Little Giant

by Syaxe

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Dungeon GameLit High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Ruling Class Strategy War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

A Mecha Fan tripped by fate, suddenly isekai'd into a fantasy world with the worst possible start. He is of the grass folk, small tiny bipedal people, with greenish skins and pointy grass hats. They are not fairies, but they are an offshoot. Some corners of the continent, people call them the fair folk, people who never intervenes, never intertwines, never do anything.

Now discover the Journey of this Reborn and his struggles and his dreams of achieving to be a mecha pilot or a knight. 

Author Note #2

Will take couple weeks break after epilogue to backlog chapters for the second installment.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: My Day. ago
CH1: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. ago
CH2: Between a Rock and a Hard Place. ago
CH3: An Anthem for the wee folk. ago
CH4: A Hidden Truth. ago
CH5 : The Scourge Of The Fair Folk. ago
CH6: A Leprechaun and his Gold. ago
CH7: A Knight and a Mother. ago
CH8: A Fae of a Rogue. ago
CH9: Footprints and Blueprints. ago
CH10: A Fair Folk welcome. ago
CH11: How to build a Medieval Mecha. ago
CH12: The Battle for the Grove P1 ago
CH13: The Battle for the Grove P2 ago
CH14: Sink The Grassless. ago
CH15: Goodbye Mr.Bean. ago
CH16: Rules and Roles. ago
CH17: Sir Ghras from House Grass. ago
CH18: A Smooth Talker? ago
CH19: How to Annoy a Dragon P1. ago
CH20: How to Annoy a Dragon P2. ago
CH21: The Edge of a Dream. ago
CH22: The Squire's Folly. ago
CH23: Downtime Valley. ago
CH24: A Knight Skipper. ago
CH25: The Tawdry Inn. ago
CH26: Obligated Departure. ago
CH27: A Fair Man's Brawl P1. ago
CH28: A Fair Man's Brawl P2. ago
CH29: Build, build some more! ago
CH30: The Saga of The Grass Knight P1. ago
CH31: The Saga of The Grass Knight P2. ago
CH32: The Saga of The Grass Knight P3. ago
CH33: The Saga of The Grass Knight P4. ago
CH34: Parting Revelations. ago
CH35: The Fair Troubadour. ago
CH36: A Tale For The Gypsy Folk. ago
CH37: The Opulent Glutton. ago
CH38: Hero to Zero P1. ago
CH39: Hero to Zero P2. ago
CH40: Hero to Zero P3. ago
CH41: Hero to Zero P4. ago
Epilogue ago

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Great story but will likely turn into tragedy

Reviewed at: CH27: A Fair Man's Brawl P1.

It's great and the mecha parts are interesting. I personally can't really enjoy them because I'm waiting for the MCs fall, which I have no interest in reading tragedy. If your not afraid of what might be tragedy(not 100%, depends on the author, but the risk is too high for me.) and like some comedy and mecha than I highly recomend it.


Spoiler: Spoiler




Story can't decide what to be

Reviewed at: Epilogue

Starts out as a fun romp. What's more ridiculously awesome than a little green dude driving around a suit of armor by (badly) singing pop songs? 

But then the tone drastically shifts from "fun comedy adventure" to "dark serious adventure" and it loses me. I have nothing against dark serious fantasy stories, but it's hard to take it seriously when it's not played straight from the beginning. And I really don't like it when my fun lighthearted escapism suddenly gets depressing.

Grammar is fine, characters are interesting, but I don't like where the plot is going so I'm dropping it. Still giving it 4 stars cause y'all might like it better than I did, especially being forewarned.

Aule Valar

The protagonist gets betrayed constantly, to the point where it gets tiring to read. It got past the point of trope overuse. At the same time, the tags don't warn you about that.


Fraggle Rock + Mechas

Reviewed at: Epilogue

Great premise, and even a fairly strong opening, but marred by some basic-level writing issues that prevent it from being easy to recommend to anyone so far.

The setup is simple: An isekai guy’s got to defeat the Demon King before a different isekai guy since only one of them can be transported back to Earth. Honestly, that part alone would be cool enough for me, but the big twist is that the main character is reborn as a little wood elf fairy type being. A Fraggle, if you will.

The main character is so interested in mechas that he decides to build a mecha even as a tiny forest sprite—a human-sized one—and that’s some really great stuff from the premise alone. There’s a lot of other silly stuff too, but it’s never portrayed as a farce; it’s silly and light but takes itself seriously enough that there are actual stakes.

It has something that is done often in stories, but I still fall for every time: weak characters defeating strong ones through interesting tactics. Here, the main character defeats extremely large enemies with a friggin’ mecha suit and grass singing powers. It’s neat!

Honestly the isekai angle doesn’t feel like it was ever particularly needed. It could have been replaced by just a woodland creature who dreams of fighting as a human. But I guess isekais are popular so we need the obligatory chapter or two to have the truck and the goddess and all that. And maybe the competition angle will become really important later on. But the motivation as a human who wants to return to Earth doesn't seem that prominent, at least early on.

Unfortunately, the writing really hurts the story in these opening chapters. The prose isn’t great, though most of Royal Road isn’t. But the biggest problem is the grammar. The tense switches constantly. Not just between paragraphs, not just between sentences, but sometimes mid-sentence! It took me far longer to read the story than I expected just because I kept getting tripped up by sudden present tense passages.

Even as the tense switching decreases after chapter 4 or 5, it never goes away as far as I read for this review. And there are plenty of other errors going on too, especially with scattered sentence fragments.

This would probably be a 4-star if not for the grammar, and if the writing really popped maybe higher. Because the premise and the story early on are both quite appealing.



You just have to love Tink, the little Giant, and sidekick Peb. Join him in exploring his new world born in a wrong body and enjoy the trip!


Style, creativity, and spunk

Reviewed at: CH4: A Hidden Truth.

Leaves a strong impression. Character adapts to the system/culture while abusing his own knowledge and experience

Clover Lui

Thes setting is pretty standard for the isekai genre; magic, swords and mystical beings. But what makes this story stand out is the way the MC incorporates his past knowledge to his current life style. Although the exposition isn't really flawless, it doesn't take away the ingenuity for the story.

However, I find the monologues a bit wordy, and some times redundant. It actually made me skip a few paragraphs because when I skimmed through them, it didn't really felt like they were necessary or actually made an impact for the story. 

As for the MC, first off. As an engineer, he is awfully naive. So much so that it felt like the author is forcing the path upon which the MC should go. 

I wouldn't go and explain the specifics, but with how naive he is, the novel should probably have a tragedy tag on it. I can't really see any way in which the MC would mature without him losing someone dear to him. 


(currently on ch28)