Wet world wonderland.



Chapter: 34√ABC3DEF2 “Ryleth!”


A note from Alzoran

Hey, final chapter of Ryleth! 10,000 words, sorry! There's a lot of big stuff in this chapter. So I hope you enjoy that. If the chapter is a little bit disappointing, forgive me, I just want to get Ryleth over with.

Still, I hope you enjoy it. And thank you so much for all of the time you spent reading Wet World Wonderland.


Demistar suddenly appears next to me, screaming my name-

Demi - “D-Demistar?”

She stares at me, but something seemingly clicks in her head. “Ah- S-Sorry, I don’t know what came over me… I hope I wasn’t gone for too long…” She says, as she looks around…

Demi - “You… Were gone for almost a day and a half… What happened?...”

She stares blankly at me again for a moment, before speaking up… “You’re right, it’s been thirty-two hours…” She says, as she sits down, and I crawl up to her. “I think you might have somehow triggered a scratch-” She says, as she sits there stock still…

Demi - “A scratch?”

She looks down at me, still surprised with my lack of knowledge… “Right- You… A scratch- A scratch is something like… Do you know what a mental scar is? You see, I don’t really grow mentally… I’m at the height of mental power. My brain was made as a sort of copy of a living one, then Liyoxis upgraded it to its ultimate potential. My sister, Robin, on the other hand, was a prototype that helped create me…” She says, surprising me with the excessive detail…

Demi - “What does this have to do with your scratch thing? Wait- Who WERE you based on?”

She stops for a moment, realizing that I’m right, then shrugs. “I dunno’. We’re not allowed to know who we were based on, Liyoxis said it would destroy us if we found out. Said it would be too much.” She says, as she looks away in thought…

Demi - “How come? Why would it hurt you? I know I’m not the super genius here, but...”

She shrugs again, and continues. “That’s also classified to us, sadly… I always considered looking though, because of morbid curiosity, I guess… A bit of a defect, if you ask me. But I’m not the one who made me.” She says, while we sit here...

Demi - “Right… You know, I’m always asking you things about yourself. But I’ve never told you anything about MYSELF…”

She’s surprised again, but it soon turns into confusion. “What do you mean? You’re barely a quarter of a year old… What could you-” She says, but I interrupt her, already knowing what she’s going to say.

Demi - “A lot more than I’m willing to admit… I… I’m not like anyone my age… I didn’t come from another Puddle Kid, I couldn’t have. They went extinct well over a thousand years ago… Puddle Kids have the power to impart their knowledge into their offspring. Originally, I thought it was because of my IDM, but no… I was still born like this. Sometimes I wonder if I should have even known that I exist… But I do…”

I internally sigh, as she stares at me, stunned by how complex my feelings really are...

Demi - “When you disappeared, it made me realize something… It made me understand my mortality in a whole new light… You and Steriya have taught me so much, Demistar… But why? Our only common goal is Arigold… Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t be anymore thankful- But… Why?”

She looks at her hands, then away in thought, and finally back at me as I hope she comes up with an answer this time. “I guess it’s… No, I don’t even know you… I’m over two thousand years old… Why do I care about some kid this much?” She drones on, moving around wildly, as she tries to work it out in her head…

She looks at me, her gaze fixated and almost alien to me… “I get it, now.” She says, before calming down- “Ever since you appeared, my brothers and sisters started to change. Even Robin…” She says, showing me some old pictures of her and her sister…

“Robin and I used to spend so much time together... Once Sebas came around, she and him started talking, and they grew distant. The same thing with Alice, and MAX. They kept getting more and more distant as time went on… But then you came around…” She says, as she shows herself being excluded more and more…

“When I met you, I realized something: You’re just like them. And then I let myself get too attached again. I thought that you and they would start to become even MORE distant, but suddenly, the opposite began to happen. I never thought about it, but I guess I kind of owe you now… So thank you, Demitallis, I don’t know what you did, but suddenly we’re a family again…” She says, leaving me stunned like this...

Demi - “Y-Yeah, sure… I don’t know what you’re talking about though, I had nothing to do with it… I barely even talked to them.”

“Well, I’m just happy that they’re not excluding me so much anymore… They’ve started to want to get to know me as I am more, and we’ve been talking so much… I should have realized it was YOU who brought this out of them… Still, I need to figure out WHY… I’ll be sure to get back to you on it.” She says, as she rests her cheek in her hand, looking away…

Demi - “I never thought of it like that… You’re ancient compared to me… I never thought I could ever help someone like you…”

She shakes her head, picks me up, and hugs me… “No, kid… We all have our demons… You should never sell yourself short, it doesn’t matter where you come from… You have the power to help people, Demitallis. I mean, look at what you’ve done here...” She says, as she holds me in front of her, and smiles at me…

Demi - “That actually… Means so much to me… Thank you… But what about that scratch thing? you never finished…”

She laughs a little, and rubs the back of her head after dropping me- “Ah- Sorry… I got so caught up in it… Right…” She says, as she instantly comes up with an explanation.

“A scratch is like reopening a mental scar. When it happens, we get hit with a forced reboot, to combat it. So we’ll forget anything that hasn’t been processed. I’ve been trying to fight it, and I hold off a little longer each time. I guess it’s like.. Imagine if someone scratched your psyche. If it happened to you, you would most likely recover. But my mind is immeasurably more complex in design, making it far more fragile. It’s a curse and a gift.” She says, as she shrugs to herself.

Demi - “You talk a lot…”

She giggles and places me back on the floor. “Sorry about that, but I’m sure you get why. Anyways, I have to go. See ya’, kid.” She says, before disappearing again…

I’m just glad you’re back…


I awaken on the couch, and look around… “Oh, good, you’re awake… You kind of fell asleep on my couch.” Celest says, as she rounds the aforementioned couch, with a plate of food, as I make room for her… “Here, I made this.” She says, as she hands me a plate of fish and crab.

I look at the crab, and I’m reminded of the spider crab… “You know, I tried eating spider crab once, but it creeped me out…” I say, as I tear off a leg, and eat it whole- “Dude, do you actually eat the shell?” She asks, causing me to question the way I eat crabs…

“I guess? Honestly, I used to inject my neurotoxins into it too. It used to give me stomach aches…” I say, as I finish one of the legs, while I rest my hand on my belly. “Oh. Wait, how potent IS your neurotoxin?” She asks, so I quickly build a metal bowl, and dribble a little from my mouth into it.

