Paths of the Chosen (Rewritten, Revised, and Reinvigorated)

by Zurai

Original ONGOING Adventure Drama Fantasy GameLit High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Mythos Portal Fantasy / Isekai Strong Lead Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Daniel Stewart was chosen to alpha test a brand new Immersive VR game, "The Realms". What he doesn't know is that he has also been Chosen by one of the Powers of a far-off world, and is now a pawn in a game much bigger than any he thought he would ever participate in. Will he survive and thrive in this strange new world, or will he stumble and fall, shattered by the ambitions of another? Does he have what it takes to walk the Paths of the Chosen?


Inspired by the Chaos Seeds novels, TheDespaxas's The Gamer, and a wide variety of games and books, although the world, characters, and systems are my own. Expect high fantasy, magic, combat and intrigue, love and loss, grief and passion. This story is intended for adult audiences and contains explicit sexual content, profanity, and violence (including sexual violence, although not by the protagonist and not as a focus of the story). Chapters with such content will be clearly marked, and all explicit sexual content will be behind spoiler tags.

Please note also that although this story does not have the [Harem] tag, it does have an extremely slow build into a polyamorous relationship. Additionally, starting with Champion (book two of the series), the [Multiple Lead Characters], [Female Lead], and [Non-Human Lead] tags would also apply to varying degrees.

This is a complete, ground-up rewrite of the original Paths of the Chosen, following feedback from here and elsewhere. It is now written in the third-person limited omniscient perspective and in the past tense. In addition, while the major plot beats are unchanged, most of what comes between them has been reconsidered and rewritten, with pacing and characterization as a special focus.


Update schedule: 2 chapters per week (Monday and Thursday), not counting bonus chapters. Chapter length is roughly 2,500 words on average, +/- 1,000 words. Chapters with explicit content tend to be longer so that they are still worth reading for those who would prefer a fade to black.


Cover art by Agri Karuniawan (@artofagri). View more of their work at

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chosen, Chapters 1-2: Fate, Chosen ago
Chosen, Chapter 3: The Voice that Calls to Adventure ago
Chosen, Chapter 4: First Steps ago
Chosen, Chapter 5: Great Outdoors ago
Chosen, Chapter 6: Both Sides' Case ago
Chosen, Chapter 7: Primordial Dream (explicit) ago
Chosen, Chapter 8: Ain't no Rest for the Wicked ago
Chosen, Chapter 9: Rock That Look ago
Chosen, Chapter 10: Departure ago
Chosen, Chapter 11: Hoist the Sword with Pride in the Heart ago
Chosen, Chapter 12: Spill the Beans ago
Chosen, Chapter 13: Heartaches by the Number ago
Chosen, Chapter 14: Rendezvous at Dawn (explicit) ago
Chosen, Chapter 15: The Foolhardy are Bathed in Blood ago
Chosen, Chapter 16: A New World Fool ago
Chosen, Chapter 17: Preparing for Tomorrow ago
Chosen, Chapter 18: Way Back Home ago
Chosen, Chapter 19: Light the Fire up in the Night ago
Chosen, Chapter 20: Of Dusk and Dreams ago
Chosen, Chapter 21: Paths Part ago
Chosen, Chapter 22: What Lies Within ago
Interlude: The Girl in the Sunbeams ago
Chosen, Chapter 23: With Eyes Blazing ago
Chosen, Chapter 24: Wicked Plan ago
Chosen, Chapter 25: The Warrior ago
Chosen, Chapter 26: Bound by the Grave (content warning) ago
Chosen, Chapter 27: Love and Death ago
Chosen, Chapter 28: Anxious Heart (explicit) ago
Chosen, Chapter 29: Challenge ago
Interlude: Howl for Night Skies ago
Chosen, Chapter 30: Momentary Peace ago
Chosen, Chapter 31: Lace and Collars ago
Interlude: Cry of Pain ago
Chosen, Chapter 32: Serenity ago
Chosen, Chapter 33: The Day Will Come ago
Interlude: Predator and Prey ago
Chosen, Chapter 34: Apologies ago
Chosen, Chapter 35: Power of the Gods ago
Chosen, Chapter 36: Good Night, Until Tomorrow ago
Chosen, Chapter 37: You're Not Alone (explicit) ago

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You lost me at the interspecies foreplay with horse parts. Sorry man, centuar sex is a stretch, no pun intended. Why make your character have Persuasion and Sex as 2 of his 5 given skills and drop him in a place with no humans and a ton of beastfolk. It screams furry porn. Rated 4 stars because it's well written and a good concept, and you did mark and 'fade to black' all that disturbing *centaur-sex stuff with spoiler windows. Still tho. 

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WOOT!! Superbly Awesome read!!

Reviewed at: Chosen, Chapter 34: Apologies

Zurai has gotz an Fabulously Excellent story, It is entertaining, enjoyable and engrossing. It is Awesomely written. The characters as in ALL of them are great and have quality and depth to them. The grammar and style are impressive. The story is our MC is playing a IVR game and is sucked into a different world is similiar to other stories I've read but STANDS on its own Very Very Well. KUDOS to the author, keep on keeeping on!


Zach Horsman
  • Overall Score

This story does involve interspecies sex scenes. That being said, they are hidden by spoiler tags, so if you don't want to read the more graphic stuff, you can just skip it. The story is great so far. The protagonist enters a VR pod, creates a character, and goes on a journey. It all feels so real, but at the end of the day, he's still able to log off, and go take a shower or what not, so why is he falling in love with a video game character? The story is fun, the romance is a bit dramatic (the way they speak), but it's still cute. The romance is taking a large part of the story so far, but, already, there's an enemy for the protagonist to go up against. The few fighting scenes thus far are interesting and engaging, and I look forward to more of this story. 

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Spoiler: Spoiler


This is a well written book. Our main character is not some brainless idiot and the premise draws you in. But by far the best part about this story is the pacing. So far it's been very developement focused with a bit of action splashed in, which is a nice change of pace from the constant barrage of power ups and "epic" battles that plague this genre. It is somewhat similar to The Land and Soulshard: Willbender, but it feels a lot more unique. There is a fair bit of explicit content, but it doesn't feel randomly added in, actually contributing to the character development. Grammar wise, I have yet to spot any errors. It's an all around solid book. So I would highly recommend giving it a shot.