Life of a Grimoire

by Angry Spider

Being a book is not a great experience.

Can I see? No, I don't have eyes.

Can I touch anything? No, I don't have limbs.

With any luck, someone will pick me up and read me, at least.

Hopefully sooner than later...

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Angry Spider

Angry Spider

The Arachnid Author

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter One: Intelligence Reigns Supreme ago
Chapter Two: Purchased ago
Chapter Three: Books and Reparation ago
Chapter Four: New Home ago
Chapter Five: Appraised ago
Chapter Six: Building a Foundation ago
Chapter Seven: Lola's Library ago
Chapter Eight: The Magelord's Grimoire ago
Chapter Nine: A Visible Improvement ago
Chapter Ten: Covering Up ago
Chapter Eleven: Learning About Lola ago
Chapter Twelve: Weatherton ago
Chapter Thirteen: Unexpected Power ago
Chapter Fourteen: Spell Progenitor ago
Chapter Fifteen: Lola's Levels ago
Notice ago
Notice (Part 2) ago
Chapter Sixteen: An Unexpected Guest ago
Chapter Seventeen: Mr. Universe ago
Chapter Eighteen: Making Unfriends ago
Chapter Nothing: Contemplation ago
Chapter Nineteen: Thinking ago
Chapter Twenty: Alone Again ago
Chapter Twenty-One: Compendium ago
Chapter Twenty-Two: Meddling Kids ago
Chapter Twenty-Three: Getting Familiar ago
Chapter Twenty-Four: Curious Creatures ago
Chapter Twenty-Five: Getting Along (Not) ago
Chapter Twenty-Six: Oh Dear ago
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Into The Fire ago
Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Spiders ago
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Not Quite Dead ago
Chapter Thirty: Offering Help ago
Chapter Thirty-One: The Hospital ago
Chapter Thirty-Two: Getting Acquainted ago
Rewrite News ago

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Floating Soul

If having a light read is what you seek then this is for you, otherwise not that much. At least I think so.

First of all, grammar is good so you won't have to worry about that.
The characters seem rather ordinary and the progress is far too fast for my taste, but as I said, if you look for a fast source of lighthearted entertainment, then fast progress is probably what you seek.

Otherwise, I simply don't think a sentient book is that interesting of an mc personally. It's like that one light novel where the mc is a hot spring. It's whole purpose is it's gimmick and not much else. But I know that many people find such gimmicks entertaining, so like I said, looking for a lighthearted read?
This novel is for you then.


Wacky comedy that's all over the place

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty: Alone Again

This book is decent but only if your looking for a nonsensical comedy not a serious or well built world with comedy elements. The world makes no sense, its  to the point that the author literally just breaks the fourth wall making the universe a dumb guy who knows hes in a novel which is a drastic change from the very program type it start out as. Also it goes from a slow real life pace to light speed all off a sudden. With the main character going from being dumb enough to think of using fire ball in a library to literally manipulating space and gravity through physics. Also characters are in consistent like crazy. For example the not only does the main character go from idiot to genius but the girl fluctuates between really smart and mature to a naive moron. Plus the author isn't exactly consistent as the principal is literally told the book is alive and yet 4 chapter later is wondering if the girls big secret is that the book is alive. Also the author clearly doesn't think things through. For example how could the principal be so uninformed about her society that she doesn't know one of the most famous fighters in the world is best friends with one of the richest men in the world. This school must have applications and the father used his connections to get her in so how does she no nothing about the character or her father. Overall it works as an insane wacky comedy but of your looking for a fleshed out, well thought out world or adventure best skip it.

Thor Aegir

This story has many problems. Overpowered characters, too fast storyline, and many more. But ! It is fun, light, and quite consistent. Certainly, it could be better, but it remains a good , fun , lightweight read. 

I hope the author will continue to find new way to apply science to magic. Earth bolt to particle beam transformation power !