“Liquid venom. It’s strong enough to paralyze ocean kings for hours at a time.” I say, as I place the small thimble in a tentacle, so I can continue eating. “Really… So this is really all you need for paralysis?” She asks, as she takes it and inspects it in her hand.

She hands it back to me, and I vaporise the liquid then toss the thimble away. “Anyways. Today’s Princess Stallatia’s coronation! You’ll- Or technically I’LL- Be singing with her on the stage as it flows down the parade canal. There’s going to be performers and dancers. Make sure to keep your eye on me.” She says, reminding me of that stupid parade Stallatia was asking about…

“Come on… I think it’s cute, and besides, it’ll have a lot of meaning.” She says, as we finish our plates and put them away.

“Also, Kass told me her brother Dart suddenly made a ton of progress towards getting us out of Arigold’s sights. She said that you would be taking the blame for our deaths.” She says, surprising me. “Well, I did say I was going to…” I say, as the irony dawns on me.

“Yeah, funny how that works out.” She says, as she rests her head in her hands. “Right, I guess I should meet up with Demitallis. Then I’ll watch your performance… I still don’t know how I feel about you guys using my likeness…” I say, as she stares at me.

“Yeah, sorry. But they have to think it’s you. Unless you wanna’ get up on stage and start singing.” She says with a giggle… “No.” I say. “Come on, let’s hear those vocal cords go to work~” She says, as she crawls on top of me-

“What are you-” I say, as she suddenly rolls us off the couch, and my back hits the floor. “Come on now.” She says, as she suddenly sits up. “Fine…” I say, as I sit up myself, knocking her over- “Dude! Come on!” She says, as she picks herself up, standing next to me.

“Whatever. I should go get ready, then I’ll head out. Shouldn’t you get going too?” I ask, as I stop before the bathroom. “Yeah, I know… I just wanted to say hi before I left. We should line up our Sleep Schedules. See ya’.” She says, before we wave and she finally leaves.


I find myself making my way to Demitallis- Demi’s tower, as I walk down the street, waving at my new soon-to-be family members. Suddenly though, like a lightning bolt, Vexalan appears next to me- “V-Vexalan?” I ask, as she stands up from the crater…

She brushes herself off, and turns around to look at me. “Sorry about that, I almost hit you…” She says, as she walks over. “It’s fine, you probably would have hurt yourself more than me.” I say, as her eye suddenly twitches. “I suppose you’re right.” She says, as she comes to a stop.

“I heard you’re going to be staying with us.” She says, as we walk over to a bench, while everyone returns to what they were doing. “Yeah, I’ll be living with Celest in her house. She’s going to have it remodeled.” I say, as I rest my back against the bench.

“What were YOU doing, though?” I ask, surprising her. “Ah- I was just practicing mythical lightning magic. It’s a little fast.” She says, as one of her fingers turns into a small lightning bolt and returns. “Wow… I’ve never met someone who can even survive a transformation like that…” I say, as I stare at her…

Mythical Lightning Magic is notorious for how dangerous it is. “What if you uh- Planned your actions beforehand, and used some sort of mental conditioning magic to set up lightning fast reactions?” I ask, surprising her.

She thinks to herself for a moment, then hugs me- “Thanks, Sirius! That’s a great idea!” She says, surprising me- “Y-Yeah, no problem.” I say, as she releases me… “You know, in some way, you kind of remind me of myself, Sirius.” She says, before turning into lightning and disappearing into the distance.

These people… If I wasn’t a Kraken, I would have been so easily outpaced… After about an hour, I find myself on the elevator, and I arrive at the top to meet Demitallis. “Hey, I’m here!” I shout, as I notice the giant pool of water.

“Demitallis, you there?” I ask, after having sat here for a few minutes, while she just sits there… I splash the water, and at that same moment, something cold and squishy hits my back- “What the hell-?!” I shout, as I try to grab it- “Haha, gotcha! You totally thought it was me!” She says, causing me to stop-

“Demitallis?” I ask, as she clings to my back… “Yep. What’s up, squid-kid?” She says, annoying me… “I’m a species of octopus… That also just so happens to be very strong. I also just so happen to contain an extremely powerful neurotoxin.” I say, as I try to reach for her-

She jumps off my back- “Sorry!” She suddenly says, but then stops in her tracks. “Wait- I’m a puddle kid- It wouldn’t even work on me! Haha! Your neurotoxin is useless! What’s a neurotoxin?” She asks, as I look back at the large pool, then back at her…

“It’s in my saliva. If I bite someone, I can inject it. I’m still surprised Kass didn’t get affected by it.” I say, as I sit down. “Maybe it’s the cartilage? She’s covered with multiple inches of Cartilage, so maybe your teeth didn’t break through.” Demi says, surprising me.

“Of course!” I say, as I slap my head… “So… About the pool?” I ask, as I point at it. “Oh, that was just a little idea I had a while ago. I wanted to see how easily I could trick someone with a body double. I think it might even work on Demistar too.” She says, surprising me…

Demistar, one of the most powerful people in the world… It’s hard to imagine anyone tricking someone like her… I was never a big fan of Demistar, but I’ve heard the legends. “You’re sure? What are you up to?” I ask, as I watch her climb into it, her body disappearing as it morphs into part of the pool…

“Oh you know… Just in case if I ever need to. If I manage to create a sticky orb of water, she might spend a split second shooting it, giving me just that little bit of advantage.” She says, as she sucks it all up into her body…

“You wanted to see me?” I ask, as she climbs back out, reminding her of why I’m here. “Right. There’s a special bar I want to take you to.” She says, surprising me. “What are you up to?” I ask again, a little unsure... “Oh don’t worry~. It’s a part of your personal history.” She says, as another girl appears in front of us.

“Steriya! Ya’ ready?” Demitallis asks, as we nervously wave at each other… “Um… Yeah! Got it!” She says, all the little pieces that make up her lips sliding around, before she grabs us. “Right, if anyone asks. I’m a Blue Slime.” She says, as we suddenly appear outside of an old looking building.

“You’re lucky most people still haven’t seen my face.” I say, as a few people take a quick glance at us. “Sorry, I guess I should’ve prepared you some sort of disguise…” She says, as she closes her eyes for a moment.

