Shy Walking Shadows; Book 1 of the Blood Moon Series

Shy Walking Shadows; Book 1 of the Blood Moon Series

by KitWulf

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Kierra isn't your typical 'thin, fit, beautiful, and gentle' heroine. She's a big girl with a bitchy, brash attitude, and doesn't care what anyone else thinks. She isn't perfect and has no wish to be. 

Faline is small, the softer side of the sibling coin, but no less tenacious. A carefree spirit who on many an occasion has to corral her sister before things get out of hand, she has a sharp mind colored in whimsy. A woman with a taste for life and becomes drunk with its possibilities. 

A fated meeting with a mysterious yet handsome friend becomes Faline's personal hell when Vampire fangs are bared. 
A chance encounter leaves Kierra fighting for her life when she's taken down by an insane Werewolf and left for dead. 

The search for a lost sister has never been more perilous. A strange new supernatural world awaits them both as they meet fascinating new allies, make terrible enemies, and uncover hidden and buried secrets. 
A Blood Moon is just over the horizon, and shy walking shadows won't stay shrouded forever. 

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Summary / Author's Note ago
Chapter 1 - Just A Casual Stroll... ago
Chapter 2 - Don't Scare the Wildlife ago
Chapter 3 - How To Say I'm Sorry ago
Chapter 4 - The Pee-Pee Dance ago
Chapter 5 - First Meetings Are Never What You Expect ago
Chapter 6 - It's All A Bad Dream ago
Chapter 7 - The First Exchange ago
Chapter 8 - Old Nightmares Come Back For Another Round ago
Chapter 9 - Reborn Through Revenge ago
Chapter 10 - Returning Shadow, Newfound Innocent ago
Chapter 11 - Cleanse By Fire ago
Chapter 12- Let It All Sink In ago
Chapter 13 - The Third Exchange ago
Chapter 14 - Your Blood Is Bittersweet ago
Chapter 15 - School Is In Session ago
Chapter 16 - Something In Common ago
Chapter 17 - Magical Secrets ago
Chapter 18 - A New Kind Of Pain ago
Chapter 19 - A New Body, A New Problem ago
Chapter 20 - The Real Curse Of The Full Moon ago
Chapter 21 - I Need A Teddy Bear ago
Chapter 22 - Led Astray ago
Chapter 23 - When Giant Mistakes Become Bloody Regrets ago
Intermission 1 ago
Chapter 24 - Definitely Not In Kansas Anymore ago
Chapter 25 - Finding Your Inner Beast ago
Chapter 26 - Freedom, Meet Kitty Nico ago
Chapter 27 - It's Called Compromise ago
Chapter 28 - The Solarium ago
Chapter 29 - Finding A Friend ago
Chapter 30 - Killer Perfume ago
Chapter 31 - The Lion, The Bath, and the Naked Man ago
Chapter 32 - It Only Takes A Second ago
Chapter 33 - Trauma By Any Other Name ago
Chapter 34 - Putting A Voice To Questions ago
Chapter 35 - Giving A Lesson In Manners ago
Chapter 36 - Dangerous Waters ago
Chapter 37 - Adventure? Or Trouble? ago
Intermission 2 ago
Chapter 38 - Reminiscing The Good 'Ole Days ago
Chapter 39 - Kids Are Hard ago
Chapter 40 - Scents & Secrets ago
Chapter 41 - A Tale To Tell ago
Chapter 42 - Heart's Betrayal ago
Chapter 43 - A Song Of Pain ago
Chapter 44 - The Past Set Straight ago
Chapter 45 - Kitten Fluff & A Rude Man ago
Chapter 46 - Well That's Not Something You See Everyday... ago
Chapter 47 - The Aftermath ago
Chapter 48 - Not Everything Is Self-Cleaning ago
Chapter 49 - Neighbors Are Never What They Appear ago
Chapter 50 - Seeing Red ago
Chapter 51 - Long Way From Home ago
Chapter 52 - Old Memories Lead To New Faces ago
Chapter 53 - Biting Off More Than They Can Chew ago
Chapter 54 - Journey's End ago
Chapter 55 - Going Shoppin' ago
Chapter 56 - The Amber-Eyed Playboy ago
Chapter 57 - Another Secret Revealed ago
Chapter 58 - Animal Magnetism ago
Chapter 59 - Neglected ago
Chapter 60 - Resurfaced Terror ago
Chapter 61 - Confessions ago
Chapter 62 - Did I Do That? ago
Chapter 63 - Insight Into The Playboy ago
Chapter 64 - Just A Wee Fascination ago
Chapter 65 - Let's Play Show-And-Tell ago
Chapter 66 - A Surprise In The Basement ago
