Reincarnated, Now What?

by Tabieone

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy GameLit Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Portal Fantasy / Isekai Slice of Life
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

This is what I always wanted. I always wanted to fight like in the anime and manga. Video games could only fill part of the void, but never fully.

Follow Haruto, a young Japanese boy struck down in the middle of his gaming life and reincarnated at the whims of a sadist god. He is a chill dude, who loves anime and otakuing it up. The sadist powers that be have forced him to a new world, now he endeavors to live out every weeb's dream of reincarnation. you know minus the boring parts like fighting for justice. In a world of gods, demihumans, and thankfully succubi, Haruto decides to live the life of his dreams.

It's a comedic isekai that should not be taken too seriously. An adventurer in age denial. A man who looks like a pig. The ever present human trash who call themselves nobility. Of course butlers because who doesn't like OP butlers who for some reason stay a butler. A croc that acts like a dog. Tons of one-inch punches in honor of the great one. A tribute to the best waifu. A wide assortment of demons. A lich who is great at kissing butt. It's an adventure slice of life journey and tons of trash talking. I mean how could a weeb not be good at trash talking, have you not read a wuxia before?

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter: 0 Otaku Haruto ago
Chapter 1: Through The Gates Of Hell ago
Chapter 2: Rebirth ago
Chapter 3: Tutorial ago
Chapter 4: Defeating The Mighty Bonesama ago
Chapter 5: How To Grind 101 ago
Chapter 6: Setting Up Shop In The Swamp ago
Chapter 7: Exploring The Swamp ago
Chapter 8: Taming the swamp ago
Chapter 9- Beyond the Starting Location ago
Chapter 10- Grinding in the Ancient Forest ago
Chapter 11- Down With The Level Up Flu ago
Chapter 12- Let’s Go Fishing ago
Chapter 13: Meals Are Most Delicious When Eaten Together ago
Chapter 14: The Rabbit Boy and Hunting For A Bday Party ago
Chapter 15: Bday Presents And Even Soy Sauce Can’t Change A Man’s Heart ago
Chapter 16: Exploring The Ancient Forest  ago
Chapter 17: The Virgin and The Hot Elf  ago
Chapter 18: Apex Predator Of The Ancient Forest ago
Side Chapter: My Older Brother Is The Strongest ago
Chapter 19: Meeting Kamisama? ago
Chapter 20: A Near Death Experience Is The Best Reason To Return To Reality ago
Chapter 21: Thomas’ Breakdown Of The World’s History For Dummies ago
Chapter 22: If You Wanna Learn About The World Go Out And See It ago
Chapter 23: God Created All Types Of People Unfortunately Assholes Are One Of Em ago
Chapter 24: It’s The Father’s Job To Dish Out Tough Love ago
Chapter 25: The Renowned Blue Fire Phoenix Guild ago
Chapter 26: The Jig Is Up. Wait Who was Jigging? ago
Chapter 27: A Lich Should Never Be Underestimated ago
Chapter 28: The Plans Of Mice and Lich Often Go Awry ago
Character Description: Thomas Wagner ago
Chapter 29: The Fun Is Over And I’m Too Tired To Reprimand This Insolent Lich ago
Chapter 30: The Pig Who Cried Wolf ago
Chapter 31: Calling In Pest Control ago
Chapter 32: A Butler’s Job Is Never Easy ago
Chapter 33: Going Always Seems To Take Forever, But Coming Back Feels Like An Instant ago
Chapter 34: A Race To The Center Of The Forest ago
Chapter 35: A Butler Is A Man Who Strives For Perfection ago
Chapter 36: A Doggy Playdate In A Desolate Forest, How Fun ago
Chapter 40: If Only You Could Load Saves IRL ago
Chapter 37: While Haruto Is Away The Thomas Shall Play ago
Chapter 38: A Cranky Boy And An Excited Master ago
Chapter 39: A Tale Of Two Sleeping Giants  ago
Chapter 40: If Only You Could Load Saves IRL ago
Chapter 41: I Dream Of A Day Where No One Goes To Bed Hungry. ago
Chapter 42: The Hunt Is On ago
Chapter 43: The Sleeping Prince And A Peeping Thomas ago
Chapter 44: Waking Up The Mysterious Boy And Haruto’s Growing Sadness ago
Chapter 45: Wrath Of The Dark God ago
Chapter 46: What’s A God To A Nonbeliever And A New Disciple ago
Chapter 47: Return Of The Snake Boy ago
Chapter 48: Making Friends In A New World ago
Chapter 49: Birth Of The Holy Church Of Remsama ago
Chapter 50:The Brewings Of  A Storm ago
Chapter 51: A Not So Relaxing Morning ago
Chapter 52: Talks Of Home And Small Talk On A Walk  ago
Chapter 53: So We Meet Again Old Man!!! ago
Chapter 54: The Fight That Shook Wessex ago
Chapter 55: The Formation Of A Noble Human Army ago
Chapter 56: The Formation Of A Noble Army Part II ago
Chapter 57: Untold Destruction ago
Chapter 58: When It Rains, It Pours. ago
Chapter 59: Harbingers Of Destruction ago
Chapter 60:  Despair Mortals For I Am The God Of Death ago
Chapter 61: Charge of the cavalry. ago
Chapter 62: The Arrival Of Reinforcements ago
Chapter 63: A True Man Does Not Abandon His Friends ago
Epilogue: Victory At The Cost Of Many ago
Character Description: Yuuta ago