“Man, you keep your aim TIGHT, Steriya.” Steriya just gives her a thumbs up- “Anyways, welcome to the Floating Rock Bar.” She says, as she guides me in. “So that was his score… It really never was beaten…” She says, as I look for what she’s talking about…


I spot it, there’s a row of pictures and names. The one with the largest amount of beer drinkin, is a young man named… “Sirius Immeasurable Prime...” I accidentally say aloud, as I stare at him…

“Yep, that’s Sirius Prime. The man who raised Pollux Bask, and who HE named YOU after.”

“Oh… I…”

As though I had been struck like a mortar upon my shell of a body, as though my life had suddenly unraveled before me, my form tingles and flutters with realization, as my powers finally awaken and Premonition is reborn to unveil my ancestry before me…

I turn to look at Demi, as she sits there, gathering a moment's glance from the random customer… “Demitallis… Is this truly why you brought me here?” I ask, as I stare into her abyss with more meaning than I ever thought possible…


“Nah~ I just wanted to see the look on your face, when I beat his muthafuckin’ record~!!!” She says, as I just stand here in disbelief… She suddenly jumps onto the counter, and begins making large clicking noises…

The bartender exits the back room, and looks at her. “You the one makin’ that racket?” He asks, as he stares right at her. “Yep, hit me up! I’m goin’ for the record!” She says, surprising him. “Slimes aren’t known for holding their liquor, kid.” He says, as he leans on his arms, and his eyes narrow.

“Please, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think I could- One moment-” She says, causing Steriya who was watching her to cross her arms and look away in disappointment for some reason. “Sorry about that~ Anyways, I didn’t come here to be told that. Besides, I can pay.”

Suddenly, she drops a weird material- It’s blue painted gold, It looks ancient- Where did she get it from? “Gold… Well would you look at that… But you don’t have enough for that.” He says, as he inspects it, while the paint begins to disappear, and he points at Sirius Prime’s image…

“Don’t worry, I’ve got more at home- How about this: If I can’t beat it, I’ll pay triple. You can decide what I win if I do.” She says, surprising him with how daring she seems to be... “Alright. Sounds fun. If you win, it’s on the house until you literally can’t take it anymore.” He says, surprising me…

“BEER ME UP, BABY!!!” She shouts, as she jumps onto one of the tables, and he tosses a bottle at her- She catches it, moves it, tears off the cork, and downs it in one… “Ha, this is nothing!” She shouts, as we watch it literally have no effect on her…

“You’re literally just letting her drink that much alcohol?” I ask Steriya, as we sit here and watch her… “I told her we would just see it. Went on and on about how important this is for you… I didn’t think she had MONEY. Now I have to sit here and watch, otherwise she might make a scene…” She says, as she sits there and stares at our sister, while she downs beer after beer…

“Wait… What DID she say about me?” I say, surprising her. “Honestly? Once I got it out of her, she wouldn’t shut up about you. I couldn’t figure out why at first, but I think this explains it well enough…” She says, as I look back at Sirius Prime’s picture on the wall…

So I was named after a Demihuman… “You kids want something-” The bartender suddenly says, before he’s cut off- “MORE!!! MOAR!!!” Demi shouts, as people throw in more… “I… Can’t imagine you came here for nothing. I don’t only sell beer here.” He says, as I watch more and more bottles gather around Demitallis…

“I don’t know, just give me anything.” I say, and Steriya motions for the same. “A’ight.” He says, as he chucks another beer from the counter at our friend, of whom is literally made of water, and has no brain to be inebriated…

“She’s CHEATING.” I say- “So? What do we do? Oh yeah: ‘Hey, everyone! My sister’s a puddle kid! Who has the strength to eat this beating whole! Oh but don’t worry, she won’t eat YOU.’ Yeah, no. There’ll be much less damage, if people don’t feel the need to investigate. Alright?” I kind of already expected this answer, but still…

“Man, I’ve never seen a slime take so much!” A larger man shouts, as he tosses in another beer. “Sirius Prime’s record seemed almost unbeatable… I mean, I couldn’t even get close to it… I’m also running out of drink, which goes to show just how great it was.” He says, as he returns with our drinks.

I decided to try mine first, it’s not bad. Steriya just holds and swirls her’s in her hand… She’s an elemental, so I guess she doesn’t drink as much…

An hour or two later, I kind of slump over on this stool, as Demitallis continues to down more and more, her color slightly altered from all the alcohol… “Have I beaten it yet?” She asks, as she sits there, upon a mountain of glass bottles… “You beat it half an hour ago, and you’re still going?” The barkeeper asks, as we sit here, a little tired and bored…

“What can I say?! I’ve just got some hellacious tolerance!” She says, as another bottle is tossed in every now and then. “We’ve been here all day, Demi… Come on…” Steriya says, as we sit here bored out of our minds…

“Alright, I think I’ve semented my victory. I want my picture up there. Come on, guys.” She says, as we pick ourselves up from the seats… “I just can’t believe your tolerance, kid…” The barkeeper says, as he brings in a camera, while we sit next to her, and try to smile…

The picture is taken, and everyone lightly cheers around us… “Alright, I’ll have your picture up later. Feel free to come by whenever you want, and see it.” He says, as he carries the camera and its stand away. “Man… I had fun. How about you guys?” Demitallis asks, as I kind of shrug…

“That’s too bad… Come on, let’s head home.” She says, as she grabs us, and we suddenly teleport to her nest- “Thanks for being there, it would have sucked if I had to go on my own.” She says, as I help Steriya up. “I am so disappointed in you…” Steriya says, as her feet slide against the smooth floor of the pool.

I guide her out of the pool, as her parts gently slide against each other. “Come on~ It literally has no effect on me! I could digest the worst of poisons, and be just fine!” Demi says, as Steriya balances herself.

“First, you cheated. Not cool. And you tricked ME. You used and dragged Sirius to get your way! I know you’re still barely over a couple months old… But still…” She says, as she looks away and rubs her arm… I, on the other hand, say nothing and try to stay out of it…

“Aren’t you angry too, Sirius?” She asks, as I try to inch away- “I mean, I would be… But without her, I would have never even known he existed… I know she might not make it obvious, but she still did it for me…” I say, as they stare at me…

“I have nothing to add…” Demi says, as Steriya crosses her arms… “You can just go do whatever. I’ll be keeping an eye on her now.” Steriya says, and I nod in compliance.


