"No kidding dude, the whole I'm one of you ,schtick is so played out."

"Late for class and talkative, will you continue to be this disruptive throughout the semester?  It was  almost impressive how quickly he was able to switch from....whatever crap he was teaching, to calling us out.

"Probably."  Getting called on by teachers wasn't something I was used to, but then,  I also didn't care

"Do you think you're funny Mitch?"

"Heck yea man, I'm hilarious."

"Then why is no one laughing?"  At this point. I was pleasantly surprised. Half the teachers in the school would have kicked my ass out by now. Probably Trent too. The other half simply wouldn't have acknowledged me.  The fact that he was dealing with my crap this way was about to make me respect him.

"Probably because we're all half asleep from your winning combination of clichés and bulllshit." I almost respected him...not yet though. That crack got me some chuckles and a few scattered smirks.  I canvased the room with my hands as if to say "told ya bitch."

"Hmm, very well. Perhaps we move on to something a bit more interesting."  As Green walked back to his desk I decided to scan the room and see just which jerkoffs I had to tolerate for the next few months.  They were just that.  I had somehow wound up in Satan's daycare.  I didn't really know any of my fellow students, but I knew faces and histories.  Several regular pot smokers, most of which with conviction records.  A few well known thieves, car accessories mostly.  Surprisingly, no arrests there.  The rest were just nameless, faceless pieces of crap who couldn't be bothered.  There were a few I did recognize however.  A few rows from the front in the middle was Nate, his last name starts with an L I think.  He's a renowned prep, from what  I've seen he doesn't know how to have fun, he consistently scores eighty five plus on, well everything though so that's nice.  The next face I recognized was Jessica Warren.  A full on stick up the ass, piss in the cheerios bitch.  Unless you wanted a reason to put a gun to someone's head....most likely your own.  Talking her was a no-go zone.   I had the unpleasant experience of working with her in tenth grade chemistry.  Nothing has made me desire a mouthful of harmful chemicals more.  Maybe Francium.  Anywho.  Lastly was Riley.  I didn't know her as she was a new transfer.  This was in and of itself newsworthy however as...well no one transfers for their last senior semester.  She apparently had brutal anxiety issues, but appeared to be keeping it in check today.  By this time Green or Kevin, had returned to the centre of the room with a stack of papers.

"Here is where I like to do a little social experiment."  There was a strange excitement in his voice.

"You sure you're in the right class bro?"  One of the stoners called out.  Some of his friends, clearly baked. Laughed along with him.

"Please save the jokes for someone who can actually deliver them properly."  He smirked and the glanced at me.  Oh God...was he calling me out or trying to be my friend?  "Moving on.  Here I hold contracts, these contracts give you a choice.  I am offering you the chance, to decide your final grade right here and now."  Everyone's jaws hit the floor. Including the guys who were baked off their asses. 

"You're screwing with us!"  It was Jessica, I wasn't surprised.  Her tolerance for bullshit was nonexistent.

"No, although I suppose I should mention the catch."

"There it is."  Jessica again. 

"You have two choices."  He began handing the papers out via the 'Take one and pass it back system'.  "You can choose a sixty percent and enjoy this class every day, heck you may even look forward to it.  The other option is a high ninety.  Be warned, if you choose the high grade you will loathe my class, and skipping will not be tolerated."

As I received my contract I quickly read it over.  It was very simply written.  Green had pretty much quoted it.

"You are to sign in correspondence with your chosen grade.  You are to make your choice by the end of class.  If you have not made a choice by then, you will receive the sixty percent option."  With that, Green sat at his desk and began working on his computer.  I just looked over at Trent.

"We already hate wasting our time here."

"You said it man."   With that, we signed on to receive a nice buff to our averages.

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