The Crab Fighter (LitRPG)

by Winged Wolf

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Author's Word:

This story is not a comedy. Now, don't get me wrong, my dear reader; it is funny. Hell, it has even been called downright hilarious by a couple of readers that may or may not have been my mother. But in essence, it is not purely comedy, in the same way that it is not purely tragedy. The Crab Fighter is just an intense story. Sometimes you will laugh like a ticklish hyena and sometimes you will cry as if you're reading this on onion paper. Your blood will boil, you will feel sympathy, pity, and passion, and that's all part of the deal. If you're into that, read ahead.

Now, I know what you're thinking. These are rather bold claims. Can I truly support them?

Oh, my dear reader. I most certainly can. Welcome aboard.



A man wakes up in an unknown, fantastical world with blue screens, levels, classes, and absolutely no idea of who he is. Did I mention giant crabs? Worst of all, a series of unfortunate circumstances lead to him adopting an... uncomfortable... name.

In his struggle to survive, he will fight his way through crab dens, forests, towns, and sewers. He will befriend barbaric orcs and smug outcasts, sneakily sneak into the enemy's heart of operations, fight against monsters and stand for what is right. Besides, if he just so happens to amusingly and quite epically turn the world on its head while doing so... Eh, it happens.

But all that is only provided he survives his first day in the world of Peras. Will he live and thrive, enjoying an epic lifetime of razor-sharp adventure and manly brotherhood? Or will he be turned into crab food on the very first day of his existence?

And what's a modern-day sailor doing there?!

Join our unfortunately named friend and find out... Adventure's waiting!

~Reject humanity, return to crab~



A high-fantasy LitRPG adventure, focusing a bit more on the 'Lit' and less on the 'RPG' for later chapters. We mainly follow the MC's adventures, but significant emphasis is also given to a small, sometimes rotating cast of other characters. While the story's main genre is definitely an adventure, the theme is dynamic, with different chapters ranging from epic, to wholesome, to hilarious, to dark and action-packed.

As of 31/1/2021, this story has also experienced a major rewrite in some parts, specifically the 'extra genre' mentioned in the reviews. It was indeed a misrepresentation of my world, but now it should be great.

Updates are weekly, 06:00 GMT every Sunday.

Please give me feedback, friends, and enjoy! Or, you know... don't. Your call.

Why are you still reading this? I'm running out of words! Just go read the first chapter, goddamnit.

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Winged Wolf

Winged Wolf

Word Count (14)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Well, Fuck... ago
Chapter 2: Just a crab ago
Chapter 3: Killing is cold, but the rewards are sweet ago
Chapter 4: Not All is Fun and Games ago
Chapter 5: Royal Wrath ago
Chapter 6: Royal Bounty ago
Chapter 7: Craduation ago
Chapter 8: Corruption ago
Chapter 9: Is this Karma? ago
Chapter 10: Oreg ago
Chapter 11: The Matt ago
Chapter 12: Peace and Quiet ago
Chapter 13: God is annoying ago
Chapter 14: Infiltration ago
Chapter 15: The Mad Mudmen ago
Chapter 16: Neville Esquire ago
Chapter 17: A Perfectly Perfect Plan ago
Chapter 18: Being the Victim ago
Chapter 19: Bleat Bleat, Motherfucker ago
Chapter 20: The Saddest Smile ago
Chapter 21: Leads to the Greatest Sin ago
Chapter 22: Pincer ago
Chapter 23: Orc Talk ago
Chapter 24: Strangers in the Night ago
Chapter 24.5: Bad Guys Can Sing Too ago
Chapter 25: Oreg the Orc ago
Chapter 26: A Torch, Burning Ever On ago
Chapter 27: The Twin Worlds ago
Bonus Chapter: Carlos the Zombie ago
Chapter 28: Salom ago
Chapter 29: A Sneaky Mustache ago
Chapter 30: The Spirit of Youth ago
Chapter 31: A Crab on Fire ago
Chapter 32: Fury and Honor ago
Chapter 33: The King of Numbers ago
Chapter 34: A Family of Red and Charm ago
Chapter 35: Like Father... ago
Chapter 36: The Struggles of Being a Doorman ago
Chapter 37: Tongue Work ago
Chapter 38: Pressure on All Fronts ago
Chapter 39: Hats Maketh Man ago
Chapter 40: Tough Calls ago
Chapter 41: A Devilish Misunderstanding ago
Chapter 42: Assault of the Phaclerones ago
Chapter 43: They Have Legs? ago
Chapter 44: The 'Antlet' ago
Chapter 45: Last Skill? ago
Chapter 46: A Historian’s Dream ago
Chapter 47: Man, Phac Side Quests ago
Chapter 48: Otto ago
Chapter 49: Rain and Meadow ago
Chapter 50: The Great Crab Heist ago
Chapter 51: Fated ago
Chapter 52: Neville the Explorer ago
Chapter 53: Phac’s Tunnels of Horror ago
Chapter 54: A Series of Unfortunate Events ago
Chapter 55: Crab Tactics 101 ago
Chapter 56: Running for One's Life ago
Chapter 57: Berserker ago
Chapter 58: Who’s weak now? ago
Chapter 59: The Beginning of the End ago
Chapter 60: We do not Live to Die. We Die to Live. ago
Chapter + Announcement. End of Book 2! ago

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Hocus- Pocus1999

I am not too acquainted with RoyalRoad culture, and I wasn’t planning to be, but The Crab Fighter changed my mind. It is a special book and its author has stepped on the long path that leads to excellence.

