The Remedy: Catalyst; Static

The Remedy: Catalyst; Static

by Sea_chelle

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Female Lead Magic

How can anyone escape, when time is held in your enemy’s grasp?

Stalked by a monstrous bird-like wizard, with the power to manipulate time, fifteen year old Phynley Okie has never known safety. Staying alive only because of the warnings of a strange brown eyed boy and an extraordinary ability of her own, she has lived on the run.

Caught in the crime life of Tetrad, Phynley delivers a letter that has her stumbling onto a brewing conflict. Talk of impending doom and secret alliances; the world is never quite what it seems.

As the dark forces move she is caught in the cross hairs. Thrown into a fight she isn’t ready for and a destiny she doesn't want, Phynley has to decide if she will run away once more or face the very thing she fears the most. 

Becoming a hero is a difficult thing. After all, picking up that sword means you might die by it….

(Book 1) Catalyst: Complete  (Book 2) Static: Complete

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Catalyst- Ch.1 Wanderer ago
Catalyst- Ch.2 The Coming Catastrophe ago
Catalyst- Ch.3 Creepy Taxidermy Man ago
Catalyst- Ch.4 Prison Break ago
Catalyst- Ch.5 Can You Stop the Inevitable? ago
Catalyst- Ch.6 The Carnival ago
Catalyst- Ch.7 The Lute Playing Hero ago
Catalyst- Ch.8 The Trouble With Names ago
Catalyst- Ch.9 The Psychotic Sorcerers Club ago
Catalyst- Ch.10 Freya ago
Catalyst- Ch.11 The Looking Glass ago
Catalyst- Ch.12 Trust is Earned ago
Catalyst- Ch.13 The Bird Wizard ago
Catalyst- Ch.14 Broc's cabin ago
Catalyst- Ch.15 The Forest Pool ago
Catalyst- Ch.16 The Mighty Discord ago
Catalyst- Ch.17 Ultimatum ago
Catalyst- Ch.18 Dance in the Rain ago
Catalyst- Ch.19 The King of the Carnivores ago
Catalyst- Ch.20 Secrets and Dreams ago
Catalyst- Ch.21 Good Luck Saving the World ago
Catalyst- Ch.22 Monsters ago
Catalyst- Ch.23 Lesson One ago
Catalyst- Ch.24 Heartbeat ago
Catalyst- Ch.25 South Gate ago
Catalyst- Ch.26 The Catacombs ago
Catalyst- Ch.27 Till The End ago
Catalyst- Ch.28 How to Kill a Bird Wizard ago
Catalyst- Ch. 29 The King of Euphoria ago
Catalyst- Ch.30 Chasing The Black Bird ago
Catalyst- Ch. 31 History ago
Catalyst- Ch.32 The Song Bird ago
Catalyst- Ch.33 One More King ago
Catalyst- Ch.34 The Blood of Four ago
Catalyst- Ch.35 The Jackal and The Black Bird ago
Catalyst- Ch.36 The Cursed City ago
Catalyst- Ch.37 Arise ago
Catalyst- Epilogue ago
Static ago
Static- Ch.1 Day Of Redemption ago
Static- Ch.2 Nicknames and Political Games ago
Static- Ch.3 The Commander ago
Static- Ch.4 Don't Overestimate Your Scariness ago
Static- Ch.5 Bleeding Hearts ago
Static- Ch.6 The Council of Avarice ago
Static- Ch.7 His Name Was Something Of A Bird's ago
Static- Ch.8 Motion Sickness ago
Static- Ch.9 Painful Optimism ago
Static- Ch.10 Collective Insanity ago
Static- Ch.11 A Captive of Destiny ago
Static- Ch.12 Dancing Around Giants ago
Static- Ch.13 The Attention of World Leaders ago
Static- Ch.14 Spies, Traitors and Bad Influences ago
Static- Ch.15 Cheap Knock-Off Stars ago
Static- Ch.16 Archive B ago
Static- Ch.17 Braver ago
Static- Ch.18 Wild Goose Chase ago
Static- Ch.19 Cause and Effect ago
Static-Ch.20 The Shadow Man ago
Static- Ch.21 Iris ago
Static-Ch.22 Hostages ago
Static-Ch.23 Nine Lives ago
Static- Ch.24 Details Are Important ago
Static- Ch.25 Stupid Birds ago
Static- Ch.26 The Enemy of my Enemy ago
Static- Ch.27 Naive Hero ago
Static- Ch.28 Good Riddance ago
Static- Ch.29 Call It Tenacity ago
Static Ch.30 Tower Climbling ago
Static- Ch.31 Rats and Kings ago
Static- Ch.32 In the Face of Threats ago
Static- Ch.33 Drowning ago
Static- Ch.34 Fortitude ago
Static- Ch.35 Homesick ago
Static- Ch.36 Goodbyes ago