There she is: Demitallis… I know I shouldn’t, but I want to talk to her so badly! Oh mom, why do you do this to me?! Sometimes I wonder if she even cares…

Maybe I should try hitting on Arigold again… I mean, I know he won’t say yes, for whatever reason… Also, I should jot it down: ‘Remove Annestica’... Yeah, with her around, I don’t have any chance with him… But still- “Hey, who are you-”

SHIT!!! I stop time, and turn around- It’s Aldorisk… Even HE’S younger… I guess that makes sense, it IS a different timeline… He’s almost as short as me! Ha! How do you like that?! Right, well time to screw with him- I pull out a sharpie, and draw on his face after reversing time a little.

There we go, that should do. Time continues and~ “What was that noise? Is somebody there?” He asks, after walking forward and looking around.

He begins to turn around, to look further- I stop time, and run off. I can’t be caught, I’m only able to mess with them for mere moments at a time… Our fates are tied and linked so closely together, yet they have no idea…

Finally~ I’m home! Took me a couple months to get here, but thankfully, since time has been still, it didn’t make a lick’a’difference! Is what I would like to say, if I didn’t feel the need to help everyone on the way…

But still, I could only give them passing help every now and then… Some people are too important to their timeline, and others have no hope… Help or not…

Let’s just move on… My home, it’s a dark empty kingdom, the one place in the world where my powers go wild. It’s not located on one of the ancients, it’s in a pocket of time long after the ancients died…

If you’re curious- It’s located on the opposite side of the world, to the forest. I really should visit them sometime-

This is my personal hell! I scream as I wrythe on the floor, hiding myself from all existence! She put me here- But I can’t- They’ll follow!!!

I slam my head into a rock on the ground, damaging the gemstone on my forehead- Pain surges like a lightning bolt burning all my nerves!!!

I reverse time, I am the alpha, thus this timeline is subject to MY will!!!

I find myself sitting upon my throne, waiting… The door slowly opens, and the broom floats in, bowing before me… “Speak.” I say, and so he does… He tells me of his plights, that my realm is under risk…

“You’ve done well. Now rest, courrier.” I say, as I stand up. “Now guards, alert the armies! To arms!” I shout, as I wave my arm, and the broom quickly runs off! The guards salute, following me as I rush to the door to defend my kingdom!

I dash through the doors, my guards floating loosely behind me! I jump over the opening of my grand staircase, and slide on my crystals, jumping off them and soar through my great kingdom! I watch as my citizens dance around my kingdom, silently cheering my presence!

But suddenly, just on que, the metal dragon appears, and breathes his red flames! My sword and shield appear in my hands, and I shield myself from his flames! Once past, I land on his front leg, cutting straight through his metal hide, the sword floating straight through!

The dragon roars in silent agony, the only noise being the clanking of metal. It suddenly ascends at alarming speed, but I hold on with all my strength, for the fate of my kingdom rests on my shoulders!

I use my strength to begin climbing, as we ascend past the clouds, and float here, witness to my kingdom as it and the land juts out from the ocean… “You’ll pay for everything!!!” I scream, as I bolt upwards, and onto his back- I’m grabbed by his tail, and he tosses me!

I create a rope of mana, and attach it to him to redirect myself! I blast him with my crystal lasers, causing him to further roar in anger- He tears the mana line with his claws, and I grab his tail with another- “Haha! Tricked ya’!” I shout, but he suddenly waves his tail around, swinging me around in the air-

I feel the air rush past me, as I fire more of my lasers at him, while I slowly become more and more disorientated- I’m tossed straight down, and he chases me, unleashing his flame breath upon me like a flaming hurricane!

We crash into the ground, leaving a massive crater! He stands up, and stares down at me…Telling me all the bad things I refuse to listen to…”Quiet!!!” I shout, as I pick up my sword, and slowly walk toward him…

And with that, we clash for multiple days, ceaseless fighting until the third day… Where he finally falls apart before me, and my soldiers find us. They cheer as now the dragon lies motionless, the metal pieces of his hollow body as proof of my great victory... “I’ve done it, I’ve slayed the dragon!” I shout, as I fall on my back in exhaustion…

The men surround me, and hoist me up to carry me home to my castle! I’m the strongest, so of course I’m the queen!

They rest me on my throne, and all bow before me. “Enough, I couldn’t have done it without all of you.” I say, as they continue to bow…

What a great adventure…


“Your highness!” Inctrus calls out, as he rushes into the room. “What now?...” Stallatia asks, as she lazily lies between the arms of her throne… “I’m sorry your-” He tries to say, but for some reason she interrupts him. “Do you know how hard it is to be Queen?” She asks, as she sits there, staring at him…

“You haven’t even done anything today… You’ve just been sitting there…” I say, causing her to giggle at me- “Yeah, but mom used to do this all the time! Go ahead now, Inctrus!” She says with the biggest smile on her face.

“O-Of course.” Inctrus says, as he pulls out a scroll. “Your Coronation will begin shortly. Kassinkamble has been briefed, so she’ll know when it’s ready.” He says, gesturing to me. “Moving on. I have a list of replacements for Fallengrar, Parvor, and Zenzella. I would advise you take a look now.” He says, as he unravels it.

The scroll descends to about a foot in length, showing a disappointing amount of names… “I apologize… Most do not wish to fill Fallengrar’s shoes.” He says, as he bows to offer some form of apology. “It’s fine. I’m sure there’s enough names here as is.” Stallatia says, as I notice and help her down from her throne.

She runs over, and takes it from him, as he rolls it back up for her. “Thank you~” She says, as she hands it to me. “Oh, of course.” I say, as I acknowledge the fact that she’s going to have me hold it all day…

“Come on Kass, let’s go play!” She says, before running off- At least you’re still as happy as ever… “Wait up! I still need to get you linked with the teleporter!” I call out to her, as I follow suit.


I land on the seventieth floor of Ryleth, waiting for Queen Stallatia’s Coronation- “Are you Demistar?!” A young boy suddenly says- He’s barely turned six… As he stares at me in blissful excitement. He’s a Clownfish Demihuman. “Yeah, good eye, kid.” I say, as I lean against this pillar.

“You a fan?” I ask, and he nods quickly. “Where’s your parents?” I ask, as I look around, surprising him. “Oh, I…” He tries to say, as he looks around- “Here wait, I’ll find’em.” I say, before copying his DNA and comparing it with everyone else~

Done! “Hey, I found’em. They’re over in that shop buying snacks for you.” I say, surprising him. “Wow!” He says, as he turns around to see his Parents. “Mommy, Daddy!” He shouts, as he waves his hands in the air, while I nonchalantly wave mine.