Chapter 67 - It's Called 'Undercover' ago
Chapter 68 - Oops, I Did It Again ago
Chapter 69 - Tiger Tales ago
Chapter 70 - Stirring The Pot ago
Chapter 71 - Bread Sacrilege & Biker Secrets ago
Chapter 72 - You Are Not My Alpha ago
Chapter 73 - Mood Swings Galore ago
Chapter 74 - Hard Questions, Uneasy Answers ago
Intermission 3 ago
Chapter 75 - The Painting ago
Chapter 76 - A New Job ago
Chapter 77 - Meeting New 'Potential Allies' ago
Chapter 78 - Helping The Battered ago
Chapter 79 - Pocket Pickle ago
Chapter 80 - A Sharing Of Minds, Then A Slip Of The Tongue ago
Chapter 81 - A Blind Fool ago
Chapter 82 - Explanations Of The Sick Hearted ago
Chapter 83 - Tall Tales & Tiny Threads ago
Chapter 84 - It's Called The 'Ice Pooka Dance' ago
Chapter 85 - Political Nonsense? X. Extreme Annoyance? X. Internal Crazy Emotional Trip? Double X ago
Chapter 86 - Puma Power ago
Chapter 87 - Kitty Interactions Have Consequences ago
Chapter 88 - Confusion Reigns ago
Chapter 89 - It's Going To Be A Bumpy Ride ago
Chapter 90 - Being Domestic ago
Chapter 91 - Caught In The Crosshairs ago
Chapter 92 - Know Your Place ago
Chapter 93 - New Toys ago
Chapter 94 - When Good Things Go Bad ago
Chapter 95 - A Close Call ago
Chapter 96 - The Odd One Out ago
Chapter 97 - A Look Into The Past ago
Chapter 98 - Exciting New Experiences ago
Chapter 99 - Forgotten Fears Remembered ago
Chapter 100 - Sex Crazed ago
Chapter 101 - Platonic Reassurances ago
Chapter 102 - Punishing The Putrid ago
Chapter 103 - Learn Something New Every Day ago
Chapter 104 - Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full ago
Chapter 105 - Molested In The Library ago
Chapter 106 - The Biggest Loss ago
Chapter 107 - Pillow Talk... Just With Leaves ago
Chapter 108 - Putting Rumors To Bed ago
Chapter 109 - Waiting And Cats Don't Go Together ago
Chapter 110 - A Playful Beginning Leads To A Shoddy Ending ago
Chapter 111 - Dreamstate ago
Chapter 112 - Betrayal Drains The Body In More Ways Than One ago
Chapter 113 - Harsh Realities, Just In Time For Afternoon Tea ago
Chapter 114 - Stress Relief Is Found At The Strangest Of Times ago
Chapter 115 - An Unwanted Revelation ago
Chapter 116 - Heat Of The Moment Decisions ago
Chapter 117 - A Fated Act ago
Chapter 118 - Thinking Too Much ago
Chapter 119 - Confrontation With A Wolf ago
Chapter 120 - Coyote Pampering ago
Chapter 121 - Someone Wants You Dead ago
Chapter 122 - Attack Of The French Toast ago
Chapter 123 - A Friendly Vampire? It Can't Be ago
Chapter 124 - Prophecy Warnings and Bad News ago
Chapter 125 - The Run Of Your Life ago
Intermission 4 ago
Chapter 126 - Soon ago
Chapter 127 - Visitors In The Night ago
Chapter 128 - Favors ago
Chapter 129 - Tada! Introductions ago
Chapter 130 - The Time Has Come ago
Chapter 131 - Rendezvous At A Brothel ago
Chapter 132 - Clash Of The Supernaturals ago
Chapter 133 - What's Important ago
Intermission 5 ago
Chapter 134 - Home Free, But Not Out Of The Woods Yet ago
Chapter 135 - A Tentative Situation ago
Chapter 136 - New Beginnings & Magic Blood ago
Chapter 137 - A Time Of Healing ago
Intermission 6 ago
Chapter 138 - Soothing A Midnight Wolf's Fears ago
Chapter 139 - Who's Who ago
Chapter 140 - Heart-To-Heart ago
Chapter 141 - Revelations ago
Chapter 142 - What Makes A Person? ago
Chapter 143 - Unconventional Measures ago
Chapter 144 - Uninvited Guest Gets Handsy ago
Chapter 145 - Repercussions ago
Chapter 146 - A Bead On A Ring ago
Chapter 147 - Inner Knowledge ago
Chapter 148 - Important Information ago
Chapter 149 - Spending Time With A Dead Man ago
Chapter 150 - A Chance Meeting ago
Chapter 151 - Shameless ago
Chapter 152 - The Artistic Way Of Redirecting ago
Chapter 153 - Learning The Hard Way ago
Chapter 154 - A Dark Guardian ago
Chapter 155 - House Guests ago
Chapter 156 - Show Me Yours, I'll Show You Mine ago
Chapter 157 - The Prophecies ago
Chapter 158 - Change Is Coming, Let's Cause Some Trouble ago
Index ago
Index Cont. ago
Extra ago
Book 2 Release ago

