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Thousands signed up to be part of The Tower. The game was simple: climb all 100 levels of The Tower. But once all the players were inside, the game trapped them.

Ethan and his friends must work with other players if they ever want to go home. Death means starting back at level 1. 

The first in a planned series.  

****I am currently revising the posted chapters. The revised chapters will be titled "Volume 1, Chapter X.1". There may be some minor continuity issues, such as names. But if anyone has questions, feel free to message me or comment on the chapter. 

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Fun Tower LitRPG

Reviewed at: Chapter 32

On the surface this is a bog standard Tower story.  All the players are locked in the game.  Reaching the top of the tower frees everyone.  This is the stuff of Sword Art Online, The Towers of Heavan, etc...

But that is only the surface.  Where this web fiction shines is the interpersonal relationships between the characters, the NPCs and the Guilds.  

There is the drama over what to do with a team mate who keeps screwing up, kick him out and you lose his wife a valued guild member.  There is the pain of the player who is in love with an NPC -- after the team wipes and they all have to start new level 1 characters, his NPC love no longer recognises him.  There is the brother-sister dynamic of her being a senior raid leader and him the kid brother not wanting to look like he advanced through nepotism.  

Great stuff.  I look forward to reading more.

If I had to make any suggestions...

1) Get a cover if you want more readers

2) Add a lot more Social classes.  A lot of people might not want to always raid and fight, there should be room for minstrels, gamblers, merchants, bankers, crafters, heralds, politicians, architects, cooks etc... as playable classes. 

3) keep diverging from the standard.  The restart in a new random body with a random class is awesome.  Though I wonder why people don't keep rerolling/jumping off the cliff until they get great stats rather than a favorite class.  Same as stripping and giving your starter gear and money to a buddy before jumping off the cliff -- to sell later as a minor exploit. 

Anyway keep up the great work.  Love the story so far.

Kane Vardy
  • Overall Score

Loved the inclusion of lesser seen mechanics!

Reviewed at: Chapter 35

I have a soft spot for tower stories, and have read as many as I can get my hands on. The way the death mechanics have been made an inclusive part of the story was what grabbed my attention. The level of detail and care taken over the story itself was what kept me reading!

Ragnok King of Flies
  • Overall Score

Really fun read, and I look forward to seeing how the story and character develop. Great descriptions on food and culinary observations. Trying to avoid making comparisons to Sword Art Online, because there are definitely some obvious comparisons, but overall I'd say this stands by itself and doesn't try to rehash or rewrite other stories I'm familiar with. Game mechanics seem pretty interesting, and like a lot of thought went into creating them as a literary device.

  • Overall Score

Excellent work. It takes a lot of bravery to release a labor of love when you're unsure if it's going to be well received. But the story is interesting and it's an enjoyable read. I will be following this for sure. Look forward to the next chapter.

  • Overall Score

One thing made me drop it

Reviewed at: Chapter 10

Good story, just one thing that ruined it for me.

Spoiler: Spoiler


  • Overall Score

Pretty nice start.

Hope it gets better as it goes.

I just really like litrpg stories.