They quickly walk over, his mother stepping between us, and glaring lightly at me. “Hello.” His mother says, as I just smile at her. “Heyo.” I say, as she continues to glare- “It’s Demistar, mom!” Her son says, as he points at me.

“O-Oh...” She says, suddenly relaxing. “Is that true?” She asks, and I form my wings. “Heck yeah. I’m surprised he spotted me. I’m friends with a friend of her highness, so I’m saving a spot for them.” I say, as her kid grabs my wing- “Cincy-” His mother says, after he suddenly pulls it off, surprising me-

“Strong too.” I say, as he takes glances between me and my now disconnected wing. “Cool!” He shouts, as I float over and reattach it. “Yeah, I’m sure it is… Are you here to see the Coronation too?” I ask, as I suddenly move back to my original position.

“Of course. Cincy here wanted a good view of the whole thing.” She says, as I slowly nod attentively. “I see. Yeah, I had the same feeling, good choice too. I think most people are planning on using the elevators and teleporters to follow the entire thing.” I say, as I look around.

“Oh, that’s a good idea- What do you think Cincy?” She says, but he shakes his head and clings to me faster than I ever thought possible for a kid. “Nevermind then…” She says, as he begs me to show off my skills. “Sword!” He says, as he poses in the same way I like to- “Nope. Sorry kid, not safe.” I say, as I shrug, disappointing him…

“Have you heard about the Genesis Family? I heard they were wiped out by a young crime lord. Our little Cincy here would never do such a thing.” Cincy’s mother says, as she hugs him… That’s right, Dartingkamble convinced a couple officials to spread some false info, and get the heat off of them.

“Yeah, it’s terrible. Arigold was actually on a personal mission to find them, he’s going to be so disappointed when he finds out.” I say, surprising her and her husband. “Wait, you- Oh, he must just feel horrible…” She says, as I think back on all of the horrible stuff he’s done…

“Yeah, I’ve been on a few adventures with him. I AM Demistar after all. You don’t get this famous without hanging out with the coolest people ever.” I say, as I show off some old pictures I’d taken of the world powers and I.

Cincy here is absolutely losing himself in his excitement. “I wanna meet Arigold!” He says, as he jumps in place. “Sorry man, I~” I drone on, as I look at his mother, who’s shaking her head- “Can’t… Arigold’s super busy saving the world, and all that.” I say, disappointing him again.

“So, you got a name?” I ask, surprising her. Her husband walked off a while ago to, I assume, go hang out with his friends. “I’m Artinosia. My flakey husband is Zurloque.” She says, surprising me with his name. “Man, his name is ANCIENT. What’s the story behind that? Does anyone even remember its meaning?” I ask, but she kind of shrugs.

“His parents said they thought it sounded nice.” She says, as she slightly looks around for him. “Right… If you’re curious, I DO know the meanings.” I say, piquing her curiosity. “Oh, by all means-” She says- “The first part is Zurl, it’s odd in that there’s no concrete evidence, but supposedly it’s alien in origin.” I say, surprising her.

I look over, and spot Cincy walking off in boredom- I appear in front of him, surprising him. “Come on buddy. It could be any moment now, you might miss it!” I say, as he crosses his arms and narrows his eyes. “Cincy, here!” His mother calls, causing him to quickly comply, while my double returns to me.

“Thank you.” She says, as she picks him up. “Yeah, no problem. You should go find your husband, the Coronation will be starting in just a few minutes.” I say, surprising her. “O-Oh, of course. Thank you again!” She says, waving as she walks off.

Cute kid.


My sword slides through the Mechonica’s head. These things have been showing up more and more lately. “Veyta! I think I’m winning~!” Glant calls out, as I dash forward to tear apart the next one. “No way! I just killed my twenty-fourth! I’ll catch up either way!” I shout, as I bring my sword down on the head of another one, cutting it in two.


A young girl runs towards me, an interesting newspaper in her hands… “Arigold! Sir!” She shouts, after saluting me. She must be a new member of the force. “Your name?” I ask, stunning her for a moment. “T-Taia!” She shouts, trying to hold herself together in front of me.

“Speak.” I say, as Annestica and I sit here and stare at her. “Th-The escaped children have been wiped out. They were killed by Sirius Bask the crime lord of Ryleth.” She says… Shit. “That sucks. Good job, Tia. You may go now.” I say, surprising the girl again.

“He has a hard time showing emotion, forgive him.” Annestica says, causing the girl to nod and bow, before running off…

I look at Annestica, as she sits there with a nervous look on her face. “Well, that kind of ruins the mood, now doesn’t it… What do you plan to do?” She asks, reminding me to consider what I should do… “Right… I guess I’ll go take a look.” I say, before standing up, and opening a portal-

Water gushes through, soaking me- “Arigold, our date!” She says- “Oh- Right.” I say, as I open another one in the middle of Ryleth. “I guess my investigation can wait. I hear Ryleth is quite beautiful.” I say, as I show her a restaurant I had once been to.

“Oh my…” She says, as she stands up and follows me through. My portal closes behind us, and I pull out a seat for her. “I was once here on business, when I was a kid. I was assisting Robin of Neotopia, to kill a corrupt queen.” I say, but she just brushes it off.

“Whatever. Stuff like that happens all the time, it’s nothing new.” She says, as I look at the new restaurant. It seems that it closed down and was replaced a long time ago…

“Yeah, it wasn’t anything special.” I say, as a waitress recognizes me and approaches quickly.


“Here we are, your highness!” Kass says, as we step into the room. There’s a large immaculately decorated set of ships, with the one close to the front obviously being the one I’ll be performing on with Sirius.

A fox suddenly appears in the room- It’s a nine-tails! A legendary creature! “K-Kass!” I say, as I point at it in excitement! “Celest?” She asks, staring at it. “Hi Kass.” The fox says, as it transforms into its human form…

“This is my sister Celest. She’s a Fox Spirit.” Kass says, as her sister walks over and hugs her. “Hey~” Celest says, with an almost creepy grin. “What are you doing here?” Kass asks, as Celest seemingly transforms into Sirius- “I’m here to sing in Sirius’s place. He’s not exactly good at it, like I am.” She says, surprising me, as she uncannily speaks in her own voice, while using his body…

“You CAN change your voice, right?” I ask, just to make sure. “Yeah, of course. Hey Kass, I beat you~!” Celest says, as their- her? I’m just going to stick with her- Her voice deepens a little… “Oh shut up! I would have totally won, if he wasn’t a Kraken…” She says, as she crosses her arms….

