"Oh, so you're an alchemist?" A voice pulled me up from the abyss.

"Indeed, and you are? No, wait, shouldn't you be killing me about now‽"

The man demon thing nonchalantly leaned his back on the rock wall. "So what's the situation outside?" His spine-chilling eyes analyzing me. "No, nevermind If you were able to get in this well that means the conflict has died down". A cold drop of sweat dribbles down my forehead. When his eyes focused on me it felt like all my secrets were exposed and my clothes were invisible.

"So kid, be my disciple"

"..." 'How am I meant to respond to this? I fell in a well, met a slimy old pervert who tried to kill me but is now asking me to be his disciple? I raised my head and met his eyes once more. *Shiver* I'll definitely die if I refuse. "...Sure"

"The name's Grime don't forget it" 'What harsh parents! To call their own child dirt!' "Now then let us ascend, you first" And so, just like that I now had horrifying demon filth as my master.


I finally reached the top, sweat glistening in the sun's rays. The rain has stopped and a rainbow appeared in the distance. I turn to look into the well to see how far behind he is. He is at the bottom of the well. I could do it! I can escape! I took my first step into freedom but before I could take the second I felt a firm cool grip on my shoulder. I rigidly turn my head... It's him. 'Fast climber huh, no wait, eh. It took me around 20 minutes to climb up let this demon dirt climbs in an instant. Maybe it wouldn't be too bad to be his disciple. Did I skip a few steps on the stages of grief?'

I walk over to the house and he follows. I dunk my head in the water barrel and drink to my heart's content. Feeling hydrated, I turn to my 'master'.

"Why'd you take me as your disciple?"

The man is leaning his back on a wall, his leg also on the wall and arms folded. "So where do you come from?"

I quickly make up a story "I originate from distant lands, not on this continent. No, wait, why do you avoid my questions?"

"You come from distant lands eh? Do you know why the vacants are like that?" He questions.


"God that the four kingdoms praise unleashed a plague upon this land. It was highly infectious and didn't depend on anything other than despair. Once you lose hope you would be invaded by darkness and mutate into a horrible creature. I was there when it first broke out. Amidst the unprecedented panic, there was a group of highly devout followers who broke the Monster Peace Treaty and massacred all the dungeon folk. That was the first time I ever felt true despair, and that left me vulnerable to the darkness. Fortunately, I managed to get a hold of myself before I converted but even so the damage was irreparable and left permanent scars on my wonderous wind magic. In order to survive, I dug out this little cave in the well and entered a state of meditation to combine my wind and darkness magic so it wouldn't backlash later. However, I lost myself in the darkness... and that's when you come in. You woke me up so I decided to return the favour and make you my disciple. I might not look it but I was once a Max Level Rank A+ Royal Guard. Of course, In order to survive, I had to abandon all that and now I'm just a level 1 like you but that's beside the point. I hold countless knowledge that will help you with becoming a true champion."

I was left dazzled with such a story.

Received Party Invite from Grime: Accept? Y/N


Grime: Level 1 (Royal Guard+) 1400/1400 Health 1750/1800 Energy

Lucas: Level 1 (Champion) 200/200 Health 67/100 Energy

He led the way down this village. "Wait what is this difference in stats"

"When you reach Level 20 you are able to revert back to level 1 and upgrade a tier. For example a normal goblin into an elite goblin. The basic stats increase. However, the lower the level the higher the chance of failure... and failure means death. The higher the level the easier it is to upgrade tiers. However, some monsters are born with higher tiers than others. Like me for example. I was born a royal guard due to my parent's high tier. Though I was lucky. Not all high tiered creatures can produce high tiered offspring, they just have a higher chance to. Anyway, when I reverted I didn't die but I was at the peak of my branch and so I kept the tier and added a + which is a sign for increased potential (more value from 1 stat point). Oh and tiers are not linear, they can branch out into different paths. If you are wondering why your stats are so low, I read somewhere that the champion tier is a standalone tier activated by special circumstances. It is the tier with the most potential later. Moreover, since it is activated by special circumstances a revert is unnecessary so most champions start out at a high-level meaning that they get a massive boost."

"Woah you weren't kidding when you said you had knowledge" I start feeling admiration for the guy.

"Oh, earlier I noticed you picked the Alchemist Class, Alchemy is a sub-branch of magic. If you ever need assistance with magic just ask. I know the basics of each element though I specialise in wind given I am a Wind Magus."


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