the story hampers the reading experience. But the author has started fixing that problem too, so I don't think it would be a major problem in the later chapters...

Grammar: Nothing to say here. In this part, I’m inferior to the author and noticed nothing that hampered my reading experience...

Story: Again, nothing much to say about this excellent, well-crafted story except the fact that I enjoyed it very much. Although the characters still don’t have an obvious goal and are in the phase of finding themselves, the sheer amount of fun in the story is... well, fun. If it’s a plotted(peasant way) story, then well done! If it’s discovery written(noble way), then double well done, though I suspect it was a pea- plotted story. But still, well done anyway...

(Yes, I’m biased towards discovery writing. got a problem???)

Character: The cast of characters is large in this one with each having noticeable traits and personality, but the sheer number of them makes them harder to grasp. The protagonist also started with a fairly uninteresting personality, though it seems to be improving in the later chapters. And not just him. Many other characters are also starting to get much more depth in the recent chapters. in short, not much to complain about...

Conclusion: As I said in the beginning, I was entertained, and thoroughly. And why the heck aren’t there more chapters, dammit!!!

(My usual disclaimer: All above are my opinion and mine only)


Easy 5/5 for me, this is some of the best writing I've found on Royal Road. A fantastically well written science-fiction, good pacing, grammar's great, characters are realistic and the situation is interesting.

Go read it right now.

Spoiler: Spoiler