Private Academy System

by Sigmao

Original ONGOING Drama Fantasy LitRPG Male Lead School Life Slice of Life

Ensen Fuentes was a teacher at a top-tier local private academy. However, a few months ago the board decided to transition the academy into a girls-only academy. Due to pressure from the families of the students, male faculty members were slowly let go.

Because of Ensen's excellent reputation and progress with his students as a math teacher, he was kept but was ultimately forced to be let go after a few months.

With nowhere to go and nothing to aim for, watch how a mysterious system changes his life and aids him to create a world-renown private academy!

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Word Count (VIII)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Last Day ago
Chapter 2: A Peculiar System ago
Chapter 3: Beginning the search ago
Chapter 4: A sad goodbye ago
Chapter 5: A refreshing discovery ago
Chapter 6: An abrupt call ago
Chapter 7: Revelation ago
Chapter 8: Under the clock ago
Chapter 9: Relaxation ago
Chapter 10: Inspection ago
Chapter 11: An odd box ago
Chapter 12: Potential gains ago
Chapter 13: Offer ago
Chapter 14: Meeting ago
Chapter 15: Agreement ago
Chapter 16: Neighbour ago
Chapter 17: Beginning the hike ago
Chapter 18: First Reward ago
Chapter 19: Paperwork ago
Chapter 20: Initial plan ago
Chapter 21: Skill Market ago
Chapter 22: Product market ago
Chapter 23: Systems ago
Chapter 24: Loan ago
Chapter 25: Beginning the design ago
Chapter 26: System vacation ago
Chapter 27: Main building ago
Chapter 28: Material gathering ago
Chapter 29: Sister ago
Chapter 30: Change in attitude ago
Chapter 31: Relief ago
Chapter 32: Inferiority ago
Chapter 33: Old friend ago
Chapter 34: Unlocked ago
Chapter 35: Customization ago
Chapter 36: Selecting specialties ago
Chapter 37: Siblings ago
Chapter 38: Rural library ago
Chapter 39: Unexpected praise ago
Chapter 40: First faculty ago
Chapter 41: Orphanage ago
Chapter 42: Picking the students ago
Chapter 43: Convincing ago
Chapter 44: Five students ago
Chapter 45: Breaking ties ago
Chapter 46: Opening day ago
Chapter 47: Welcome gifts ago
Chapter 48: Gerhardt's introduction ago
Chapter 49: Hopeless ago
Quick note ago
Chapter 50: Unexpected ago
Chapter 51: Curse of the quiz ago
Chapter 52: Late ago
Chapter 53: Unexpected Ally ago
Chapter 54: Departing ago
Chapter 55: Returning to the auction house ago
Chapter 56: First otherworldly student ago
Chapter 57: Speaking with Flora ago
Chapter 58: Foreign student ago
Chapter 59: An unusual call ago
Chapter 60: System's task ago

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Reviewed at: Chapter 7: Revelation

This situation of my making reminds me of Yeats's Aedh wishes for the heavens' embroidered cloths. The novel being the titular cloth and me feeling bad as I'm about to step on those dreams enwrought by golden and silver light. Well, I'll try to thread softly on the cloths under my feet, so my dear poor fool who dreams of heaven, let's get to it.

To put it simply, this novel is an excercise in faffing about. I get that the goal was probably a slice of life shonen/shoujo novel sprinkled with system on top and heavily inspired by slice of life anime and manga, but it just doesn't work with how it's written and because it is written.

Anime and manga can get away with drawn out segments of people faffing about their daily lives, because they have appealing visual forms for reader's entertainment aside from their texts. A decent art style can make drawn out scenes of people eating scones at a cafe work, but the same effect is much harder to create by textual description alone. I'm sorry to say you try to evoke that effect too much and I'm no expert, but it clearly doesn't work.

You put too much before and after action in every scene, diluting the scene's effects, and simultaneously don't write well enough to breathe life into them. Example being the parking lot scene the day after his dismissal, meeting his old crush principal. The result is like reading a translated Japanese slice of life manga, which someone tried to rewrite into a novel. It doesn't work. I think you tried imagining your scenes like your favourite anime and then writing them and it's not working out.

I wish I knew how to creatively write, so that I could point out some remedies. But I'm only the critic trying to thread softly, as I'm threading on your dreams. And my writing ain't worth a damn.


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The system and school parts are pretty good but all of his side life stuff seemed like pure filler.

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The idea of a person making a school with a system seems good, but the execution is a bit boring, and the main charecter is very bland, i cant get interrested in his life, and the story spends a lot of time on that.

gaius maximus
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I liked the concept but progression of the story is very slow. Except MC the others characters are all females, there are one or two un important male characters. It's been 42 chapters and the academy is not yet started. There are lot of controdictions, like his financial status and ability to purchase a large plot on his own.

I hope the author will not abandon the novel and continue to persist.

William OKeefe
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Granularity of all sentences ruins a great concept

Reviewed at: Chapter 15: Agreement

I really like the idea for the story being a teacher myself. However after 15 chapters it is still painful to read. 

There are many holes that are glaring. The biggest issue though is the forced granularity. Every sentence is filled with unnecessary information. While sometimes this is needed for character building, it should not be every sentence. 

The "System" is okay but feels like a temperamental teenager trying to make their parent be a better person.

I don't know how long the author has been writing, or if English is their first language, but the grammar is lacking in part because of the granular descriptions.

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(as of chtr 21)

Gotten a bit bored with constant battle and different ways to kill things? Like the game mechanics set in the real world? Like slice of life? Like a western based tale with a story destination? Then give this a go.

Author has taken time to craft their story with good grammer and few spelling mistakes. The story is a slow burn and am intrigued as to how the mc will achive his goal. Lots of good plot possibilities and character developments.

looking forward to the development of both the story and of the author.

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Pretty good but also very slow for now.

Reviewed at: Chapter 42: Picking the students

Written at chapter 42 (all of them for the moment) What to say, the story is pretty good, the system is pretty interesting altough not extremely present until later in the story, characters are well written.

Only con for me is that the story is pretty slow (the MC got his school around chapter 36) but to compensate story have a very high chapter release rate and each chapter are decently sized.

Will gladly follow the story for more chapter, thanks for writing this Author.

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The author takes their time to meticulously build up their world and system

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It is an interesting system although it takes a little too much care of the mc, it also uploads the chapters quite often so you won't have to wait a month for it to come out. xD

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The Style.

Omniscient third person narration style. The author is doing an excellent job in conveying the thoughts, expressions, perspectives and expressions of the characters to the readers in a beautiful way. 

The Story.

A very entertaining and gripping story about Ensen, a teacher and his sojourn in the academic world. One chapter leads to the other! The readers won't be able to wait for the next one to come out. The story is really gripping and everything is really clear in regards to the very elaborate plot. Great world building. Could be better, though.

The characters.

The characters introduction is really well made, especially the MC. It doesn't take too much time for the readers to be immidiately involved in the unfolding events. Lovable characters.

The grammar.

High quality. No noticeable errors that could affect the flow of the story.

Well done, author. Keep it up.