Life of a Grimoire

by Angry Spider

Being a book is not a great experience.

Can I see? No, I don't have eyes.

Can I touch anything? No, I don't have limbs.

With any luck, someone will pick me up and read me, at least.

Hopefully sooner than later...

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Angry Spider

Angry Spider

The Arachnid Author

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter One: Intelligence Reigns Supreme ago
Chapter Two: Purchased ago
Chapter Three: Books and Reparation ago
Chapter Four: New Home ago
Chapter Five: Appraised ago
Chapter Six: Building a Foundation ago
Chapter Seven: Lola's Library ago
Chapter Eight: The Magelord's Grimoire ago
Chapter Nine: A Visible Improvement ago
Chapter Ten: Covering Up ago
Chapter Eleven: Learning About Lola ago
Chapter Twelve: Weatherton ago
Chapter Thirteen: Unexpected Power ago
Chapter Fourteen: Spell Progenitor ago
Chapter Fifteen: Lola's Levels ago
Notice ago
Notice (Part 2) ago
Chapter Sixteen: An Unexpected Guest ago
Chapter Seventeen: Mr. Universe ago
Chapter Eighteen: Making Unfriends ago
Chapter Nothing: Contemplation ago
Chapter Nineteen: Thinking ago
Chapter Twenty: Alone Again ago
Chapter Twenty-One: Compendium ago
Chapter Twenty-Two: Meddling Kids ago
Chapter Twenty-Three: Getting Familiar ago
Chapter Twenty-Four: Curious Creatures ago
Chapter Twenty-Five: Getting Along (Not) ago
Chapter Twenty-Six: Oh Dear ago
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Into The Fire ago
Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Spiders ago
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Not Quite Dead ago
Chapter Thirty: Offering Help ago
Chapter Thirty-One: The Hospital ago
Chapter Thirty-Two: Getting Acquainted ago
Rewrite News ago

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