“And you’re certain Sirius is okay with this?” I ask as the men finish preparing the ship. “Yep. I’m like, his best friend. Hell, he’s living with me now.” She says, surprising me again. “Wow. Just like that? But why?” I ask, a little concerned.

“Well, I mean, Ryleth was never really his home anyways. He was rejected at birth, so of course he doesn’t care.” She says, making me realize how hard his life must have been… “I see… Well, as long as you guys make him happy. And keep him as far from Ryleth as possible… I’m sure everything will be okay!” I say, growing more excited by the moment, before guiding her to the ship.

And finally, I make my way to the boat, Kass and Celest in tow. They drape the ceremonial dress over me, and give me the Harp. The same is done for Celest, it may be a dress, but it’s for both kings and queens. So yeah it’s a little weird looking, but it’s just the one time.

“Man, Sirius is going to hate this, heh. Probably shouldn’t tell them I’m pretending to be him though.” She says, as we sit down, and Kass takes her place with the performers. “I mostly just wanted him to be here, because he saved Ryleth… I tried asking Demitallis too, but I couldn’t find her.” I say, surprising her, as the front gate opens and the ship begins moving.

“It sucks that neither of them could participate. Still though, it’s probably for the best. Anyways, I’m sure you read my song. Royal Redux. My mother helped me with it when I was younger.” I say, as we exit the gate. “Yeah. I was surprised by its complexity. I’ll try to follow your lead.” She says, so I nod, and we begin singing.


“Demistar, you say? Yeah, I know her. Good kid, did a job with her and Arigold a few years back, that was fun.” Skall says, as he sits there, with two women on his sides. “She’s cute, sis.” The one on the left says, as they stare at me. “I didn’t know you had kids, Skall…” The one on the right says, as I begin to charge my lightning.

“Nah. It’s just my new student, girls. Her name’s Vexalan.” He says, gesturing towards me… “Please answer my question...” I say, as my eye begins to twitch. “Yeah yeah, whatever, quit your groaning.” He says, before finally continuing, as one of the women approaches me..

“Careful now, Orstole. Kid bites.” He says, as I reveal my fangs- “Anyways… I think I first met her, when she was hiding in that bush. She was running from home, with a little princess.” He says, surprising the other two. “Oh, that’s horrible…” The one that has still gone unnamed says, as she hugs him.

“Eh. I was in a bad place at the time, so I decided to rig the kid’s room, so she wouldn’t suffer. Sadly though, I thought the bomb was a dud, so I got caught up in the explosion. Yeah, it hurt like hell, and the two even managed to teleport away before I could get to them.” He says, surprising me- Orstole grabs me, and I zap her, causing her to reel back, and return to Skall.

“See, I told you she bites. Anyways, that’s how I met Demistar- Oh, I almost forgot! Here wait.” He says, as he searches for something. “What, do you have brain damage too now?” I ask, while he continues searching. “Oh shuttup. I’m old, alright? You kind of start forgetting things after you hit two thousand. Hell, Arigold started showing signs as early as fifteen hundred. So screw off.” He says, as the two girls nod lightly, and help him search.

“Okay, why do you have these two women here?” I say, as they stare at me. “We’re the Corstole Twins, we’re getting ready for a job with him.” The second one says, for once not making me angry. “I’m Eivalan, and this is my twin sister Itoria.” The first one says, as I cross my arms and sit here.

“Look, her tail is wagging! I heard demihumans do that when they’re happy.” They say, as they begin to approach me- “Found it! Haha!” Skall says, as he reveals a box. “Oh, is that what I think it is-” Itoria says, as she stares at it.

“Yep, pure Full-Bulkhead-Platinum. Kid’s first piece.” He says, as he opens the box and shows me a small weirdly shaped piece of platinum. “What’s this about?” I ask, as I reach for it, and it suddenly floats in the open space between my palm and my fingers. “Ha, ‘knew I pegged you for a platinum, kid.” He says, confusing me further.

“Please. Explain. Before I kick your ass.” I say, causing the three of them to laugh- I charge a thunder spear… “Alright, alright, calm down. Listen, it’s a piece of your Bulkhead-Armor, made from platinum. Everyone’s got a material they commune with, you just so happen to do well with Platinum.” He says, as I stare at it, moving it around in my hand…

“Go ahead, you can move it anywhere on your body. Bulkhead Armor is quite literally invincible, and made in only one place, by the armorsmith. Do NOT lose this, Vexalan, it’s worth more than ten of these islands.” He says, as I practice floating it around my body.

“Is it linked to me now, or something?” I ask, as we watch it float around my body. “Yep. It already chose you, so it won’t link with anyone else. But still, it’s worth more than most countries.” He continues, surprising me I move it back to my palm, and continue to stare at it.

“I’ve already bought your whole set, but I’ll have to supply you with it piece by piece. Thankfully, that also just so happens to be great for your training. You see, you’re gonna’ be hunted down like hell, kid. If you have what it takes to do what I do, then you won’t lose that thing.” He says, as the twins stare at it…

“Come on now girls, I need to start making money again. Besides, I think you can give the kid at least half an hour before you start trying for it.” He says, as he stands up and walks to the door…

You’re fucking kidding me...


Demitallis - “Demistar! We’re here!”

I call out to my friend, as she leans against a pillar, and waves at us. I figured I’d bring all of my closest friends, since Arigold couldn’t possibly-

Demistar - “Hey, be careful. Arigold’s a few layers down, make sure everyone stays hidden.”

Demitallis - “Life times pain is equal to the theory of how the fuck I feel right now.”

She laughs at me a little, confusing everyone, as I contemplate my situation… “That’s some great math, Demitallis!...” She says, overreacting to my joke…

Demitallis - “It wouldn’t even be so bad… Is there anyone ELSE here, who is important, that I should know about?”

“Aside from Martial, no. I’d ask him what he’s doing here, but yeah~ He’s martial, I wouldn’t touch THAT hell with a ten foot rod!” She says, chuckling to herself, as music begins to play.

Demitallis - “Isn’t Martial a world power? What element does he govern?”

“Rage. Martial rules over rage as the calamitous unholy offspring of chaos itself. Or so the legends say.” She says, shrugging as everyone begins to realize we’re speaking through telepathy.

Demitallis - “Well, thanks. Anyways, listen guys. Arigold’s here. Stay quiet, or teleport home. Demistar will warn us right away, if something goes wrong. But otherwise, if you don’t feel comfortable, please, go home now. I didn’t know, I’m sorry this happened.”

