Wet world wonderland.

by Alzoran

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

A young girl of 16 years dies by drowning, and is reincarnated as a living Puddle of Water.
Through many fantastical fun filled and wacky adventures our Protagonist will lead a better life than her last.
Thank you for your time.

Something I want to add, is that this story is written in first person, and I plan to carry on with it for a LONG time.-(Maybe thousands of chapters in size, until the story literally runs out of any potential to keep going.) So yes, there's still a lot of mystery and build up I have planned for future adventures. Wet World Wonderland is a story primarily concerned with the depth and complexity of its world and characters. So forgive me if something seems off, or isn't made immediately clear. I would love to talk, but try and consider that I might have something planned.
(Not that you can't still criticize, of course. If you've got an opinion on something, I'd love to hear it.)

If you plan on rating WWW, please read until chapter 20. WWW isn't the kind of story you can start judging from the first five chapters. Although, I admit I'm not so sure if 20 chapters in is good enough to judge it either, but I would still advise reading to at least that point. Also, if you have a problem with something in the story, please PM me, and I would love to talk about it.

As of 1/19/2021 I have just added WWW's (Wet World Wonderland's) New Cover-Art. I know it's a bit weird, and probably sudden. And with all things considered, it may never make sense. But canonically with lore and ino that has, or will be revealed in coming chapters, you might be able to put something together. Anyways, I hope you like it. Also, new symbol, at the top left of the image, hope you all like that too. (I know it's not perfect, but I really hope you all like it. Thanks for reading.)

Cover Art Credit goes to Itreallyisyaboi, here on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itreallyisyaboi/

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Word Count (12)
1st Anniversary
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter: 1 "I'll make it better, I'll do it right this time." ago
Chapter: 2 "Here we are again, alone." ago
Chapter: 3 "Finally, after so long, you appear..." ago
Chapter: 4 "Victory in patience, once you understand yourself, you can understand them." ago
Chapter: 1√B "The World renowned, he's the strongest." ago
Chapter: 5 "Where one shall fall, another shall Rise. Welcome to Eden." ago
Chapter: 1√C “The Demiurge has appeared, welcome to Hell.” ago
Chapter: 6 "With New Friends brings New Frontiers, LET’S BEGIN!!!" ago
Chapter: 7 "Now that you know, how will you handle it? How could you?” ago
Chapter: 2√B “Comin’ along as smooth as butter.” ago
Chapter: 2√C “Innocent Eyes could never realize their Egress.” ago
Chapter: 8 “Superpowers! Come with me, we've got this!” ago
Chapter: 3√C “What the heck is today?...” ago
Chapter: 9 “Memories of Symbols, through Newfound Blood do we find Egress!" ago
Chapter: 10√AC: “The Monsters in your Dreams appear! We’ve got to see this through!” ago
Chapter: 3√B “They were so much more than I imagined. Now I know better.” ago
Chapter: 11√ABC “Who are you?” ago
Chapter: 12 “It’s time to Hunt, let’s have some Fun!” ago
Chapter: 4√C “Big plans, I’m determined.” ago
Chapter: 13 “The Prodigy Child showed himself, but so has his Demons!” ago
Chapter: 5√C! “Victories, weapons, fighting, it’s so much fun!” ago
Chapter: 14 “The Next Genesis, how far we’ve come!” ago
Chapter: 15 “But if you’re patient, and you hold still, well maybe, just maybe...” ago
Chapter: 16. “Welcome to The Citadel’s Grand Reception! The Hero finally appears!” ago
Chapter: 17 “Everywhere you turn there are stories, you just need to find them!” ago
Chapter: 4√B “She has appeared, she is the weakest!” ago
Chapter 18: “Join me, and you will see..” ago
Chapter: -1√Z "I'm on my way..." ago
Chapter 19: “The generations continue, don’t be swept up by their waves!” ago
Chapter 1√D: “Mysteries continue, who is this hidden savior?” ago
Chapter: 20 “Let the adventures begin!” ago
Chapter: 21 “But be careful, your joy could devour you...” ago
Chapter 22: “But enough of that, let’s get started.” ago
Chapter: 23√ACF “Souls ignited, the Royal Crypt!” ago
Chapter: 1√F “Count on and appreciate the people you still have and love.” ago
Chapter: 24 “Dangers abound, everything is finally set in motion!" ago
Chapter: 25√AF “So on and so forth, creating a future.” [WIP] ago
Chapter: 26√AC “Clash of the titans begins!” [WIP] ago
Chapter: 27 “Clash of the titans finale!” [WIP] ago
Chapter: 28√ACF “Goodnight, princess.” [WIP] ago
Chapter 29: “Onwards and upwards, Ryleth ascending!” ago
Chapter: 1√Z “Gemini.” ago
Chapter: 2√Z “Gone for too long, Ryleth returning.” [WIP] ago
Chapter: 3√Z3 “A day of life, adventures beginning!” [WIP] ago
Chapter: 4√Z2 “A little adventure, meet the band!” [WIP] ago
Chapter: 5√Z3 “World Record Royal Rumble!” [WIP] ago
Chapter: 6√Z3-D “Hell hath no fury, like The Queen...” [WIP] ago
Chapter: 7√Z4 “Heroic Resurgence!” [WIP] ago
Chapter 8√Z3D “Give life, give death, give everything you have.” [WIP] ago
Chapter: 9√Z4BD “Goodnight, Queen Regelask.” [WIP] ago
Chapter: -2√Z "I will feed..." ago
Chapter: 10√ZD “Even when all is lost, love stays eternal.” [WIP] ago
Chapter: 30√AF “New powers coming home.” ago
Chapter: 6√C “From hunted to hunter!” ago
Chapter: 31 “Dreams of something new.” ago
Chapter: 7√C2F “A brawl is surely brewing, let the battle begin!” ago
Chapter: 32√AF “Skyfall!” ago
Chapter: 8√C2F “Fallengrar finished, Ryleth’s healing.” ago
Chapter: 33√ACF2 “Wrapping up everything like a nice gift.” ago
Chapter: 34√ABC3DEF2 “Ryleth!” ago