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The Walrus King

Good story so far. Very fast paced. It feels like the MC is always in over her head. Forced to use her talent in bad situations for people doing bad things. Exactly the thing she shouldn't be doing if you wanted keep your head down and not be noticed. But she always has limited choices. 

It's a very good fantasy story. Elements of magic and a strange world, but the criminal elements are quite familiar, making the world seem real. 

Lord Turtle

I came into this expecting something pretty alright if not spectacular. This turned out being something quite remarkable in its own right and definitely deserving of at least a glace. My only concern is that some of the scene changes and transitions are a little bit too fast or a little bit janky but thats it. Otherwise a pretty interesting read overall.

Daniel Newwyn

The Remedy: Catalyst; Static by Sea_chelle is an exquisite tale of adventure, with dark pasts and budding friendships woven in. The book follow Phynley, a girl working as an errand girl for Malachi after running away from her tragic past. Not only does she have to evade from old enemies, she also has to protect the person she cares about a lot: Diggery.

I think the main selling point for this story is the intriguing plot. There are lots of unanswered questions about the motives of Phynley's old enemies and new friends, and whether she will be pulled in as part of some bigger political intrigue. Lots of thing kept me reading and yearning to find out more.

The characters are an interesting bunch, made better by well thought-out dialogues. Phynley is definitely caring and her friend is definitely worth caring for. But in the world filled with slimy practices and bad people, she will need some kindness from others to aid her. Characters like Malachi and Hayburn are nicely depicted, and their personalities ooze from their dialogues.

Grammar is generally strong; there's only a few missing punctuation here and there. 

All in all, a very solid story for those looking for an adventure with a female lead and an emotional ride.


This story is one to turn heads. The writing is exquisite, and the power beneath the dialogue is what sets this story apart from others. It mimics the feel of a professional book, and I was specifically impressed with the synopsis. 

The author takes us on an adventure around with Phynley, we experience a tale so unique and intriguing it can only be compared to a masterpiece. I am astounded by the writing style, and the only reason I took away was that the story was indeed dialogue-driven. While this does not take away from the enjoyment of the story, I felt I craved some of the inward reflection. For an e-reading platform, this story is perfect. If the author ever plans to publish, I would suggest adding some inward reflection and such to add to the meat of the story :)

The characters are unique, lively, and jump off the page. I loved the way they interacted with people, and the dialogue felt true and relatable. I loved it, and the author should harness this skill because so many stories have such flat dialogues. 

All in all, this story is unique and fascinating, taking the reader on a journey through a strangely familiar world that was housed with its own quirks. The author takes us on an adventure on the collapse and rise of a hero, the pros and cons to this power, and how it can change the life of our MC as they explore the world around them. 


If RR had a 4.2 rating, that's what I give it. I always round up!

Grammar is all excellent. No issues there.

I think, for me, there's too much thrown at my in the beginning to really be hooked. We have anMC who stole a book, and also a wizard that hates her guts because of this, but we learn all of this in a frame story that the MC tells to people. I feel like the book should have started there, because otherwise I wasn't really hooked by the expository device of the MC telling her story to a crowd of dissapointed people.

In the end, it's just not poorly written, and the characters are clear and defined. In the end, just not for me.