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Awesome Dark Fantasy, but I can't really read Faline Povs.

Reviewed at: Chapter 83 - Tall Tales & Tiny Threads

Love the story and how dark it is. 

But can't really read Falina POV. Not fun reading about constant sexual abuse and whatnot.


Well written story about feline vampires, and shifters, and weres. Very mature themes, and haunting characters, but the mature are taken seriously and not as some pornographic fetish. Even though terrible things are happening, the characters are strong women, full of hope and not succumbing to their lives being ripped apart. Enjoyed reading very much. Looking forward to more.


Aight, once in a blue moon review time. This review is mostly aimed at the author, but of course also to potential readers.

Shy Walking Shadows is a chunky 1.4k pages (I'll be talking about this at the end >;) ) book where you follow a pair of sisters that through tragic events get turned into a werewolf, and a vampire. And when I say tragic its with a big T. This book does NOT hold any punches. While the story is great and I highly recommend it to any and all fans of the Urban Fantasy genre I also feel I must give a cautionary warning as there are a lot of heavy themes present. Amongst them being gore and sexual assault. That out of the way, let's get into the nitty and the gritty.

Just gonna go ahead and apologize ahead of time, not gonna be a particularly organized review. ;)

The grammar and prose is fine for the most part. There are some messed up sentences and out of place words here and there, but not often enough to pull you out of your read. The prose is not particularly flowery, but instead pretty direct and in my mind it works well with this story.

The characters are well-rounded and are far from cop-outs for the most part, with some exceptions. The main casts main- & sidecharacters belong to the first group. One of the characters that were present quite a bit in the story and felt like a bit one-dimensional would have been Madaline (was that her name?) - the jelous vampiress, anyway. Felt like she was basically just there to be an asshole and take shit. Basically comedic relief and plot-device? I do however imagine that we might get to know more about her in the second book, and even if we don't I don't think it matters too much.

That said, everyone laughs- like A LOT. Is this meant to lift up the mood of the story due to have dark it is?


Now for the story itself. Let me tell you about the story! Oh yeah- if you care about spoilers you're gonna want to skipperoni this part and move to the moon for a bit.

