Chasing Experience

by PraxisInPractice

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Alex Hunter lived a life of missed opportunities, fear of what may be giving way to what might have been. Just when he thought he was getting a second chance, it turned out he was one of a small fraction of humanity immune to the complex gene therapy that was providing his peers with eternal youth.

At 82 he's informed that he has weeks to live in a rapidly failing body, while those around him turn towards an eternity amidst the stars. Alex chooses to cut what life he has left short.

He wakes to find a strange dragon offering him a second chance in truth - a new body of his own design, and fantastic new abilities, all for helping out a few gods in need.

Alex finds himself on a planet populated by the incredible, where even children have the strength kill him. Still bound to complete the tasks sent directly to his mind, Alex struggles to wring what he can from his second life, all the while trying to stay alive and Chasing Experience.

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Word Count (13)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Dirty Deals Done Dirt Cheap ago
Deep in the Hole ago
Kicked in the Teeth ago
Smash 'n' Grab ago
You Ain't Got a Hold on Me ago
Carry me Home ago
Emission Control ago
Cold Hearted Man ago
First Blood ago
If You Dare ago
This Means War ago
Borrowed Time ago
Spoilin' for a Fight ago
If You Want Blood (You Got It.). ago
Night of the Long Knives ago
Stick Around ago
Fire Your Guns ago
Breaking the Rules ago
Miss Adventure ago
Interlude: Far From Heaven ago
Journeyman ago
The Prisoner ago
Flash of the Blade ago
New Frontier ago
Coming Home ago
I've Got the Fire ago
The Duelists ago
Innocent Exile ago
The Educated Fool ago
Face in the Sand ago
Gates of Tomorrow ago
Brave New World ago
Communication Breakdown ago
Fear of the Dark ago
Prowler ago
The Longest Day ago
Sanctuary ago
Deja-vu ago
The Fugitive ago
Massacre ago
Rainmaker ago
Childhood's End ago
Lightning Strikes Twice ago
Only The Good Die Young ago
Quest for Fire ago
Burning Ambition ago
Another Life ago
Fates Warning ago
Shadows of the Valley ago
Powerslave ago
Still Life ago
Iron Maiden ago
Twilight Zone ago
King of Twilight ago
The Aftermath ago
The Mercenary ago
The Wicker Man ago
Look for the Truth ago
All in Your Mind ago
Second Interlude - Rite of Passage ago
Back in the Saddle ago
The Farm ago
Draw the Line ago
Movin' Out ago
Monkey on my Back ago
Flesh ago
The Other Side ago
I'm Not Talkin' ago
Oasis in the Night ago
Pandora's Box ago
Closer ago
Don't Get Mad, Get Even ago
Livin' on the Edge ago
The Hop ago
Permanent Vacation ago
The Hand That Feeds ago
Get a Grip ago
Amazing ago
Bone to Bone ago
Light Inside ago
The Grind ago
Under My Skin ago
One Way Street ago
Bright Light Fright ago
Come Together ago
Dream On ago
Sick as a Dog ago
I Wanna Know Why ago
Combination ago
Full Circle ago
Home Tonight ago
Sight For Sore Eyes ago
Sunshine ago
Face ago
Line Up ago
Once is Enough ago

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After reading up to chapter 13, I just lost interest.

The Mc is supposed to be 82, but what do we have? A grown man behaving like a teenager... and just from this, if you've read enough novels on this platform, then you'd know I don't need to continue writing this review.

Author, I sincerely believe you can make this a great story. I feel like you are not just taking your time (imo) and that you probably write just for the fun of it. 


Hidden teenage hormones nerf

Reviewed at: Breaking the Rules

I like the hook. What the heck if an old dude with arthritis doing in antartica.

I mean we knew he was gonna die from the summary but I was "Let's see where this is going."

That said the protagonist is not really thinking about things and his experience is not showing up as helpfull or as an advantage. He's improvements were all things coming outside himself.

He's acting like a mouthy teenager who is only alive due to plot armor. Which is probably why he bought it. :P

That said:
-He has 80 years of "go with the flow" passivity habbit, which he wants to change.

-We see an in story reason of the lad actively trying to be more imulsive and direct for the sake of cultivating the Lightning Dao.

Intriguing, if somewhat shallow for now, worldbuilding.


What I like that others don't is thst an aged/old isekai leads a life and has emotions and dialogue appropriate with his current bodies age. Why have a "do over" and new world cultivator story be about the best pension plan,, I wouldn't read it. I do read this story, because its good,, very good without being great. I like that the info dumps are done during dialougue and are spread out, stick with it and the "system" gets less muddy. The MC knows exactly as much about the world as we do so his actions, smart or err... less than smart are more plausible. Geographically, monetarily, loyalty wise, he knows as much as we do.  Enjoy it for what it is, great escapism. What i don't enjoy besides random minor grammar or spelling is simply too many elite characters in the sub plot or side arcs. Like if it isn't a God involved in the machine, its demigods involved in the sub arcs machinery, that makes me wish for a slice of life or some flex amongst the populace at large. Going through a lot makes for a good beginning, it does not make for a good middle. However, the author is consistent, talented, the story is linear, coherent, without being predictable. It might be better than I think, but opinion has a place in reviews so I say, very good, quite near great. 


