Solo Stream

by Yanutag

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy GameLit High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Strategy Virtual Reality

Out of food. Out of money. Struggling to build an audience. Pick your VR gear, select his stream and follow him as he struggles to win his first Continental Final. The chat is pure chaos, the commentator is extra picky, the opponents are legendary.

He’ll optimize his build, complete quests, collect loot, fight other players and, unfortunately, interact with NPCs. Twenty-four days of compressed time in a randomly generated world. Will he make it to the end? Dare he dream being the last one left standing?

Written by a true gamer and a former DM.

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Reviewed at: Chapter 8

TL;DR: I liked the prologue a lot. It was the actual part of the story written as a story, but when he started the tournament the whole shindig just devolved into a D&D campaign without any plotline. It lost me. There is NOTHING to counterbalance "the rock", "the moderator" and "the chat" with.


Try as I might, I don't feel any sympathy for Enoch, find the rock frustrating an unfunny and think the story has little story or character development and very little change is expected. It is instead a transcript of "how one man's roguelike is going" without dialogues.

That's okay for tabletop gaming where faffing about in your fantasy setting is the main attraction, but leaves something (plot, enjoyable characters, something else of substance) to be desired when you write your story by rolling the dice on too many things.

Let's dive into this a bit deeper.

You write the story from the point of view of the loner gamer (blank character) hounded by annoying chat (point of frustration) and even more annoying sidekick (annoying point of frustration), who doesn't communicate with others (no chance of dialogues) and lives in bleak futuristic settings (blank and frustrating). Your writing style is concise and to the point, using lots of no nonsense action depictions leaving the reader to fill out the blanks.

Let's do a mini summary: Blank character in blank frustrating setting combined with fill in the blanks writing style.

Do you see where the problem might arise? What's my motivation to keep reading? All I have is long term goal of tournament win and short term pseudo goal of  "AAAA!? Goblins! Player goes BRRRRR..." hampered by everything around him on a coin toss basis.

I liked the prologue a lot. It was the actual part of the story written as a story, but when he started the tournament the whole shindig just devolved into a D&D campaign. It lost me. There is NOTHING to counterbalance "the rock", "the moderator" and "the chat" with.

Every action seems to be done in the manner of "let's roll the dice for a chance of an encounter and then keep rolling the dice for everything else", which is okay if you're a player of dungeons and dragons, but doesn't fucking work for fiction protagonists. You've gutted the personality, story and chance of dialogues and left smartass quips, frustration and environment reaction written based on dice rolling.

Can't decide between 3 and 4 stars since the story bored and annoyed me out of my immersion when he actually started playing and got out of prologue.

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A gamer-MC who acts like a gamer

Reviewed at: Chapter 18

Before you read the rest of this, know that I don't like to hold punches. The words sound harsh, but I do in fact like this story. Thank you for reading.


I am going to talk about character first, as I feel that is where this story shines. Now, you might be wondering why I put only 3.5 stars and still say that characters are still the best part of this story. The simple answer is the MC and the few others we have gotten the chance to meet so far are super realistic.

You won't read this story wondering why the MC does one thing when a regular player at his level of play (years of experience in a single game and enough skill to reach the finals) would do something else. He has a build in mind,  and doesn't just take whatever is thrown his way to make a build that just so happens to work perfectly in the end. There is a goal in mind for his end game, and while there might be some twists and turns in it, he still has that goal in mind.

There haven't been many other characters. A few commenters of his stream (of which we don't know the names of), his parents and brother also in the comments, a commentator (a person we had mulitple chapters detacting to finding only to not have their name told to us) and the standard other players that took offense to the MC and will waste their stake in the finals to get back at the MC.

Then there is Choo Choo. He is the best, and I will let you figure out who that is in the story.

And that lies in lower score. Out of all of these characters, the only ones we know will follow the character for long is the Commentator, his parents and Choo Choo. And out of all of them, the only ones he can have a reasonable conversation with is Choo Choo. Who isn't the best converastionalist.

So in the end, if you like the MC, stay and read a little, but if you are expecting for teamwork to win in the end. You won't find many conversations that bring characters forward. Instead actions will do that.

This story is called Solo Stream for a reason.