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Dradel Lait

I'm basically the only one commenting at this point so maybe a review can give the story a little boost? I obviously recommend. The writing is sometimes messy but the characters are pretty fun and the story is cool. I especially like the wide variety of secondary characters.

Don't hesitate to try it and eventually make comments so I ain't alone anymore!


Tags missing: Tragedy, Grimdark, Dumb MC

Reviewed at: Chapter: -2√Z "I will feed..."

First problem: Where are the "Grimdark" and "Tragedy" tags (EDIT: "Grimdark" is there now)? Not nice of the author to hide this. Murder and tragedy appear after the first few chapters.

Second problem: The MC acts against their self-interest of survival. She (if a gender can be applied to a magic puddle) does it in a way that I find completely unrealistic given her circumstances at the time, it totally broke immersion for me. For no reason at all, under no pressure at all, and after a traumatizing incident threatening her life and freedom (so with certain experiences) she goes ahead and acts in a way that shows zero learning and gullibility.

Not even in a raltively safe modern Earth country would you, as a weak helpless thing that has no pressure and reason to do so and after just having had experienced something really bad, would you do something like that. Okaqy, it's har dto relate to an earth example because here, as a human, youc annot be alone without shelter and food for too long. The MC however at the time of making the decision I'm refering to had no such pressures, she was in her element, no threats, no shortage of easy to obtain food. No reason to take a huge risk, especially after just having had a really bad experience.

After barely escaping a murderer (and actual murder) - as a puddle of water mana monster creature, using all the author's plot device miracle powers - the first thing she does is contact the next random people out in the middle of nowhere she finds and lets them catch her and take her away. She was safe n her element, a river, and was ab le to move undetected and to easily feed on fish (thatalso could not detect her, being "magic water" hidden in normal water),

The writing is okay and I did not proceed from there. I also had issues with the, let's call it "split personality", although that by itself would not have been a deal braker for me.

Writing style is simple sentences. Example - quoting a paragraph (first sentence of the previous one included, it's strange):

We arrived at what seems to be a Kingdom. (How do you see something is a "kingdom"?)

As we walk around, I notice that there are a lot of Red Banners being set up, no Symbols on them, just Red Banners. The People setting them up are decked in red colored Armor. The only coordination really is the red colorings. Even the Older Children are gearing up in shades of bright red. Everyone seems excited.

The whole scenario and style is a little too rose colored (naive?) for my taste.


Just wanna be the first to rate!

Reviewed at: Here we are again, alone.

Yeah, not too much written so far, so there's not much I can rate it on. It is readable however, and I enjoy it, which is more than some can say.