The story originally unfolds by the endless, blue sea, where our hero knows nothing about neither himself nor his origins. This a focal point of the story because it allows us to know a ‘tabula rasa’ character, an empty canvas that slowly fills itself with personality. He is a man - not a crab, mind you - who is full of thirst for life and adventure, and who has not yet had the time to develop his flaws. He is a character who never rests, fearless and humorous - a trait which will immediately win you over. His amusing name will not be mentioned here, as the author intends it as a Chapter 1 surprise.

As the story advances, our hero will encounter loyal friends, as well as companions. Some will leave early, while others will continue to accompany him in his crazy adventures. The book’s hero lives a life that many of us possibly desire. He gives his own meaning at every moment, drawing from his wish to live and enjoy life.

The author’s language is well comprehensible, accessible even for those not too familiar with English. The grammar is not perfect, but it is excellent by this site’s standards. The style is dynamic, changing as the author grows, but always pleasant and carrying a nice dash of mostly well-placed humor.

The characters are brilliant. Not all of them, of course, but a select few are so well-written that they resonated with me. They often incorporate conflicting elements in their personalities, an attractive idea if properly done, which the author achieves more often than not. Who can dislike a big-bodied half-orc with the naivety and tenderness of a little child? To my pleasant surprise, the author is also not afraid to delve into time-tested archetypes when creating his characters, archetypes which he executes well. Coupled with more original concepts, the author creates a rich and enjoyably colorful cast.

The plot is interesting, and it even touches upon the issue of prejudice in an artistic way. While it may be humorous in parts, it loses none of its depth. Not all chapters are the same; some are transitions, others action-filled. But every chapter is equally important.

All in all, The Crab Fighter is certainly a book that deserves to be read. The author is slowly developing his writing style and he builds characters who imprint themselves on the reader’s memory! At times, I even find myself laughing as I recall the adventures of the glorious Crab Fighter.

Give it a shot. You will not be disappointed. It is a promising book written by a promising author. Thanks for the laughter, tears, and adventure, Winged Wolf. You’re doing a damn good job! Never stop!

i was watching a youtube video and saw this comment, thought it fit.
"Crabs amaze me. They’re the perfect life form, a tank made of legs and living hate-armor. It’s not just about their physicality, though; it’s the soul of the crab. See, no crab in the bottomless history of the sea has ever questioned itself, doubted itself, worried, or been afraid. A crab is pure motion. A crab is pure id and unrelenting forward force. Crabs invented the word violence and they will scuttle on the surface of the world while the red giant of Sol creeps closer to devour everywhere we’ve ever known. They will look into the sky and clack their claws and there will be no fear."

i will preface this by saying that you should absolutely give this a go, well written, characters are lifelike and have real personality, the interacting between characters and the world is exceptional and is an overall engaging read.

now, i will also state that  i believe the author has made a few massive mistakes that completely detract from the experience of what is an otherwise excelent story, this is my personal opinion that is also is shared by many others.  i would personally recommend skipping chapter 27 and outright ignoring certain other chunks of the story for your own benefit. the story is not ruined by these things, but definitely is all the worse for their existence, once again, in my personal opinion. 

i will definitely be keeping up with this story, it is too good to put down, the slow release rate is a pain, simply because i want to read more, it is one of the few stories that gave me genuine emotions, having become invested in certain characters. 

Keep up the great writing!



There was a twist, and the twist takes any emotional weight out. It's still a fine story, but it lost the spark it had for something great.


Pretty entertaining story, should be on trending soon. Looking forward to reading this


While this seems like a crabby(crappy) story the initial impression deceives. Sure in the first few chapters I thought, what an inapropriate title, couldn't the author have been more thoughtful and all.

But I now think that it shows what kind of story it is, and while not totally light-hearted or even mild it is quite funny and good.

The Grammar- no problems, the story is just surviving at the moment and following a quest, but it surely will branch out soon.

The style is a bit harder to describe while the author is, and also tries to be funny, in no way he always is. In chapter 16 now for example I sincerely laughed because it was hilarious but in the previous chapters less so. Otherwise the action and status system is not bad either. 