The story is pretty simple, and as of writing this review, it is the journey of the finals of the game the MC is playing. Not much beyond that, and only time will tell if something larger than that appears. A large open world fantasy world with battle royale rules mashed together in a unique take that works very well so far.

Nothing is wrong with a simple story like that, hence my five stars.

Grammer wise there are a few words here and there that are spelled wrong or used in a odd way. If you are the kind to watch out for those things it can throw you out of it. But for a fast read through or someone who can skip past those things easily, it isn't bad whatsoever. There are many worse examples.

Style-wise isn't where this story shines, but that could just be my own bias that loves the super detailed and character driven stories more. For those that like shorter chapters that focus on one or two things and move onto the next thing, this might be what you are looking for.

Many details are on the vauge side, leading you into the action faster. Though that does lead to some of the action scenes also be on the vauge side. An example would be the first few moments that the MC is dropped into the game he runs from mulitple monsters. None of which we get a real good look at besides a name. Again, that is just my bias pushing through though. The action scenes do get better for the larger/longer fights, if still not up to what I personally like.

Dr. Birtz
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I really like the worlds presented here; the in-game and the futuristic real-world.  The description of the lastest gives just enough info so you can mind-trace the evolution from our days to this future.  As for the in-game, it's a nice Hungergame-WoW mashup that would make total sense to any gamer (tabletop or virtual).  The rpg elements are classic and don't require too much explanations.

When it comes to the character and the story, I would have prefer more dialogs and interactions.  The ingame NPC are not enough to add to the main character (his view on them are clear from the start, and will probably not evolve much). 

This until the rest-place (haven?) is introduced.  At this point, the size of the world gets more fleshed out and the character is placed into perpective.  This place should have been the starting point of the game; so more taunt, despite, arrogance can occur.  It is the story device that is missing at the start; hopefully more of it comes in the upcoming chapters.

Overall, it's good, quick to read and addictive.

Mister Bill
  • Overall Score

Fun so far, for sure

Reviewed at: Chapter 24

One of the better new stories on RR. Hopefully it goes on trending so more people see it. 
It's a very entertaining take on being a streamer and it has blue boxes. Good characters, made me laugh, lots of action, and the chat is hilarious. 

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Delightfully low stakes

Reviewed at: Chapter 19

No postapocaliptic world, no lost honor to be regained, just a man who wants to see how far he can get in his VR game. Losing only means that, there is waiting a normal life out there for him if he's somehow doesn't have it in him to win.

The game in it self isn't too formulative and has some interessting progessions and prospects. It is hopefully full of suprises especially now that the MC faces a major hurdle for his normal playstyle (currently at ch 19).

The story suffers a bit from a solo playstyle, but I'm willing to wait more than the 5 days of actuall story told to condemn it for that.

Overall a enjoyable read for me.

  • Overall Score

This is pretty dang entertaining. It's wasn't hard to get hooked early on, and thus far, it's stayed consistently good. The characters so far are fairly simple, but they're enjoyable and fleshed out. For anyone reading this review, I recommend that you at least give it a try for a few chapters.

C.R. Mcmahon
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Tossed right into a battle this work wastes no time in gathering all of your attention. The chat feature alongside the action scenes is well done, and I have not seen that before. It is also nice to see a clear goal for the protagonist. I found myself wondering what t"his "Contentential final would look like. 

You can tell the author is a gamer because of the use of familiar terms. This helps to further the imersion, and make you feel as if you are in the game reading chats targeted toward you.  

Enoch does not get the love he deserves from some of these fans, which makes me root for him even more. 

The mechanics seem clear, and easy to understand which helps you dive right in. I thouroughly enjoyed every line, and I am sure you will too. If you are into gaming, Tabletop, or otherwise please give this a shot!

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A different take on the battle royale?

Reviewed at: Chapter 25

It's an entertaining read, while there isn't a discernible plot besides a few hints here and there. If you are looking for a light read with a goofy side kick and dnd-like shenanigans check it out!

  • Overall Score

It's an easy read, the grammar isn't perfect but the short, to the point, sentence structure makes the narration flow easily.  The story is interesting,  and I liked the description of the outside world.  Wouldn't mind if the author spent more time outside the game.  Good story.