Serenity of the Crow

Serenity of the Crow

by Niame

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Fena can’t die. To most, this might be considered a blessing. To others, a curse. Fena doesn’t really care what other people call it: for her, it’s reality. She’s content to keep her head down while working for the Mercenary Guild, but a new contract arrives that threatens to drag her back to a past she wants nothing to do with. Haunted by her own thoughts and a crow that never seems to shut up, Fena is caught between confronting her past and preventing it from ever happening again. 

Indigo is alone. Her adopted mother is gone, and the witch that never gets her pronouns right is currently the most popular researcher at the Royal Academy. Worse still, she suddenly finds herself with shoes to fill that are so enormous they’re more like a swimming pool, while that same witch flaunts a research project that could get them all killed. With the expectations of her entire sect weighing on her like a lead weight, will Indigo sink or swim? Can she stop the White Witch’s project before it’s too late? Or will the twisted politics of the Royal Academy prove too much? 

This is my first published story, so hopefully it goes well! I welcome constructive criticism, and I'd love to hear your thoughts and theories about where the story is headed!

This story contains references to depression, anxiety, panic attacks, self-harm, sexual abuse and manipulation. I WILL mark trigger warnings on the chapters that contain such content, but read at your own risk. Additionally there will be plenty of violence and gore but I promise to put it to good use. 

This series is also published on Scribblehub under the same name, Cover art by me

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So,  10 chapters in,  going to bump the score up for overall and grammar.

I'm really enjoying the story so far. Excellent start, and the protagonist is different enough from other stories (though maybe a little dumb, haha).

It's definitely worth giving this a read if you're considering it.  So far, it's very well written, right up there with the better stories on RR.  Only problem there are only 10 chapters at the moment ;)

Will come back and update later.

Thanks for the entertainment Niame.


Before I delve in, the obvious disclosure, I interact with the author in the comments sections frequently. 

It goes without saying, not in RR obviously. 


Now to the nifty topic of rating. 

Foremost, the style. On the go, from the very first chapter, the author's skill with presenting and carrying the story impressed me. Especially, the fight scenes, right in the first chapter were well written. That was the decisive moment when I knew that I had to read the story to the end. After all, I could not resist a snappy cynical talking crow and a tired quasi-reluctant hero on a quest. 

Onwards towards Grammar. I confess, I am no expert when it comes to grammar. From what I read, there seemed almost no grammatical errors and the story progressed smoothly. Nothing that could deter a fun reading experience. 

The Characters, the heart of any good story-telling. The primary characters are  infact very much relatable, though your mileages may vary. Fena, the primary MC is plagued with self-doubt and second-guessing her life choices while at the same time summoning her inner strength to move forward. Indigo, the other MC, despite being hailed as a prodigy, lacks assertiveness. This is not the story of a peerless warrior and an invincible mage forming a power-couple duo but rather two flawed imperfect creatures coming together to find strength in each other. 

Moving on to the secondary characters, there is an annoying talking crow who may or maynot be a figment of someone's imagination. Like who can resist a talking crow. They are like fantasy catnips. A talking crow always means that the story is going to get complex. I mean, seriously, when has there ever been a situation where a crow appeared like a deux-ex-machina. Crows do not appear in fantasy stories to make the plot simple. A talking crow, is always, always a clear sign of a complex plot. 

And then there is a great supporting cast and even the very minor characters have a soul and emotion and they bring a lot to the story. Even the supposed antagonist has their motivations and not just another emo dark lord planning on world domination. 

Also considering the fact that, it is chapter 25 and the two MC's haven't been introduced to one another yet. I am adding one more point to slow-burn-yuri in the story telling. The MC becomes tongue-tied when she meet another attractive girl and thinks the other party cast a charm spell on her. One more additional point for clueless MC, in the GL setting. 


An engaging and promising story, with mutli-facets to get enamoured with.