My Second Life at Asura World

My Second Life at Asura World

by ZeeNath

After living a really miserable life for 16 years, our MC eventually died while saving his own bullies from a thugs attack. When he thought his life would really end just like that before he even experiences happiness, the gods gave him another chance to live as a thank you gift from the MC's deed in saving the world, unintentionally, of course.

With a game-like system where magic, adventurer, guilds, elf, dragon, and many fantasy beings lived, how will our MC live his second life? After all the suffering he endured back on earth, will he be holed up in the past or move on to the great future laid in front of him? 

This is a story of an unfortunate boy on earth that was granted a second life in another world called Asura...


Author's Note: English is not my native language so forgive me if you found something confusing in the story. I'm still learning too c:

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