I'll start from the beginning. Basically one of the two sisters, Faline the Feline, has been role-playing Vampires in an online game with some dude. What Faline doesn't know is that said dude is an actual psychotic stalker & yandere Vampire criminal that is being hunted by his own kind.

Nicolaus the Piece of Work Vampire and his pal- & lover extraordinaire Anthon-something approach the two sisters on their way back from a shopping trip to the mall. Kierra gets mauled but busts pal-& lover extraordinaires head in while Faline get kidnapped. At this point the story gets split in two.

First we follow Kierra who after having crawled home and passed out from blood-loos gets kidnapped by a pedo and rapist from her childhood that's been scouting them out for months now. As she later wakes up she basically kill em both and leave their house in cinders. She also meets a kid they kept in a cage there - Bastion. Kid's been through some shit.

How do I remove spoiler tags? xd

This introduces us to the heavy themes to come, though I must admit it feels a bit inadequate shorty, but I must also admit that I'm unsure what would measure up.

Next we follow Faline and the stuff that happens there... let's just leave it at that I've never felt as uncomfortable and/or queasy while reading before. A buncha stuff happens from there and we get to witness a heavy case of Stockholm Syndrome. That said it feels a bit unnatural given all the shit Faline has to go through and know of. I really want to know if Nicolaus working his fuzzy-memory Vampire mojo had something to do with it? If he didn't, you might want to take a look at that.

Now there's one thing that irks me with this story, and in my mind its a big part of whats holding this great story back from becoming amazing. It's also what makes it so that this story is a mastadontic one thousand and four hundred pages. Its two of those things that a lot of the stories on this site struggle with, but this one in particular. Those somethings are, frankly, repetition of information and unecessary scenes. I brought this up with the author once in the comments of Intermission 1 or 2.

You will very often repeat information that the readers already know. I understand wanting to show how other characters react to being given these pieces of information, as well as wanting to do justice by the horrible experiences the characters have gone through. But I trust you are already looking into this from our earlier conversation, because as a reader this had me skipping large swathes of text simply due to not wanting to re-read things that I already know, and reactions I can already predict. Also adds a lot of pages.

Next issue is that you are also deep-diving way too deep into certain scenes that don't end up adding much. I will illustrate what I mean with an example. In a certain scene Faline is interacting with the slaves at the brothel. A bunch of silly stuff happens and it shows them building their relationships up - and Patricia (I think that was it?) walks in. This isn't problematic in and of itself, what makes this problematic is that you take a whole chapter to show this. This could be shortened down to a few paragraphs where you don't go as far into detail about the event.  Besides that you have a lot of scenes where she's bonding with the slaves, the sheer amount of them gives enough justification for the bond she forms with them. You don't need entire chapters dedicated to it. While its wholesome, it doesn't actually move the plot forward. There are only two things in that chapter that moves the plot forward. 1. She's in the kitchen. 2. Patricia Ms. Vampire walks in.

This is not a one-off thing either. The end of the book suffer heavily from both of these issues and made me zone out as I was reading. 

Basically you can sum it up to this; you need to go through your book and really look at what to cut out with a very critical eye. The story got a tight, great and compact plot with charming characters - but its hidden underneath a large and untrimmed hedge. If you end up having a hard time being your own gardener, I recommend hiring one. Get an editor. This work, in my eyes, have potential to get published if trimmed.

I'll give this an overall score of 5/5 because I believe in your work. Good luck.

Cheerios~ looking forward to you completing the second book. ;)


Um, wow. This story is dark. It's a more modern urban fantasy rather than mediaeval, but I could possibly put this under grimdark in its own way. There's abuse, and horrible people, and death- and it's all written very well and convincingly from the point of view of these characters.

They each have their own unique voice and it comes through in the first person narration.

Grammar is good, sometimes not 100% correct, but that's done on purpose to go with the story and how the characters are. The flow is good, the desciptions are great and sometimes terrible (in a good way).