Interdimensional Garbage Merchant

by Psychomeltdown

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Sci-fi Female Lead LitRPG Post Apocalyptic Slice of Life
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Maya Sullivan was just an ordinary college student working for her parents, when Earth is Integrated into the System. Instead of finding herself stuck in a post-apocalyptic world of monsters and magic, Maya is trapped in a dimensional plane that's filled with its own horrors. 

While the rest of the world battles a world turned upside down. Maya is alone and afraid. With only a food truck and a crowbar as her companions. 

Updating Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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Stop bouncing the MCs intelligence like a basketball and fix your title

Reviewed at: 23 - Bell-kun

Dropping by one star because it's frustrating to read about a character that is incredibly intelligent and makes great plans outside of combat then seems to go full retard and try to do things in the worst way possible anytime an enemy comes within a kilometer of her position. I can accept watching somebody sabotage themselves out of stupidity once of twice but not when it's every single time she fights.


Almost dropped another star because there is nothing merchant related about this story despite having a complete books worth of content. Kept it 4/5 because despite the false advertising the story is good. Just fix your title or stop having a 250+ page prologue.


Also you can probably cut back on the introspection and the dad references a bit and come out ahead. At the very least, you don't have to tell us she heard something from her dad and give a short explanation paragraph if everything written in that style is from her dad. It's quite obvious by the third time. You're just repeating yourself and wasting wordcount.

  • Overall Score

well constructed and impressive storytelling

Reviewed at: 21 - There Goes the Neighborhood

Its well written and compelling storytelling. I can tell there was thought put into the world and the motivations and capabilities of the main character. Currently, the plot is driven by the need to survive in a alien, hostile world, but by the looks of things the story will continue to evolve and progress as the MC becomes more competent. The basic concepts have been done in other stories before, but there are enough novel ideas and authorial skill to engage any prospective reader who is a fan of the genre.

Nothing the MC utilizes in the story comes out of nowhere. There are only limited deus ex machina moments that serve largely to drive the plot forward as a rationale for her surviving a completely hostile environment. Nothing is too easy for her, and all of her challenges seem reasonable for someone in her position. That's a rarity on this site.

I am thoroughly impressed by the quality of this story as compared to most of the projects posted on this site. The author seems to have a solid grasp of litRPG tropes and the fundamental building blocks of effective storytelling, and I am excited to see what is coming next. 

  • Overall Score

This is an early review, but I like what I see so far. The Author is engaging, has a relatively new basis for the system, and few errors that distract from reading. 

I gave the story score a lower score because the story hasn't really kicked off yet. As of chapter three, it's sort of standard 'lost in a dangerous place' exploring with no merchant content, but I'm looking forward to seeing how that comes into play

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The Style.

Omniscient third person narration style. The author is doing an excellent job in conveying the thoughts, expressions, perspectives and expressions of the characters to the readers in a beautiful way. 

The Story.

This is an rpg novel at its finest. A very entertaining and gripping story about Maya, the MC, who was trapped in a dimensional plane and batled monsters. The readers won't be able to wait for the next one to come out. The story is really gripping and everything is really clear in regards to the very elaborate plot. Great world building.

The characters.

The characters introduction is really well made, especially the MC. It doesn't take too much time for the readers to be immidiately involved in the unfolding events. Lovable characters.

The grammar.

High quality. No noticeable errors that could affect the flow of the story.

Well done, author. Keep it up.

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Someone should be informing me on books like this 

  • Overall Score

It's a romp....a Grade A bonafide science fiction LitRPG romp.

Up to chapter 22 and wishing there were a hundred more please.

It's not exactly like anything else out there in the LitRPG "System" novel genera. Severe early days but the pacing is terrific, and the world building impressive. Like the title says though....the world is a bit of a dump. snicker......

There is a real feeling of dread, irrational worry that is just right, snark, complaining, and an oddly graceful surreal touch that makes MC plot armor sort of gone.

Wonderful stuff!!!!

  • Overall Score

The classic "multiverse system comes to earth" but with a twist. So far, so good.

  • Overall Score

Nice gem:). Glad it’s in the trending so I could find it!

Reviewed at: 22 -Check Engine Light

Fun premise, enough of a different spin that it feels fresh and interesting. This looks like it will become massively popular as the character is funny and complex. Writing is mature (as in not pubescent, not x-rated). Super enjoyable and I'm looking forward to how things go. Thx author!

  • Overall Score

Another litrpg...

Reviewed at: 24 - Rogue Rider

Idea seems inspired by chinese webnovel with similar title, but more dark. A lot of infodumps all around. Not much action.                                                                                                                                 

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Great story so far love the character, love the fact the character doesn't have any cheat skills or OP abilities right from the start it's just her intelligence and abilities against the world.

A lot of the stories do not get the character creation right either make the character super intelligent with perfect control that can handle any situation instantly without any hesitation or it's a bumbling character that can't get anything right and seems to lack any basic thinking ability.

Thankfully this story has a character that is not superhuman but still not a complete moron she's able to actually use thinking ability to solve her problems even though the stress of her situation is clearly affecting her. It is hard to make a natural and human feeling main character and a lot of authors fail terribly at it but you can tell the author has put in a lot of thoughts into how a person would react when faced with the situation that the main character is placed in.

Great world-building characters have a lot of room to grow and mature, one of the better story's I have read in a long time