Some things I don't like are the previous life memories, the reason for that is simply because I don't understand the merit to the story but if they conveyed something relevant to it, it should be fine, well I only mildly dislike them right now.

The characters are pretty well written, in the moment I really like the Orc. I also like that there are Lost people like the MC as well, even though we haven't met any yet.

As is common this fiction doesn't have many chapters yet, but as it has a frequent release rate, I don't have any problems on that side. What puzzles me though is, that the rating isn't better, maybe it is because of the earlier chapters, in which case.

Read on!

While the early chapters may not exactly be funny it gets better, well concerning comedy. The moment where I really liked this fiction, was the scene with the fox, as it was very heart-warming.

So in summary, it is a good read, don't get discouraged by the early chapters, and Phac will most likely be phacked sideways by his luck.

Hacked Anonnymus

Style: It's balanced. Not too fast-paced nor too slow, when it is necessary the story pace will be faster or slower. The style also develops perfectly with the story, at the beginning, it was all fun and phac jokes, now (current CHP), it feels more serious and immersed.

I don't know if it was intentional or not, but I think it fits perfectly with the flow of the story.

Story: It's not a wonderful piece of art that will make you say 'Wow'. If not, a story that is going to make you say 'Okay'. It could get better or worse in the future but for now, it's just an okay.

Now, in the middle of the story, there's a part that many people hate and have dropped the story because of that revelation. I, a semi non-professional amateur reviewer, can't seem to comprehend, because It literally adds nothing, nor decrease anything in the story of phac, fighter of crabs.

That's for you to judge.

Grammar: I'm not an expert in this field that know and recognize every rule in the English language, so based on other reviews, and my personal average comprehension of the language, I'll give it a 4.5

Characters: One of the most important factors of a character, is to stick to their ways, or so I believe.

For example, a guy whose only passion in life is war and destruction, can't suddenly become a peace lover out of free will, it as ridiculous as you dear lector becoming a national athlete because you read something, that won't happen.

Phac, so far, is one of the best Mc I've read in royalroad, sticking to his way and not dropping a fight because his adversary is too strong or there social pressure.
There's a perfect chapter that summarizes what I'm talking about (animal traffickers chapter).

Secondary characters are pretty good and likable. My favorite character is Mc, second Oreg and third Reginald, so far, I'd say those are the best.

But anyways, like before, the characters in this story have their own and kind of unique personality, you won't see two characters behaving the same literal way, several characters with their own dreams or aims, such as Neville with his hero way, or Reginald with his plan of saving everyone.

There are those with simple aims such as the two mercenaries (I'm bad with names), whose aim is as simple as living their lives doing what they know best, yet, that doesn't make them worse compared with Phac whose aim is to, also, save everyone, but in a different way compared to Reginald.
Anyways, apart from the Phac jokes, that may not be for everyone's taste, or maybe the massive-non-massive plot twist, that happened in the middle of the chapters, I'd say that this fiction is one of the very best in Royal.

Nice 478 words.





Decent grammar, good pacing, a pretty hefty dose of humor thrown in for good measure. The amnesiac MC in a game-like world is a little bit overdone nowadays but this is as good an example of the genre as you're likely to find if it keeps going the way it has been.

Centurion C.

I've been reading it since chapter 12 and I feel it's at the point where I can say that it is worth a read. Interesting storyline for sure. For me personally it has a bit more profanity than I like but barring that I don't have a complaint. If you like out of the ordinary LitRPGs try it out.


Formulaic LitRpg start, still well done. Snarky blue screens.

Reviewed at: Chapter 11: The Matt

We've got the fish out of water, or crab out of water hero, who is thrust into a world of stats and blue screens.

What is with blue screens being snarky?

Anyway, our hero has amnesia, lending to a credible reason to have an MC that is bumbling along trying to survive. To clarify, there's no emotional trauma or baggage that we need to be subjected to in order to give the MC a rational feel right off the bat. 

It also takes away some of the urgency (like worrying for family/friends/having a desperate desire to return to normalcy). We can just focus on the action of the here and now.

Bit of a blank slate, the MC is, at this point. But Mr. Author does hint that we will explore how our MC ended in a crab infested dungeon. And like, who the MC used to be.

I also like how MC explicitly stated that he will not kill unless it is as a last resort. Too often, the MC's of these LitRpg's are callous killers who think they have the moral high ground in every instance. (Hope the author follows throught with this)

We've got a side character popping up with some POV sections, but I have yet to discover what he's doing in the story. I have my suspicions, though.

So, since it's just begun, and there's nothing that jumps out at you in terms of uniqueness (apart from the crabs).

I'm summing this up like this.

The Crab Fighter has a typical LitRpg beginning so far. Minor grammatical errors, nothing too wince worthy. Some mysteries, like MC's origin and what is actually going on, pulling you in.

We'll see from here where things go.

Good luck, and keep up the good work, Winged Wolf!