Brainiac Dungeon

by Stuckin

Original HIATUS Action Comedy Fantasy Dungeon GameLit High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

A science nut ends up in the body of a Dungeon Core, a cult of rodents and birds is made, and he accidentally creates a fashionista golem. And that's all in the first week! Join in to see what other crazy shenanigans the Brainiac Dungeon can get up to.


Whoo boy, been a while since I'v been on here! Here's something I whipped up on a fit of quarantine-based inspiration-cough-madness-cough-so lets see where this leads me!

Let me know what you think, and if you have any recomendations on where you might like to see the story go, feel free to tell me!

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This is an amazing story, especially the start. The start of most dungeon story are difficult. How does your character start? What do they do when they wake up? How do their powers work? These are important question and it is very easy to goof up.

Not only are these questions answered correctly but they are presented in such a way that grabs your attention by the throat and drags you through all remaining chapters. 

Highly recommend. Read this book. 


As of Ch 4. 

A very good start to a new Dungeon Core novel. Everything fits and flows well with only a few notable standouts breaking the immerson. The first half of the first chapter with the blue screens, which for all intensive purposes does set up some potental for future story devlopment depending on how (and if) the author wishes to persue the 'sapient' race aspect with blue screens. The only other story breaks is that the author goes though and explicitly mentions the 'additional mind scapes' two or three times, but never referes back to them afterwards.

That being said, the style of writing is nice, going into details just enough to give you the general idea of what is happening, but without the details. 

The grammer is well above average and makes for a very nice and easy read.

Character development could be better but as it is only 4 chapters in, it is understandable. 

The Great Nabal

Why Dungeon Crawl When You Can Be The Dungeon?: Re-review(at chapter 6)

Reviewed at: Chapter 7: Renovations(...Again)

Overall: So, I am pretty used to this genre of reincarnation into a really unexpected thing genre and I can say for sure this is detail oriented. I'm looking forward to more with each chapter.

Style:The key word is detail. The author does a really good job on never skimping on details while never giving too much either. I especially enjoy how, in a sea of RR stories that have little to no setting description, this story can have paragraph after paragraph of it.

Story:I am really enjoying how the author balances the being a dungeon aspect with the world outside the dungeon. I am especially a story oriented person. I hate when these kinds of stories have little explanation, but I lose interest when the detail swallows the story. Getting the best of both worlds is such a bonus.

Grammar:This is such an easy read! Well above Royal Road standards. 

Character: So our brainy main character/dungeon is pretty great. I really enjoy seeing how he reacts to the adversity of outside forces. I also really love the other characters as well. From the Fenice in the first chapter to the gravestone weilding man we are certainly getting a large number of characters. The story does a great job keeping them distinctive enough to not get lost in.