So, I don't often write reviews on here, but I also don't often come across a story that manages to scratch that cultivation story itch and also have a novel feeling to it.

First off, grammar.  Some small mistakes here and there, nothing glaring.  It seems clear that the author has put some time into proofreading and editing, and it results in writing that flows without being disruptive to the sense of immersion.

Secondly, the writing style.  I have no real complaints on this front either, though there are some plot developments and character motivations that the author kind of just introduces to move the story forward. I would really like to see these expanded on, but again, they did not impact my enjoyment of the story thus far and the writing style flowed naturally.

Characters.  The main character seems fairly well developed, and has reasonable motivations and character flaws.  The supporting cast (at least as of Chap. 7) seems a little flat, though compared to most cultivation-type stories they are vibrant representations of life.

Overall, this story seems to follow the tried and true formula.  Man dies, is given a chance at a new life, tries to adapt to new life, etc. etc. However, there are just enough little touches in the story to make it feel unique, things that make the world come to life and make the characters feel worth investing in.  In particular, I love the take that the author has taken on cultivation and experience, and I hope that I get the chance to really see it play out as factor that drives the plot rather than just meditation training montages.  I'm looking forward to seeing how this story develops, and if you read it I think you will too.


The Grammar is excellent to me. It's a wuxia story and from that, expect a lot of cliche. 

The story tells about the MC's pro-gaming life but in reality, the MC don't have any strategic decisions. It's about the MC's journey in another world. Furthermore, everything is in favor with the MC.

The style is desame with most wuxia story. 

And lastly for the character, still it's desame as most of the wuxia novel out there. 

Overall, the story is okey if don't have anything to read. Just give it a try. 

Spoiler: Spoiler

Thoroughly enjoying the story so I figured I owed a review.  

The quality of the writing is good, occasional but rare typos, nothing significant enough to take away from the story.  

Characterization is good, the MC as well as friends/side characters are built up well.  

There is actual plot progression, something that a lot of other stories seem to be missing.  

MC is not perfect or all powerful; he is learning and growing, striving for improvement.  Humorous without slapstick.  This is a story where I look forward to each chapter and don't find myself getting frustrated.  


Better than I expected.

Reviewed at: Iron Maiden

The story spends the first couple chapters acting like a by-the-numbers LitRPG but it is barely a LitRPG at all. It basically has quests and perks but no stats, levels, or HP. 

It also has a pretty good power system. This story's version of Qi is much more interesting than most other Xianxia. You gain more by experiencing new things, trying new foods, meeting new people, etc. And of course you can gain more by fighting people and surviving death. Its great because the characters get stronger by doing things that are actually interesting to the plot instead of meditating and popping pills. 

I think most negative reviews either want the MC to be more OP, even though it's already established that he is cultivating at an extreme rate and is able to fight on par with people who have been cultivating for centuries. Or they want him to be more of an ruthless psychopath like most Xianxia MCs.

The MC is more immature than you would expect but it's pretty clearly established that he is being effected by the hormones of his new body that he reincarnates into. 

Plane wanderer

Great. Try it! Fix MC but the casts seems great

Reviewed at: Draw the Line

Nothing seems wrong with the style, grammar ,and neither the story . the only problem I have is with the main character like most other reviewers. It's not the aspect of him being all arouse with little miss with emerald eyes but his decision making and naivety outlook to other organizations and people but mostly insituitions. Right now im lost why did you even made him an 80 year old instead someone with little experience to explain his poor decesions. Other thing that bugs me is the whole agent thing because its seems flaw from the get go. You're literally drop near outside a city and with a mission to that is close to impossible yet if you fail you might die from failing to complete it or from getting invovle in it. Literally without Lucky or plot armor I doubt the MC might have enter the city without a money .So many more problenms with the agent system but i don't want to spoil anything.

Inever be been a fan of portal fantasy not that i hate them because i enjoy them especially Delve and few others . I perfer transmigration types of isakai since the reincarnator  has already an identity eatablish and involvement in the world without being forced by plot convience. That is me just nitpicking so take it with a grain of salt. 

Best part by so far is your established power system that is unique and with endless possibilities with the exemaplaries ( IDK if i spell it right). 

Great Job Man for keeping the errors and grammer mistake to minnium that i barely noticed except in the beggining of the story and there and here but you get the inten so no problems.

Keep the great work and please keep continue writing this story because it's awesome and special from the very depths of my heart THANKS!!!


Worthwhile read :)

Reviewed at: Fire Your Guns

Style is good. The characterization of each individual is just a sliver below professional.

Story is good with great phasing. 

Mc actually acts in a believable manner. (rare on rr)

Barely any grammatical mistakes. 


Ps. I don't really know how to make a review.. I just like what I like and this story is really entertaining for me 😊

Eggo Ego

So far- Interesting, and there have only been a few times that I've cringed

Reviewed at: The Prisoner

Overall great story with well developed characters with a seemingly well thought out plot, but the grammar leaves much to be desired. As I understand it, the author has dyslexia(I think) and that has resulted in multiple grammatical errors that leave much to be desired, but it isn't unreadable. Some of the errors are pointed out in the comments, but it seems that not all of them are (likely because the people reading(including me) are too lazy to care enough to point out every minor spelling mistake)