Chasing Experience

by PraxisInPractice

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Alex Hunter lived a life of missed opportunities, fear of what may be giving way to what might have been. Just when he thought he was getting a second chance, it turned out he was one of a small fraction of humanity immune to the complex gene therapy that was providing his peers with eternal youth.

At 82 he's informed that he has weeks to live in a rapidly failing body, while those around him turn towards an eternity amidst the stars. Alex chooses to cut what life he has left short.

He wakes to find a strange dragon offering him a second chance in truth - a new body of his own design, and fantastic new abilities, all for helping out a few gods in need.

Alex finds himself on a planet populated by the incredible, where even children have the strength kill him. Still bound to complete the tasks sent directly to his mind, Alex struggles to wring what he can from his second life, all the while trying to stay alive and Chasing Experience.

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Worthwhile read :)

Reviewed at: Fire Your Guns

Style is good. The characterization of each individual is just a sliver below professional.

Story is good with great phasing. 

Mc actually acts in a believable manner. (rare on rr)

Barely any grammatical mistakes. 


Ps. I don't really know how to make a review.. I just like what I like and this story is really entertaining for me 😊

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The negative reviews never gave this story a chance, atm I'd put it firmly in my top 30 on this site(since I've only read 200 pages and I've read over 500 stories on rr), it definitely has potential to be an epic and enjoyable adventure and I truly am looking forward to reading 1000s of pages(hopefully it lasts at least that long).

I left a fairly scathing comment in one of the earlier chapters(when he fights the 9 year old) because the mc came off as a petulant child. I can understand where the author is coming from with how the mc was a despairing failure who was one of the few who couldnt become immortal and that psychological damage must have been beyond severe, but the first few intro chapters are pretty hard to get through. The story/plot is great, the mc and other characters are also great, it's just the mc early on is infuriating/disappointing, my opinion of him does a 180 after meeting the alchemist, but before that i'd really like it if the author made the mc less cringe while still conveying how totally hopeless and awful his first life was.


As of chapter 18 I am really really enjoying the fresh take on the genre, it takes elements of other stories I've read and it turned into an incredibly interesting world/setting/cultivation system etc.

The characters all have emotions/motives and are super memorable/distinct.

I can really only hope that the author fixes up how the mc acts especially when he trains with the 9 year old the first time but other than that everything is excellent.

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Interesting Take on Experience gathering - worth the time

Reviewed at: The Prisoner

I have read a lot of LitRPG - it is my favorite genre right now. I went into this expecting a normal type of kill things and advance, and that is NOT what is delivered. I like the plot, familiar enough to be enjoyable, but off beat enough that I have not read another story like it. Worth my time, I look forward to the next installment. 

  • Overall Score

Good novel. Ridiculous reviews.

Reviewed at: Miss Adventure

I liked the story and the characters. In short: the writing is vivid, the worlds are interesting and the characters have some depth to them, don't listen to stupid reviewers and enjoy the adventure.

Some people have posted negative opinions about this story, and I will provide my rebuttal to some of their issues.

A) cliches. The quality of a dish is not always about having rare ingridients. A good cook can take usual, mundane produce and prepare them a King's meal. So its not about having tropes, its how one uses them. Its isekai, its wuxia, its cultivation - yes. But there is enough novelty and consideration put into the book to make it different. Its isekai, but with a twist, its cultivation, but the system is unique, etc.

B) "old man not acting like an old man". SHUT UP. What do you think an old man is? Its you, after 50-60 more years. Do you think as you age some cosmic wisdom falls from sky and lands into people brains? Older people are just people. After 30, your opinions and demeanor doesn't change much, unless some terrible drama happens to you.

In other words, the psychological difference between 80 and 20 is less than between 20 and 12.

C) teenage hormons is just a cliche excuse. So what? It works and it is realistic. Not only the MC was put into a much younger body, it is a younger body of a different race - with higher levels of aggression and less selfcontrol. You all seem to underestimate how much your mental state is influenced by chemistry of your body. A slight disbalance in electrolites is a difference between a healthy mind and a paranoid psychopath.

D) "Gamer attitude" and perks selections. This is the most ridiculous issue. Not everybody is an autistic nerd who will min-max every single option combination possible and fine-tune every bit. Him spending so much time on his appearance and seemingly not so much on the skills already tells you than he isn't building a world-dominator cheat wagon here.

I am suuuuure, when you guys get reincarnated you will spend a billlion years in the void to "make the right choice", good for you. But I am here to read a fun adventure story, not spreadsheets of super-optimized stats.

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Trending showcases talent

Reviewed at: Breaking the Rules

This is giving me some serious cradle vibes. It's early yet, but this seems so well written. I have so many questions that I cannot wait to get the answers to as this story progresses. I've read a lot of the comments and people note that the character doesn't always make the optimal choice... But from the characters point of view, those choices are optimal to them. That to me is the mark of great writing. The characters are great, but not perfect. Well done, can't wait for more! 

  • Overall Score

Pretty Cool (not temperature related)

Reviewed at: Breaking the Rules

Everything so far is pretty interesting and well thought out from what I've read so far. There are a few obvious grammatical or spelling errors, but it looks to be from a lack of proofreading if nothing else. Overall I highly reccomend this as it has a well developed cultivation system that works in its own way but isn't so different from others you have a hard time undertanding it. It also has some pretty solid worldbuilding and forethought and planning from what I can tell so far.

Keep up the good work PraxisInPractice :D

  • Overall Score

Grammar so much it bothers me a bit.

lalallalala 50 Characters lalalalalalal.