Everyone but Vexalan, Sirius, Dart, Sari, and Magnimeld leaves immediately.

Demitallis - “I’m surprised you two stayed.”

Vexalan and Magnimeld approach, while Dart and Sari just sit back, thanks to the now opened space. “I didn’t want to leave you alone.” Vexalan says, with that kind smile of hers…

Demitallis - “Sorry, about him… I really had no idea…”

“Calm down, Kid. They’d be shouting right now, if they thought any less of you. Just enjoy the show.” She says, as she points at it, and the others agree.

Sirius has disguised himself, it would be weird if Stallatia was dancing down there with the same person up here. “So you really had Celest go down there?” Vexalan asks, as she leans against me- “Demi, crouch-” She says, surprising me-

I quickly comply~And she climbs up on me, I hate my life. “Do you-” Sirius says, as he stares at us. “What? Not hurtin’ noone. Demi’s just a giant super slime. Nobody even cares.” She says, as she reaches her arm down. “Thank you, but I think I’ll just sit here with uh-” He looks at Magnimeld, then back at us.

“Magnimeld.” Vexalan says- “Magnimeld. I don’t know how comfortable I am, sitting on a-” He looks around, and quiets himself.

Demi - “Yeah that’s nice to- Wait, you’re the only one who DOESN’T want to make me a glorified bean bag!”

Mixed laughs from the three of them, as I try to figure out whether I should be offended or not…

Demi - “You guys suck. Magnimeld is the only one who doesn’t try to lie on me, or offend me in order to get out of it.”

Vexalan just crosses her arms, as she lies on me. “First, he talks rarely, even for a Slime. Second, if he did, one of you would die.” She says, as she rolls on her back.

Demi - “First, I don’t care. Second, I don’t give a fuck! Magnimeld is cool.”

“Were you always so… Rude?” Sirius asks, as the Boat begins to descend to our level. “Let’s hope they don’t wave at us.” Dart suddenly says, as he walks up next to me, an assortment of food items in his hands.

“Sari wanted snacks.” Sari says, as she steps up right behind him. “You know the princess or something, Sari?” Sirius asks, as he looks down at her. “Yes. Sari replicated some combat suits for her and Kass. Would you like one?” Sari asks, as she begins floating up to Vexalan.

“No, I’m fine. I was never really a fan anyways.” Sirius says, brushing it off.

Demitallis - “I dunno’, I have one. Besides, your grandmother once wore it.”

Sari lies down next to Vexalan, who kind of just weirdly hugs her. “Yes, lots of history to be found too. Many have worn, enhanced, and brought glorification to the Esoterrastar Suit. Original, priceless in quality and design. Sari’s products are mere husk-like clones of the original’s genius.” Sari says, surprising everyone.

“Neat kid.” Demistar says, as the ship finally comes to the closest point, allowing us to wave at it. They gladly notice, but thankfully refrain from waving back at us… “Thank goodness. They have some sense...” Dart says, as he lightly rubs his head.

“Why do you know so much about it?” Sirius asks, as the boat descends further. “Sari copied it with her powers. Complexity of design affects memory not. Duplication process requires great knowledge of complexity. Sari knows the suit now.” She says, as she lies there listening to the music.

Demitallis - “I could have sworn you didn’t speak like this before.”

“Sari is enamoured by music… Very hypnotizing…” She says, as she continues to lie there in Vexalan’s arms. “Wait, so you can copy anything?” Sirius asks, as he folds his arms. “Yes, a very special skill, honed and perfected by Sari… Can replicate anything, however requires immense amounts of extremely dense mana.” She says, as she shifts around a little.

“Yes, we wield many different abilities. There’s twenty thousand of us.” Dart says in that monotone voice of his, as he stares at Sirius. “Right… I’m sure you’re all very talented…” He says, as he looks at me for some reason.

“So how about you? Kass is your close sister, right? I’m sure you heard...” Sirius asks the question we’ve all been waiting for… “You’re lucky Demitallis made you apart of the family, before I got my hands on you.” Dart says, leaning in closer to emphasize his glare.

Sirius kind of just kind of leans back, and chuckles nervously. “I’m sorry- Uh- Hobbies! You have any hobbies?” He says, causing Dart to back down, and look away. “No.” Dart says, as he looks around at the water fixtures.

“I was thinking of picking up sports once. I was told to give up, since I’m a Kraken, and therefore had too much power. I would be at an immediately insurmountable advantage.” Sirius says, as he looks away. “I see. That sucks, man.” Dart says, as he leans against a pillar.

Demitallis - “What do you plan to do, when the coronation is over, Demistar?”

She looks at me, then back at the ship that’s descended quite a few layers now. “I’ll probably head home, and make sure nothing has gone wrong. Oh, I’ll also grab Celestibelle for you, so she doesn’t get left behind. You’ll have to head out quickly, Arigold might decide to get up and start sightseeing at any moment..” She says, reminding me of the fact that he’s here…

Demitallis - “Right… They’ve well passed us anyway. Call us when it’s safe to say our goodbyes to Stallatia, then we’ll head out.”

“You got it. ‘See ya’ later.” Demistar says, as the other four agree with me, and we teleport home...


“So wait, the singing boy is actually a girl?” Annestica asks, as we watch them pass us. “Yeah, she’s a Fox Spirit. Legendary nine tails. I noticed something was off about her. Fox Spirits like her can be very good at gathering information. I’ll be right back.” I say, surprising her, as I open a portal and equip my weapon.

“Fox Spirit.” I say, shocking the child as I step through. “A-Arigold!” She says, as she reveals her true form, cloaked by the dress. “I noticed you on the ship. How long have you been here?” I ask, as she suddenly phases through the floor.

I follow her, and spot her in a room below, stammering in place, her eyes filled with fear, as I stare down at her. “I’m looking for the Genesis Family. I heard they were killed off by Sirius Bask. You’re a Fox Spirit, you must have seen SOMETHING.” I say, causing her to calm down a little.

“Y-Yeah…” She says, as she looks around. “Th-They were killed. I’m sorry. Please go now.” She says, looking away as, I return to Annestica.” I sat back down, she was waiting for me. “Sorry about that. The child was being difficult, but I dealt with her.” I say, as I pick at my food a little.

