The wuxia adventure of an edgy earthling with a system

by Plus1

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead GameLit LitRPG Male Lead Martial Arts Reincarnation Secret Identity Strong Lead Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Ten years ago, Earth was assimilated into a mysterious entity spanning multiple galaxies that called itself [The System]. 

Al was sixteen at the time, and by a series of fortunate events and many, many close calls, he managed to become a top ranker and vanquish the big boss. Then he died.

Al woke up as a baby in an orphanage in the middle of the woods, and after a while he realised something:

“Wait, isn’t this basically a wuxia world!?”

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Turns out dying is pretty easy ago
Chapter 1: Tropes Galore ago
Chapter 2: Straining those little braincells ago
Chapter 3: Walkin’, talkin’ and makin’ friends ago
Chapter 4: The path of cultivation ago
Chapter 5: Repaying the favor ago
Chapter 6: First blood ago
Chapter 7: All in a week’s work ago
Chapter 8: Level up! ago
Chapter 9: Consequences ago
Chapter 10: Overconfidence ago
Chapter 11: Hasty Healing ago
Chapter 12: Lightning and darkness ago
Chapter 13: Training montage... Kinda? ago
Chapter 14: Evolution of the marbles ago
Chapter 15: [Insert class pun here] ago
Chapter 16: Training, training, and...reading? ago
Chapter 17: Light(n)ing up the winter night ago
Chapter 18: Trouble with the village ago
Chapter 19: Cat ago
Chapter 20: The Koro-pult ago
Chapter 21: Improvement ago
Chapter 22: Rank 3 ago
Chapter 23: Telepathy ago
Chapter 24: Bits and bobs ago
Chapter 25: Heights of happiness ago
Chapter 26: Depths of despair ago
Chapter 27: The path to revenge ago
Chapter 28: Winter is coming ago
Chapter 29: Starvation ago
Chapter 30: Hospitality ago
Chapter 31: Introspection ago
Chapter 32: Rehabilitation ago
Chapter 33: Spring cleaning ago
Chapter 34: Finishing the job ago
Chapter 35: Once again ago
Chapter 36: Escape ago
Chapter 37: Faces of the dead past ago
Chapter 38: Core farm ago
Chapter 39: Prepare for evacuation ago
Chapter 40: Prepare for defense ago
Chapter 41: Confronting darkness ago
Chapter 42: Actual training montage. Kinda. ago
Chapter 43: Talentless ago

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Another generic xianxia, reincarnation, age progression with genius toddler "I killed so many in my last life that I accidentally kill somebody, I don't feel a thing, but still aknowledge it and wonder what have I become" mc.


  • Overall Score

The biggest problem, by far, as of chapter 7, is that the children don't act like children.

Yulia - Yulia shouldn't be able to read and speak so fluently at the age of 2. I'm fairly sure that this isn't possible.

the MC - the MC (who is age 1 as of chapter 7) is able to perfectly control his body to run away from a demon beast, has the strength to pierce the body of said demon beast, and he can fluently speak the language everyone else speaks. Is a 1-year-old child's body even developed enough to speak at that point? I just don't know.

Really though, this story is a generic power fantasy that allows the MC to constantly come across great boons. (i.e. [epic] rarity class, a mythical pet, both of his close friends are powerful)

Overall, this story would automatically be way better if the main characters' ages were moved up. Them being extremely young children just puts a damper on my enjoyment, for whatever reason.

I have many more issues, but I don't have the patience to write every thing that bothers me.

Finally, there are MANY grammatical issues.

I wish the author great success on their future writing endeavors.

  • Overall Score

Basic Wuxia/system with a bit of everything. Good story while waiting for your favorite.