This is a unique book. While the non-human pseudo-reincarnator is something I've seen before, this book doesn't have a painfully transparent plot. It's a lighthearted read that keeps you wondering what will happen next. The characters initially seem superficial, but the author does a great job of developing them. Grammar wise, the book flows and has few to no mistakes. I have found it to be an enjoyable read so far,  and would definitely recommend giving it a shot.


  Not amazing but by no means bad.  Giving this a half star is somewhat ridiculous honestly.  It's well written enough to get at least two stars even if you despise the story utterly.

  Should I tell you my thoughts?  Whatever, the story probably exists and hints are around for whatever.  Mainly though it's been introducing things.  

  Characters?  Okay, I guess.  The dialohue is smooth enough and the obnoxious parts are told by people from obnoxious positions.  Characters are a bit bland though and I would argue that they don't mesh well with their world.  The MC is getting lucky or it's probably part of the plot that introduces plot luck to make plot armor seem more reasonable.  They should act more like people living in their world and not just manifestations of character archetypes.

  Style, it's alright.  Not outstanding but the story is told in such a way as to hold your attention and give you some slight amusement.  

Grammar.  No glaring obvious problems

 It's quite alright but I'm probably going to drop the novel at some point.  It's written well enough but the characters just aren't that impressive and the story is very lukewarm.  I'm probably being somewhat generous in the number of stars I've given but then again webnovel reviews should probably be generous.


Great story until about Chapter 20...

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty-One: Compendium

I'm ok with tongue in cheek humour to a point. the author does a great job with the initial concept per see but once you start adding in the "all-powerful Noah" and break down "4th wall" repeatedly for no other reason than your own amusement, then that's what the story becomes - writing for your own amusement - which is annoying because if I had known that by chapter 2 I could have stopped reading there. If you made the main character a little less overpowered, eliminated the 4th wall breaking and focused on their relationship and growing bond I think you could have a really great story that would do well on Amazon etc as it's different enough to be interesting....but as it is now it's just annoying and the smart thing for the reader to do is bail before they invest any more time.

Blind Snot Dragon

A good story clouded by drama irl. Author it's your story and we are here because we want to read what you have to write not what you think we want you to write. 

it's a very nice story but the fourth wall breaks while not inherently wrong just don't seem to serve a purpose in progressing the story but just gum it up instead. The whole meta conversation is as far as I can tell completely unnecessary. Above all though, write what you want, write what you enjoy.

Saint BobJoe

A story that will become better and better as it ages

Reviewed at: Chapter Nothing: Contemplation
The illustrious Angry Spider seems to think that this story is trash. I am here to say that it is not.
First, I want to edit this message back and apologize for tbe poor formatting of this review. I'm very bad with tech like this. There are only two real spoiler sections. Just tap on all of the [Show] buttons until you get it right.
Here, I'll discuss the not so great aspects of the story then I'll talk about what I liked. 
I won't sugarcoat it, there are scenes that I didn't totally love in the beginning. Some of the dialogue feels unnatural and cringy. There are narrative decisions, I would have done differently.
Spoiler: Spoiler

 Now that that unpleasantness is out of the way, let's get on to the good stuff. Let me talk about why I love this story. 


The Main Character is calm, collected, and logical. Being a being of inanimate origins, this is of great boon to him, and it's fun to watch him piece together who and what he was before he died and reincarnated. 


His adventures have not truly started yet, but the small trials of communication, perception, and integration are great ways to get started.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 This story is fun, and that's why you should read it. It's not a master class in literary development or a piece of fiction that would rival Tolkien. It you're looking for something without flaws and without faults. Look elsewhere, but stick with it, the reward is worth it! The story continuously gets better. This author listens to criticism to a fault. Angry Spider desires to be better. I think Spider is a great writer whose works I really enjoy reading. 


I don't know how to sell this to you without spoilers. There are cliche, maybe. I read those kind so many time it blured.

The story as chapter 18 from I gather : average joe entrusted as a godly System, then he entrust the fate of the world to a book and his trusty OP companion.

Elchen Warmage

This is a very enjoyable story with a rather unique premise and a really realistic approach to that approach.

Warming, yes there are things that seem weird and like sloppy writing,  but they aren't and get explained in due course.