“Man, that would sound really bad out of context.” She says, as she smiles at me. “That kid was hiding some from-” I say, but I’m suddenly interrupted- “Alright, that’s enough. If you start letting work get between us, I’ll be mad.” Annestica says… I guess it can wait, besides, if they ARE alive, I’ll find them...


“I told you no, Demistar.” I say, after unfreezing time, and surprising her. “SHIT- Demitrivan!” She says, as she sputters to the floor. “Come on, don’t scare me like that. Seriously, I might get a scratch.” She continues, as I roll my eyes.

“Are you sure? All THREE of us share Demi in our name!” She says, as I fold two of my arms, and place the other two on my hips for both disappointment AND impatience. “The timeline.” I say. “Come on, what would it REALLY hurt…” She says, trying to bargain.

“I’ve told you already, if she and I meet, the world gets cancelled.” I say, making her chuckle. “Whatever. So how’s your Royal Crypt business going, anyways? I’m still impressed you got it installed in such a prestigious location.” Demistar says, so I decide to lean on the pillar next to her, and look at it.

“It’s fine. I don’t really need the money, but it gives me something to do every now and then. I live out on the fourth, you know how it is.” I say, surprising her. “Right, you were talking about something like that.” She says, as I try to remember- Shit, I have something to go fix-

I return to Demistar, I think this is where I was. “Hey~!” I say, as I hug her~ “Ah- Oh. Another flicker?” She says, before hugging me back. “Sure~. What were we talking about?” I ask, but she shakes her head.

“Nah, it was nothing. Arigold’s a few layers down right now, with his girlfriend, if you want to screw with him for me.” She says, but I continue to hug her~ “Nah… Who needs that guy, anyways?” I ask, as I enjoy her embrace…


“I said I’m sorry, I really didn’t think he would be there…” Stallatia says, as Celest clings to Sirius, like she’s about to have a nervous breakdown… “You’re certain he didn’t figure out who you are?” Sirius asks, causing her to nod lightly.

“He thought I was another Nine-Tails. Our species aren’t particularly endangered… He noticed who I am so easily…” She says, as Sirius holds her…

Demi - “Please just calm down, Celest… Just say your goodbyes guys, and we’ll get going.”

“Right, actually. I linked Stallatia up with the teleporter, so it’s not REALLY goodbye.” Kass says, as she steps between them. “Oh, good, more chances to yell at her.” Celest says, as she glares at the new queen…

“Listen, Celestibelle, I don’t know what to tell you… I’m sorry we met under such terrible circumstances… I would have never asked Sirius to perform with me, if I knew Arigold would be here…” Stallatia continues, trying to convince her…

“I think it’s time we got going, Celest. Let’s get you home. Goodbye, Stallatia.” Sirius says, as Celest lightly waves goodbye, and they disappear.

“Goodbye, Queen Stallatia. Until we meet again.” Dart says, walking over for a handshake, but instead getting a hug. “Ah- Alright.” He says, accepting it. “Goodbye, Dartingkamble.” She says, as she lets him go, and he teleports away.

“Goodbye.” Vexalan says, before teleporting away. “Make sure to come Visit Sari, in case your suit needs repairs.” Sari says, as she runs up and hugs her, then teleports away just as quickly.

Magnimeld crawls up to her, and she crouches down to try and hug him. “G-Goodbye, slime friend I have never spoken to before.” She says, as she begins to glow from the intense heat, and steam starts flowing out of her…

She sets Magnimeld down, and he teleports home. “Thank you, Kass.” She says, as she glows a faint shade of blue. “No problem, your highness.” Kass says. “What did I say about that, Kass? I know I knighted you, but you’re still one of my best friends.” Stallatia says, surprising me.

Demitallis - “You’re a knight, Kass?”

“Kind of. Officially I’m a knight, yes, but I don’t think anyone cares yet.” Kass says, as we look at one of the guards, and they just give us a thumbs down. “They will, when I am older…” She says, narrowing her eyes.

Demitallis - “Huh. You two have really hit it off, huh?”

“Yeah, Stallatia’s great!” Kass says, as she hugs her- “Anyways, I think it’s time I got going too, Stallatia. I wanna’ lay low until Arigold is finished around here.” Stallatia nods, and they separate. “Until then, Kass.” Stallatia says, and Kass nods. “Until then.” She says, while she walks over and rests her hand on my surface.

And with that, we return to Neo-Genesis-Haven.

We arrive at the teleporter to see the Clouds rushing through the sky. “Well, that was certainly a journey.” Dart says, standing next to Sirius. “Yep. Some part of me still can’t believe I’m leaving it all behind.” Sirius says, as we continue to soar through the air.

Sadly, I don’t know how close we are to Ryleth anymore, since we’re in the center of the island. “Man, I can’t believe we never got to go swimming together, Dart. Hey Sirius, are you any good?” Kass asks, as she looks at him.

“Not really, unless I’m in my kraken form, or I use my powers.” He says, as he creates some makeshift fins out of his tentacles. “I would transform to show it off, but I mean… I think you can assume why I’d prefer not to.” He says, as I remember how big his Kraken form is…

Demi - “Yeah, good idea, you’d destroy like, five blocks. Anyways, I’m gonna’ go lie down, I’m about ready to conk out...”

I teleport home right after, and release my body in my nest, and finally… I fall asleep-

You can sense it, too, right? I feel it there, so should you.

Yes, I do. I don’t know how long we have until it bursts forth. I don’t know what might happen, who might get hurt.

It only makes sense, don’t you think? What do we do? What CAN we do?

Nothing. We’re powerless here. We’ll just have to wait until it happens, and work from there.

I guess if it DOES begin to fall apart, we always have that.

True. I’ll get back to what I was doing now. I have more memories to recover.

Right, she tried forgetting all that stuff. I wonder if it’s a symptom.

Maybe.Goodnight, Fear.

Goodnight, Chamber.

End of Chapter: 34√ABC3DEF2 “Ryleth!”

Thank you so much for reading.

“Thank you~!”-“Thank you~!”


A note from Alzoran

I don't really feel like writing out a huge Author Note, so feel free to just ask. I mean, you've always been free to ask, but I would love to answer any questions.

Anyways, this is the end of Ryleth. I'm tired, and I just wanted to get it over with, despite everything. Sadly, I now have a ton of other things to quickly write out in the next chapter, on the way to Everessence, since I didn't have enough room for it here.

Thanks for sticking with me, if you have. It means a lot to me, just knowing that you are taking the time to view the chapter. Anyways, Everessence should begin in a chapter or two.

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