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Zachary Karpel
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MC Haruto is in a normal world and dies from being electrocuted in a gaming chair with a VR headset. His fat ass is sent to a world with no conscious beings, while there, He becomes allies with a toad-man, who later gains sentience, a red slime who also gains sentience, a rabbit-boy who looks like his brother who also gains sentience super fast and even talks like a real person and is good at exaggerating things, and a stupid crock who wants praises and rubs but only gets kicks because he's an idiot. 

Upon chapter 19 He gets sent to see the powerful 2year old old-man god who is literally named Idiot and is then sent to a real world version of that pocket dimension world. 

He keeps his video-game strength agility and other stats, but loses his inventory and gear,  or companions and then wakes up in front of a grand-master mage bone-daddy who is actually super weak. 

He then proceeds to beat the shit out of the Bone-daddy, because he's immune to poison.

he he I love this book. Give me more.

  • Overall Score

I read the first few chapters and was instantly ticked off by a few things. First, everything is told in present tense. This is just personal preference, but I don't like present tense. A story means the author is talking about something that happened. It's just weird to have things in present tense. 

Second, the perspective suddenly shifted from third-person to first-person at Chapter 3. 

Third, and most importantly, the grammar and punctuation. Run-on sentences are all over the place, and the whole story sounds like someone is rambling. Lots of places are missing commas where there should be commas and have commas where there should be periods. It makes reading the story tiring. 

Fourth, the dialogue. I was at first looking forward to the MC's dialogue and attitude due to the prologue, but soon everything went downhill. Everything that the characters say seem like they're trying to get out all of their words as fast as possible. This, again, is due to the lack of punctuation. 

The big gluttony demon Beezelbub should be menacing and terrifying, but he just isn't. He sounds legit like a pastor. I get that the idea is to add to the wrong-ness by having him sound nice and kind while threatening the MC, but its not working. Part of this is because of the grammar and punctuation draining from the immersion, but another large part is because of the way he's presented. Beezelbub is supposed to be this giant, terrifying, monstrously overpowered demon, but I legitimately don't feel the threat. He talks to the MC like a kind neighbor. No. An ancient demon that wants to torture the MC should not sound like a neighbor. He's supposed to be powerful; show his power. He killed the draconian guard instantly. Good. That's an excellent showcase of power. Then how does the MC react? He stutters. Like, no. You don't stutter when confronted with a monstrous demon. You faint, you freeze up, you scream, you panic, you don't stutter like a three year-old getting caught stealing cookies. 

The dialogue is also described with "says" a lot. Beezelbub should not be described with "says". Maybe, "rumbled" or "chuckled", but never "says". "Says" is used for conversations where nobody has their voice raised. An ancient demon not raising his voice? I don't see it. 

The big kicker of the scene is when the MC dies. He somehow feels his incoming death and smiles mockingly at Beezelbub. What? One moment ago he was terrified to the skies and the next moment he has the guts to mock Beezelbub? It completely destroys Beezelbub's image of power. Beezelbub then tries to save the MC (because he needs entertainment?) and fails. He then proceeds to get angry and sad. Get angry? He doesn't roar out his wrath or anything, he doesnt pull out a flaming chain to try and lasso the MC, he just reaches out, misses, like having a baseball slip through the hands, and cries. What? What?!?! 

Beezelbub freaking cried? Why? Cuz the MC is dying and thus leaving him? Never in the scene had I gotten the impression that Beezelbub care at all about the MC. It was all "Hey dude you tried so hard to reach me. Now, I'm here. What do you want?" Instead, we get a description of Beezelbub trying to save the MC like a parent trying to save its child. That just doesn't make any sense. Maybe later on in the story the MC will meet Beezelbub again and this set-up of Beezelbub caring for the MC will pay off, but at the moment I just don't feel it. 

This ended up a lot more heated than I originally intended. The original plan was to simply talk about the grammar and punctuation, but I sidetracked. A lot. Anyway, have a good day. Peace.

- Sky