Song of the Depths

by Luciferia

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Book 1: Complete, in process of posting.
Book 2: 50% complete, will schedule chapters when complete.

Part of the Cycles of Imbalance universe.

Will contain an alternative relationship dynamic (reverse harem, might be some MM and FF. No cheating, no NTR.)

To the Creshe Empire, I’m just a number.

I’ve spent the past five years in isolation and under study. With my home razed by a Syldrari attack, my mind damaged, and nothing but white walls and a viewing window around me, I dedicated myself to two things: training my body, and reading any book they allowed me to have.

The Empire wants me to serve, to use the inhuman power the Incident stirred within me. Technically, they asked, but it wasn’t much of a choice. It never is. Serve, or… I refused to be a mindless slave. My life was taken from me once. Never again.

With the Empire moving forward with their xenophobic plans, they needed someone capable of killing Syldrari—and I was just that. A tool they could use, a tool they thought they could manipulate. Needing me was their first mistake. They gave me leverage, I named my terms.

Now, after five years, my life can begin.

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Feesh, a colorful story.

Reviewed at: Chapter One

I am a beta reader for the author, as of now it's 29 chapters strong. All of you should love this. 

TLDR: Shapeshifting intruige. Appearances are deceiving. Cyber punk post golden era progenitors.



The long story is that the protag (once gain female) is set in a situation where she doesn't have a clear destined partner. Unlike other works by Bon, this work has a refreshing take on romance in a more realistic setting. It's also a step away from fantasy into a more sci-fan with  cyberpunk backdrop. 

Key friendships and interpersonal relationships are built up instead of just made aside from the important intial interfaces into who the character is. Quality use of timeskips to keep the story going allow inference buildup as well as removing the rust from the story that naturally builds up.

Utilizing the art of not being too specific it also follows the groove of setting up a good story without getting focused on the details of why and how. No midiclorians found here, but plenty of the art and it's many aplications.

The main thing to keep in mind is that ultimatly the story is and will be the adventure of some one who doesn't know themselves, and is throwing themselves headlong into figuring it out.

This isn't for you if you don't like strong female MC, and vibrant colors, or colloring outside genre lines. (My personal opinion)




A smooth read, interesting story and most of all: really diverse characters that feel alive and captivating in their development and interaction with each other. Every scene has some spice that keeps you wanting to read more right away, well done, Author.


Clever Sci Fi and Cyberpunk with Romance and Intrigue

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty-Seven

I have read this book, in an Advanced Review Copy, and have been reading the chapters online as they have been made available on the authors Patreon account.

This book Song of the Depths, has kept me eager to read more, and for me it has been addictive, and not a book that I could put down easily, until the available chapters have been read. A sense of realism, surrounds the story, in that all the characters are well developed, and have their own paths, and objectives. There is a focus on the main character, and their moral code, dealing with things that they learn or encounter.

As the story unfolds, there are more aspects of the cultures that are depicted, unveiling fragments of a deeper mystery.

The perspective of the chapters, is highlighted with a series of symbols, so that you know which of the characters the story is involving.

If you enjoy a world in which you can immerse yourself in, learning new aspects of the world and more about the characters, then this is a great book to read. Given there is a 2nd book already in progress, there looks to be a very good amount of time to spend learning about this universe.

Though I have read the story already, I will be ensuring I do get another copy, as it is worth rereading several times. I am also looking forward to hearing the audio book when that is ready.

I have very much enjoyed The Song of the Depths, and do feel that many others will find the book a joy to read.

Whisper Lafell

*Finished* Review of SotD 1

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty-Five

I am a beta reader for this author and have read the full book, including edited chapters based on feedback from RR, and Beta readers. Which is where my five-star rating comes from.

TLDR: Solid story, relationships, and growth. The final edited version is even better, fixing many of the flaws that this version has. Nudge nudge, hint hint. It's worth buying the book when it comes out.


During my initial pass, the Author kept me on the edge of my seat through my read-through of the book and left me wanting more. If you are just after a sci-fi, cyberpunk, action-packed story, this one isn't for you. The character growth is fantastic for both the MC and supporting cast as they learn about themselves and each other, and the dialog and relationships feel real. No 'formulas' based on literary style, but real relationships.

Additionally, the Author has an in-depth universe that the characters are exploring, and you get glimpses of just how much you *don't* know as the story progresses.

Overall, this version of the story has some improvements that are needed but lays out a solid foundation for the story going forward, and a cast that I love learning about as they themselves learn about each other.

Things of note:

  • Pacing is set for a normal book release, and as such doesn't follow a serial chapter release pacing.
  • Relationships are more organic than other books/stories that contain similar themes.
  • Descriptions tend to favor letting the reader fill in the blanks compared to being told every little detail.

Reads like most other fantasy romance novels where the female protag is 'special' and there are lots of threats of casual violence to show how tough they are.

The world building seemed a little rushed to me, a lot of telling of information that may or may not have been necessary for the reader at the time. However, this was done through dialogue which takes a lot of the sting out of it.

All that being said, the writing is of professional quality with little to no grammar or spelling errors.

Personally the story isn't for me but if you like other typical fantasy romances you should like this one.


A good read but there seems to be parts missing

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty-Seven

Style - a great writing style that is easy to read.

story - a helping of intrigue with mystery makes a good story the only problem is that it seems to jump as in a chapter is missing here and there. 

grammer- few issues that are easy to read, though the sudden font change around 14 was a little jarring.

Charters- a diverse cast that are unique but with the story seeming to skip here and there the logical jump in slight personality changes are harder to ignore 


Great Sci fi beginning to an adventure

Reviewed at: Chapter Forty-Eight [End of Book 1]

This is a very interesting sci-fi read that got me hooked from start to finish. 

In the beginning it's a great power fantasy about the main character and her mysterious power, but as the story goes on it slowly devolves into questioning about how and where she got her abilities and her origin. This story is a great example of when sci-fi is done right. The empire gives me a less powerful imperium of man feel in their thoughts about aliens, but unlike the imperium the citizens of the empire are able to think for themselves about their alien friends so we have interesting power struggles abound.

The characters besides our heroine are very connecting if not downright infuriating some of them that act like children, you know the ones, but that does not draw away from the epic stories that follow them and caused them to act like they do.

The only downside I can see at the moment in the story is the slowly paced and written chapters. But those characteristics is what makes good stories when they are finished.

I can't wait for book 2 so I can see the next step in the adventures of our heroine and her friends.